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Itaewon Class: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





So they go to the club and get a table. SK can’t believe this alcohol is this expensive. Yi-seo tells him that it would be 3 times more expensive on the weekend. Geun-soo tells him that he will chip in on the drinks. But SK tells him that hyung will buy it. 

Soo asks what he thinks about the first time coming to a club? SK thinks it is noisy and there are things happening everywhere, but it is happy for my eyes. So they toast and he stands and starts to dramatically walk to the dance floor. Yi-seo tries to help him out.

VO – If you hit everywhere then it is not good because she will think he is dumped there and is coming to me. So the first pick it important.

he scans the dance floor and picks his first pick. Then he dances up to her like he is parting water in the pool and starts to dance. he remembers that he has to stretch his arms so that she can see it and smiles.

But the person that turns around is Hyun-yi! He is dressed like a very pretty woman.

She sighs and asks him what he is doing? He asks if she knows him? 

Geun-soo notices her from the seats and recognizes her…

In the dance floor, SK suddenly realizes who this is, hyun-yi! 

They go to a table where SK asks why he hid why she is transgender. She says that she did not hide it. Their boss knows. They ask if she had the surgery? She sys not yet, she will do it after saving up some money. SK is about to say something but Hyun-yi tells him to shut up.

Yi-seo asks her why she came here instead of a transgender club? Hyun-yi tells them that she wanted to come here so she came. Then tells Yi-seo she is not as open as she looks. But she also asks if anything happened today, why did you get a table without me.

But she realizes that she is making them uncomfortable so she tells them to enjoy and leaves. Soo feels bad and tells her to stay, but she already walked away.

Meanwhile, Yi-seo’s high school bully and her friends look at her Instagram and see that she is working at a certain bar. They think that is crazy, she should make a lot of  money with her blog. But the other friend says that it is real, it seems like she is not just a part-timer. 

They aren’t speaking about her in the best light. The district mayors daughter says that Yi-seo is having fun ruining her life, I haven’t even graduated yet.




At Danbam, one table says that the food has hair in it so Yi-seo apologizes and starts to get another one. Another table says that the food is not salty enough. Soo apologizes for that and starts to get another one.

Yi-seo goes to the back and asks what Hyun-yi is doing? I think I taught you enough. What about the taste? Do you taste before serving? It is a good job to waste time and get paid, but if you are not good enough then you should quit. You can’t even cook so why are you even here?

Saeroyi comes in and asks what is going on. Yi-seo walks off. Hyun-yi looks sad.

Later on, Hyun-yi washes dishes and tries not to tear up.

In the eating area, everyone else sits at a table and talks to Saeroyi about Hyun-yi being transgender. Saeroyi asks, what about it? Yi-seo asks why he hired her? he says that she is a cook so he hired her for cooking.

Yi-seo tells him that she cannot cook, that is the only problem of this bar. Advertisement, service and environment is not enough. The most important thing is the taste. But if the taste is regular then we cannot continue for long.

Saeroyi asks what she wants to say? Yi-seo says that she should be fired. I know that you are a good person. But there is no cook where the owner cooks better. And if someone spreads the word that the cook is transgender then people might feel uncomfortable. This is not a kids game. Danbam can be much better. Right now you will feel sorry, but you should decide.

SRY asks Soo to call Hyun. Soo is hesitant. SRY asks him to call her over. So SRY sits with Hyun and asks her how she likes working at this restaurant.

She says that she does. SRY tells them all that everyone works hard, but we re not enough. Ii want to make Danbam bigger. But one of the biggest problems we have is your cooking. It is just nothing special.

Hyun is nervous and keeps playing with her hands. SRY tells her that she knows that they cannot continue like this. She apologizes. Then he unrolls a lot of money and gives it to her. He tells her that it is this months salary.

She thanks hyun for everything.

But he cuts her off and says that he added twice the amount.

Everyone looks at him.

SRY tells her, if you like it here then you should try twice harder for what you get paid. Can you do it?

She looks at him, stunned and says yes.

So SRY asks Yi-seo if she heard that? And also, everyone listen to me. I am an ex criminal that everyone tries to avoid. Seung-Kwon, you cause a huge issue that closed our store. Hyun, she worked hard and didn’t make any trouble. She is my person, the same as all of you. That is what is important for me.

If you do not understand her then I am not pushing you. But if you have trouble working with Hyun only because she is transgender, if any of you think like that, then tell me now. Whoever that person is, I will decide.

Yi-seo looks shamed. She says that if SRY gives the order then they should do it. So do a good job. Hyun tells her that she will try hard. Yi-seo says she will check on the order and leaves.




Yi-seo walks to work and sees the bully from high school and her cronies. She ignores them and keeps walking. So they ask her if she is ignoring them? You should at least pretend to acknowledge us if your classmates say hi. Yi-seo tells them that she is  not her classmate, she didn’t even graduate.

She tells them that she is not their classmates, you didn’t even graduate. One of the girls is about to approach her, but Soo shows up and asks them what they are doing again? Aren’t you embarrassed as a 20 year old?

The girls tell him that they treated him well because he is handsome, but you don’t know what is going on. He asks them if he gets something if they treat him well like a pet? Yi-seo chuckles and starts walking away again.

The main bully stops her and pulls her around. Yi-seo tells her to let go, is getting kicked out of school not enough? The bully says it is reverse discrimination, I got kicked out of school because I am a politicians daughter but you are okay after drinking. 

Yi-seo asks how she knows? The girl says that she is the one that called the police. They both ask, what? How much damage did you do to that place! The bully does not care. She says that she called the police just like you did to me. But this is not enough for what we suffered.

They keep talking about how the owner does not have a gut and how his name is pushover. Yi-seo tells them that it is noisy, are you hear to talk. Do you think it is nice to see me? Do you have to bully me? Is that why you are waiting?

She pushes her away, the girl pushes her back. Yi-seo slaps her and tells her, did you not know? I hit your mother face like that too. Another girl steps to her and Yi-seo punches her. She falls to the ground. Yi-seo smiles and asks them if they think they will win if we fight?

the girl tells her that she is crazy and is about to attack her again. But Yi-seo grabs her hair and tells her to think of the future before you attack. She slaps her a few times and says that their boss lost so much money because of you. 

Soo tells her to stop. 

So Yi-seo stops and thinks back to Soo-ah saying that she is the one who called the cops. She tells Soo to let her go and walks away.

We see a flashback to that night where the cops were called. Soo-ah let the other girls call the police and didn’t warn SRY, but she didn’t actually call the cops herself.


Yi-seo goes to work and looks at the street outside. SRY comes up and asks if she is looking so serious due to Hyun? Yi-seo tells him that people are called pushovers because they think so much of Jang (relationship between people). He tells her that she should not change her idea but you should help Hyun-yi so that we will not lose money.

Yi-seo asks how she can help her, I don’t know cooking. SRY tells her that she at least knows if the food tastes good or bad.

So Yi-seo starts to taste Hyun-yi’s food and give her advice on the taste.

VO – SRY just give her your feedback until it meets your criteria.

Yi-seo tastes the food again and says it tastes good but too much MSG, it does not have a good aftertaste.

VO – Hyun-yi will trust your feedback and make her food.

Yi-seo keeps tasting the food. Soo and SK look at them and wonder what is going on. Soo says that Yi-seo is super picky. 

Hyun asks what she thinks. YS says that she didn’t understand why their boss did not fire her. I am doing this because this is the bosses order. Hyun says that she is working hard, give me more time. But YS says that it tastes good. It tastes really good. Hyun smiles and YS smiles as well.

YS also tells her that her hair is damaged a lot, black hair suits you more, eunnie. YS smiles SK gives hyun-yi a thumbs up.

Yi-seo goes out to SRY, he tells her that she did it. YS mentions that SRY knew it all along. You increased the salary twice. If she does not get better then you waste all that money. SRY says that he trusted she would.

YS says okay okay, but at least the end is good. I will shut my mouth. SRY says that he also trusts YS, he rubs her head and tells her good job. Smiles all around.



In a bar, Soo-ah thinks about the chairman telling her that SRY opened a bar in Itaewon. Are you on his side because he is your friend? She starts to laugh alone at the bar. People look at her.

Afterwards, she stumbles back home and thinks that this makes her mad.

She thinks back to SRY in jail telling her that she did nothing wrong. Just do 100% with your choice, you did nothing wrong.

She thinks about the chairman asking who she should pick and yells that this makes her mad. Everyone on the street looks at her.

SRY turns her around and asks, who makes you mad? His crew is behind him. She tells him, you. You are mad at me also right? Tell me.

SRY asks why she is doing this? Did something happen? She tells him to tell her openly. You are sick of me, how could I do that? SRY tells his team to go. So they all leave to reserve a spot where they are going. But Yi-seo wants to stay and watch.

Soo-ah says that she avoided SRY so it is good. But what is the reason you have good business? Can’t you tell me? We are friends.

He looks at SRY and says that he found a good manager. Soo-ah asks, her? The fresh girl? SRY tells her that she is drunk, let’s go. Soo-ah tells him, I am not sorry to you at all. Do you know why? It is because I am the most important person in the world. And the fondest. Is it wrong?

He tells her that is natural. She tells him F-you. I hate you pretending that you know everything. You were kicked out of school and are an ex-convict. You make me feel sick.

SRY – What makes you so difficult? Don’t do it, whatever you do, I am okay. You did your best in your life and you did nothing wrong.

SA – Don’t say it like that.

SRY – It’s cold, let’s go.

SA – Actually, Saeroyi…

SRY – Tell me.

SA – You to me….always….too….(shiny)

She takes steps toward him with each word and looks at his lips then leans in for a kiss. She closes her eyes. He closes his eyes as well. 

But then she gets pushed back by Yi-seo who puts her hand over Soo-ah’s mouth and backs her away.

YS – (Defense)

YS – By law, kissing without the other person’s grant is sexual harassment.

SRY – Yi-seo!

Yi-seo keeps pushing Soo-ah away by the mouth.

Fade Out


Alright, this show is quietly interesting. They are definitely building to something and I love how even though Park Saeroyi has done a lot of homework on how to be successful, he still doesn’t know simple things like how to make the bar look to attract guests or how to serve people food.

Another think I really enjoy is this group of misfits that he is pulling together to rise to the top with him. I want them all to succeed! And the misfit crew isn’t even complete yet so hopefully the last member will come in the next episode and we can all start to root for this team collectively.

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