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Itaewon Class: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 2 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Later on, Soo-ah meets with SRY in visitation and asks him why he looks like that. He says it just happened and thanks her for coming. He asks her what is going on.

She tells him that she entered Gwang Jin University. He is happy for her since she wanted to go there. But he asks her why she is so sad looking.

She explains that JangGa gave her the scholarship. She got it because she stopped the fight and called the police. She feels bad about that and apologizes for being cowardly.

He tells her its okay. She asks, huh?

He tells her, it is true that I hit him and you called the police. I am actually thankful to you. if you did not stop me then I would be a murderer sitting here. If you decided, then follow your decision. You did not do anything wrong.

She wipes her tears and asks him what he will do once he gets out. He says an ex-convict can’t be a policeman. There is a library here so I have a lot of books. I will just study.  Then I saw JangGa chairmans autobiography.

From a tiny street vendor to a big company owner. I want to do that. Run a company.

She asks about revenge?

He says no, of course not. I was just thinking about what would be fun to do. He remembers his father talking about his childhood dream of opening his own store and how SRY’s cooking was getting really good.

So SRY tells her that he heard his cooking got better and he wants to do it. But then he has to go, his time is up.

She tells him, back then, why did you hit on me? He asks, huh? She tells him, you hit on me and wanted my phone number.

He says, oh, back then, sorry. You said I shouldn’t like you. I did it because I like you.

Do you still like me?

He doesn’t say anything.

She says, I don’t like poor men. Are you going to make a lot of money after getting out?

From today….being a rich man is my dream.

he smiles and she smiles back.

VO – My heart had a big hole in it. The funny thing is, he was the one instigating me, the one in the helpless situation. Blaming others. Well, I don’t have a father anyway. That is why I didn’t even expect….that word, “Revenge”, I feel like the hole in my heart is filled. I want to get out as soon as possible.


Saeroyi gets out of jail. The gangster also gets out of jail. SRY takes a nice long breath. It looks like he might be friends with the gangster because the gangster asks him if he wants a ride.

SRY tells him that he wants to walk. SO the gangster tells him that if he needs help, let me know. See you.

He drives off. The other gangsters says that the kid looks young. It seems like you like him. Who is he? The gangster says that he is stupidly fearless. Like a little dog barking at a tiger. 



SRY goes to a small restaurant and orders a soju with two cups. He pours one for his father and one for himself. Then drinks. This  might be the same place he drank with his father for the first time. So he starts to imagine his father there with him.

His father asks him how it tastes. SRY says it is bitter (last time he said it was sweet).

SRY keeps drinking and thinking about what happened. he still has the chairmans book. But he leaves it on the table and tells the owner that he can throw it away. I memorized it.

On the cover of the book, SRY drew a devil and wrote “I will win” over it.

At home, SRY has all the news paper articles he can find about JangGa and Geun-wan he can find. He also does a lot of pushups.

he looks at news covering of Geun-wan as well who is as abusive and bad as he was before.

Cut to him riding a bus and reading a letter from Soo-ah. She tells him that she is sorry to write so late. When I think about you over there, I hesitated to say hi. You would tell me to not worry about useless things and smile at me stupidly. How are you? I miss you. I live in Itaewon. I was thinking about what to write. I want to tell you about this town.

He gets to Itaewon.

VO – Have you been to Itaewon?

he stats to walk around Itaewon. It is a crazy place and its Halloween to boot.

VO – On October 31st, people celebrate the American holiday. they comfort the dead and kick away bad spirits. In case those dead harm people, they also dress up like they are dead. Today is Halloween. To enjoy Halloween, a lot of people come to Itaewon. All the grown ps wear weird costumes and enjoy the party. Without this event, Itaewon is still very attractive the building look like you are in a foreign country and there are many different races. They look like they have freedom. it is fun to walk around. It is like a  tiny world. I am hooked on this town. Walking around like this reminds me of you. The hill we ran together on the day of my exam. The lake side where you asked me for my phone number. Your shy smile. I want to see it again. I am looking forward to that day. Oh Soo-ah always wants your happiness.

Saeroyi listens to music and looks at the buildings and the people and thinks that everything looks really good.

Then a crazy bloody rabbit runs up to him and gives him a hug. It is Soo-ah. She takes off her mask and shows her flowing pretty face. She asks when he got out?!

He is stunned to see her. She hugs him again.

Soo-ah takes Saeroyi to a fun restaurant (the owner is the first openly gay man in Korea). The owner asks if this handsome man is her boyfriend? She says no and then tells him to stop hitting on her men. Plus, he is not handsome, he is a chestnut (a spiky thing).

The owner says he is cute and spiky. She tells him that he does not know how to concede.

SRY says that he saw the owner on TV, it is weird to see him in person.

Cut to them talking about what he did after coming out of jail. He says he prepared something. She tells him that she is going to get a job out of college next year. At JangGa.

he kind of tells her that is good. Then she asks about the restaurant he wants to open? he says he thought he would walk around and think about it, but I like it here in Itaewon.

She tells him that Itaewon is not a good place to start a business. There is a big gap between the weekend and the weekdays. Traffic ends early and it costs a lot.

he says he likes it and smiles as if his mind is made up. She asks when he will open it. He tells her in 7 years.

She is so stunned that she spits all her drink at him and apologizes.

He tells her it is okay and wipes it off.

She asks what he will do until then? 

He says he will be an overseas fisherman on a ship.

She spits again.

He laughs and says that she did that on purpose. Then he says that it was difficult to get that job as an ex convict. 

She asks why do that?

He says it is one of the few things he can do. 

She tells him that she helped him sell the store and his fathers insurance money. the money is big. 

SRY says that he also has his college fun as well.

Soo-ah asks him why he will be on a fishing boat then?

SRY says that is his appas money for his life, he wants to use it more meaningfully. 

When are you leaving?

Next week.

Next week?

I will leave on the first train.

Really? Then tonight, let’s enjoy all night.

So they go out and enjoy Itaewon.

VO – after that day, it was the first time in my life that I had a deep longing feeling. My deep longing and revenge emotions – i was free of them.

he dresses up as a clown.

VO – Itaewon had a lot of first. First Halloween with my first love.

They eat and laugh.

VO – To me, a person who is on a long trip, this is more than a perfect day.

he piggybacks her all the way, up several flights of stairs, home.

She apologizes for being heavy, he says she should gain more weight.

She apologizes again, he asks why she is saying sorry over and over again. She says, if you know what JangGa means to me, then you can hate me.

He tells her that is nonsense, you said you would always wish for my happiness.

She asks, what?

He continues – after my dad died, when I felt like I was alone in the world, that sentence you said was a big help for me. I do not hate you at all. You try your best to live your life. I am always thankful.

She hugs him a bit closer.

He drops her off at her gate. though they stand awkwardly outside smiling at each other. 

Are you leaving now?

Yes, I really enjoyed today.

When will you come back?

I don’t know. I’m not sure.

This house is old so the heater does not work too well. There is only one room and one blanket.


Would you like to sleep here tonight?


You don’t like it?

Um….I am not rich yet.

She turns to leave but she stops at her gate and tsks at him. Then she goes inside.

he realizes that he is stupid. But he still kind of smiles and walks off.

She calls his name from her place and tells him to be careful. Be healthy.

He nods and tells her to be healthy as well. He starts to walk off and tells her she can go back inside. But she continues watching him.


He gets on his huge shipping boat that is as big as a cruise ship. 




Soo-ah tells a board of people that she hopes someone goes bankrupt. Then she says that what he eats is better than mine. i am sick and tired of this man. I want to take that woman from him. I don’t care if someone else is bankrupt, I just want to be the best. But, am I the only one thinking about this? Am I the only one that is bad? In this unfair world, don’t force anyone to be nice. Today I can be a bad person. Vicious Bar. that is the concept.

Geun-won asks why anyone would go to that kind of unhappy place?

She smiles and says that it is because people are born bad. you all know the theory that human nature is fundamentally evil. People are born bad, if everyone follows their own instincts then society will collapse, so that is why we have manners and care about others and have laws. We repress ourselves with that. It causes stress. You can release it at this vicious bar.

Min-jung tells her that if that happens, it is cool.

Soo-ah says this is just a concept. 

The chairman likes it.

Everyone else says they like it.

So the chairman tells her to do it. Polish it up and give another presentation.

After the meeting Geun-won asks her if she has any feelings toward him? She asks, what feelings? He tells her that it just feels like you are super cold. She asks if she should be warm to him?

he asks what she is doing today?

She says she is going to Itaewon. I have a meeting with one of the managers. He tells her that he is going the same way and can give her a ride.

Min-jung comes up and asks to borrow her.

Geun-wan calls her noona so she tells him to call her executive director at work. then she asks if Soo-ah has something going on with Geun-won?

Soo-ah tells her of course not and holds her arm lovingly as they walk off.

They go have tea together in Min-jung’s office area. They are both pleasant to each other, but she tells Soo-ah that she has to pick her line. Soo-ah tells her that she is just learning, it is too early. 

Min-jung asks if she is being dumped? Soo-ah says no, I want to learn more and be healpful to you. Min-jung jokes that she is a foxy girl. Then she asks if she wants to have a blind date? It looks like you never date.

Soo-ah thanks her but says that they can do it next time. I am busy with this project. 

Min-jung tells her that her life is no fun. You will be lonely when you get older.

Soo-ah leaves, she rides off in a Mercedes.

VO – After that day, i did not see Saeroyi anymore. 7 years was long. Saeroyi is fading away from me.

She gets to Itaewon and sees a new restaurant going up. But she keeps walking by, Then her name is called.

She looks up quickly to see Saeroyi on a ladder.

he hops off and walks to her in slow motion.

SRY – You did not change at all.

SA – Saeroyi?

They look at each other. She thinks back to him saying he is going to open 7 years later.

VO – It has been exactly 7 years. Itaewon stores premium is in the late 200,000. What he said at 22 sounded lofty. But Saeroyi realized it.

SRY – How were you?

VO – To him, it was just as it was supposed to be.

Fade Out

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