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Itaewon Class: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 2 Recap - Part 1

Okay, not gonna lie, that first episode was sooooo slooooow for me. So hopefully this second episode picks it up a bit more. Let’s see!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




SRY walk in the rain and find Geun-won smoking. But then we cut to Soo-ah in a police car. She is headed to the hospital with the police.

SRY quickly proceeds to beating up Geun-won, just like he did in the last episode. Geun-won apologizes, but that does nothing to stop SRY who punches him over and over and tell shim to apologize to his father in person.

SRY is about to throw the rock at Geun-won, but then a cop shoots his gun in the air and tells him to put it down. The officer understands that this guy might have killed his father. But he tells him to put down the rock.

It is a bit of a stressful stand off as SRY keeps the rock in his hands and the cops keep the gun on him. He is about to shoot him, but then Soo-ah stands in front of the gun and tries to talk SRY out of it.

So he puts the rock to his side and yells that she does not know anything! She says that she does not know what he is thinking, but she knows his father. He would never want you to do this and ruin your life. Never. You know that the best.

SRY thinks about what his father told him about living his life confidently already and that he is proud of him. So he drops the rock and starts sobbing.

Soo-ah also starts crying and the cop puts his fun down. He starts wailing on the ground with tears falling and the rain beating on him. Geun-won is still passed out on the ground.

Saeroyi is driven away in the cop car. Geun-won’s father is also driven to the police station or hopsital, not sure. Geun-won is in the hospital, he is awake now.

VO – Like that….appa’s funeral ended.


A kid runs into the classroom and tells all the kids that the new guys father died due to Geun-won so the new guy beat him up! He found out because his mother worked there.

The bullied kid, Lee Ho-jin overhears. Then Soo-ah comes in and takes her seat.

In the hospital, Geun-won thinks about that night he hit the motorist. he was about to call for help, but didn’t and beat his car hood instead. He lays awake thinking about that.




The chairman talks to Saeroyi behind the double paned glass and tells him he is sorry about his father, but you should not put your anger on my son.

SRY asks him what he wants. The chairman says he knew his father for 20 years so it softens my heart when I see you like this. But, at school and in here, you don’t regret what you did.

SRY asks why he is here. The father says he will give him a chance. You can  regret your actions and kneel in front of my son ~.

SRY hits his fist on the table and bangs his head on the glass then tells the chairman, the one that should kneel is your son.

The chairman laughs and asks SRY if his father taught him like that? I will give you one more piece of advice. Your principle and courage. Those people that don’e have anything protect their pride. But if there is no gain then it is just stubbornness and stupidity. you can regret things for a long time in there.

he leaves.

On the way out, his secretary/lawyer person tell shim that the policeman who took the CCTV is already taken care of. The pro bono lawyer just wants him to serve his sentence.

The chairman says it is really strange. He bothers me for some reason. What about the girl who knew about Geun-won’s car? The lawyer says she is Geun won’s classmate. She also lives in the orphanage we used to sponsor.

We accepted that the car belonged to your son, but that the accident happened by the gardener who borrowed the car. What she said is meaningless. Don’t worry about it.

The chairman asks if the student is SRY’s friend? Let’s set up a meeting.

Cut to the meeting at the chairmans house. She is sitting rigidly, he is relaxed. He asks if she is friends with Geun-won and PSY? She says she is classmates with Geun won and friends with SRY.

He tells her that they have a scholarship foundation. he will sponsor tuition and boarding. She says she has tuition. he tells her she has to find a place to live as well.

She asks what the price is for that? Do I have to make a statement against SRY?

He starts to laugh and says it is funny. Then he says that it is an unfortunate event. Little kids suffer so much in the world. This old man is just doing a good deed. Just confess what you saw. He then tells secretary Kim to sponsor her.

Geun-won comes in suddenly all beaten up. He asks why she is there. The chairman asks why he is there and not in the hospital. Soo-ah starts to leave. The chairman tells her, if I wanted a return, what was your plan?

But he ends up telling her that it was a joke, see you again.

Soo-ah leaves.

Geun-won asks him why he called Soo-ah. The chairman says to go back to the hospital. Geun-won asks for an agreement with SRY, it is all my fault. I hit him.

But the chairman cuts him off and says that Mr. Kim is already serving the sentence. Geun-won tries to plead with him, but the chairman stops him and says that he has picked Geun-won as his heir, but he has two sons so he has an alternative.

The catch is that the other son is from his other wife. While walking out, Soo-ah sees this other son playing in the dirt outside.

Inside, the chairman says that the next heir will not be a criminal. Do you want to be the heir? Geun-won apologizes so his father tells him that it was a good decision. Follow me.



The chairman takes him outside to the pig pen and tells him that pigs are smarter than dogs. Everyone accepts that, but people still eat them. So why do they hate people who eat dogs? It is because they follow people.

So think of our employees as dogs because we can control them with money.

He then goes into the chicken coop and happily looks for one to kill. Geun-won tries not to throw up from the smell of it.

The father grabs a chicken and tells Geun-won that he should go from slaughtering a chicken to running the country They are the things that you need to master. 

He hands over the chicken and tells him to kill it by twisting the neck and take the feathers off and intestines out, then we will chop it and fry it. So you should do it. Twist the neck.

Geun-won says that he can’t do it. His father asks him if he wants to be the heir? Do it!

Geun-won has to kill the poor little chicken with his good arm. His father tells him to do it properly or it will run around with a broken neck. SRY is a lot bigger of a person than you. But he was born as a house animal and you were born as a human. So I can’t stand that you are still sorry to him even though he hit you twice. This chicken is SRY. As my son, when you eat chicken, you should not feel sorry.

Geun-won looks at the chicken for a long time and then tells his father he can do it. What you said is right, SRY is a chicken. Then he grabs the chicken and breaks its neck.

The father is seriously crazy and cackles.


SRY stands before the judge who says all of SRYs crimes and how he does not regret things. The policeman is in the audience and has a flashback where he tells his boss that the gardener was cleaning the yard at the time, this does not make sense.

His boss tells him that he was on the list to get promoted, you searched the CCTV without my permission. if you want to still be a policeman, then wake up. Your daughter has her 100 day celebration next month. Think about your family, don’t think about useless justice.

SRY gets a 3 year sentence.

SRY goes into his jail cell with a bunch of gangsters. The cops tell them not to do anything to him. They say he is young so we won’t do anything.

But one of the guys smacks him on the head and tells him to kneel in front of his elders. SRY thinks about what his father said and start laughing as the guy hits him in his leg.

The men think he is crazy. 

SRY thinks, if I kneel, maybe the world is easier? Why does everyone care about my knees so much. But, Ii am your son.

He stands up again thinking about what his father told him about living his life confidently.

So they beat him up.


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