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Itaewon Class: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

Alright, lets see how this finale week shakes out! Right now they need to bring Saeroyi back to life, rescue Yi-seo, make the love connection, and destroy JangGa. Lots to do, two episodes to do it in!

Though I guess if they can pin what happened to Yi-seo and Saeroyi on JangGa, then that is one way to destroy them? Maybe Geum-soo will have a come to Jesus moment where he realizes that he has turned into what he most hated and help Saeroyi? I could see that happening as well. But of course he could just dig his hole deeper. Let’s find out!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




The car drives into Geum-soo but Saeroyi pushes him out of the way and gets hit by the car instead. He flows in slow leaning motion until he tumbles down the hill.

Geun-soo rolls over and yells Saeroyi’s names. Geun-won looks at him motionless.

Geun-soo calls 119 for help and he calls Seung-kwon before the thugs hit him with a back, possibly breaking his arm. But Seung-kwon answers. So Geun-soo is able to tell him that Saeroyi is Yi-seo is kidnapped and Saeroyi is hit by a car!

But the thugs crack his head against the ground a lot, knocking him out, then they drag him away.

geun-won finally talks and says that he saw this before. he is looking at Saeroyi at the bottomof the hill. The head thug tells Geun-won that this is just business. They all go to check Saeroyi, but the alarm for 119 is in the distance so they have to head out.

SRY gets to the hospital. He is rushed in with Hyun-yi and Seung-kwon running clsely behind him. But they are kept out of the surgery room.

The doctor checks over Saeroyi and makes sure he can hear them. The next morning, the news talks about how the CEO of IC was involved in a serious car accident. Min-jung and Beong-hun are together when they hear the news. They haed to the hospital.

Soo-ah is at the hospital as well, so all our main characters are at the hospital except Tony. Seung-kwon pulls Byeong-hun aside and shows him the image of a man rolling Yi-seo out of the hospital. he also shows him Saeroyi’s phone and the text he got about not telling anyone.

Byeong-hun says that they should tell the police. But Seung-kwon says that they cannot tell the police because they still have Yi-seo. What an we do? I need to check something, I have a hunch.


The chairman fins out about Saeroyi’s hit and run case last night. He was moved to a hospital and is unconscious. Dae-hee tells his secretary to bring Geun-soo. But the secretary tells him that Geun-soo did not come to work and he cannot contact him also.

Cut to Geun-soo who is tied up in a chair. Yi-seo is on the ground. Geun-won reads the news article to them about Saeroyi and says that he wished that SRY died, but he is just unconscious. Then he hits Geun-soo. 

Geun-soo tells him to let Yi-seo go. Geun-won mentions that his last mission before going to jail was to recruit Yi-seo to JangGa. She is the reason I was in jail, because of her recording. But Geun-soo says that is not it, it is because abogi abandoned you. He chose JangGa over you.

Geun-won tells him to shut up. Soo tells him that doing this does not mean that he will have JangGa. Geun-won tells him that he did not do this for JangGa, he did this for Park Saeroyi. And this girl is the key point.

You and Saeroyi came all the way here to catch her, so I made a good choice right? What did you say? You love Park Saeroyi crazily? he stares at Yi-seo. She quivers. Geun-won tells her that he is almost dead rescuing you, so what do you feel now?

She curses at him and cries. he laughs and walks away. Geun-soo asks him what he is going to do after this? You cannot just cover this up.

Geun-won says that if he thought about what would happen, then I won’t keep you alive. You idiots. he leaves and locks the door behind him.

Yi-seo stands up starts to walk around the room. She finds something to cut her hands free and tells Geun-soo to pretend like she is suffering. You see, he tired you up super tight and tied me up super lose. She starts to cut off her bindings though it is hard becuase her arms are behind her back.



Outside, the gangster asks when Geun-won will pay him the rest of his money. But Geun-won says that the work is not done yet. The gangster tells him not to do too much. Saeroyi and I are like this now, but we were ten year friends. I did everything you asked me, you should not do this.

Geun-won starts to laugh at the ten years and can’t stop. it is hilarious to him. The thug asks what is so funny. Geun-won asks why he hit him then? One million is more important than the ten years to you. So work like a dog, do not pretend to be a human.

The thug tells him to watch what he says. geun-won tells him, if you don’t want the money, then just do what you want to do. If you want to leave, go.

The thug walks off. geun-won looks at him like a psycho and smiles.

In the thugs office, the thug looks at the news and one of his people says that this became too big. The Saeroyi incident is front page of the news. The other thug says that they should stop here. Then we hear Seung-kwon’s voice outside.

Seung-kwon is talking to one of the thugs outside and says that he wants to meet the big boss, but the other thugs won’t let him come in. They tell him to leave and not make this uncomfortable. But Seung-kwon is not leaving. he asks this guy where his manners are.


Saeroyi is unconscious, his head is bandaged, and he is dreaming. He is back in high school in the yard at school. His abogi is there and asks him what he is doing. This looks like the scene when SRY got kicked out and they were walking across the field to leave school. But his father is not sad so it could be another day.

SRY hugs his father, his father asks why he is doing this all of a sudden? SRY cries and hugs him. he tells him that he misses him. His father says that he just saw him this morning. What happened at school? SRY says that he is just tired.


Seung-kwon knocks on the door again to get to the big Boss. But he is not let in and is pushed away. Seung-kwon falls to the ground. He asks that guy, you hit me? The thug says that things are different now. SK tells him that he is also different than before.

So he calls the police and says that gangsters are hitting him! he gets hit by the gangster again and tells him that it really hurts. But he does not look hurt. He knocks on the door again and says that h is dong going anywhere. I am here because I think that the person who hit Royi hyung is here. What do you think will happen?

the other thug says that no one will listen to an ex-convict. SK thinks about what SRY told him in jail about his life not being over. he tells these thugs that he is not a pushover that undervalues himself. Things are different now, they will listen to me. Because I am the Head Director of IC. You do not decide my value.




Soo-ah and Hyun-yi are with Saeroyi at his bedside. Soo-ah is sitting next to him, Hyun-yi is passing. HY gets a call, someone wants to talk to her. She turns her head and does not see Saeroyi’s eyes blinking.

We are sent back to Saeroyi’s dream where he drinks with his father. He tells his father that he has friends and dongsaengs and starts to name. His father is impressed and asks how he has so many friends. He asks who his dongsaengs are so SRY names them all. Then he starts to think about Yi-seo and doesn’t really know how to describe her. So he just says that he has a lot of dongsaengs. Lets drink.

His appa asks him, so you can drink now? SRY says he learned how to drink from his appa. So they happily click cups and drink.


Seung-kwon gets picked up at the police station by Hyun-yi and Soo-ah. But he does not want to tell them what happened. So they ask the cops and find out that he got hit by gangsters. Hyun-yi asks if he is crazy?

But then Seung-kwon sees the head thug sitting in a car looking at him so he walks over to talk to him and asks where SRY is. He says they have a lot o CCTV, I know that the guys that kidnapped Yi-seo are over there.

The thug asks why he did not tell the cops, are you worried that something might happen to the gangsters? SK tells the head thug that he told him that they do not do thug things. I am suppressing myself with Royi hyung. You need to remember one thing. If Yi-seo or Geun-soo do not come back, then you will be in big trouble. I will give up a proper life.

the thug drives away. Hyun-yi asks who that guy is? So Seung-kwon tells him he is his noon-nim (which means older sister, but it might be a gangster thing?).


Soo-ah meets with Dae-hee. Dae-hee asks how Saeroyi is, she says he is still unconscious. Then she says that Geun-won did it. She lists everything that happened and asks if he thinks it is a coincidence? But Dae-hee does not think that his son is that stupid.

Soo-ah says there was the same hit-and-run 15 years ago and 4 years ago after your press conference he became a person that can do it. She pulls out a manila envelope and says that the Head Director of IC gave it to her. He opens it. Inside are all the photos of who kidnapped Yi-seo.

Soo-ah tells him that he made Jang Geun-won like this. Dae-hee yells for her to shut up then starts coughing. then he says that she might be right. I need to prepare myself. JangGa’s image should not go down further, I need to take care of it.

Soo-ah cannot believe what she is hearing, take care of it? You took are of the accident 15 years ago like this as well.


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