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Itaewon Class: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





SRY drives a Mercedes through the city of Seoul to his fancy building. 

Yi-seo puts on makeup inside a building somewhere. 

Everything looks so expensive.

Yi-seo’s hair is long.

SRY gets out of his Mercedes and walks into the building. Everyone nods and bows at him, He nods and bows at them as well and goes into his huge office.


Yi-seo and SRY meet with some other business people about a new supplier because another supplier is collapsing. SRY asks what the executive officer thinks, this person is Seung-kwon. SK says that this company helped them ever since they went to China, so it feels like we are betraying them.

The other man says that it is not betraying them, we are not running our business with Jung.

Hyun-yi asks, to invest 3 million to make a Chinese connection, is that business>

This man says that they do not know, China is all about connections. You have to think about what kind of effect we will have by spending 3 million. Just looking at paperwork in the office is nothing.

Yi-seo asks, you keep saying connection, but do you know what the Chinese word Kwangshi means? The direct translation is relationship. I heard his oldest son is getting married. Do you know who he is getting married to? The second daughter of [the biggest company in Korea]. 

They look shocked. Yi-seo asks, you didn’t know that at all? You work in this field and you do not know that news? It is big news. So who should we support for our benefit?

She stares at them and waits for them to answer.

SRY clears the awkwardness and says that their motto is people and trust. We will follow our original plan. he smiles at Yi-seo.

After the meeting, they all go to SRY’s office to chill. SK thinks that these business meetings do not fit him at all. Yi-seo tells him that he shouldn’t call SRY hyung, he should call him by his company name. But then she calls Hyun-yi, eunnie.

SK is all like, um, how come you can call her eunnie? Yi-seo tells him that they are different. It is their usual argument and squabble.

Yi-seo gives SRY his schedule. SK is surprised that he has so many meetings. Yi-seo asks if it is difficult? He says no. Then they talk about how they are established now and are second in brand preference, #9 in sales, and #16 in value in the food industry. JangGa is all #1. I want to be the #1 and Yi-seo made plans accordingly.

Yi-seo says that is why she is attracted to him. SRY reminds her that he told her not to do that. She pouts. SK grumbles that he wanted to have a group dinner.

Then they mention that Geun-soo is back. They wonder where he went.


Geun-won arrives back in the airport and walks out.

SK tells the team that Geun-son went to America. he keeps in contact with him. But Geun-soo does not keep contact with anyone.

Soo-ah picks up Geun-soo from the airport and asks if she has to be his driver at her age. He says that she is his mentor. She tells him that she hates him even more, but it looks like a joke.

Geun-soo starts to listen to SK and SRY talking? It is almost like he has a bug in SRY’s office?


Cut to a cafe where Byeong-hun (the original food source and former cop) and Min-jug sit and talks about his daughter and how grown she is now. They both chuckle with how she had a growth storm. But he laughs way more than she does. he says he just liked that joke. She asks, do you like me? he gets serous and says no. But it is clear that he does. The daughter smiles at them.


Geun-soo talks to the executives at the company about purchasing a street for the company. But one person thinks that is too expensive. Geun-soo continues and says that they can change this dirty street into a pretty street and make it a street of culture and taste. The second Gyeon-ri-dan. We can make Seon-ri-dan street. But it is Jang ga so we should call it Jang-ri-dan.

The man asks, so we will invest millions of dollars but how long will it last, the economy can die quickly. Geun-soo says he is right, when that place is popular the rent can increase 3 or 4 times. Our 40 million will become 120 million. Our brand price will increase also.

Soo-ah asks, what if the street value crashes, what happens then?

Geun-soo says that they will increase it again and sell it at the peak.

She asks if that will hurt their brand image?

He says no, the market team will move at that point. The value increased with JangGa, but without JangGa, the value lowers. Ao people will think that JangGa was great.

The chairman likes this idea and tells him to proceed with it. Soo-ah looks impressed.

After the meeting, Geun-soo walks out with DH and the secretary. DH coughs a bit. Geun-soo tells him that he needs to see the merchants with Director Oh. DH is pretty happy about it and starts to walk off. But then he mentions Park Saeroyi. he tells him that SRY is so big now that it is uncontrollable. 

GS asks if he still thinks about him? DH says yes, he will challenge us one day. Be ready for that. Geun-soo tells him that he does not look good, get some rest. DH coughs himself away.




Ho-joon talks to Min-jung about how JangGa is reviving a street. Min-jung thinks they are initiating gentrification. Ho-joon thinks that Geun-soo is actually smart. he is almost like the heir. He also asks Min-jung if she is okay staying in the countryside?

Min-jung says that all her arms and legs are cut, what can I do? Then she asks what Saeroyi is doing now.


Yi-seo looks up necklaces at work. SRY looks over her shoulder. She asks why he is looking at her like that? He asks, why do you think? Why are you internet shopping in my office?

She tells him to look at this necklace, it is pretty right? (It is a Tiffany necklace). He tells her it is pretty, why don’t you buy it in your room?

She asks him, can you buy it for me tomorrow? He tells her, I thought we were busy tomorrow? She asks, okay, so when is the best time? He tries to tell her to stop. But she reminds him that it is her right and her heart to continue loving him.

He says okay, but what about me?

She thinks, yes, you do not like me yet so it is a little troublesome for you. But I like you so so much that I am going crazy. I told you that if it something that you can fire me for then fire me. But I work so well so that is a big problem, what should we do?

He sighs.

She asks why he is thinking so much? We have ways. Just accept my heart. He is about to tell her something about herself, but then Hyun-yi comes in and asks if she should come back?

Yi-seo says no, she will go to Itaewon to check a building. But she tells him, I love you before she leaves. Hyun-yi doesn’t say anything, just smiles. SRY doesn’t say anything either.

So they kind of try and not talk about it at all and SRY starts to sign paperwork with a pen that Yi-seo gave him for his birthday. Hyun-yi asks him what he bought her? He thinks about that for a moment.


While walking up the street. Ho-joon sees Geun-won walking. He is so stunned that he freezes in place with fear. But he turns around and calls his name, Jang Geun-won.

Geun-won turns around and asks who he is?

They both look at each other in the cross walk and a car honks at them.


The chairman is sick and is eating alone. But the secretary is standing by him. The secretary asks if he is okay and says that he will set up an appointment for him with the doctor. Then Geun-soo comes in to ask if he is available for a meeting with the district mayor. 

The secretary tells him that actually his health is not okay. DH starts to cough even more.

Geun-soo asks if he is really not doing well? The district mayor is particular. it would be better if you met with him. Our work would be processed even quicker.

DH agrees and says that he should be there. I have to go. Geun-soo thanks him and says that he pick him up. 

But DH looks horrible, his vision starts to grow blurry and he passes out.

Later on, we find out that DH has cancer. The secretary asks the doctor is he can survive after surgery. the doctor says that the cancer has spread everywhere. It does not look good with his advanced age. Chemo is  the best choice but realistically…

Geun-soo asks how long he has? The doctor says it is difficult to say, but maybe 6 months.

Cut to Geun-won meeting with his father at his hospital bed. DH asks him why he came this late and didn’t contact him as soon as he got out?

GW says that he was hesitant since his father never visited him. DH agrees and says that he knows that he hates him. Do you want my apology? GW tells him it has been 4 years. Is that the proper thing to say to the son that you saw after 4 years?

Geun-soo comes into the room and sees that Geun-won is out of jail. Then they talk about the diagnosis. he has half a year.

Geun-won says that when he was around, he made their father check his health every year. Geun-soo says that was not his job as the director. Then he tells DH that they need to control the media. The doctor told him that realistically, treatment does not matter. Will it be difficult to come to work?

DH is all like, huh?

Geun-soo tells him that his next heir is in good health. This will affect our stock. Geun-won can’t believe what he is hearing. Geun-soo tells Their father that he needs to pick the next chairman while he can.

Geun-won grips Geun-soo’s collar and tells him that he has become interesting since he has not seen him. Geun-soo tells him that he did not change at all. Then he hits Geun-won’s hand away and tells Dh that he will go to the meeting and to have a good rest.



Geun-won tells his father that he mad a carbon copy of himself. The father says, that is why he deserves to be the heir. I do not regret what happened before. Everything was for JangGa.

Geun-won tells his father that he is the same with only talking about JangGa. What is this all for. Just rest. But before leaving, he tells him that he will protect his important JangGa for him. He leaves.

Elsewhere, Saeroyi sees Soo-ah outside his building, she says that she was just passing by. He says that she should have called him.

Meanwhile, Ho-joon calls SRY and asks where he is. He says he is in Itaewon and is meeting with Soo-ah. But then he tells Soo-ah that they will need to go to the store another time. Something urgent has come up. He tells Ho-joon that he will be there. He apologizes to Soo-ah and heads off.

She understands and walks away. But then she sees Yi-seo looking at her. 

So they both go drink at a lounge. SA tells her that she had a date with SRY. Yi-seo tells her that she saw everything, you were dumped by Saeroyi. She chuckles and asks when she will let him go?

SA – I said I don’t date poor guys, he said he will be rich. He said he will break JanGa and make me jobless so I won’t suffer anymore. 

YS – What is going on. You used to be confident and say “SRY like me” but it is the first time seeing you this nervous. Are you afraid? Just in case the boss likes me? It is so disgusting, when you are rich come to me, I am having a hard time braking JangGa. You do not do anything, you just wish for it.

SA – you do not know anything.

YS – I know at least one thing. Who loves the CEO more. Do you think that what I thought after seeing the CEO, rich? I will make him rich. JangGa who gives a hard time to the boss, I will break them. You, if you even care a tiny bit about my boss, just do nothing.

She leaves. Soo-ah’s reaction is all like “wow, this b is relentless”


Ho-joon meets with Saeroyi casually on a rooftop and tells him that he saw Jang Geun-won. I did not even know he was out.

SRY – What happened?

HJ – He doesn’t even remember me at all. I never forgot about him. It funny, I am different than before and he lost everything, but I was afraid of him.

SRY – *warmly touches his shoulder*

HJ – I talked to Kang Min-jung. The next heir will be Geun-soo.

SRY – The next heir?

HJ – Chairman Jang has stage 4 cancer.

SRY – *surprised* What?




The chairman coughs up a lung and we see a flashback of him when he was pour and trying to feed his sister food. they talk about her becoming a doctor and him becoming an owner of a ten story building. then his friend comes out and says there is no suck thing as a ten story building. DH says he will make it. The other kid asks when he will build it, that is not possible. Don’t lie to her.

In the present, DH chuckles and says, see my friend. Beginning and borrowing and betraying…firing and taking…that is my life. I put all my life in JangGa. Hahahahaha. I made all this.

He coughs a bit more and wheazes a bit. Then he struggles to answer the phone. It is SRY. 

SRY – It is me, Park Saeroyi. How were you.

DH – Why are you calling me?

SRY – I heard that you have cancer. Are you dying?

DH – Are you now…

SRY – I think that you should not die this easily. The gods punishment, who allows that? You should get punished by me. Don’t die.

DH – *grumbles*

VO – You are the only one that wants me to live.

DH – its funny. That’s right. You will be my last joy.

SRY – I will see you soon.

DH – *stands up* I can’t wait too long, hurry. *smiles*

Fade Out


English Translation

SA – Do you still like me? Tell me you like me.

SRY – Why should I feel sorry to you?

YS – Now you take me as a woman a little bit?

YS – I know you the best, CEO.

YS – Can we date just one time? It is my wish.

SRY – Hey, I told you not to [do that]

SRY – Yi-seo!

YS – Whatever he says, I have to be the person that our CEO needs.

GS – How long are you going to use Yi-seo? If your company dissolves, are you going to let Yi-seo go?

SRY – Yi-seo? Yi-seo?

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    I don’t know but I never liked Soo ah to be for Sae Ro Yi. I’ve always rooted for Yi Seo and Park Sae Ro Yi. YS had been so patient with him. When can he possibly realize or possibly fall for her? Aww . They should be together in the next episode. Please please.

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