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Itaewon Class: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Alright, it is no longer a chore to watch! I am getting into it slowly but surely. Everything is good about it, it is just so quiet with nothing to keep me watching expect for Park Seo Joon. Which, honestly, is enough. 😁

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Yi-seo tells SRY outside the police station that he will be done if he has to close his store. he tells her that he can open it again, that’s nothing.

Geun-won comes out clapping and tells Saeroyi that he is cool. You are still the same, you don’t know the world. I understand, you were kicked out of school because of me and went to jail because of me and you think that your father died because of me. But…*leans in* you are right.

He starts to cackle laugh and says SRY is a middle school graduate, an ex-convict, and orphaned. Poor SRY, your life is ruined because of me. What should I do?

SRY looks at him strongly. 

GW tells him to hit me, you are good at violence. So hit me. Hit me. Are you not going to hit me? Do it.

Yi-seo watches along, more concerned than she has ever looked. Though still pretty blank faced.

SRY tells him, 9 years. I suppressed myself (or endured) and I will do it for 6 more years. My plan is 15 years long. 

GW – What are you talking about?

SRY – You statute of limitations. I will show you all that stubbornness and courage.

He grips GW’s arm and crushes it.

SRY – Wait for me.

Then he drops it and walks away. GW curses him and spits. Yi-seo looks at him like he is trash and then looks at SRY walking off, with pity.

Saeroyi goes to a walking bridge and looks out over the city.


Yi-seo and Geun-soo run around during athletics and talk about Saeroyi and his situation. This is their punishment for using a fake ID. Geun-soo calls Saeroyii, hyung now so he says that hyung calls me a little boy with no responsibility. He is not even angry at me.

Yi-seo calls him a crotchety old man that tries to be cool. She keeps running.

Later on, they write their apology letters for their behavior. She thinks about Saeroyi not getting angry and draws a picture of him.


Inside Danbam, Seung-kwon hits his head on the table over and over again because this is all his fault. 

Cut back to when he was in jail. He was in the same jail cell as the big boss that Saeroyi was in jail with. They tell Saeroyi to take care of him. But Saeroyi says that he does not have to do anything and continues reading the book on the chairman.

VO – I saw him on the first day.

The jail cell mates walk around the yard. The leader tells him to ask him if he needs anything. SG asks who SRY is. The leader says he is a year older than you. Just be a goo hyung-nim and dongsaeng.

SG says that it looks like he has no manners to you. Which gang is he with? The leader says that he does not have manners, but he is not against us. Don’t be stupid and fight with him, he is half crazy.

So SG goes up to SRY and asks what he is doing. SRY says he is reading his book, do you have something to tell me? SG says that SRY is always reading so he just wondered. He sits to chat with him.

SRY tells him that he was not born with anything but he wants to have a lot. SG says that no one will hire an ex-convict like them. SRY asks what they can do if you already decided? You should at least try.

SG stands aggressively and tells SRY that he has thorns in what he says. Are you talking to me? SRY tells him, don’t force your logic on me. So SG grabs him and says that he is also an ex convict whose life is ruined. SRY asks about his life? Is it all done? If you value yourself as cheap, then you are cheap.

SG punches him and then starts to kick SRY on the ground. The guards come. SRY does not fight back. He just gets back up and tells SG that he plans on studying on a fishing boat. You do not decide my value! My life is just starting and I will do anything I want!


After a few years or so, SG got out of jail and went back to his life of thuggery. He was like that for 7 years.

During those 7 years, SRY worked hard and started his business.

Finally SRY has his business and stands on the rooftop. The big boss from jail comes out to see him to give him a gift with all the other thugs. GW is with him.

The big boss is super happy that SRY was able to open his business and thinks it should have cost hundreds of thousands to open it. SG looks full of regret.

VO – Time passes the same for everyone.

The big boss tells him to say hi to Seung-kwon so SRY greets him pleasantly.

VO – But his time and my time, the thickness was so different.

SG goes to SRY’s bar everyday to drink. He is happy that he can sell him drinks but asks why he comes there everyday. They sit together to chat.

SG says that he likes to see SRY working everyday. I am a big fan of yours. You are cool. You do what you want to do. I want to live properly like you.

SRY – What is properly living?

SG – Not doing anything bad and working hard.

SRY – That reminds me of when I first saw you. Are you still as pushover?

SG slams his head on the table and we are back in the present. he hits his head several times and hits it on the table again.

SRY and Hyun-yi are watching him. She asks why he is doing that. SRY doesn’t answer.


Yi-seo searches for information on Park Sae-Ro-Yi online, but he has no online presence. She also searches for the Danbam bar name, but there is no presence on the internet at all. She remembers that GW said he did not graduate so she searches him from 10 years ago.

She finds the news article about Par Sae-ro-yi’s attempted murder on Geun-won. She starts to wonder about that.


Geun-won plays baduk with his father in his office and they talk business. Executive Kang Min-jung is also in the conversation as they mention that her father is his 40 year friend and partner. Geun-won says that this company could have been her company. She could be greedy.

The father says to stop talking about it, I have a plan. Then GW talks about GW going to a bar and getting caught and losing their family dignity, do you know who owns that bar? It was Park Saeroyi’s store.

The secretary leaves.

GW continues and says that his store was closed for 2 months. He should have gotten all the money he could to open this store. He can’t pay for rent or people’s salaries. He is done. Then he check mates his father (or the equivalent in Baduk).

His dad tells him that he is getting better in Baduk and then says that he will review the game so leave it here. GW starts to head out.

the father looks at the game and tells his other secretary that his son did not see the entire picture. To keep the center, he didn’t care about the outside. The father asks his secretary how Geunsoo is.

Cut to Geun-soo working hard at a restaurant bar. He secretly hears the owners talking about firing him and giving him a hard time so he will quit.

GW walks away from the company and thinks that he will be happy to see how desperate and sad Saeroyi is. But actually SRY is super happy singing at a norebang (karaoke place). His tam is with him as well. Hyun-yi gives some ointment to Hyun-yi and tells him not to do that anymore.

Later on, they go eat somewhere. SG tells him that he is sorry. SRY asks how long he will be depressed, it has already passed. SRY tells him not to say it again or I will fire you. Then he says that 2 months stoppage can be used to make our store better. We can make up with what we are lacking.

Then he asks them if they would like to go to another norebang? They are both like noooooooo. So SRY asks them if they would like to do something else (not sure what he said).


In the company, two executives say that they were so surprised at the meeting. They are talking to Min-jung. They think that Geun-wan shouldn’t have gotten hit, even if he did overuse his power. MJ tells them that their stock price went down a lot. Geun-won tells everyone he is the heir everywhere he goes, so that is why he did it.

The executives worry because the chairman is older now, not like he was before, and his only son is like that. We should prepare the heir. You are the only one right? She asks them if they are afraid bringing that up. They tell her that they can be on her side if she wants it.

But she stays steadfast on the chairmans side and says that she will pretend like she did not hear what they said. She thinks she would be their sacrifice. they deny it.


Yi-seo goes to Itae-won and sees that the bar is closed for two months.

Then New Year comes again. She gets her real ID and can drink legally. She is 20 and has been accepted to all the colleges she applied to. She is bored though and is hanging out with girls who she doesn’t want to be associated with. They are all high society women with important parents.

A guy comes over to them and asks if they would like to join their table? We would like to buy drinks for you. The girls smile and says, okay.

Outside, Geun-soo texts Yi-seo with congratulations for being 20 and asks what she is doing later. But she doesn’t read his texts.

His father is spying on him. the secretary says that he lives in a tiny goshiwon for only 300 a month. Would you like to say hi? The chairman says that they can just leave.

Back at the bar, Yi-seo thinks that she is sitting with three strange men, it makes me angry. A pushovers who need love, a thug who only wants sex, and a guy who doesn’t think at all. Hunting is not bad, loneliness for sex or just because they are bored. Men and Women just fulfill their basic instinct. 

If they fill each others needs, then that is actually good. But I don’t need anything from them. I am so bored. Why? After I saw him (Saeroyi) nothing is of interest to me.


Saeroyi goes to the famous bar in Itaewon and sits with the owner and Soo-ah. the owner says that he heard that he closed his bar for two months. Too bad since this is the peak time. Soo-ah asks if he is making Oppa angry?

The owner says that he heard that someone just called the police. SRY says it is okay. Then the owner tells him he is free of charge today. But he says that Soo-ah has to pay, it is only free for men.

In the other bar, Yi-seo’s friends are drunk, so the not too bright guy asks her if she wants to get ice-cream? The other two say that they will watch her friends. Yi-seo tells them that she will just leave. But just in case, her father is a chief prosecutor so don’t do anything stupid.

In the famous bar, Soo-ah and SRY continue talking. She says that she remembers him hitting on her. H says he is still doing it. She mentions that he never said he was hitting on her. He asks, are you controlling your fish? When my work goes well, you will be jobless, that will be funny when I confess to you later.

Soo-ah grows serious so he asks why she is so serious, I am just joking. She tells him he is not joking, I have never seen you joke. It is okay. I am cheering for you even if I become jobless.

Outside, Yi-seo walks off. The clueless guy runs after her and says that he will hang out with her until the first bus comes.

But she says that she doesn’t like anything about him, his face and eyes and eyebrows and teeth and gums and what he says and his voice and his pupils and ears and did I say pupils? I hate everything about you. Bye.

He stops her and asks if she is crazy? Why did you drink with us? Do you know how much you drank? She tells him, sorry you gathered all your money to do something. She throws some money at him and walks away

He slaps her and tells her that she should get hit with this behavior. Why did you behave like that? She tells him that she trusts herself. He says she picked the wrong person to mess with. You think you can get away with everything with your pretty face? I will give you a lesson. 

He grabs her collar and is about to hit her again, but she judo throws him and kicks him a few times on the ground. Then she walks away.

But he hops up to chase her, she kind of runs away but she isn’t too serious about it. Then she runs into a bathroom and sees SRY peeing. This makes her amazingly happy. Though he is embarrassed.


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