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Itaewon Class: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Everything went to zero last week in Saeroyi and the teams plan to destroy the chairman. It was enough to turn his stomach. Though he did get one thing which was sending Geun-won to jail. However, he might have also lost a person in Geun-soo. Or perhaps, Geun-soo will pick up where Min-jung left off?

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Saeroyi answers the phone in Danbam. it looks like the PD from the Strongest Bar called. Saeroyi say that thair business is going well so maybe they don’t need to be on the TV show anymore. The PD says they do not need to pay to be on the TV show. So SRY says he will talk to his team about it.

SRY hangs up, the team is all looking at him and asks if the PD wants to have them back? This is good news. Yi-seo says that everyone knows that JangGa tried to crush us using their power but our place survived.

SK tries to stop her from talking because Geun-soo is there. Yi-seo tells them that people like self made stories. We also have a lot of requests for advertisers. SRY asks when Hyun’s vacation ends. SK says in one week. Yi-seo tells them that is good timing.

All the employees says that it is good timing for them too, but Geun-woo is quiet. He speaks up and says he agrees, it is good for Danbam. But he also stand and says that he has to tell him something. I will quit Danbam.

SK asks what he is talking about? He says that he has been thinking about it. SRY asks to go upstairs and talk privately. So they go to the rooftop to talk. But while walking up there, Yi-seo asks him why he is saying he wants to quit now after staying here? He says it is because of her. Then he continues walking up.

On the rooftop, SRY asks if this is about his family. He says no. That is not the reason. He asks what it is then? Geun-soo says that he was a love child. He heard all the time that he should not take JangGa’s name and know himself and be on one side. I never wanted anything and lived my life like that. Hyung, the way you live, it motivated me. Maybe I also learned and changed. No – *thinks about yi-seo telling him to own JangGa if he really wants her* – I will change.

SRY tells him that he does not know what this is, but I can’t stop you. Fighting. He pats him on the shoulder and around his neck in a reassuring way. Geun-soo tells himself that he will do his best.


Soo-ha visits Geun-won in jail. He is happy to see her. She asks how he has been doing. He is all pale and says he wont be there too long. I will be out soon. He is happy that she came to see him there. It makes him feel better.

She tells him that his father gave her work to do. He asks how his father is? I am his heir so he shouldn’t be happy letting e stay here. Tell abogi not to worry about me, I am doing fine.

She bites her lip and reluctantly pulls out a folder that she slides across the table. This is for transferring your share. He asks what? She tells him, your shares. Transfer them to your fathers name.

Geun-won recoils in disbelief and then starts to laugh maniacally. He rubs his forehead and his face turns red.


the secretary tells the chairman that transferring the stock went well. Then Geun-woo calls his name int he lobby. The chairman asks him why he is there. They go talk in his office. Geun-soo tells him that he has to learn how to run the business. I should run JangGa later.

His father leans forward at his desk and asks..are you…?

Soo speaks over him and asks if he thinks he can let JangGa run with a stranger who does not share blood with someone he developed his entire life. You have no other choice. On his desk is a picture of both sons. The chairman thinks.




The team is all bummed that geun-woo has left. They know he left because of Yi-seo not because of his family. Then Hyun-yi comes in looking 100% like a woman instead of a man. He says that the surgery went well. Tomorrow she will come back to work but she came back today to day hi. SRY and Yi-seo tell her that she looks pretty. 

Tony tells her he is so surprised, but in a good way. He smiles. Seung-kwon looks on in amazement. SRY asks her if she knows about the TV show? She says yes, a lot has happened since I left. it is a good opportunity, lets take it. Yi-soo shoots her a finger shot and Hyun-yi shoots her one back.


The chairman tells Soo-ah to stop going to Itaewon and to come back to the main business. he tells her to take over the Strongest Bar Competition that Geun-won set up and listen to one of my requests. Come in.

Geun-woo comes in and introduces himself. She asks why he is here? The chairman tells her that this is his second son, please teach him well.

She takes him to his desk and gives him the work on the project he will be working on. He mentions that the notebook is thick. She tells him that he has to know many things. The basics of our work is in this folder.

She also asks why he quit Danbam. He says that he is greedy for something. It is something he can only get by being in JangGa. So I will learn everything.


The loan shark woman leaves a debters house with her money. He runs after her and says that he has to feed his kids with this money. She looks at his trash and sees dozens of empty alcohol bottles. She asks why he had kids if he can’t even feed them? then she walks away.

Tony sees her and says that he liked her but she is bad. She asks if getting paid for the money she is owed is bad? He has money to drink but no money to feed his son? What the hell. Tony thinks t is still wrong.

In the kitchen, Hyun-yi asks Tony to add spice to one of the dishes. he adds curry to the mussel soup instead of another seasoning. But it ends up tasting amazing. They all look at each other.


Time jump to the team in the competition. There are several bars competing in this competition, like 32 or so. They are competing to go to the next round. The #1 winner of this round is Danbam!

Seung-kwon is so happy that he hugs Hyun-yi who is in Danbam watching the tv show. They won over JangGa. This is the nth time that SK has watched this show. Yi-seo congratulates her for being he #1 cook. SRY reminds Yi-seo that she wanted to fire her. Yi-seo is all like, when did I say that? I love eunnie.

Then a man walks in wearing a suit. They go to the rooftop to talk. SRY tells him that they have to open the store. The man gives him his card and says that he is interested in franchising Danbam. Yi-seo asks him, so you are a holdings CEO and are interested in franchising? So you are interested in franchising?

SRY ask show he knows them? He says that they are an investment company but they also have stable sister companies. I am looking to open a franchise and saw you on TV.

In the JangGa company, the chairman gets news that SRY’s bar got first. He says that he overvalued Soo-ah. geun-soo tells him that this is a competition program. They passed the first stage, the current ranking does not mean much. We are #2 right now.

The chairman asks him if he is happy that they are #2? Soo-ah says that she is sorry, she will teach him. He says that he will teach his own son and tells Soo-ah to leave. She does.

The chairman stands up and tells him that he is stupid. He does not know what is going on here. Geun-soo says that they are good at #2 in Korea. Why are you like this? Because #1 is Royi hyung’s store? The chairman turns to look at him. He asks what JangGa is? We are #1 in the restaurant industry. Is this jut a tournament? This is just the first round? #2 is great? We are #1 and we are always #1. Now that is tainted. I thought that you had something, but you are just easy going.

You want to lead JangGa? That is B.S. To be the top, I even ditched my oldest son. Ditching someone like you is nothing. Get out. He sits.

Geun-soo tells him he is sorry and leaves.



Soo-ah waits for him in the hallway and tells him that she thought he was smart. You are just an employee but now you say those things before me? Why are you so confident? Is it because of your bloodline? I know how you worked under SRY, but JangGa is different than Danbam. We are a top down company. You are the son of the chairman or whatever, but I don’t need a stupid employee on my team. Adapt quickly.

She walks away. he tells her that he likes everything but – the bloodline. I hope you don’t talk about how I was born and how I lived my life. You don’t know that.

She smiles and walks back to him. Is that it? Hey, but you are a high school graduate with no specs and no resume. What is the reason that you could get a job without an interview? It is all because you are the chairmans son. So if you don’t want to hear this kind of thing, then just do your job.

She walks away again.


SK loks at good news on his phone and thinks that the effect of being on TV is no joke. Hyun-yi says that they have a lot more customers. SRY mentions that a lot of people ask about our business and they even have investment inquiries. This is a good time. We can start to brand DanBam. Yi-seo agrees. She made a big file and gives it to SRY.

In the file are the interiors and the recipe and the manual for the employees. She put it all together. They ask when she did this? SRY looks at her amazed and says that she is amazing. He tells her that this is enough to work on another store. People ask us about branding so we can increase one by one. We can make a successful shop and go to the new business fair.

Yi-seo asks why he is taking a big detour? We have an investor now. SRY says that he thinks getting an investor is a bit too early. We only have one store, we don’t even have the second one. She tells him that they are successfully runnin a business in this corner, what more experience do we need? 

He tells her that those branch owners put their life in their store. Do you think they will never fail? Are you confident? She tells him that there are no stores that never fail. SRY says that it is safer to open store one by one, not all at the same time.

She tells him that they have an investor and can use the money and build a system to all run at the same time. When are you going to catch up with JangGa by opening stores one by one?

The table grows quiet.


SRY meets with Ho-jin. Ho-jin says that what Yi-seo says makes sense. SRY says, what Yi-seo says always makes sense. HJ asks what the problem is. SRY says that it is not a problem, I just want to do it better. DO you know this CEO? Ho-jin says he knows his name. His company is famous in investment. But I can dig into him more.

SRY asks about what he asked him. HJ goes to grab something and then tells him that Tony’s visa is okay for at least 3 years. SRY thanks him. HJ tells him that hiring a foreigner is difficult. Will you look around again? SRY doesn’t answer but says he will talk to him later. He leaves.


Danbam is crowded with a line out the door and around the corner. Yi-seo talks on the phone to the holding CEO person who says that he can’t get ahold of her boss. He also says that it feels like he is begging them. Yi-seo says that her boss is a careful person but internally they are positive about it.

The CEO says that he cannot wait forever because they need to have a plan. Yi-seo tells him that she will talk to her boss. He hangs up looking frustrated.

In the lobby, the loan shark woman talks to Yi-seo. Yi-seo tells her that she cannot just order the side menu all the time. The woman asks why she is so upset? Your boss says that it is fine. SRY comes in and says it is fine. Then he gives tony his visa paperwork and says that he can stay in Korea for 3 years. Tony thanks him.

SK tells him that it is difficult to be a foreigner. Tony reminds him that he is Korean. SK says he knows, he knows, but where are you from? Tony says he is from Guinea. The loan shark hears this and looks like she knwos something, but she does not say anything.


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