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Itaewon Class: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 5 Recap – Part 1

This show is chugging along and I am chugging right along with it. But we’re on a tug boat so its taking awhile.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Yi-seo tells Saeroyi that she wants to work at his place. He is taken aback. He thanks her but says that he already has people. Then Geun-soo coms out and they ask why each other is there. Saeroyi tells Yi-seo that her friend is going to work here.


Flashback to Geun-won hitting Geun-soo because he himself got hit at school by Saeroyi. 

VO – To release his anger, he hit me. I am a love child. 

Later on, the chairman asks Geun-soo why he looks like this. The secretary says that he might have had an argument with your first son. The chairman keeps walking.

VO – I am a mistake.

He sits on the steps and his mother comes out and sees Geun-soo sitting there. She asks why he looks like this? He says that Geun-woo hit him. She tells him not to fight, just be a good brother. Then she hurries off to go shopping.

VO – I was not loved at all. I spent 17 years like that.

Cut to Geun-soo as a teenager telling his father that he wants to go to high school in Seoul, alone. The chairman tells him that the strong eats the weak, it is my favorite proverb and it is the law of the world. What is difficult about living here?

Geun-soo says it is not difficult, I eat well and wear good clothing and live well. So the chairman asks why he is leaving JangGa? Is it because you are having a hard time?

Geun-soo tells him that no one wants him in this house and he is also the same. The chairman tells him he is a love child, and you are not smart and you are young. The way the weak can survive is as a parasite on the strong.

Geun-soo asks why he doesn’t just raise a dog. The chairman tells him he is stupid. He will not say anymore, do it.

VO – If I don’t want anything from them then I won’t have anything to disappoint them. I am free anywhere. I am doing okay without anyones help. I am by myself.

Geun-soo has a lot of odd jobs around the city. Then he remembers Saeroyi tell him he is a young boy so he is not responsible.

VO – It is the first time in my life that I met a real adult. He had a big loss because of me. How can he do this?

Saeroyii asks Geun-soo why he wants a part time job? I was thinking of picking someone else. Why?

VO – The one I want to rely on.

Geun-soo tells him that he needs money.

VO – I don’t want to just sit around after messing up his company.

Saeroyi tells him okay, you can do it.

In the present, the other two employees come up and ask what they are doing there? The hot headed one is upset but the cool headed one thinks it is great to have a handsome person at the table. Yi-seo speaks up and says that Geun-soo is a part-timer and I can be the manager. They all look at her like she is crazy.

Saeroyi takes them all inside and sits them at the table to talk. he tells Yi-seo that they have a small store and do not need a manager. She says that they definitely do need one because of Seung-kwon. SK is all like, what the heck? Saero-yi asks her what she can bring to the table as a manager.

She asks scary ajusshi SK if he can serve a side dish? I want to show you my value. Just give me one. Saeroyi tells him to just give it to her. She tells him to do it as he serves a customer. SK holds his temper as he goes to the back.

Then he brings it out. She tells him to stop and shows them what is wrong with this, do you see it?

Saeroyi asks, his face?

She tells him no, look at his hand. We don’t know if he wiped his butt or nose with it. You should not put your finger int he dish. The first basics is that you hold the bowl on the outside.

Then she looks at the menu and asks them what their signature menu item is. Saeroyi tells them that they picked everything with a lot of care but they do not have a signature item. She tells them that this is all over the place, I don’t know what to order.

Then she takes out her phone and starts to take a selfie. She tells them that this place is too bright. No bar restaurant has a place that is this bright. Also, can I have your most sold side dish.

he brings out their biggest side dish which is gizzard. She takes a photo of it and says that this does not look tasty. it does not stand out and there are no good colors. If this place is right in front of my home I would be hesitant to eat it. No one wants to eat this kind of food in Itaewon.

She tastes it and tells them that the taste is something that she wants to gargle afterwards.

Now they all start to listen to her.

She continues and starts to rearrange the seating arrangement for the customers and tells them that they need to put the seats thinking about people flow. But she thinks they can stop here for now. She tells them that she is a strategist, you need me. I am here by myself, you did not ask me three times (old fable). If you think you are doing well and I am just a 20 year old girl, then that is it. if you are that stupid then I don’t need you. So what do you think, do you still not need me?

He tells her okay, you are helpful. But we only have 4 spots. that is all we can afford based on the size of our restaurant, so we can’t afford you. She tells him that it will be easy if you think I am helpful the fire ~. 

Saeroyi tells her that he will not fire the others for her to work there. So why do you want to work here?

She says she has a good feeling. The kind of feeling where I can put my life on him. 

Saeroyi likes that response and tells her that is funny. Then he introduces her to everyone as the manager of Danbam. 



In Doldam, the chairman is looking at stock. he has 30% and Min-jung increased her stock to 7.9%. the chairman asks, what about the people in her line? The secretary tells him that all together there is more than 25%. 

In a flashback he asked her directly about her stock while they wait on the elevator. She tells him that their company is the best in the industry, there is no other meaning than that. He says it is too much. You are pushing a lot. 

She tells him that she just knew a good fund manager with good sense, so he brought me some profit. Just enough for me to handle.

He asks if she has any other purpose. She asks, what other purpose

then we cut to the present where the team is opening up a wall to add more seats. Yi-seo tells them that they will have two more seats this way. You have a small restaurant so you need to increase the space how you can.

She then goes to the fridge and freezer and tells them that they do not need to have a lot on the menu. Just pick a signature menu and pick overlapping ingredients to minimize the loss. She also asks Hyun-yi where he learned how to cook. He says just here and there.

Yi-seo tells him that she knew it, when you pick the menu then let me know.

Later on they start to make the place a lot cooler looking with Yi-seo’s guidance. Definitely Instagram worthy. She puts the finishing touches up with Geun-soo and says that she thinks they will finish up quicker than expected.

Geun-soo mentions that Saeroyi worked over night and is already here this morning. So Yi-seo goes outside to were Saeroyi is working on the outdoor patio. She basically tells him that he should sleep. Your going to pass out by overworking. 

He says that he can’t sleep. She thinks back to him telling her that at the bar. So she starts to help him decorate the patio and says that it should not be too straight, it is no fun like that. Tomorrow is the opening day. What do you think will make you sleep better?

He stops for a moment and asks her what she is talking about? She says that she wants him to sleep well. He tells her she does not need to worry about it.

the night before they open, Saeroyi takes a shot of soju and sits in his place. He pops open his phone and looks at the JangGa stock. 


Geun-son goes to the company to see his father. He is dressed properly. His father gives him information on a blind date. He wants him to go on a blind date with another big companies daughter. Geun-soo says he wants to have a love marriage. 

His father tells him he is stupid. Don’t you want to inherit this company? You are a troublemaker. The least you can do is be the son in law of another food company. Now shut up and do what I tell you. leave.

When he leaves, the father sighs and says dating and marriage is stupid. The secretary tells the chairman that he thinks his son likes Ms. Oh Soo-ah. 




Yi-seo walks to work with a mask on and gives a mask to Geun-soo to wear due to today’s pollution. He asks her why she is going to work so early. She tells him it is the first day, I need to check a lot of things. He asks about her mother? You are working and not going to college. Your mothers temper should be big.

Yi-seo tells him to stop thinking about her family issue. He tells her that she makes a good amount of money running her blog. Why are you working and even giving up college?

She asks why he is at Danbam? Soo tells her that he feels like he owes him. She asks if he knows what kind of relationship his brother and their boss has? he does not so she doesn’t tell him. He says she is always a jerk during New Years and wonders why Saeroyi made her a manager.

Saeroyi tells him it was a feeling.

In the bar, the original company people ask if he only hired her as a manger due to his feeling? She is only 20. He tells them that actually this is his investment feeling. Hyun-yi thinks that he is really strange. Saeroyi says that he has a feeling, what do you think about her?

They both think that she is annoying but her work is good. HY thinks she does not like him. SK tells him that it is just hating the same species since you are also annoying. He tells SK that he will make him tofu (which is what you give to people when they get out of jail). 

the new employees show up to Yi-seo tells them to all put their hands in. So they all put their hands in. She tells them that they did a good job for following a 20 year olds order, but you will have a return on it! I am sure of it! Danbam, fighting! We will own Itaewon!

Cut to Instagram and Blog posts about Danbam and they might have gotten a website going as well. Yi-seo tells everyone on the internet that they have a new face and renovated the inside. The flower boy Geun-soo has  specialty of making a certain cocktail. Come right now and he will make it for you.

Itaewon side dishes are really expensive right? So we prepared cheap and abundant side dishes for everyone. Come out!

The place gets super packed, there is even a line outside to get in. The place is hot hot hot now.

Soo-ah looks on from the outside at Saeroyi’s new amazing hot spot. 

Inside, Saeroyi smiles at Yi-seo for doing a good job.

At the end of the day they count up all their money and wonder how they got all these customers on the first day? This is insane. Geun-soo explains that she advertised it online and her blog. Yi-seo asks how much they made.

Saeroyi tells them they made 3000 it is a record.

Yi-seo tells them that this is just a temporary thing. This kind of advertisement will not last long. We have to come back again with something new. Saeroyi asks how they can do that. Yi-seo says that she doesn’t know, but looks at the cook.


Cut to the chairman tasting the food his company makes, to make sure that it is on brand with their company. He nods and says this is JangGa taste. Soo-ah smiles and tells him that she can report the sales.

He tells her that he already got the report. As soon as you came here things got better. Can I walk with you a little bit?

they go for a walk, he tells her that he is looking for blind dates for Geun-son. It looks like Geun-won likes you. Is this one-sided? She tells him that it is a misunderstanding. He asks if she knows what is funny? 

If you want it, I will not opposed the marriage. But don’t worry about it, old men shouldn’t bother young peoples love. I am just telling you how I think of you. You have a headache between me and Min-jung right?

She tells him that she is just an employee. He says that he is okay with that. But I am a person who does not want to lose. I was angry. I told you that I think of you as my family. But you shouldn’t be neutral. You should be on my side.

She says that she is, of course.

He tells her that since she was young, you never said something that I don’t want to hear. But not only just saying it, why don’t you act on it?


he motions to the restaurant, Danbam, and asks if it is Park Saeroyi’s right? It is pretty good. There are people standing outside waiting to go in. The chairman tells her that even after they had a two month hiatus, they are still good. 

She says that he does not have to worry about it. The chairman asks if that is true? Are you on his side because he is your friend? She looks at the restaurant.

Later on, Yi-seo tells SRY that a lot of restaurants closed after public transportation ends. But people still walk around. I think we can catch those people after work. Why don’t you expand our hours until the first bus?

He thinks about it and sees Soo-ah walking up the street. She looks upset and ignores them. SRY asks her if she is going home? She says yes. So he asks why it is so difficult to see her? You ignore all my texts and phone calls. Is it because you called the police?

She tells him that she did that on purpose, do not call me. She walks off.

Cut to Saeroyi cooking at the restaurant. He is making all of the food. Later on, they read the numbers, they made 2,500. So it decreased. But it is still daebak for them. 

they all sit and eat Saeroyi’s food which is amazing. Geun-soo thinks it is the best soondubu ever. Yi-seo asks how he picked the kitchen oppa? SRY tells her that they worked in the same factory. Yi-seo tells him that HY is not a cook so why did you pick him? SRY says that the lunchbox that he made taste good.

Then he tells everyone to eat up and go home, I can clean myself. Yi-seo thinks about things.

On the way home, Geun-soo sits at the bus stop with Yi-seo and Seung-kwon. But the bus is not coming so Geun-soo asks if they should go to the club. SK is interested and sits closer to them. He asks if the club is fun? He says he has never been to those places before.

YS asks why not at your age? Do you hate it? He says he is not good at dancing. She tells him he does not have to dance well. if you are with a lot of people then it doesn’t matter. Just move a little but like this.

He stands up and starts swinging his arms like an octopus. They try not to laugh too much. SK asks what else happens in clubs? Do you make a girlfriend there? YS tries to explain that it is a natural thing to talk to men and women and enjoy your time. He tells them that he wants to dance and touch other people. 

YS mutters that he is a pervert and then tries to teach him how to dance close to a woman by not scaring them. Just dance behind them but have your hands up so they can see them. She will like you because it will increase her ego since a man is dancing with her. She might refuse you later, but she won’t dislike the offer. You are also not bad, if she doesn’t like you then it is not the last chance you will have.

SK sucks up all this information. YS tells him, when he have the right rhythm then you can move a bit closer to her. The woman will check on you and you will have to smile that you are having a fun time. A big smile is important. If she smiles back then it is good, if she does not then back away, it is over. 

But if she smiles then dance closer and follow the rhythm and say nice things.

All the while she is dancing behind Geun-soo who is so uncomfortable to have her so close to him. 

Yi-seo continues to explain things and how they can get a table and sit and chat if he wants to try it. SK is so nervous and excited and thinks that they can go get a table! Let’s go!


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