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Itaewon Class: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

Alright, this drama is starting to pick up a bit. I’m getting into it. Or at least, I am not bored to sleep by it anymore.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We start with a review of the first two episodes.

The we open in Itaewon at a bar called DanBam which is Saeroyi’s place. he has two eployees working for him. Ma Hyun-yi and Choi Seung-kwon. 

Saeroyi forces them to do morning workouts that they would rather not do, but they all circle up and do them.

Elsewhere at a high school, Some girls are bbullying another girl when Jo Yi-seo sits up in her desk and records what they are oing on the sly. Then she posts it online and says that this is the daughter of the regional district mayor bullying this girl. This is the only thing I can do, I hope that violence at school is corrected.

She posts it online, a ton of people start to talk about it. She has 765,000 followers on her SNS account. So she is an influences and power blogger who takes a lot of photos of her personal life. She came to Korea from NY last year.

She is basically a very cool person who can do everything well from sports to studying to playing music and art. Oh, plus she has an IQ of 162. Men think she is an angel.

A woman finds her later on that night and slaps her for posting the bullying video. This woman is the bullies daughter. But her friend filmed it and syas that this person with an angel face has an evil personality.

Yi-seo asks her friend, Jang Geun-soo, if he got that on film. He did. So then Yi-seo tells the mother that she did not say anything bad about her daughter, she just posted that online. She is a bullying friend who takes things from people. I wanted to finish things like that, but my cheek hurts so much.

The mother keeps pushing her so Yi-seo grabs hr hand and throws it away to the side. Then she says that she is going to post that video when her child goes to college and when she gets a ob and if she gets married. She will send that video to everyone important. 

The mother tries to slap her again, but Saeroyi stops her by grabbing her hand and says that he does not know what is going on, but calm down. But then Yi-seo slaps the ajumma!

Then she looks at Saeroyi with a tsk and walks off. her and her friend hop in a taxi. Saeroyi runs after her and says that she should not slap an adult. Yi-seo tells him that he does not know what is going on. My father died because of that ajumma. Would you nt do anything only because she is an adult?

He lets go of her arm. So she gets into the taxi an then smiles and then tells him that it was all a lie! bwahahaha. And the taxi drives off.


Saeroyi goes to his place all angry and hits the table. Seung-kwon asks what the deal is? Hun-yi mentions it is because they do not have any customers. Geun-soo wonders if he should go out and pass out flyers for people?

Saeroyi says that is not it, I saw a crazy person on the way here, a crazy woman. Hyun-yi asks what crazy girl? Seung-kwon asks if she was pretty. HY says that is not important and tells her that she is also a man? So maybe he thinks she is a man. Not sure.


Saeroyi gets reprimanded for hitting an adult. She asks why she shouldn’t hit an adult? is it because she is an adult and the wife of the district mayor? So if she hits me then I should just get hit and not do anything? is that it? I know you will be in trouble if the district mayor makes an issue.

The principal yells but the teacher says that she is my student so just go to the classroom. Yi-seo walks off perfectly fine.


Guen-won briefs the company on his idea for a restaurant bar that could be a good dating place. Everyone gives their opinion. Soo-ah opposes it and gives her reasons why. She thinks the restaurant should not be pushed as a dating bar becuase it will taint the image of the company valuing taste over anything.

Geun-won thinks that is an old fashioned way of thinking. Soo-ah says that dating bars do not fit well in Itaewon. Min-jung agrees with her. She says that if they obviously makes the bar a dating place then it would look cheap. It should happen organically. Geun-won thinks it could work for young people. 

His father thinks that it will not work and asks what the age group is in Itaewon? The pricing in Itaewon is higher than others, so people with money in their late 20s and mid 30s come the most. Do you think those people want to date on the street? The taste and environment and quality meets the pricing. The basics of the restaurant is important.

He rips up his sons plans in front of everyone and throws them away. Then he tells Soo-ah to take care of Itaewon and he slaps his son in front of everyone for losing money for 3 months in that location. This man is psycho. Everyone is uncomfortable.

Later on, Geun-won waits for Soo-ah after the meeting and asks her if she has something against him. She tells him that his plan would be refused anyway. So I just scored some points. He says okay, you scored points, you only think about those things. But you should wake up, you need to be in the correct line. How long do you think father will be thre? 5 years? 10 years? Soon I will take over the company. You should get points from me.

She chuckles and asks if he is sure? Do you think you will take over the company? Are you sure of that? She walks away.

Cut to Jang Geun-soo who is studying in a goshiwon. he looks up his friend Yi-seo’s instagram for fun and then goes to meet her at her most recent post on a bridge.

Elsewhere, Saeroyi is walking in the subway and sees a poster of the chairman. It send him into a memory of what the chairman told him in prison about how he is just stupid if he doesnt gain anything from this. Saeroyi clenches his fist and walks away.

He goes to his restaurant where his employee Hyun-yi is trying to explain something to Seung-kwon. But Seung-kwon is kind of dense and doesnt get it. Saeroyi comes in and says that he has a marketing item. They open the box and wonder what that is.


Meanwhile, Geun-soo drives to the bridge and finds Yi-seo. He hops off his scooter to chat with her. She wonders about not being born and getting old and sick and die and all those things. She thinks it is tiring. he asks if she is here to die then? She says no, she is too good for hat so lets have a drive.

He says he has an appointment with hyung in Itaewon. She thinks that she will go here to. But he says that she does not know this hyung. She wonders if he is going to hunt girls and get noona’s phone numbers? Lets go together, don’t make me mad.

So she hops on his scooter and they both drive off. He is super happy to give her a ride.


While driving, a kid accidently runs into the street so Geun-soo has to slam on his brakes. This sends Yi-seo flying through the air and flipping upside down. She crash lands on Saeroyi who is wearing a bear outfit to pass out flyers about the restaurant.

Geun-soo checks on the boy and is mother who are both alright.

Saeroyi immediately recognizes Yi-seo as the girl who tricked him but then passes out. Everyone stares at him.


Elsewhere, the chairman talks to Soo-ah and tells her that he remembers talking to her that night his son killed chairman Park in a hit and run. She looks on surprised. He asks why she is surprised, you knew that. 

You misunderstood my intention of supporting you to make you confess favorably to my son. 

She asks what he is talking about. 

The chairman says that Park Saeroyi opened a restaurant in Itaewon. Did you know that? She says yes. He mentions that it is near their restaurant, why didn’t you tell me?

She says that they are losing money and it is a normal small restaurant bar. Nothing for you to worry about. 

He asks, what if the same thing happens like it did 10 years ago with Park Saeroyi and me, who will you pick between the two of us? Don’t take it too seriously, just tell me casually.

She says that she is JangGa’s person. He tells her that she is. Even though I am old, I still have a feeling for an investment. She thanks him and asks if he is worried about DangBam.

He tells her that he does not mean anything to him. He is your friend so you can take care of him. She leaves and thinks for a moment in the hallway, then she checks her phone and looks at a photo of Saeroyi in front of his restaurant with his small team.


Geun-soo and Yi-seo find out that Saeroyi does not have any big injuries, he was just working too hard.

He wakes up and sits up quickly, they wonder if he is okay? Saeroyi asks if he passed out? Is he in the hospital? geun-soo fills him in on what happened.

Saeroyi asks what happened to his costume? They tell him that it ripped so they threw it away. He says that he just bought it today, it was super expensive and custom made.

Geun-soo apologizes and says that he will pay for it. Saeroyi says that is good and then says it is good that he picked up the flyers at least.

Then geun-soo asks if he runs a restaurant? Saeroyi says that he does, it is a tiny place. I need to advertise.

Yi-seo tells him that no one advertises with a costume and flyers. He asks what he should do then? Geun-soo apologizes because his friend does not have social skills. SRY says that he sees that but he is curious as to what he should do.

She tells him to use SNS. But SRY says that he actually doesn’t know about those things so I will think about your advice, thank you.

Geun-soo tells him that he has to get more rest. SRY tells him that he is busy, so you should pay for the bill since you did it. Geun-soo says yes, I am really sorry. SRY tells him that if he is really sorry then he should come by his place. He gives him a flyer and walks off.

Geun-soo thinks that SRY is a pretty straight person. Yi-seo says that she would have stayed in the hospital and gotten another thousand dollars.

Geun-soo gets a call from his hyung and tells Yi-seo that he will have to go to the club with her later. This hyung is angry. She rips up the flyer and sprinkles it on the floor then walks off.


Lots of kids are playing on a field. They are all racing around a track. One of the kids pushes another one which allows her to win. Her mother sees this. Actually, all the other parents and kids see it too. The teacher tells the mother that Yi-seo is too obsessed with winning. Also, she has a little sign of being a sociopath. Just in case, she should have a mental exam.

The mother sits with her daughter and asks if she really really wanted to win? My daughter, you can do everything well. You are good at sports, what else can you do. Yi-seo asks if she is complimenting her because she won? Umma, you are wrong, you want to get a reward from me do to your mid core life.

Her mother tells her that she is so smart, I am not going to punish you for this. I just hope that you do not grow up mid core like me. Everyone follows their own way and own judgement. Good people and bad people are vague. It is clear who is the best though, because it is marked as a number. She shows her the number on her hand that is #1.


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    Hey. Any idea what is the name of the song being played in the background during Yi Seo’s introduction scene?

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