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Itaewon Class: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Yi-seo dances and has a fun time at a club.

VO – What umma said and how much she loved me, I understand it all. The standard middle class, but I am born pretty and smart. Go to the best school and get a job at the best company and have a successful life. There are a lot of people who try hard but cant do it. To me, I can do it. They are greedy to climb the social ladder and work hard. F-working hard. I will be tired until the day I die.

She keeps dancing happily.

VO – So, I hope the earth blows up now.

Geun-soo is watching. A guy asks him if Yi-seo is really a high school student? Geun-soo says yes, when she plays, she does her best. The hyung guy asks hwat kind of relationship they are in. Geun-soo says that they are just friends. Not some. She does not care about dating or love.

The hyung says that no one is like that. But if he does not care about dating you, can I hit on her? She is my type. Geun-soo tells him that he actually likes her even though they don’t have a relationship. The hyung says okay, you should have told me earlier. Geu-soo explains that he actually just realized it.


The employees have nothing to do so they try to feed a cat on the street. But the cat doesn’t really want to eat anything.

Saeroyi comes up and asks them what they are doing and picks up the cat. He tells them that he sees this cat often. They ask where his costume is. He asks about the store, who is taking care of it? they tell him that they do not have any customers.

Cut to JangGa Restaurant. The hyung is taking Geun-soo to this place along with Yi-seo. Geun-soo doesnt’ want to go in, but he has to because everyone else does.

They have to show their IDs inside so Yi-seo gives hers. The employee says that she does not look like her at all. Yi-seo mentions it is because of her surgery. So the employee lets him in. But Soo-ah comes out and tells them that this is a fake ID, come back after you graduate high school.

So they leave and see Danban right across the street and decide to go there.

Inside, the Danban team i super bored with nothing to do. Saeroyi thinks about online advertising with SNS and blogging and all that. He asks his employees if they do that. Hyun-yi says that she does it, that does sound better than flyers.


Then the customers come in so they give them the menu’s and something to eat while they pick. Saeroyi says that he will look around the other restaurants, just in case, check her ID.

So Yi-seo gives her fake Id and says it is before her surgery. Seung-kwon says okay since they need customers.

Saeroyi walks around and sees that all the other restaurants are pretty busy. Some are super busy. he remembers reading the chairmans book while in jail. The book says that the reason not successful places are successful is because of the restaurant itself.

Back at his place, Geun-soo asks Yi-seo why she is not taking photos of this place. She says she only takes photos of good restaurants. Geun-soo mentions that Yi-seo is an SNS star. Yi-seo says that she isn’t taking photos of this place because it does not look good on the inside.

Saeroyi keeps walking back to hisi place while thinking about making his place great. Soo-ah runs into him smiling and says she came out to see him. She is taking care of the Itaewon branch. He tells her that they should see each other often. 

She holds his arm so they walk away arm in arm. She tells him that he was walking around like he was daydreaming. He say that he was just thinking about what he needed for his restaurant. he just had his first employee today after many months of no one. Expect the opening month, we are losing money.

She asks to see his bills if he is comfortable with that. she can check to see if their is any unnecessary spending. he tells her that there are no holes. They have small employees compared to their size and their cost is 25% of our sales. And the suppliers if my friend so I get a good deal. Bt the problem is the rent. It shuuld be 10% or our sales but ~.

But then she stops and stares at him. He apologizes for being an a-hole becuase seh wants to help. She says no, it is just that he knows things well. How did you learn it? 

he tells her that he studying it for the last 7 years and also read chairman Jang’s autobiography. The more I read it, the more I realized how great he is. It helped.

They keep walking. She tells him that Itaewon is a difficult place to gt a profit. Don’t you have any idea to move somewhere else?

He says no. So she tell shim that he did not change at all after 7 years. He tell her she is the same as well. She asks if it is a compliment? He says she is still pretty. 

She smiles and says she was countryish back then, I am better now right? He smiles and nods.

But then Soo-ah sees Yi-seo eating at Saeroyi’s place. She is about to comment on it but doesn’t and says that she will go back. He asks if she would like to have a drink later? She says yes and they part ways.

Saeroyii goes inside and hears the table talking about having to go to school. SRY tells his employees that everyone is doing well except them.

Outide, Soo-ah thinks about what the chairman told her about picking between him and Saeroyi later. Who will you pick? She gets out her phone as if she will call the cops to tell them and thinks, I changed a lot.

Inside his place, SRY has to fix the manners of the hyung to not call his employees part-timer. But the hyung is drunk anndn makes a scene. Geun-soo tries to calm him down. SRY tells his employee to go to the back and then talks to the hyung and tells him that they can do that to bad customers.

The hyung grabs SRY by the cuff and asks him if he wants to die? SRY tells him not to do that here, then pulls him in front of the camera and says, if you hit me, then hit me here. 

The drunk hyung sees the camera and asks if he thinks I can’t hit him? He is about to punch SRY, but Seung-kwon pushes him out of the way and gets hit instead. Geun-soo apologizes profusely.

Seung-kwon tells him that he hit me first, I do not have to worry about money. SO he punches the hyung and pours boiling hot soup on his leg, goodness! He is also about to crack a bottle over the hyung’s head.

But then Hyun-yi comes up and tells SRY that he knew Seung-kwon wouldn’t change. So just fire him. SRY says no, just call 119. But the cops are already there.

Soo-ah is outside watching the cops at the restaurant and tells Saeroyi that she is sorry, lets have our date next time.


Inside, the cops tells SRY that they are actually here for an underage person drinking. SRY tells them that they actually only have one table, they don’t have an underage person drinking.

Everyone looks at Yi-seo who was happily watching all the events unfold. But she does look a bit abashed at her fake ID.

Geun-won gets a call about his brother. But he asks the caller if he has a brother?

In the police station, the cops basically say that he can’t work for 2 months. Which is a big blow because their rent is so high. SRY tells Seung-kwon not to raise his voice at the police and then tells Seung-kwon that he knew she was underage so it is our fault. 

Geun-soo is really sorry and thinks that the restaurant shouldn’t gt punished since they are the ones that lied. I can take care of it! They tell him to sit down and wait for his guardian.

SRY tells Geun-soo that he is also noisy, you are underage so you cannot be responsible, okay little boy? He says it very calmly.

Then Geun-won comes in and sees SRY in the mix, he starts to laugh hysterically at this situation andmentions that Geun-soo is their family member in the JangGa group. And SRy is my friend and classmate, but he did not graduate so he is not actually a classmate. It is nice to see you again SRY. We have fate.

SRY ignores him completely and tells he cop that he is tired, lets wrap it up. Geun-won tells him that his family member is in trouble due to this restaurant. But…should I let it go? The cop says that there should be a way.

But SRY colses the cops computer and tells him that his dream was to be a policeman but he became a criminal becuase he couldn’t supress his anger. Criminals can’t be policemen, I understood that and gave it up becuase policeman honor the law. You should be the post transparent and proud, that is the police that I dream of. But you, what are you doing right now? Who is he? Is he the presidnet? How come he can control the government! 

The cop tells him not to misunderstand. SRY tells him he is not his friend, just follow the law. then he storms out.

Yi-seo thinks about this and then follows SRY outside. She stops him from walking away and asks if he is crazy. Why are you doing this?

SRY – What are you talking about?

YS – If you follow the law then you have to close your place

SRY – I acdepted it and got punished

YS – He is helpingn you, what is the problem

SRY – If I get his help then it is better to die.

YS – Is this a pride thing? Your pride is so important even though your restaurant will close and you will go bankrupt?

SRY – Why are you arguing?

YS – This is nonsense, you are running a restaurant, you shuold know how to yield.

SRY – You told me before, why are you bothering me?

YS – I dont’ know I don’t know I don’t know. But if you jsut yeild one time then everything ~.

SRY – This time? Last time! Again and again! It will be good for this moment, but that one time can change a person.

YS – Gomdae (an old man giving all his lessons)

SRY  – what?

YS – If your restaurant closes once, then there is no one time or whatever, youa re done.

SRY – I can open again, it is nothing.

Geun-won starts clapping and tells him that he is super cool. You are the same as always! You were kicked out of school because of me and went to jail because of me. You think your father died because of me. Ah, but, you are right.

He starts to laugh maniacally.

GW – You are a middle school graduate and ex-criminal. hahaha. Your life was ruined because of me. Poor guy.

SRY – *angry* Jang Geun-won

GW – Oh, so scary. Are you going to hit me again Hit me hit me, you are good at violence.

SRY has his fist clenched so GW puts his head on it and tell him to hit him. Then laughs.

GW – Ah, you have grown up now. Yes, if you want to make a living with that tiny restaurant then you should endure

SRY pulls GW arm away from him and tells him that for 9 years he supressed his anger (or survived) and I will do that for 6 more years.

GW – What the?

He pulls him close to him. 

SRY – Your statute of limitations. My plan is 15 years long.

Fade Out


Okay, it’s coming around. Each episode might be slow, but at least it feels like it has a purpose and is moving in the right direction. Plus the acting and everything is great.

Though I don’t get why this show is slow and sleepy, but other slow dramas are slow and riveting. It boggles the mind. I kind of feel like it has to do with a past mystery that we don’t know about that kind of pulls us to watch and find out what exactly happened. But I’m not sure about that. If anyone knows, I am all ears!

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