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Itaewon Class: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





It is the next morning. Yi-seo is still cutting her ties away. She finally cuts herself free. Geun-soo thinks she is relentless but wonders what they will do, how will they get away? She asks, so we should just give up and die here? You are so stupid, that is why you cannot win against my CEO. You went to JangGa as if you have big determination, but you are a loser now, I hate you.

She helps untie him. He says he did not want to go to JangGa because he wanted it. DO you know how I lived my life there. She tells him that he lost himself like that.

he says no, everyone cannot be like Royi hyung.


Soo-ah quits working at JangGa. She gives her resignation letter to Dae-hee and tells him that he told her he despises people without principles. For the first time in my life I am making my own choice.

he accepts her resignation and tells her goodbye. She tells him that she also has the corruption that I accumulated for ten years after working at JangGa and hands him that as well? She starts to talk about all the corruption that JangGa has done that she has witnesses. She tells him that there is a limitation to how much you can control someone with only power and fear. You need to stop before things get worse.

He tells her to get out right now.

She stands up and bows to him with a smile and a stern glance and then turns and walks out resolutely. While walking out, she thinks about Saeroyi’s father telling her she will pay for things twice. She remembers saying that she will pay him back three times after becoming successful.

Dae-he breaks the hard drive in front of him. The camera scrolls down to the picture of him and his two sons.


Yi-seo is still lecturing Geun-soo about himself. She tells him, if you hate someone you hate someone, if you like someone you like them. DO you think that is hard to follow? You just want to be comfortable with all those excuses.

Geun-soo tells her that the things she said do not fit her character. She finishes untying him and says that their CEO is really great. geun-soo says that Royi was hit by a car rescuing me. If something happens to him then I …

Yi-seo tells him to shut up, he will get over it. My CEO never disappointed me.


Saeroyi is still in his afterlife between worlds. He is walking with his father who leads him to the after life bridge. He asks him where they are going. His father tells him that they are going to a place where his night is not bitter anymore. We are here, we just need to cross the bridge.

SRY thinks about Yi-seo while inside his dream about his father. he is in his office and she is sitting in there with him. She says, if we have a next life, I wish I am not born again. He asks what she is talking about? She says that living is difficult.

He comes out of his dream inside a dream. His father asks if his life was difficult? SRY says yes, it was very difficult. He said he was okay and had no problems, I tried hard. Actually, well, I never had any comfortable day. He starts to get chocked up.

SRY – I missed you and it was difficult for me o hate someone. Can I give you a hug?

Appa – What?

SRY – *hugs his appa*

He starts to tear up.

SRY – If I am born again, I want to be your son.

Appa – You are all grown up. 

SRY – Yes, I love you so much

Appa – me too

SRY thinks about Yi-seo again. she said that it was so difficult, but after she sees him, this sentence really touches me. The camera shows a book but there are a lot of sentences, not sure which one she is talking about. Something about being brave possibly.

SRY lets go of his appa and tells him bye-bye. His appa asks, what? SRY tells him that he is not going. I cannot do it right now.

Then Yi-seo starts to read the sentence “It does not matter how many times we live this life again”

SRy tells his appa, I have a date. He appa says, son. SRY tells him sorry. Even though I cant sleep and my nights are not only just bitter, I have my family that needs me. I am looking forward to the future together. He starts to tear up again but he smiles and tells his appa that he will continue living with the love he has towards his appa.

His appa smiles and is teary as well. he tells him that is life Saeroyi. As long as you are alive, everything is nothing, really. He takes a step towards his son and rests his hands on his jacket and tells him that he is proud of his son. Then he smiles. He also tells him that in the future, live your life like that, my son. Saeroyi nods.

His father turns and starts to walk away up the bridge..



Saeroyi wakes up in the hospital. His head is not bandaged anymore, he just has a tiny bandaid on his forehead. Soo-ah is int he room and runs to his side as he sits up. She asks him if he is okay?

Saeroyi just starts to cry and cry and cry.

Seung-kwon comes in and sees him. He stops at the door.

VO – This is the first time Hyung-nim cried. I did not know what that meant. I did not know why. I was so relieved.


Dae-hee sits in his house, Geun-won calls him while in his hideout area. He tells him that he has Yi-seo and Geun-soo. Dae-hee  grimaces. GW tells him not to worry about Geun-soo, I know that JangGa is more than your own life, I will not do anything to your heir. Dae-hee asks if he is crazy? tell me where they are so I can take care of this.

GW – I wanted to be a proud son, abogi. When did it go wrong? The first day I met Park Saeroyi and the hit and run, that day….*thinks about killing the chicken*….do you remember that day with the chicken? I could barely survive. Saeroyi is a chicken, I do not have to be sorry to eat a chicken or pork. Then I saw that I could survive. But actually, I was always afraid.

DH – Geun-won…

GW – but…not anymore. I really understand what you said, it was all about you. I am sick and tired of everything. Only animal, he made you abandon me, Saeroyi did. I will finish everything with me and him. 

DH – Geun-won…

GW – They are in one of our abandoned warehouses. I told you it is all because of you. So, you are the only one that can stop me. It is all up to you. if you want to stop me like before, you can abandon me again.

He hangs up. Dae-hee calls Geun-won’s name to keep him on the phone, but he has already hung up. 

Geun-won stands up and looks at a bonfire burning.

GW – My abogi who does not have that much life left. Your oldest son should give you a present.

he looks at his cell phone then he goes to the room where Yi-seo and Geun-soo are. Geun-soo hits Geun-won, he falls to the ground.

Geun-soo tells Yi-seo that they can go now. But Yi-seo thinks that this is a good time that I can make this self defense. She walks closer to Geun-won.

But Geun-soo kicks Geun-won and tells Yi-seo that Royi hyung won’t be happy if she kills someone to help him. Lets go.

She throws something she was going to hit him with on the ground and they both leave.


Saeroyi walks out of the hospital like a new man. Soo-ah tries to stop him, she wants to know why he is leaving like this. SRY tells her that Geun-won wants him. She asks what difference this will make, you are going there to die.

She pleads with him not to go. He tells her that she asked him this once before if I liked Yi-seo – I like her.

Soo-ah lets go of his bruised hand. 

SA – Well, everyone knew it but you, you stupid.

he turns to walk on. She grabs his arm.

SA – But still, no, no.

SRY – Am I going there to die? No. I am going there to live. I am afraid. If something happens to Yi-seo, then this time I definitely will collapse.

He squeezes her hand and removes it from his arm. She cries and asks him to stay. he tells her goodbye and he and Seung-kwon walk off.

Meanwhile, Yi-seo and Geun-soo run away and try to find a way out of this abandoned warehouse. Yi-seo falls so Soo helps her up and they get to one of the parked cars. But it is locked. Then a bright light shines on Yi-seo.



At the hospital, Saeroyi gets into the car with Seung-kwon. SK tells him to go back to bed but SRY wants to go to the warehouse. He also hopes that SK will go with him. So they start to drive there.

Geun-won sends SRY a text saying that his father knows where he is. So SK asks where they should drive. SRY does not answer right away.

At the warehouse, Yi-seo and Geun-soo are surrounded y Geun-won and the thugs. Geun-won tells the head thug that he was worried that he would not come. But he doesn’t sound worried at all. The head thug says that if he gets paid then he needs to complete the job.

Geun-soo and Yi-seo back away from them.

geun-won tells Yi-seo that they should just die. Yi-seo and Geun-soo continue to back away from them.


Elsewhere, SRY gets to the chairmans house and goes into his office. The chairman is waiting for him while sitting at his couch that he loves to sit at.

DH – Park Saeroyi….

SRY – Where is Jang Geun-won?

DH – You came to visit me this late, what the f are you talking about now?

SRY – Geun-won kidnapped Yi-seo. Did you know that?

DH – Who said that?

SK – I told him.

SRY – And Geun-won text me and told me that you know where he is. if you say that you don’t know, then this case will go to the police. You have to protect JangGa. Where is Jang Geun-won.

DH – (I made JangGa so no one in the family will starve like me.

Daehee thinks about his son frustratingly asking what JangGa is for.

DH – (my life, what is it for?)

He also wonders when it went wrong and thinks about Geun-won as well. 

DH – (Well actually….)

He looks at Saeroyi.

DH – It is all because of you.

SRY – Where is he?

DH – (Ten something years, the time where even the mountains and land change, you didn’t change at all.)

Dae-hee stands up as he stares at Saeroyi.

DH – I decided something before. But actually that was the most difficult thing in the world.

SRY – Chairman

DH – To me, can you kneel in front of me?

Saeroyi stares at the chairman as if he did not expect that.

SK – Are you crazy? This old man…your son kidnapped people!

Saeroyi stops him and continues looking at the chairman.

VO – There are impossible things like death in the world or things going on up there. 

Saeroyi thinks about having to apologize to Jang Geun-won in high school, he said that he will not because he is not sorry. DH asked him again when SRY was in jail. SRY would not and says that the person that should kneel is you guys.

VO – Kneeling down in front of Jang Dae-hee is like that. But….

Saeroyi looks at the floor and moves his jacket away from his knees and kneels.

VO – Now, this moment.

Both knees are on the ground, he is kneeling in front of Dae-hee.

VO – One thousand times, ten thousand times.

SK – Hyung-nim!

SRY keeps kneeling.

VO – At least a little bit….it is….a little easier (or something like that)

Fade Out


Okay, this episode was not for me. I don’t know what happened here and I did not like it. What story did this drama turn into? Its like they decided to switch to gangster thriller from the 90s or something and expect me to just go along with it like its not 2020 and we just don’t do that anymore.

Are you seriously telling me that cops were not all over this from the outset and didn’t try ad investigate why a patient mysteriously disappeared from her bed and then the head of her company was in a mysterious accident? They wouldn’t at the very least look at their own CCTV to see what happened?

And youre also telling me that Saeroyi is not injured at all after waking up from visiting the gates to Heaven? Dude, he got hit by a car, rolled down a hill, was unconscious for 24 hours or more, and has no injuries besides a few scrapes? Bro, contact with that car alone would give him a broken rib at the least. But we don’t even have a bruised one? He is just going to walk all straight and nice from the hospital like he just left the spa?

It is just ridiculous, but I’m still tuning in tomorrow though! I have to see how this show ends because the crazy sauce has been pulled from the fridge.

PS. What happened to Tony? Chilling with his millionaire grandma in Jeju and playing the guitar I guess?

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  1. Mydith
    March 20, 2020 / 11:38 am

    The greatest love of all. 😂 Saeroyi kneeling in front of the chairman thinking there’s nothing he won’t do for Yiseo. As much as I ship them, I wasn’t expecting that. Where are fucking cops?

    • honey heart h
      March 20, 2020 / 12:15 pm

      I didn’t expect that at all and I’m not sure if I like it. On the one hand I kind of like that his love is making him kneel but on the other hand I’m kind of like, okay so what was this all for? If you just knelt at the high school out of love for your father then so much would be different right now.

    • Sebba
      March 20, 2020 / 3:12 pm

      Yes, agreed.

      It’s that balance between ‘the best revenge is to live well’ vs ‘eye for an eye.’ I feel like in fiction (and life) there is a place for both. Which is right for the occasion is hard to tell but you kind of get a feeling for it.

      This seemed so much like the latter but now is coming around to the former. (Personally I felt like Yi Seo embodied the latter (and then some) whereas Soo Ah was all about the former) I was definitely on board of kicking the hell out of chairman – so all of a sudden this change in direction has thrown me. Does it feel right??? Hard to tell. I mean as with all revenge stories, what you actually want is for the person who did you wrong to feel bad. Not just that they lost or were punished but you actually want them to realize what they did was wrong and that even if at the time they ‘won’ something of this world whether money, fame or position, actually they lost a part of human decency and in that humiliation they actually lost.

      What is more dishonourable that being in disharmony with the earth, so that even the rocks and trees can discern your discourtesy?

      Of course just as in life, some people never see that. Even with Geun Won. You can punish them but they don’t learn that life lesson. So then you’ve got to make a choice – will avenging dead ones at the cost of those around you bring you healing? Or will the love of those around you suffice? Like Sae Ro Yi once said to the chairman about him never being able to ‘touch’ him because his still had his father’s love/pride when he lost everything in the eyes of the world. Looking at the chairman, you can see that stubbornness, that hardness, that fact that he will never feel bad.

      But then therein lies his own punishment. What warmth is the heart he allow to be corrupted now capable of feeling? That now even when the son he betrayed pours his heart out to you, you feel nothing. Even when your enemy kneels before you – if can’t bring you satisfaction. Even if you destroyed him – it won’t suffice – because your heart isn’t capable of feeling anything of warmth or worth anymore. He will forever remain agitated and distraught, not understanding himself or others but also never being close to anyone either.

      Perhaps Sae Ro Yi has found that he is not in need of revenge any longer for that reason. The chairman has already lost the most precious thing you can own: a heart capable of giving and receiving love.

      Though… I don’t know it still doesn’t feel right to me. Lol. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

        March 20, 2020 / 6:12 pm

        It’s actually quite realistic, some people out there do not feel remorse. I guess the cops not looking for a kidnapped director can also be realistic in SK.

        Still excited for tonight’s episode despite my disappointment about the cops. LOL

        I wonder how it’s going to play out with the gangster. And of course, looking forward to how SRY will confess to YS!!

  2. Kelly
    March 20, 2020 / 11:52 am

    Guess Chris (“Tony”) is probably back to the US before the lockdown.

    • honey hearts h
      March 20, 2020 / 12:14 pm

      OMG, you are right!!!!

      March 20, 2020 / 6:05 pm

      This makes sense. LOL

  3. Julia Zilch
    March 20, 2020 / 12:30 pm

    SRY had to kneel and did?!? I feel like flipping a table here and then Hulk-smashing Jang ga DH!

    • V
      March 20, 2020 / 12:53 pm

      For real!

  4. Neelam
    March 20, 2020 / 1:57 pm

    disappointment! disappointment! what was that!!! Such long wait and high expectation resulted to a big disappointment. Story line changed completely, how can they change revenge story to a love story, all the sacrifice for 15 years is gone, he should have kneeled 15 years back itself, why to go through such trauma. as if there is no other way to know where are they, such lame story. What was the purpose for Choi Seung Kwon to visit the gansgter, and getting those punks arrested? Toni is not in the picture at all. Dae hee is still standing proudly and have no regrets. Didn’t even imagine that till will ever turn out his bad. horrible!!!

  5. March 20, 2020 / 2:07 pm

    Ep 15 So dissapointed.

    • Anonymous
      March 20, 2020 / 9:32 pm

      Episode 16 better give a damn good reason why this boy kneeled and it better not be for fucking love.

      • Anonymous
        March 20, 2020 / 9:35 pm

        It will be for love. LOL

  6. NonyaBiz
    March 20, 2020 / 3:28 pm

    The Drama, People! THE DRAMA of it ALL!!!! LOVE IT! Lived It! Even as I was mesmerized and wanted to flipped hell-a tables over Still Loving the DrAMA!!!. SRY Kneeling wasn’t a big issue for me since It showed, to me, that he was Stronger then the old Batpoop DH and the DH KNOWS it! He lost to SRY…what is his legacy now when the foundations are rotten? And yes all this could have been avoided if SRY had bent the knee earlier but then we wouldn’t have had this AmaZing Story to be addicted to!!! LOL….cannot WAIT for this last episode……!

    • No longer a Kdrama Newbie
      March 20, 2020 / 5:01 pm

      GUYS! I THINK I LOVED IT 🤷🏾‍♀️

      After letting go of Dad, PSRY comes back to life with a new perspective. He is not the same. He wept and grieved for dad and we now see a new more grownup Hero. HE HAS LEARNT WHAT HE NEEDED TO LEARN. Just as dad said, I was proud of him at that time.

      At first I thought it would be bad if he knelt because If he was going to kneel all along, then episode 1 & 2 were the ideal times to do it but this subverted my expectations and I love it.

      The cinematography was beautiful! What a shot! Absolutely perfect 👌🏾

      & our hero saying that it was EASY? GIRL! Get out of here HE WON!

      The entire point of the villain asking him to kneel was to humiliate him since it would be a hard thing to do. Apologising even though you know you have done nothing wrong is difficult. But this time, it was easy.

      Gosh I loved it. I didn’t expect it, but I loved it.

      Yikes didn’t mean to write this much.

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