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Itaewon Class: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

Somethings are going to happen today! Did you see the preview? I think it all is about to go downhill for our Danban squad. But, we don’t have too many episodes left so they should get over it quickly.

Also, WE HAVE OUR FIRST STRAW! Welcome Adri to the team! We are so happy to have her at our party over here to keep DM popping! So if you see her around then be sure to say hi!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Yi-seo goes to Danbam and drinks by herself. it looks like it is the same night that she got dumped. Hyun-yi comes in and asks if she is crying. yi-seo asks how she knows. Hyun-yi says that she is obvious sometimes. Yi-seo tells her that she wants to be alone.

Hyun-yi asks if hse was dumped? Yi-seo asks if it is obvious. Hyun-yi tells her that being busy and Geun-soo is all an excuse. i don’t have to hear it. He is a gondae (like the kind of old man that says “when I was in Vietnam, that was a war, this isn’t a war!” “Don’t sit like that, sit straight in front of your boss” those kind of men that matter in your business). So Hyun-yi is calling Saeroyi a Gondae.

Hyun-yi asks if she is going to give up on him? Yi-seo doesn’t answer.


Dae-hee tells Soo-ah and Geun-soo that they failed in the second round too. What is your excuse. Soo-ah apologizes and tells him there is no excuse. The chairman says that he cannot fire them because of this, but what can I do with my anger. This is the finals, if you do not win this time then general manager Park is fired. 

He looks at his son and says that he will never be the next heir of JangGa if that happens. Geun-soo tells him that he should give him all the rights then. All the rights for the broadcast. I am a new employee on the planning team, what can I do?

DH asks, so director Oh can’t do it, but you can do it? Geun-soo says, at least if I control it, I won’t feel that it is unfair. 

DH stands up and flips his son’s badge in the right direction. Then he tells him to take care of the TV and for Soo-ah to help Geun-soo. 

They both leave. Geun-soo apologizes to her in the hallway for doing that without her permission. And that he embarrassed her. She stops and tells him that he said he would be responsible for it, I am okay. He thanks her for understanding. She still does not feel good about it. Your conversation is not about father and son. Family are people who rely on each other and help each other. Yesterday also, how you looked was very different then when you were in Danbam. She walks off.


Danbam is crowded as always. They ran out of soju. Saeroyi tells him to borrow some from next door. It looks like this is how it is without Yi-seo. 

Flashback to Yi-seo and SRY talking on the rooftop. She told him that she is taking a break a little bit. She wants to distinguish work and her personal life. She wants some fresh air. After we stabalize the franchise. He says that it is okay, you can take a break when you want. You worked hard so have a nice vacation.

In the present, Saeroyi gets back to work.

Elsewhere, Yi-seo sits on a see-saw and thinks about how she misses Saeroyi so much. Hyun-yi told her last night that she should take time off. If you are around so much then you could be misunderstood. Both of you should think about your relationship.

On the see-saw, Yi-seo thinks about just leaving. She hops up and walks away.


Dae-hee gets a call from a restricted number. he answers. It is Geun-won calling from jail. He asks if he should have called him or not. Even though a son is calling his father. DH says that Soo-ha told him. 

GW – When you abandoned me, Ii thought you had no other choice. Putting your own son in this f-ing place. You would suffer.

DH – What do you want to say?

GW – Why are you doing this to me, this much?

DH – It is all for JangGa.

He hangs up. Geun-won lets a few tears fall.

In his office, Geun-soo shows up. They sit to talk and Geun-soo tells him that Danbam has almost 10 million people investing in them. They have wings. But you look calm. DH thinks about that – wings.




The team sits at their chairs at the table. It is Tony, SRY, and SK. SK wonders why Yi-seo would take a vacation on a day like this. SRY tells him that she never took a vacation day, she should. But then Ho-joon runs in alarmed.

They go outside and see that their office has been leased. it looks like the same thing happened again. It looks like the original investor pulled out. SRY tells Ho-joon that they still have the other investors.

Yi-seo is on her way out of the country. She is at the airport and gets a lot of texts about the companies pulling out their investments.

In the office, Ho-joon says that they are all pulling their investments out because the lead investor is pulling out his investment. So all the followers pull theirs too. It is because that investment company invested 5 million, so a lot of people wanted to invest as well. But that company pulled their investment so all the other people are pulling their investment back.

Tony and SK wonder what is going on We have our office and the store owners. We already spent $500K and we haven’t even started yet! Ho-joon tells SRY that they could have gotten the money in hand and then started, why were you in a hurry.

SK starts to say Yi-seo. SRY cuts him off and says that he decided to do it. Tony asks why the investor pulled his money back? They don’t know. It feels like it is malintentioned. The person they can think is responsible is….

Cut to the original investor meeting with Dae-hee. Soo-ah is still in the office and looks from Dae-hee to the investor.

Yi-seo is trying to get back to Itaewon and calls a manager, but she gets hung up on. She thinks back to SRY telling her that it was safer to open one by one, not all at the same time. She convinced him to do it all at once. This is all her fault because he trusted her. She frets and sihs and rests her head on the bus window.

Meanwhile, Soo-ah goes to Saeroyi’s office with a gift of a plant. She does not look that happy to be there. When she gets inside she sees all the investors in the franchise stores yelling at SRY and pulling him and SK by the collar. SRY sees the plant that Soo-ah has for him. On the plant it says, “From JangGa’s Jang Dae-hee. You should stay in your lane.”

Soo-ah looks horrible to give it to him. She looks at the floor.

In his office, Soo asks Dae-hee if this was his plan from the beginning. He says yes, no one would invest in that tiny company. Soo asks, so now he is blemished. He won’t get any more investment. He tries his best and he collapses bigger.

Soo asks, so you only did it to crush Royi hyung?

Dae-hee tells him that the holdings run an interior company. We extended our deal with them. And he listened to my request. Soo asks, to destroy Park Saeroyi? DH says yes, that is enough reason to do it. DH says that the holdings company was difficult to control because they have a good base. I had to show that Jang Dae-hee is an old man with a grudge.

Soo can’t believe it. Dae-hee tells him that he is the one that told him that Danbam is a small fish tank and that SRY is a strong person. How does it feel to play in big water?

Soo tells him that he knows that he is great. But you cared about that person that collapses so easily like this. It is not right. DH looks a bit found out.


SRY tells everyone to stop yelling. Then he asks what is wrong? All your investments are pulled away. Your business is bankrupt? How dare you do this to my employees. A woman says that they opened their store because they trusted him. He asks, what did you trust? The investment? JoomYong holdings? What did you trust? You made a contract with us because of that investment?

No, you came here and saw me and decided! You made a contract with us because we won the taste of the best in the country! What changed? Did our taste change? If you don’t like it then pull back!

Another man says that he has no investments, how can you carry all of us? Do you have money? SRY says he can do it. Business should be based on trust. IC will never betray all your precious money. With or without investment, our plan and support will not change.

SRY walks out, he passes right by Soo-ah without talking to her.



She runs after him and stops him. She asks what he is going to do.

SRY – of course, I have to put my building as collateral.

SA – That building.

SRY – I have no other way.

SA – Can’t you just stop.

SRY – What?

SA – You are getting hurt like this

SRY – I am okay.

SA – What about me? Can you guess how I felt bringing that vase with the chairmans message? How long should I do this to you?

SRY – Soo-ah.

SA – You told me that I decide our relationship. Your revenge to JangGa and your hate, can you throw it all away? Come to me. Can we just be happy?

He looks at her with pained eyes, but then His phone rings, it is Yi-seo. She apologizes right away and says that she is the one that pushed this too much. he tells her that he is the CEO, he decided it. Don’t take all the burden on you. You said you can put your life on me. Trust me. I won’t collapse with this. This is nothing. The biggest thing is that my father was fired due to my principles. When the trust was buried about my father, I was already done once. The reason I could stand on my feet again is because I decided to take my revenge. Before I accomplish it, I will have no happiness.

he looks at Soo-ah as he says this to Yi-seo. He tells her, I will destroy JangGa and before that I will never stop. 

Soo-ah falls to her knees. SRY tells Yi-seo that they should talk later.

SRY kneels in front of Soo-ah and apologizes. 


Tony meets with his grandmother in the hospital. Grandmother asks Tony about SRY an Danbam. She says that his boss is in big trouble, shouldn’t you go? Tony tells her that SRY said it is okay. When the boss says there is no problem, then it means there is no problem. Halmoni smiles at that.


SRY starts to pick new investors off of a list that Ho-joon gave him. Then YS comes in. he told her to take a break. She asks how she can take a break now? She apologizes again and says that it wasnt easy to come here again. But if I am still the manager, can’t you give me one more chance? Ho-joon says that is true since she is a good manager. Don’t suffer alone. Check the investment list again.

SRy sees one person on the list that he knows. It is Kim Soon-rye, early 70s. She is a big name in investments.

Cut to a woman dressed to the hilt in designer clothing getting out of a sports car. We don’t know what she looks like though. Ho-joon says that he background searched her, she does strange things sometimes. She invests on new startups a lot. She just has fun with that like a god.

Scene change to this woman meeting with Dae-hee. He talks in a very respectable way to her. the camera scans around to show that this woman is Tony Grandmother, Kim Soon-rye. Dae-hee asks how she has been and that they have both gotten old as time passed.

She tells him that no one wins over time. When you tried to open your business. I still remember it. He chuckles and says that he did it. She tells him that he was cool back then. He asks why she is so angry, Lady Kim. She tells him that she knows a guy just like Dae-hee when you were little. Park Saeroyi. You really want to give a hard time to a little guy as an old man?

DH – He sent my son to jail.

SR – I know everything, your son is paying for what he did.

DH – I am no that poor young boy anymore.

SR – Ho ho, you will eat me also, ho ho.

DH – Why do you care about that little boy?

SR – he gave me a favor. I hope you do not touch him anymore.

DH – It is all dependent on him

SR – What if I get mad?

DH – I can’t help that.

SR – Haha. As you said, he is a little guy, why do you care about him so much?

DH – I don’t know. At first I just wanted to teach him a lesson, but now kneeling him in front of me became the last wish of my life.

SR – Aigo, you have become grizzled. 


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