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Itaewon Class: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The other guy runs into the stall and tells her to follow him. She tells him to let her go. Then she talks to SRY but the clueless guy says it is none of his business. She is my girlfriend. She says she is not his girlfriend. He says she is doing this again, she is drunk.

So SRY asks her why her cheek is swollen. The guy says it was just a little thing that happened. Can you just go. SRY says he wants to do it but it bothers him why her cheek is swollen and why she is looking at  him like that because I know her.

The guy tells him to leave while he asks nicely. SRY asks her, you tell me. Am I mattering in your business if I step in now? She thinks back to him stopping that lady from hitting her. So she tells him to help her.

He steps by the guy and grabs her hand. The guy tries to stop him so he SRY throws him into the wall then he punches him a few times. Yi-seo is quietly amazed.

But then the two of them take off running and grab Soo-ah to run with them. Though, I don’t think that guy is standing up any time soon. But he might call the cops.

SO they take off running up the streets of Itaewon until they get to a quiet spot.

Soo-ah asks what happened? Yi-seo says that he rescued her. Soo-ah asks, you ran just to rescue her? SRY asks if she knows her? Soo-ah says no, it just makes me angry that you always think of others. But SRY kind of looks at Soo-ah suspiciously.

SRY tells Yi-seo to go to the hospital if her cheek hurts and says goodbye. But Yi-seo tells him that she wants to pay him back for his favor. He says it is nothing, don’t worry about it. But she says that she does not want to owe him, how about a cup of coffee.

Soo-ah tells her not to make him uncomfortable. Just go home.

Yo-seo tells him that she can advertise for his store, that is my specialty. So they all go to sit and talk at a swanky place.

Yi-seo tells SRY that she makes money advertising for people and brands on SNS. She also asks what kind of relationship they are in. Soo-ah says they are friends, but SRY likes me – for ten years.

SRY goes to pick up the coffee after the buzzer goes off.

Soo-ah tells Yi-seo that she knows that she is famous for SNS, you were on the list for JangGa to use. But why are you hitting on SRY? Do you like him?

YS asks, do I like him? I am not sure, but I am interested in him.

Soo-ah explains that SRY is not the kind of guy that you can take. 

Yi-seo asks what kind of person she thinks she is.

You are the kind of person who lives in a green house and thinks the world revolves around them.

Yi-seo thinks that Soo-ah learned a lot about her on SNS. So I can’t take him? Are you talking about that because he is an ex-convict with attempted murder?

You know that and are still hitting on him?

That attracts me to him more.

Hey, even though you are young, if you don’t know manners then it is not cute. Aren’t you sorry about Saeroyi’s store closing because of you?

Yi-seo throws her napkin on the table and thinks back to Soo-ah acting like she knew her. She asks Soo-ah why she knows that?

Soo-ah says that they are friends so I know. Do you know how much damage he will get if he closed for two months.

How do you know that his store closed because of me? It was strange before, but he never told you about me. But how do you know his store closed because of me?

Well…um…just in case…

You called the police.



Yi-seo continues, Ah! Why don’t you say anything! You shouldn’t deny it. Ha. The damage is big if the store closes you know. Wow, this is true. Wow. I wonder why…~. Is it just because you betrayed your 10 year friend who likes you because the stores are close to each other? Ah, what is this eunnie…but you also blocked me so you don’t want to give him to others. 

Anyway, Soo-ah says, you have no hope. Saeroyi is like that, he never changes.

*leans in* Well he may change a little bit to know how great you are. Dn’t worry, I am just a little attracted to him, it is nothing.

Saeroyi coms back and the ladies stop talking. Yi-seo is pleasantly happy but SA is pissed. SRY asks if they fought?

YS says no, she is a great great person, I can’t take her.

Soo-ah tells SRY, the person who called the police on your store – was me. Do you still like me?

SRY says yes, you should have a good reason. If you don’t tell me then I don’t know. I am just a little sad.

Soo-ah excuses herself. SRY asks her if she is okay, you don’t look too good. She tells him goodbye.

Yi-seo tells SRY that she can drink legally now, what would you like? We can talk about advertising your store.

Soo-ah goes home and thinks about when SRY piggybacked her home. He mentions her letter about always wanting the best for him. He told her that he was always thankful to her for that. She looks like she feels remorseful for what she did. And also angry.


SRY and Yi-seo go to a fancy bar to drink and talk. She asks if he is angry? You were betrayed by a friend you liked for 10 years. He says that he was not actually betrayed. I understand the situation she is in even though she did not tell me. She is focusing on her situation and life.

Yi-seo says he is Ghandi. 

SRY says that love is not a business, the heart is not give and take.

Yi-seo mentions that she does not want to talk about that anymore.


the two employees are back at Danbam. Seung-kwn tells Hyun-yi that they should go to the sauna and clean each others backs. She tells him no. He still thinks she is a boy and tells him that it is okay if he is not confident, size does not matter. She throws a towel at him.

Back at the swanky bar, Yi-seo tells SRY that he never worked at a bar, it shows. You have a lot of problems besides advertising. You do not have the basics. SRY remembers that the most important think is the basics. He asks her to tell him what that is.

She tells him that the interior is not coherent and the servers do not know things and they do not have a specialty and no basics. It will not go well. 

He asks how she knows? You are just 20. She mentions that she makes money with SNS and blogs. Eating and advertising. He pats her on the head and says that she is super great. He also tells her that she drinks well.

She says her drink is sweet today. He says that means that your day was impressive to you. She tells him that his store name is also a problem. It is so countryish. It does not fit Itaewon also. Why did you put that name?

SRY thinks back and says that his life is just bitter so bitter. I can’t sleep at night because I am lonely and angry. I have no good reason. I just want this bitter night of my life to be sweeter. (Danbam = sweet night). 

VO – Again, my heart feels strange. 

SRY – Am I drunk…nonsense…I should stop drinking.

He stands up and passes out right away. She just looks at him and takes another drink.

YS – (I am not drunk at all. This ugly man with a chestnut head laying on the floor. He looks handsome now. This is not good. This mans, he says it is bitter. I hope it is sweet. I want to make his life sweet. This is the stupidest thing a human can do. This impulse. I cannot stop it)

She kneels and holds his head up. 

YS – (I like him.)

She leans in and kisses him.

He wake sup in the hospital and slaps himself. But then he realizes that he is int he hospital and that he kissed her, but he thinks it was just a dangerous dream. So he leaves.




Yi-seo is at her home. Her mother gives her gulmul (honey water tea) to drink. She tells her daughter that she is staying out too much these days. 

Yi-seo tells her that she is 20 so this is good. You told me that studying hard will not help me meet a good guy so I should study well also.

Her mother asks if she is dating someone? Don’t do it. The guys you meet now are all not good. Yi-seo asks, why did you marry appa?

The umma says that they loved each other. After giving birth to you, I became saggy and wrinkly. I wanted t be a woman that loved, not someones mother. Divorce was easy.

Do you regret marrying him?

Not much, we dated two years and married for 7 years. I have the memory of loving him and being love. It was my youth. 

What if I like a normal guy?

Don’t do it. You are too good to ruin your life only for love. My good daughter, you are not gong to make mom sad.

Mom, you are so selfish. tsks.

VO(YS) – Life is choice after choice. You draw the conclusion and meet your principle. People say that is the good choice and the right answer. At 20 years old, the principle of life is not set yet. 

She looks out over a bridge and holds a coin

VO – On the front, I will be the person you want me to be. On the back of the coin, you will cry mother.

She flips the coin and it drops into the water on accident. So she doesn’t know.

VO – The coin..was it on the front or the back. Which side do I want it to be? I have decided to think that it is tails.

She runs to Itaewon and runs all the way to Danbam. Saeroyi comes out and look at her, pretty shocked that she is there.

VO – As soon as I saw him, I realized.

SRY – Did you go home okay last night?

YS – Yes

VO – I did not have to think about it at all.

SRY – Why are you here?

She walks to him with a smile.

YS – I want to be with you.

SRY – Huh? What?

VO – As mom said, I am too good. Love, success, I can do everything.

YS – Um…

VO – Mom can just be sad a little bit

YS – …I want to work here. I will help you realize our dream, boss.

VO – I am going to make him a great person, not just a normal person. I will.

They look at each other as people pass by.

Fade Out


Okay, things are looking up. Looking back, I kind of wish they started the drama on today’s episode and we kind of got all that first two episode backstory in short flashbacks that only took up 30 seconds to 1 minute of screen time at most. That would have made me intrigued as to what actually happened in the past and possibly looking for the comic. As it stands, I know everything that happened so there is no mystery as to what is going on and all that is left is how the revenge will play out.

But everything is starting to fall into place now that they are fully into making this bar a stunner. I am here for this, show, don’t go to sleep on me.

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  1. weseris
    February 15, 2020 / 6:56 am

    They didn’t play on mystery and I applaud them for that (find it super annoying when a show does something like that. Like what the point to hide something so obvious, going back and forth between past and future. Acting like it’s so “intriguing”…). Instead, I appreciate the fact, that hey played on grounding backstory and emotional baggage it gives our main heroes. I never felt it being boring or sleepy, it felt very right and well-done. I loved all four episodes. For how much they build characters, how good were written dialogues, how it felt frustrating and unfair to our hero, liked how they introduced our characters and their principles. The acting was on point too.

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