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Itaewon Class: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

We are itching up on the last episodes so JangGa should be about to get their comeuppance. And Yi-seo should get her kiss from Saeroyi because it is about time. Come on Saeroyi.

Stay safe out there, y’all! Cuddle up inside and watch a lot of dramas. ☺️

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Saeroyi walks into his office but stops by and sees Yi-seo sleeping at her desk in her office. He quietly and softly goes inside and walk up toher until he is next to her. He looks at the paperwork she is working on and takes his long jacket off to cover her with.

She mutters, I am sooooo moooooved. He sighs and tries to take it back off. She mutters, noooo, it is soooo cooooold. he sighs again and asks why she is sleeping here, why not go home?

She tells him that she just fell asleep preparing everything. He asks, for the Chinese buyer? She sits up a bit and says yes then talks a bit of business. He tells her that she is busy.

She asks why he is doing this? What happened?

Cut to Min-jung sitting with Yi-seo, Hojoon, and Saeroyi. She tells him that the old man is dying. They talk about how the company will have the board meeting for the new heir. They think Jang Geun-soo will be the new chairman.

Saeroyi says that his ultimate goal is to fire chairman Jung. They wonder how they can do that? two outside executives have a good relationship with chairman Jang. Ho-joon says all the meetings why the outside members shouldn’t be board members. They are too close to chairman Jang. We can fire them first and then make chairman Jang resign.

Min-jung asks if Saeroyi is okay? Geun-soo worked for your company, can you fight with him like that? Yi-seo is curious as well. Saeroyi says that he and Geun-soo do not need to consider each other like that. 

Min-jung asks who will become the outside executives if we fire Jung? Saeroyi is not qualified since he is the CEO of an LLC. Yi-seo says that she can do it. Ho-joon tells her that outside members are usually a famous or well respected person. Like a professor.

She says all the qualifications of the outside CEO, which it appears that she fits. She was in Forbes as an Asian business woman and made this company from the ground. That is me. They all agree. The only problems is that she is young. But she is qualified.

Saeroyi agrees, she is better than anyone else. We all know that. He smiles at her. Min-jung asks Ho-joon. Ho-joon agrees as well.


Saeroyi and Yi-seo drive off together. he asks her if she thinks she has enough time since she is doing the Chinese thing also. She asks if they even have room to consider not having time. If you are that sorry to me then can you listen to my wish?

He asks what it is.

She asks, can we go on a date? He mutters that he told her not to go too far. She pouts and says it is her wish. Then she asks if Chairman Jung is undergoing treatment? The media is quiet about it. But that embargo will not last long. People will talk if he does not go to work.


Dae-hee does show up at work. He walks in like a member of the dead with his trail of executives following him. Geun-soo is happy to see that he showed up and goes to speak with him in his office.

They talk about executive Yang and his corruption. It was in a news article, Geun-soo brought it up. They will need to fire him. They cannot avoid it. Geun-soo says that spot will be open for the outside executive then. I will get a list of insiders.

Dae-hee says that Park Saeroyi will consider who will help him. For us, we have to be fair and pick who meets the requirement. Geun-soo says that one outside executive will not affect their decisions too much. You should work on your public image. You look better.

Dae-hee sits up a bit straighter and remembers his conversation with Saeroyi. He says that he hasn’t felt this good in awhile and chuckles.



Meanwhile, SRY and Yi-seo look at the executive members that might be the outside executives. Yi-seo tells him to rest, she can continue. Then Soo-ah calls. He answers but it is a bit reluctantly. He tells her that he is busy today, how about next time.

Soo-ah tells him that is it busy to see him, call me next time.

They hang up.

Yi-seo asks if Soo-ah wants to see him? Some people work over night and don’t even have a chance to date and someone just has fun with women….

He tells her not to do that to him. if you like me or whatever, don’t do it anymore. I told you I don’t see you as a woman.

YS – I know, why don’t you go out and date. Anyway, I work alone.

He sits for a moment, then hops up to walk out.

SRY – Why do I have to feel sorry to you?

YS – What? I am okay.

SRY – Why do you make me feel like this?

They both look at each other, then he looks away.

SRY – Nevermind. I am sorry, I was just mumbling. You can work a bit and go home.

He turns to leave.

YS – Do you know why?

He stops and looks at her again. She walks up to him.

YS – You see me as a woman at least a little bit. I know you the best. Now, finally, you see me as a woman.

He walks out without saying anything. She smiles.


Soo-ah, Geun-soo, and Dae-hee meet in Dae-hee’s office. They say that they stopped the bad news. They also talk about their fake stock under the executives names. Dae-hee says that it is not much so they can give it to him.

Elsewhere, Ho-joon and SRY discuss how Dae-hee fired that executive himself. Ho-joon wonders what he is doing. He worried about this a little bit. We know Yi-seo’s ability but to others she is obviously too young and JangGa is pretty conservative.

SRY says that she should be okay. She is Yi-seo. 

Cut to Yi-seo working hard. Min-jung goes into her office with several executives to meet with Yi-seo. Yi-seo already knows all of them and introduces herself to them. The men think that she is smart and happily sit to chat. Min-jung beams.

Montage of Yi-seo working hard and meeting other executives and business people along with Min-jung. She also goes about her normal work activities and continues meeting with people. She is being stretched pretty thin.

She goes to meet with Tony who takes care of all the new franchises. They chat happily to each other. But then he notices that her nose is bleeding so he tells her that she should rest. You might pass out.

She tells him that she is okay. I hav a meeting in Jeju. But Tony looks worried.

Later on, Hyun-yi meets with SRY in his office and says that their meeting is delayed because the wife of the executive is in labor right now. But it is good, you should take a break right now.

Jump to Geun-soo seeing Yi-seo outside on the street somewhere. It is an accidental meeting. He asks if she is here to hook this person? Sorry, I showed up before you. It is nice to see you, how are you. She basically tells him f-you.

He says that he was surprised to see the board meeting agenda. You do it all by yourself.

Yi-seo says he was in the over seas branch and if he is here to be the next heir. Your abogi might die, is it bad? He tells her that she has quick information. Why don’t you use that?

She tells him that it is better to have many cards on hand. He asks what she is doing? We haven’t seen each other in awhile, why don’t we have a drink in Itaewon? She asks, me? Why should I do that with you?

He tells her that she may never know, I might get drunk and tell you company secrets. It is good to have many cards right?


Meanwhile, Saeroyi is drinking with Soo-ah in a posh open lounge. They chat about what they have been doing lately. She bought a house. He says that is super cool, I still live in a junssae (a rental property). She asks, what the hell? It is because all your money is in stocks.

My own car and house. My dream was not to owe anyone for my relaxed life.

He tells her that she realized hr dream. She says yes, I worked so hard for it. But I feel strange. This is the life I wished for, but I feel empty. I don’t want to do anything.

She asks him, when the board meeting goes well tomorrow, that is not that far away from you making me jobless.

he looks at her blankly, her face falls.

SRY – Is it? I think I see the end.

SA  – You are rich and you almost realized your dream. And…do you still like me?

SRY – I told you many times.

SA – Tell me you like me.

SRY – What?

She looks at him, he looks away and then at Yi-seo who walks in with Geun-soo. Yi-seo sees him with Soo-ah and leaves, upset. Saeroyi rubs his hair as he thinks. Then he starts to walk after her. Soo-ah holds his arm.

SA – Don’t go. Yi-seo, do you like her?

SRY – Soo-ah

SA – For 15 years…. you have to make me jobless. You – should at least like me. You….

SRY – You are right, everything you said is right, but….

She drops her arm.

SA – I am sorry. It was a joke. Tomorrow is the board meeting. You shouldn’t send her like that. Go.

he looks at her with remorse.

SA – *smiling* I will call you later.

He looks at her one last time and then walks out to find Yi-seo.



Outside, Yi-seo has already left in a car. Geun-soo is standing at the curb, he looks angry. Saeroyi walks up next to him.

GS – Why are you here? How long will you use Yi-seo

SRY – Use her? What are you talking about?

GS – You know how she feels. Are you going to accept her? You can’t accept her and yo can’t fire her. I know that she is important for the IC.

SRY – Geun-soo

GS – When the IC is gone, are you going to let Yi-seo go? See you at the board meeting tomorrow.

He walks off.

Soo-ah leaves the lounge slowly. Someone calls her name. She turns around and sees Jang Geun-won standing there.

They go for a drink as well, possibly in that same lounge.

SA – I didn’t know you were out. You still have several days left?

GW – I broke out because I missed you.

SA – *surprised*

GW – I am joking, I was an example inmate. It was a special release.

SA – Good job. So what is your plan. Coming back to JangGa?

GW – No. I have something else to do.

SA – Something else?

GW – Hey, this is the first time that you and me are drinking. We knew each other more than 10 years. This is a special day Soo-ah. It is my honor.

SA – *annoyed* Jang Geun-won.

GW – I know, I am not hitting on you. I am not a smart guy but I will not ruin the life of the person I love.

SA – What are you talking about?

GW – just…. do you still like Part Saeroyi?

SA – You have not changed at all.

GW – Yeah. Well, to you I am just a miserable guy. 

SA – What?

GW – *chuckles* It tastes good, let’s eat.

Elsewhere, Yi-seo gets home, her mother is there. She says that she has been there for 5 days. I was about to leave. I was going to go to Europe tomorrow. Before I go I wanted to say hi. Yi-seo tells her good for her.

Her mother asks where she even sleeps since she does not come home. Yi-seo lays on the couch and says that she was busy on business trips and sleeps at the company. Her mother says that she thought she was doing well with her CEO. You were opposing me so much. But that was when he was a tiny restaurant bar owner. There has been no progress for years, maybe you have no hope.

But Yi-seo has already gone to sleep so her mother covers her with a blanket and turns out the lights. She gives hr daughter one last look and heads to bed.

Yi-seo opens her eyes. A tear falls out.


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