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Itaewon Class: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

Alright, is everyone ready to find out what happens after Saeroyi kneeled to the big man? I didn’t like it when it happened, but after sleeping on it (and reading a bit of the comments) I can kind of understand why it was supposed to be this big impactful moment. It just didn’t hit that way with me. I was so buuuuummmed! But my voice is back from screaming at the screen so let’s see how this tale will end!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!



Saeroyi kneels in front of the chairman. He does it very resolutely and with no question in his mind.

SRY – You made me kneel.

The chairman starts chuckling and asks why he is doing this now? Where is you principle and boldness? You are kneeling only for this? So you were pressed by power?

SRY – Where is Jang Geun-won?

DH – I was looking forward to this because it was my last wish. *cough cough* I am a little disappointed. It was nothing. *sits down* I have to abandon my son again only for this useless kneeling. *writes something and chuckles* 

The chairman looks at Seung-kwon and then at Saeroyi. He stands up again and walks to Saeroyi.

DH – You kneeled to me, your enemy, now how do you feel?

SRY – I feel pitiful.

DH – Really.

SRY – How do you feel chairman? Are you happy to make me kneel like this?

He stands back up and looks at Dae-hee.

SRY – Do you feel relieved and happy? I lived my life to get my revenge. The chairman of jangGa is my enemy. You made my life hell and are a great man. Even though we had different principles, I had to accept my enemy. I spent my entire life following your footage. I thought this war was worthy of it.

DH – Wait…wait…

SRY – That kind of man just made me kneel by holding people hostage? I wasted over ten years following a dirty man like this. I regret it all.

DH – Look at the result, you kneeled for your benefit.

SRY – *takes the paper* Lets go Seung-kwon.

he stares at Dae-hee and then turns and walks off. But he stops and turns back around.

SRY – After over ten years, I finally know how you are.

he walks off.


Yi-seo and Geun-soo are still surrounded. Geun-won walks up to them and tells Yi-seo that it is time to die. Yi-seo sees something and picks it up to protect herself. It is a shovel.

The gangster tells her not to waste her effort, just don’t do anything.

Geun-won picks up a shovel or something like that also. The gangsters laugh at them. Yi-seo tells him that it will be 1-2-3 and charge. So they get ready to charge. But as soon as she counts to 3 she turns around and runs, leaving Geun-soo there to fight them off by himself.

He sighs in disbelief and then starts to swing what he is holding at the men.

Meanwhile, Seung-kwon and Saeroyi are driving to rescue them. They have a calm chat in the car about how dangerous it will be. Saeroyi says that when the time comes, he will not be indecisive. Rescuing Yi-seo is the first thing to me even if you or Geun-soo dies.

Seung-kwon is all like, okay, so why did you bring me here? Saeroyi says it is for Yi-seo. Seung-kwon says that now he has hate and like jung for her. She is important to me also. We should have the same goal, then we can have teamwork. Even if you die, I will rescue Yi-seo.

In the warehouse, Geun-soo gets stabbed in the leg. The gangsters smile and ask him if this is the first time he got stabbed? This is reality even though you try to fight like you are in the movies.

They start to walk past him, he holds the gangsters leg to stop him. The gangster is about to stab him somewhere else, but geun-won stops him and tells him to stop here and get Jo Yi-seo before she runs away. So the gangster tells his cronies to start the car.

Geun-woo turns to his brother and tells him that he has everything in JangGa and whatever so just stay here. Geun-soo tells Geun-won that he never had anything. But you and me are brothers. We went the wrong way.

The gangster tells Geun-won to come so Geun-won tells the remaining thug to hold Geun-soo here. Then they start to drive after Yi-seo. It looks like they are going to try and run hr off the road. But she is bale to run into a field.

She keeps running. They yell after her to give up because she cannot run away. She tells them to give up and keeps on running. Two of the gangsters runs after her to catch her.

Yi-seo keeps running across the field.

The gangsters are in hot pursuit.

Yi-seo crosses the field to another street. 

Two cars are driving toward her in opposite directions. One is Saeroyi and the other is  the gangster and Geun-won. Saeroyi tells Seung-kwon to hit them so they play a game of chicken. The gangster is the first to turn his wheel and crashes into something, SRY and SK crashes into something as well.

SRY and Seung-kwon are fine because the airbag deployed. 

SRY gets out and Yi-seo runs to him. He tells hr that it is okay. She asks how come he is there, are you crazy?

Geun-won gets out of his car and asks them why they came? SRy tells him that he called the police, so why don’t you just leave. Seung-kwon gets out of the car and the gangster gets out of the car as well. Yi-seo asks SK oppa if he is okay. he says it is nice to hear oppa from her. Then he tells SRy that he knows the priority, so just leave, I will do what I can.

So SRY starts to run away with Yi-seo and SK starts to fight the gangsters. he takes two of them out.

The head gangster starts to laugh at SK and says that they were family but we don’t have mercy right now? SK tells him that he always told him not to hesitate. The gangster says that he belongs to this world. But SK says no, he is a good busboy also.

They start to fight.

SRY and Yi-seo continue to run away. But SRY has a headache due to getting hit by a car yesterday and rolling down a hill and going to Heaven’s bridge and coming back. He is just tired. So they stop and he tells her that she worked so hard for him and rubs her cheek.

YS – What? Are you really okay?

SRY – How are you like this? My head, my heart – is all filled with you. You also felt like this.


SRY – I love you….I love you, Yi-seo…..I love you.

They look at each other and then he pulls her into a hug. She hugs him as well.

But then we see geun-won driving is car directly at them. SRY grabs a rock and throws it at the car. The car stops. SRY tells Yi-seo to run away!

She asks how she can leave him there! SRy tells her that the police will come soon.

Geun-won gets out of the car andn asks if they are having fun?

SRY tels Yi-seo to trust him and go.

She tells him, if you die, then I die. But she does take off running.

SRY punches Geun-won.

GW – Do you want to die?

SRY – Your life is so light for me.

They start fighting.

SK and the gangster also keep fighting.

Geun-won punches SRY in the head, it makes him hold is head and pinch his eyes shut.

VO – It all ends today.

They keep fighting, but SRY is on the bottom taking lots of punches by GW. He is on the hood of the car. He is able to push GW away. They separate.

Saeroyi says that Geun-won shuold feel guilty for what he did to Geun-soo and his father and others. But Geun-won says that you should not feel guilty for eating a dog or pig. Because of this dog an pig I lost everything!

He starts to punch SRy again.

K starts to punch the gangster. But the gangster tells him that he won. As Saeroyi said, I will just go quietly. SK stops punching him and asks, what about them (the other gangsters)? The gangster says that it is difficult for him to survive, I will just leave them here.

SK tells him to shut up, dont say anymore. It makes the past where I surved you, pitiful. The boss should be responsible. He continues punshing him.

Geun-won also continues punching Saeroyi until he is unconscious. 

But then the cops siren wails. Byeong-hun is in one of them and looks out for Saeroyi. he points, he sees them!

Saeroyi wakes up and sees geun-won sitting next to him with a light shining in his face. He starts to stand back up. geun-won also stands back up an tells him to just die you zombie. I am not the same person anymore!

VO – Remember, if you die, I die.

Saeroyi says that shouldn’t happen. He starts to walk toward geun-won and tells him, from now on, I will be happy. geun-won tells him, that won’t happen!

He runs into punch SRY, but SRY throws dirt in his face and starts to kick Geun-won. The fight looks over as Geun-won falls to the ground. Saeroyi starts to think about a past conversation he had with Yi-seo ont he rooftop of Danbam.

YS – Sometimes I think that life is like that

SRY – (what are you talking about)

YS – (our life, we will die in 100 years, we try so hard to live hard, it is better not to be born, it bothers me.)

YS – If it bothers you so much, why don’t you die)

SRY – What?

YS – You are stupid smart, do you think you are a god? When I am done working, I will run this street. Tomorrow, I will open this store and work and follow my plan. Even though it repeats day to day, you never know what will happen tomorrow. Seungkwon who tried to fight me is working in Danbam now. And you are the manager of the store who stopped us from working. There are no obvious days. A lot of hard days and sad days, but while living those fun things happen in life. After you came, it is more. it is heart pumping day to day. You never know, you may have a heart pumping day in your boring days when you continue living. Lets go, its cold.

YS – I – … my heart is pumping and happy when I am next to you.

In the present, Saeroyi looks at Geun-won and tells himself…all done…it’s all done…

The cops show up right then and shine their lights on Saeroyi. Yi-seo is in one of the cop cars and runs out to hug Saeroyi.

SRY – From now on, let’s be happy.



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