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Itaewon Class: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Soo-ah goes into work looking tired and determined and badass. She has a manila folder in her hands. 

Montage of JangGa crumpling due to corruption. Police come in the JangGa and the chairman’s house and arrest everyone.

Soo-ah gave all the data of everything to the police.

The news talks about JangGa’s corruption. Dae-hee is banned to go overseas. He will be interrogated this week.

Dae-hee looks at the news of his business crumbling before his eyes.


Saeroyi wakes up in the hospial with his team around him. Tony is there as well! SRy hugs Yi-seo as soon as he wakes up.


Cut to the secretary talking about how he worked with gangsters and asked for murder and asked for kidnapping of people and the whistle blowing of Soo-ah, all our corruption is under investigation. He is talking to Dae-hee and Geun-soo. 

Everything has been searched and seizured so there is no way to avoid it. 

Geun-soo tells him that he needs to go to the courthouse. 

The chairman says that he will be blamed for everything. What else?

Secretary Kim explains that all thebranch owners and franchise owners want Dae-hee to pay for what he did. Dae-hee tells him that they just need to survive a little more.

Geun-soo explains that they are about to be fored out fo the stock market. The board wants to sell the company.

Dae-hee asks, what? Sell? if you sell it now then it will be trash, are you crazy?

Geun-soo explains that one company wants to buy us with a good deal….


Ho-jin sees Geun-won in jail.

GW – You look familiar

HJ – I am Lee Ho-jin.

GW – Lee Ho-jin?

HJ – I am a financial manager of a big group. Before that, I was the personal financial manager of Kang Min-jung. And before that I went to Gwangjin high school. You bullied me. I was a bread shuttle for you. How can you forget?

GW – You…

HJ – I finished it also

GW – What the f?

HJ – M&M will start against JangGa.

GW – what?

HJ – Days of hell that you don’t even remember. Jang Geun-wa is law. Your background where you can say that. I wanted to see you after losing all that. All your fathers corruption has been revealed, he will be arrested soon.

GW – What the f! How dare you *stand up*

HJ – *stands up* Don’t complain. I will forgive you.

GW – Hey, ho-jin…don’t complain! Hey! Ho-jin!

Ho-jin walks away.


Byeong-hun and his daughter, go to see Min-jung. She tells them that she is going to Seoul to take care of a few things. I am going to go back to the main branch. They are both sad about it. Byeong-hun says that they will not be able to see each other often.

She tells him that it is all up to him, when you come to Seoul, be sure to stop by often. She tells him, why no? Then we won’t be able to see each other. She tells them goodbye and smiles at the little girl.

Byeong-hun calls her director so she tells him to call her by her name. He says her name and asks if he can take her with his car? She smiles and asys that she can squeeze in and tells her drivers that hse will go in that truck. She happily gets in. (aw, love connection level up).


Secretary Kim tells Soo-ah that no one will hire her as a whistle blower. Why did you do that?

She asks him, what about you? Why do you do that much for the chairman of JangGa?

He thinks about that and says it is because he is a salary man. She tells him that she learned a lot from him and bows her head. Then she walks off. He turns around and looks at her walking off.

Meanwhile, Dae-hee talks to Geun-soo in his office. He is calling some people to help him one more time. But they all hang up on him. Geun-soo says that no one is accepting to help them. Dae-hee thinks they are all bad, they were all bribing me 6 months ago.

Geun-soo says that there is no other way. Your favorite proverb, the law of the jungle – we literally  are weak and have been eaten.

Dae-hee tells him to go away. Geun-soo bows respectfully to him and walks out.

Dae-hee starts to talk to himself and tells everyone, f-you.


Saeroyi kneels in front of Yi-seo’s mother while she yells at him about all the things that don’t make sense. Middle school graduate! Ex-convict! That is all okay! But you let her be kidnapped!!!!

SRY apologizes and bows while kneeling. He is still in the hospital and is kneeling on his hospital bed. he says that he is very sorry and it will never happen again. She tells him of course! I will watch you until the end! Be responsible for her properly!

He is stunned and says, okay, I will. He blinks a few times.

Yi-seo tells her mother that he has to be discharged from the hospital. So the mother says okay and starts to head out. SRY tells her goodbye Omonin. She turns around, omonim? Hmm, that sounds good to me.

(for some reason SRY is not in a VIP hospital room, so there are other beds around). He sits on the bed and she sits on it with him and asks if he likes her. He says no, I love you. She happily smiles but he is a bit embarrassed so heads out with her frolicking after him.


Dae-hee calls Soon-rye (Tony’s grandmother). She tells him that she told him that she was mad. He apologizes about making her angry with Park Saeroyi. He continues and says, as you told me, I will not touch him anymore.

She tells him that he should speak properly, you are not touching him because you cannot touch him now.

DH – you and me, we have known each other for more than 40 years.

SR – Why did you call?

DH – I wonder if you know that I do not have much life left. Because of you JangGa has grown this big, it should not be ruined like this. 

SR – you told me before that you started your business because you wanted to feed your family. Are you still the same?

DH – Yes, yes!

SR – So if Park Saeroyi runs JangGa then your family will starve? Why are you running your business?

DH – Did I ever make you lose money? This time~.

SR – In the end, the relationship was only for benefit. When the value lowers, then it will all end.

DH – if you do this to me, then what should I do?

SR – Sorry, I am not the one you should beg.

DH – Miss~

SR – A different person has the sword now

DH lives with that in rage.

Cut to Dae-hee going to the Danbam location to meet with SRY and Yi-seo. SRY bows to him and tells him, welcome to Danbam.

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Inside, the employees wonder who this person is that our CEO is preparing a meal for himself? And the executive director even came. He looks familiar.

In the kitchen, Saeroyi prepares Dae-hee’s meal for him carefully. Then he gives it to him himself and sits in front of him. He tells him that it is soondubu chigae, please try it.

Dae-hee looks at it boiling in front of him and tries it. After one sip, he looks at SRY and keeps eating.

SRY quietly watches then starts to speak.

SRY – I am working on Merging JangGa. Also Jang Min-jung will be the CEO. The company image, I do not like the name, I will throw away the name JangGa.

Dae-hee keeps eating, but looks up ad asks, who taught you how to make this chigae?

SRY – Abogi

DH – General Manager Park. It tasted similar. But the last bit of taste tasted different.

SRY – *says the recipe* I put the most effort in the last bt of soy bean powder

DH – Jung sung? (effort?)

SRY – it is good to eat it on cold days it makes your body warm.

DH – i agree. (or, yes it is)

Dae-hee smiles and tells him that he treated him to this nice meal, but what should I do? I dont’ have any money with me.

SRY – That is  not good.

DH – Can it be something else?

Saeroyi does not say anything. Dae-hee stands up and kneels to Saeroyi.

Saeroyi stays sitting and does not even look like he wants to watch him. Yi-seo looks at him.

SRY – What are you doing now?

DH – JangGa is all collapsed. M&M…you won’t get anything, it is all my fault.

SRY – it is not about my grudge. I think JangGa is a good company.

DH – This old man doesn’t have much to leave. I have no greediness. I really apologize to you. You and your father. I did a bad thing to you. I am sorry.

Saeroyi still does not look at him.

Dae-hee starts to cry.

DH – Can you forget about everything, with this?

Daehee bows all the way to the floor for Saeroyi.

Saeroyi stands up and stands in front of Dae-hee. Yi-seo stands up as well. He motions that it is okay and then looks at Dae-hee. He takes a deep breath.

SRY – This is the thing I wanted, but I dont’ feel 100% happy about it. It is embarrassing to see Geun-soo, can you just lift your head?

Dae-hee lifts his head, he is all teary, he looks at SRy and says his name.

SRY – Do you think I am a pushover? 

He looks directly at him.

SRY – I am a business man. For the company merge, an apology after losing everything does not matter. Be a business man chairman.

DH starts to cry even more. 

SRY stands up. 

Yi-seo also stands up and gathers his things.

They walk out together. 

DH is left bowing and and crying.


(Had some technical difficulties, thank you for bearing with us! Part 3 is coming up!)


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