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Itaewon Class: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





A policeman shows up with a flyer that was put up around the Seoul with flyers of Tony as a kid and his father. It is a $100 fine. He says that he nows the situation, but you cannot spread these things around illegally. 

SK asks how long he has been spreading this around? SRY says for one month. Tony thanks him. SRY tells him not to worry too much about it, let’s look around together. Yi-seo asks to talk to SRY alone. SK complains that she is starting this again, just ignore her.

Outside, the loan shark halmoni holds one of the flyers and can barely stand as she walks away.

On the rooftop, SRY tells Yi-seo that his friend said that he knows about that company, but he wants to wait a bit to get more information. Yi-seo asks what he will do if the bus leaves? The CEO said that he can’t wait forever. Looking for Tony’s father and taking care of people around you is all good, but there are priorities to be taken care of. Am I the only one that is nervous? Why are you making me so nervous? You make me into the B*.

He says her name. She keeps talking and tells him that he needs to trust her a little bit. He asks, are you confident? She nods so he says okay, then do it. She is startled and asks why all of a sudden? He says that he trusts her more than anyone else. 

he puts one arm around her and says that she is not a bad B*. The problem is this dumb boss. Ii am sorry, you become a bad person because of me. Set up a meeting with him. She says okay and smiles wide.

In a flashback, SRY remembers talking to Min-jung. She said that this is the starting point. To not be pushed over, you need to evaluate yourself well.


SRY and Yi-seo meet with the CEO investor. SRy asks why he is interested in Danbam? The CEO says that he investigated in his company and knows that he has a relationship with JangGa. My father was a politician. We had dinner with Jang Dae-hee a few times. 

I know your story from the news. JangGa even took your store. The #1 franchise company in Korea thinks that you are an enemy. You are a small and strong company. You started from zero to here. And the manager has good ability and good sense. You are worth investing in. Doesn’t that make you understand?

SRY thanks him for what he said and asks how much he evaluates them for. Then he says 5 million before the CEO can say anything. Yi-seo tries to stop SRy from speaking. But SRY is stern faced and says that is the value of Danbam. 

Cut to the news that talks about the CEO that invested in Danbam. Min-jung is reading about it as she rides to work. She smiles and says that he evaluates himself high. He is something. She smiles.

In Danbam, the team starts to take calls for investing. Tony and Hyun-yi wonder what is going on as they look at SK, SRY, and Yi-seo on the phones.

SRY talks to Ho-joon about all these investors calling. Ho-joon says that a famous investor invested 5 million in this small company, so all the other investors think that this company must have something so they are following the lead investor.

Millions and millions of dollars are quickly coming in. So far it is over 10 million right now. Ho-jin thinks that they really have a big tidal wave right now. Yi-seo smiles and tells him that she told him they were worth this much, so when we have a big tide like this, we should peddle. She chuckles, SRY smiles at her.

Elsewhere, the secretary drives the chairman around and fills him in on Danbam and how much money people have invested in his company. he also mentions how Danbam is going to franchise and has 20 people waiting list and 50 stores that might go up soon.

Meanwhile, SRY goes for a run. But then we see the team moving into a huge glass skyscraper. Perhaps they are on one floor of this building. This might be their company headquarters. Montage of the team working with investors and cheering to their success. 



On another day, the loan shark woman takes the alcohol from the man who can’t even feed his son. But she sees that it is a fire-starter to kill himself. She huts him and asks if he is going to die without paying him back! He yells, what am I going to do? I don’t even have money to feed my son.

She huts him and tells him to work! You need to work! He defends himself which sends her rolling down the hill. he looks horrible about it.

The team happily walks up the road talking about all their millions and the success of their company when they see the halomi at the bottom of the hill and the man crying over her. They help take her to the hospital where the doctor says that she is okay.

The man went with them and is still distraught at her bedside. She hits him even more and tells him that if he has courage to die then he should think about living! He says she does not know what it is like for your own son to starve! You don’t have family. Halmoni hits him some more. Tony tells the halmoni to calm down.

Then he tells the abogi that it is better to have appa then to have food. Your son will be sad if he doesn’t see you. If he doesn’t see you then he will constantly think about you and miss you. The father starts to cry. The halmoni gives him some money and says that she is buying this fire starter back from him. I will barbecue with this, now go, your son is waiting.

Tony walks him out. SRY and Yi-seo stay with halmoni and tells her that her family will worry about her, we will contact them. She says that she used to have a family. Tony walks back in. She says that her entire life her good son followed this bad mom’s wish her entire life. He lives with a Black woman all of a sudden. In Africa. In Guinea. I opposed it.

Tony hands her the flyer and asks if this is him? She runs her fingers over it and says that this was the first time that he told her what he wanted. I opposed it. he hated me so much. Yi-seo asks where her son is. She says that he is dead. Traffic accident. Tony starts to cry. She holds his hand and says that she is sorry.

SRY also looks sad.

Later on, the team all drives in a car thinking about how bitter this is. On the bright side, Yi-seo says that he found his grandmother so it won’t be difficult to get Korean citizenship. SK mutters that she really has no jung. then he asks SRY if Tony will keep working for us.

SRY says that Tony will decide. We can continue running our business in the meantime.


Soo-ha tells her cooking staff that she found it out, the soup without msg, what about Jung Gook Jang? the chef says that she is the best at Jung Gook Jang.

Geun-soo asks how she found out the next menu item? Soo-ah tells him that she has some connections here and there. Geun-soo tells her *sarcastically* you are great. The chef says that she is always great, you need to learn from her Geun-soo.

Geun-soo looks like he doesn’t really want to.


Tony hangs out with his grandmother in the hospital. he peels apples for her and they bond. She asks, don’t you hate me? Why did you come all the way here? He says that his appa talked about her a lot. You were poor but made him live his life without noticing being poor. Halmoni, even when you were starved. You made him eat. That is super great. He realized that after I was born.

Appa didn’t hate you, halmoni. Actually, he went to Korea to thank you. I will say it for appa. Halmoni, thank you. He holds her hand and says it again. She nods and tears fall. So he gives her a hug.




Geun-soo goes backstage at the chef competition to see Hyun-yi. He calls her noona. She calls him Mr. Jang who went to JangGa without telling her. He apologizes and says that he wanted to contact her but didn’t have a chance. What about Royi an Yi-seo? She says that they went to see the PD, how are you?

He says that he was so surprised to see her. She asks if she is strange? He says no, you are so pretty. It looks good on you.

Cut to the competition. The goal of today is to make soup with no salt, no sugar, and no msg. So everyone is preparing a type of chigae (a thick stew like soup). Hyun-yi says that she is making soondubu chigae because that is their signature menu. it is her bosses favorite. But she also says that it is hard to focus on her dish and talk.

The MC says that people call her an ice-witch.

In the stands, Sooah says that Danbam is doing a soondubu chigae and JangGa is making jungookjang (like a dwenjang chigae with a lot of smell). Soo-ah has eaten them both and says that they are both good. The judges with decide.

Soo-ah asks who he thinks will win? Soo-ah says that JangGa will lose.

The results come in. The winner of the second round is DanBam!

Everyone cheers. Well, everyone except JangGa, lol. It is a big upset.

Backstage, Soo-ah and Geun-soo are pretty depressed. The chef comes in, he is the general manager and asks why they are so depressed. Soo-ah says it is nothing, good job today. He tells her good job too. He tells Soo-ah good job as well. Soo-ah says it was not him but his manager Oh who is working hard. Our chairman will be angry, you were popular after the last competition. People asked for your signature. But you should have prepared for the second round.

Soo-ah tells at Geun-soo to stop. The chef asks, so are you telling me that I did not work hard? Soo-ah says no, of course not, he does not know things. The chef tells him that #2 is not an easy thing to be. Geum-soo remembers what his father told him and tells the chef that he heard that JangGa should not be like that. the chairman told me that JangGa is always top. if you are satisfied with second then you do not deserve to be in JangGa.

He then chuckles and says that he worries about him. the general manager thanks him for worrying about him.

Later on, Geun-soo apologizes to Soo-ah for going too far. But Soo-ah says that what he said was true. You did a good job actually.

Then SRY calls Geun-soo’s name and asks how he is. Yi-seo is with him. Geun-soo congratulates SRY for his investments. SRY tells him that he looks good in a suit. Soo thanks him and asks Yi-seo if he looks good, she says so-so.

Soo-ah congratulates them for being #1. SRY congratulates them for being #2. Then she asks if he is happy to get everything. He smiles and tells her that they are going to have a company dinner, do you want to go together?

Yi-seo says no, he quit. Soo-ah asks him. Geun-soo says that he will join. So Soo-ah tells SRY that #1 should pay for it and holds his arm. They walk off together.

Yi-seo looks like she wants to pull her hair out.

Geun-soo asks why she is just looking Yi-seo says that there is timing to consider, see what will happen in two years. Then she asks Geun-soo if JangGa is good because he is a parachute? He says that he is getting used to it. She tells him to tell her all the company secrets. He says she should tell him too.

She tells him that he just left them. He says that not that much time passed but I still miss it. She says that he left in a cool way. He says that it was all because of her. But then SRY calls back for them to come eat. Yi-seo says that she is coming and runs and breaks up Soo-ah and SRy’s hand to grab SRY’s arm herself and walks away with him. 


So they all go out and eat together. they joke about Hyun-yi and Yi-seo being pretty and then Yi-seo asks geun-soo want he is looking at, he says he is lucky and they all decide to toast.

Time jump. SK spins the bottle on the table, it lands on Yiseo so it is her chance to speak a truth. Several bottles are already out around the table. SRY starts to ask his question first. But then he says he has nothing since they know everything. Geum-soo says he will ask. 

Yi-seo tells him this kind of game is no fun so let’s just end it quickly. Geum-soo asks, so you said you will come to me if I take over JangGa. Do you remember? She says yes, but. But he says that he is done asking. It is good that you remember?

SRy asks, what? Are you to having some?

Yi-seo quickly says they are not having some!

SK spins the bottle again. It lands on SRY. Hyun-yi and SK laugh. Hyun-yi asks when his first kiss was? he says he has never kissed anyone. Everyone is all like, huh? At your age? You have never kissed anyone?

Yi-seo smiles to herself and remembers kissing SRY when he was passed out drunk. 

SRY is a bit embarrassed and asks if it is a bad thing? KS asks, so what kind of relationship do you and Soo-ah have? SRY tells him that he just likes her. SK is all like, really? That’s it? Hyun-yi pinches him.

Geun-woo says his question….have you seen Yi-seo as a woman at least once? Yi-seo is all like, wtf? SK looks at SRY. SRY looks at Yi-seo who is sitting right beside him. He says no, never as a woman. Yi-seo is pretty crushed. He says that Yi-seo is his dongsaeng and partner.

SK thinks that was a BS question, of course she is like that.

Yi-seo – (Ii knew it. I knew it but…).

She tears up with her head down. People start to notice. SRY asks if she is crying? She wipes her tears and leaves. Hyun-yi tells him that he should follow her. She is sad so you should bring her back. But Geun-soo says that he shouldn’t go to her. You are the one that said she is not a woman to you. If you go there then you are torturing her with hope.

Hyun-yi says that they don’t have to make her look so pitiful here. You said she is important to you so don’t let her cry alone.

SRY thinks about it and then goes to Yi-seo.

SK asks, what is going on? Does Yi-seo like Hyung-nim?

Hyun-yi tells Geun-soo that this is not like him. You are an a-hole now.

Outside, SRY chases down Yi-seo. he stops her. She tells him to let her go. Dont hold me, you said I am not a woman to you at all. 

SRY – Why are you behaving like a little kid?

YS – It is a 2 year plan Geun-soo screwed it up.

SRY – What?

YS – This is plan B.

He looksa t her and she looks at him.

YS – (Now I should tell him. My heart is about to burst.)

SRY – Are you o~

YS – I love you.

SRY – *stops*

YS – I love you…. I love you…. I love you, boss.

She keeps looking at him with teary eyes. 

SRY – Just, you have that kind of mistake because I am like family and we are close~.

YS – I don’t misunderstand my feelings. I am never mistaken. From the first time I saw you and until now, my feelings have never been this clear.

SRY – Geun-soo likes you. When Geun-soo is successful you will also accept him.

YS – Why are you talking about Geun-soo! I just said that without thinking much. I wanted to use Geun-soo. To use his feelings to help you, boss.

SRY – What are you talking about? You don’t think about Geun-soo? How can you play with someones heart?

YS – I know it is not moral. I don’t ask you to understand me. I don’t want to lie to you. This is me. But you hate these kinds of things. I know that so I won’t do it anymore. So don’t talk about Geun-soo. Just look at me now.

SRY – Yi-seo, we have a ten year difference. We are doing fine. I have a lot to do.

YS – Stop. When you don’t like, you just don’t like. Work and age different, they are all cowardly excuses. I don’t want to see that from you. Just one word. I don’t have any chance?

He looks at her for a long time. She looks at him as well.

SRY – No. Don’t like me.

It starts to snow around them as she looks at him for a long moment. Then she wipes her eyes and turns to walk away. Then she starts to run away. 

She walks across a crosswalk and thinks about falling on the pavement with SRY when he was dressed like a bear cartoon animal. She thinks about him telling her that his life was a bitter night. He hopes his bitter life becomes a little sweeter.

She stops in the middle of the crosswalk and kneels to cry. She thinks about him telling her that he is happy that she is there with him. it comforts him more than anything else. She keeps crying as she thinks about going to the countryside with him and crying on his leg. 

She is super balling in the middle of the road. Cars starts to drive around her.

Fade Out


Poor Yi-seo. I mean, she basically does this to other people every day and doesn’t care about their emotions, but still. Poor thing. Hopefully this heartbreak will make her into a better person that thinks about other peoples feelings as well as her own.

Next week looks like it will be hard core! the company looks like it will be in trouble and I have a feeling it is because Seung-soo will reveal that Hyun-yi is transgender. That is just my guess. But from the preview it really looks like it is something unforgivable that he does. I don’t think anything else will get such a big public reaction than that.


English Translation

DH – This is the finals right?

GS – I have a card that I don’t want to use.

SA – Is this the good card you talked about.

SRY – You can do it, I believe in you.

Man – I trusted you!


SR – All your people are suffering but you only think about your pride.

SA – Put everything down and come to me.

DH – As much as he tries his best, he still collapses.

SRY – The anger in my heart.

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  1. May 20, 2020 / 8:57 pm

    After reading this I realized why i felt it would have been better if Yiseo didn’t end up with Saeroy. Growth for her would have been in full circle if it was her friend. They all had certain realizations. Her’s would have been a big deal.

    In the case of Saeroy, it would have been best not ending up with either women but rather would have met a new character (a love interest) in the end that introduced him to a new chapter of his life … Love is part of growth but in this story, his love for his DamBam family was already a strong point. At least there’s a stronger hold and focus on Saeroy’s growth… It was a good drama.

    Sooah was definitely the best plot twist for me… She thus gave a lasting impression

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