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Itaewon Class: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the studio, behind the scenes is in trouble as one of the men in the PD group asks the main man if they should kick out Hyun-yi because she is transgender. It could be a huge issue in the show. But the main man says that they judges will decided it, lets continue this show as we are.

In the competition, the show starts. Hyun-yi thinks about what Yi-seo told her and her apology for being cruel to push her like this. But Hyun-yi is happy that she reminded her that she is a diamond, it pushes her so she can do this for the Danbam family, she will be hard and strong.

SRY looks at Hyun-yi, in his mind he says, I am proud of you.

At the end of the competition, the judges have a blind taste test which means that they do not know who made the food. The MC talks to Chef Park to see if he is confident because he is #2. This is JanGa’s chef. He says that he is confident.

The MC asks Hyun-yi how she feels next because she is #1. He asks her how she feels. She looks at the camera and takes a deep breath and…

HY – Today my personal life was spread against my will to everyone. It doesn’t make me happy.

MC – Ah….yes…this…

HY – I…..am transgender

Everyone whispers behind the scenes. The PD looks on and crosses his arms. But he does not stop the broadcast.

MC – Ah, so your personal matter broke against your will and you are sad about it…um…but you are here confidently. The 3rd event is the one where you prove yourself.

HY – Prove myself….*looks at SRY*…. I don’t need anyone to accept me to become myself. 

MC – Ah…so what is the reason that you are standing here?

HY – The people who make me strong, I want to repay them with good food. That is why I am standing here.

MC – Ah, you have a strong mindset, your coworkers should be happy. And today, what do you think your rank will be?

HY – There is a word called giri-giri (the same thing gets together). I am working in the best restaurant bar with the best staff members. I will remain the best.

MC – Ah, well you already showed your great cooking skills, so let’s see if the judges are the same. The result is….

Everyone waits for the judges results. 

MC – 60 second break!!!

And there is a literal commercial break, lol, so we have to wait for it….

Okay, we are back. Yi-seo is just back and is in the airport, she is watching the results live on her phone.

MC – The winner is…. DANBAN AND HYUN-YI!!!

Everyone claps and confetti drops. Hyun-yi cries in excitement and runs to hug SRY. He picks her up in a huge hug and pats her head and the entire team congratulates her and its just a big hugging party of excitement.

Yi-seo looks on and smiles. She happily mutters to herself, eunnie, you are the best. Then she puts on her glasses and walks on.


Dae-hee tells Geun-soo and Soo-ah that he gave them this project because they were confident, but I should stick to my word. What should I do? Soo-ah, what did you he do to win?

Soo-ah – he changed the final test to a blind test because he thought people liked Hyun-ah’s look and he pushed the main chef.

DH – And he tainted Jangga’s name. That’s it.

SA – And, he broke the news of the cooks personal issue and shook the cooks mentality.

DH – That is one thing I can give you a point for. Geun-soo, you can leave.

He walks off.

DH – The boy who left the house came back and says that he wants to lead JangGa. He wants to sit here. What do you think? Do you think he can take this on after me?

SA – Chairman, he is just like you.

Dae-hee sits back and starts to chuckle.

Meanwhile, Geun-soo walks off thinking about why he gave up Hyun-yi as transgender. he thinks about the conversation he had with Soo-ahh about it, she was disappointed in him. Then he looks up and sees Yi-seo. All his happy memories of Yi-seo come back.

he thinks, nothing matters, I just want you.

he starts talking to her and says that he heard that she went to Jeju, are you already back. She walks right yp and slaps him. 

YS – Did you do that to Hyun-yi, eunnie? I was a model for 3 years. I know a lot of reporters. Do you think I didn’t know about that?

GS – yes, I did it, what about it? It is a competition and I wanted to win. We were good friends. So I should just lose with jung? Are you that way?

YS – You behave like yourself. You are a good pushover.

She rolls her eyes and starts to walk away.

GS – You told me that you cannot stop wanting something, you should just get it.

YS – That was just BS, if you do this because I said that…

GS – Shut up. I always gave up. This is the first time that I made my own choice for myself. You said that so I gave up everything and came here. You should not do this to me.

YS – I don’t want to break you. 

GS – What?

YS – Before, our boss told me one thing, the heart is not a depth.

GS – Boss, boss, boss! Whatever your cool boss told you, it is too late. I can’t stop, Yi-seo. I….love you so much.

YS – I am sorry. I can’t accept your heart. I am really sorry.

She walks off.



That night, Yu-seo walks her typical route to Itaewon and sees Saeroyi on the bridge. She is happy to see him. He waves at her. She happily skips to him.

YS – Well, we won the competition and we got the investment right?

SRY – Good job

YS – Your only saying it? Are you going to pat me?

She puts out her head for him to pat it.

SRY – um…yeah…hmm…tomorrow, we have to prepare for Halmoni’s contract. Let’s go.

He turns to walk off, looking a bit embarrassed. But then he turns back around and asks, aren’t you coming? She smiles and says, I am. Then they walk together. He tells her to be careful as they walk down the steps to Danbam.


SRY, Yi-seo, and Halmoni have their investment meeting. Yi-seo tells halmoni that she will not regret her investment. Halmoni says that she will keep her word. Then she tells SRY that he should also keep his promise. Your goal, to be the #1 in Korea.

He says that he has also kept his promise. She smiles and tells him that he will do well. Then she signs the contract and adds her stamp.

Later on, Yi-seo’s mom looks at a news article that says that IC got 10 million dollar investment with their business principle “Business is people”. She is amazed and thinks that this boss is great. She thinks back to telling her daughter that her life is just to make her daughter successful? Then you will be the restaurant bar owners wife? Yi-seo told her that she didn’t raise her like that.

In the present, the mother thinks that that is true, she didn’t raise her daughter like that. She sits back proudly.


Geun-soo sits back in his desk at the company Seung-kwon calls him but he does not answer. Soo-ah notices and asks if he regrets his decision now? But what do you think Saeroyi will say? Whatever you do does not matter. That is what he will say. Turn off the light when you leave.

She starts to walk off.

GS – I know Royi hyung and your story. 

She turns around.

GS – Also what kind of mindset you have in JangGa. Royi hyung will say that whatever I do, it does not matter. What do you think I thought after hearing you say that? What should I do to make Royi hyung collapse? I am different than you.

SA – You, what do you want to do?


The team drinks happily and are basically all drunk. SK calls Geun-soo again, but he does not pick up the phone. they are all drunk and muttering. SK asks Hyun-yi why she is always so angry with him and then asks if being pretty is everything and starts to act super drunk. HY laughs and says something that makes her laugh some more.

Seung-kwon keeps mumbling about how they did it they did it! We won! And everyone keeps giggling and SRY is basically passed out while sitting up. But SK wakes him up and tells him to say something. So SRY blinks himself awake and says, a toast! Everyone, good job. I told you we can work together and do it or not do it.

Everyone says, We can do it!

he asks, who are we?

They all cheer and say something as they clink their glasses together.

SRY tells them, because we are all together. We win…..whose son and I…..my father….me….proud of me….

SK asks what he is talking about? Let’s just drink?

SRY keeps mumbling and says his father is so proud of his son, JangGa, all come, I will win…

He takes another shot and bows his head, super drunk.

SK mutters that he drunk too much.

Yi-seo tells him, of course you won, you are our boss. He looks at her and asks, I won? She says yes, of course. And they both smile.

he passes out with his head on the table.




Yi-seo keeps looking at a passed out Saeroyi who is still in the same spot on the table, sleeping. She is alone and looking at him. She lightly touches his hair and whispers, does it still hurt? Then she withdraws her hand and keeps looking at him.


Dae-hee meets with Geun-soo and says that SRY won the company that you were so sure of, because of that he got the investment. I fired General Park (the chef). The secretary tells him they have ten minutes until the meeting.

DH ends his baduk game with Geun-soo and says that they should stop here. Geun-soo thanks him for the game. DH tells him to follow him.

They go into the meeting together. Geun-soo stands to his left as SH sits at the head of the table. DH introduces Geun-soo as his second son and tells them that he is thinking of having Geun-soo as his heir. Greet them.

Geun-soo is surprised but holds it together and says that he is on the planning team, I will work hard. They all clap.


The head gangster goes back to jail. He tells the prison guars that he won’t be here too long. Dn’t worry. His cell mates great him. But one of them is Geun-won and he is doing pushups. There are newspapers on the floor that says that the heir to JangGa has changed. The second son is the biggest share holder now.

Geun-won stands up and looks at the gangster. The gangster smiles like a conman.


Ho-joon, SRY, and Yi-seo sit on the rooftop and talk about all their franchise requests. They have over 100 requests right now. So they are talking strategy. They think that they can make it countrywide now that they are a little bit stable. they can process it step by step.

Ho-joon congratulates SRy for realizing his dream. SRY says that it was so difficult to make 100k with the fishing boat and the construction work. Ho-joon asks if he is being melancholy now? Yi-seo says he can be melancholy now since it is a big achievement. She tells him congratulations boss, but then jokes that she should call him CEO now.

SRy says that it did not take much for 100k to become 1million. The Korean financial market is a funny thing. Low risk and high return. If you have more money then more is possible.

Yi-seo asks if he wants to invest in stock?

SRY says that with big money, they should spend it in the big leagues. he shows them something on his phone. Ho-joon scrolls through and asks what this is?

SRY – it is the 2017 Shanghai Franchise Fair. 

Yi-seo and Ho-joon area ll like, huh, China? Are you…

SRY tells them, we will not just become country wide, we will start in China and go to the world. Lets make our 10 million to 100 million. We told Tony’s grandma, this is not the end of my dream. We will win over JangGa and become #1 in Korea. We should move according to our dream. This is the start.

Yi-seo smiles proudly and beams at him. This is our boss. They all go to look out over the rooftop.


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