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Itaewon Class: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In her office, Min-jung gets a text that talks about the details of the chairman’s schedule.

Then Ho-joon gets the message. He calls someone.

SRY picks up and smiles at Yi-seo. Then he tells the executive director, let’s do it.

In his office, Geun-won looks at the computer and thinks something is crazy.

Then we see on the news that someone posted a public notice that JangGa they are firing the CEO.


Min-ung sits at the head of the meeting and tells them all that JangGa is not just a company, we are the top company in the food industry. It shuold  not be controlled by family issues. I am not happy that I served the chairman so long.

Then Geun-woo bursts in and throws papers all around. He asks if she is crazy to fire the CEO? How can you do this! Abogi did not do anything wrong!

She stands up and pushes Geun-won. She tells him that it is all because you you! Putting someone like you as the director! To embrace you, he abandoned the company, that is what is at fault.

He tells her that she said last time…

She tells him that the company is taking care of it, I am solving it now, okay? Then she turns to the group and tells them that they will continue the meeting. 

He leaves looking like a wet blanket and then sees Soo-ah staring at him in the hallway. She tells him that she saw it. The meeting to fire him. Geun-won says it is because of him. Soo-ah says that she told the chairman that he had to abandon you. The chairman was angry and said that he cannot do it. I hate that blood is thicker than water.

She walks past him.


Meanwhile, Soo looks out over Itaewon and thinks. Hyun-yi comes up and asks if he is okay. He asks if she is worried about him. She says no but then says that actually he is the one that people should worry about.

He tells her that he thought it didn’t matter, but I could not imagine that abogi got destroyed. Maybe I did not want to see it. I know what abogi did to Royi hyung. 

Hyun-yi says she understands, he is your father.

Inside Danbam, Yi-seo tells SRy and team that the shareholders will decide to fire the chairman or not. Then Geun-soo comes back into the room. SRY tells him that they are talking about the dismissal of chairman Jang. You know that your father is my enemy. My goal is to make him pay for his sin and to be more successful than him. To do that, I will do anything.

Hyun-yi says that he should not say that in front of Soo.

SRY continues and says that he can’t take care of Soo’s feelings and he does not want to do it as well. You don’t want that kind of shallow consideration.

Soo hangs his head and then tells SRY that he is really sorry and will get some cold air. Hyun-yi goes after him. Yi-seo talks to SRY and tells him that this situation would happen anyway. You knew it.

Yi-seo goes to a brige and thinks about what SRY said abotu not thinking about considering his emotions. And about how SRy wants to make his father pay for his sins and to be more successful than him. And how he will do anything for that.

Soo’s internal monologue is that he is more impressed by Saeroyi. He thinks back to Yi-seo telling Soo that he is a pushover that doesn’t want anything. he starts to run while thinking about Yi-seo telling him that if he really wants her then he will take over JangGa.

VO – You said I can do that? That I can be greedy?


The chairman is in his office. Soo-ah and Geun-won are there as well. Geun-won tells him that he is going to the courthouse. he will give his statement and then come back to work as the lawyer said. Then he mentions the board meeting.

The chairman says that he will always lead JangGa. JangGa is my life. No one can fire me. You take care of yourself, don’t worry about me. Geun-won bows and says he will be back. His father calls his name and then straightens his tie for him.

He tells him, in order to give you the company I tried to raise you strictly. As a father, I never even hugged you properly.

So he walks in and gives him a hug. Geun-won starts to cry.

Then the chairman warmly touches Geun-won’s cheek and tells him to go. he tells secretary Kim to take good care of him. Geun-won tells him he will be back. Cheer up abogi. The chairman smiles.

Geun-won walks out. Once he is out, the chairman tells Soo-ah that they should go. Soo-ah asks, huh? We have 4 hours left. He turns to her darkly and then looks away.



In the lobby, Geun-woo sees Saeroyi walking into the building dressed just as sharply as he is. he walks up to him and asks how dare he is here.

SRY tells him he is a share holder, he is here for the vote to dismiss chairman Jang. Geun-won grips him by the collar. Saeroyi thanks him and says that the thing he did not even see the end to is possible because of you.

The secretary pulls Geun-won away and tells him not to make this matter bigger. Let’s go, we don’t have time. So Geun-won shoulders his way past SRy. SRY fixes his necktie, checks his watch, and heads inside.


All the Doldam team are nervous about the board meeting. they also are worried about Geun-soo. They wonder what he is thinking during all this.  Yi-seo thinks it is a worthless thing to worry about. But SK wants to worry about it and calls her cold.

But then Yi-seo sees something on her phone and tells them to look at this.


In a conference room, lots of news crews and reporters are around to hear the chairman’s speech. JangGa steps to the stage and says that he is not there as the chairman, he is there as a father.

Everyone is surprised to see that the old man is having a press conference.

The chairman continues and says that all this problem is his fault for not educating his son well. I regret that and am sorry to everyone. He deeply bows to them. Then he says that his son is under prosecutor investigation for a hit and run case 10 years ago. The lawyer told me that there is not enough evidence so he will not be prosecuted, my son will be found not guilty.

Ho-joon, SRY, and Min-jung are all siting together in a room. Ho-joon says that this kind of show will not work. But they are all looking at the news carefully.

The chairman says that when his son came back from the prosecutors office, I heard it from my own son. The hit and run case 10 years ago. He did it.

Ho-joon falls into his seat. Min-jung mutters, counter attack.

The chairman starts to sob and everyone takes his photo.

Everyone looks on. Yi-seo looks on and Geun-won looks on as well.

The chairman continues and says that the money he gave his son to have company experience, he hired someone….

Geun-won tells the secretary to stop the car! he secretary says that he ahs to take him there directly.

….I couldn’t believe it, that day I knew what happened. And I confirmed it with my sons confession.

Geun-won cannot believe what is happened. He hops out of the car in the middle of traffic and runs back. the secretary hops out too, cursing himself that the door was not properly locked.

Geun-won continues running.

….It is all my fault, I was just running int he company and did not educate my son well. It is all my fault. What is the proper thing to do as a father? As a father I knew the truth, and even though it was painful, I gave all the evidence to the prosecutors office.

Ho-joon, SRY, and Min-jung continue looking.

…as the last thing that a father can do, he needs to pay for what he did…

SRY runs to the bathroom and throws up.

.…I am sorry to the victim and his family. I will live my life being very sorry to them. I am sorry. I am sorry….

He bows all the way to the ground.

Soo-ah gasps and covers her mouth as she watches him.



Right after the press conference, the chairman walks out just as Geun-won runs around. Geun-won sees the chairman hounded by reporters. The chairman looks at Geun-won sternly. Geun-won thinks back to his father hugging him for the first time.

The reporters see Geun-won and run to him to ask if what he said is true? How do you feel? Did you do all of this alone? 

Geun-won just looks at his father for a long moment and then bows his head with tears falling. His father gets into the car. Geun-won watches him drive away.

The reporters ask Geun-won to answer. He says it is all his fault.

In the bathroom, Saeroyi has finished throwing up and sits holding his head.

VO – The dismissal of the chairman has been majority voted against.


Min-jung meets with the chairman in his office. He tells her that this is what happened, I have no bad feelings toward you because you did it for JangGa.

The secretary comes in with tea.

The chairman says that the secretary is good at brewing tea. But she is your person so you should know that already. The secretary pauses in alarm. He tells her to leave so she runs out.

Min-jung asks how long he knew it. The Dae-hee says that he always checks on her so you should be more careful. You are not meticulous enough. that is why you in this situation now. You shuold be sad.

She says she is not that sad. because I did not know that you were this great.

He tells her that he has no bad feelings, but he is also sad that he can’t fire her because of her father.

She asks what he is going to do?

He tells her to go to the countryside and cool off. Then come back.



Saeroyi goes to the JangGa restaurant in itaewon. he meets Min-jung and Ho-joon there. She happily greets him and says that they did not even have drinks together as partners. Ho-joon apologizes and says that it isi his mistake.

She softly tells him that she said to stop. SRY asks what she is going to do now. She says that all the poeple in her line are out and I am going to the country side. Ho-joon apologizes again. She tells him to stop. 

Several drinks later, the team is very drunk. Ho-joon heads to the bathroom and apologizes again. Min-jung drunkelny wonders why he is so sorry, I am the one that decided everything. then she asks SRY what he is going to do? He says that he will think about something else.

She asks, chairman Jang? He nods.

She tells him that he is still not giving up. He says no, how can I give up.

We have no chance.

Well, I did not have a chance when I was a high school graduate with no money and an ex convict. We are all destroyed but Geun-won paid for his sin and chairman Jang lost his son.

Well, I lost everything, is that not good enough?

You are the victim, not me, I am sorry. I will continue.

He takes a drink. She looks at him.

I told you before that you are an a-hole.

She pours him a drink and asks about his watch, is it your fathers?

He says yes, I wear it sometimes when I have an important thing to do.

She says, in 1997 IMF crisis, JangGa was in trouble. The country itself was in trouble. There was one menu item that saved JangGa during that time. She points to the item on the table which is spicy pork. 

He says that he read it in his autobiography book. Chairman Jang made it himself. I heard that was the menu that made JangGa the Jangga of now.

Min-jung nods and says the current JangGa is…well…exists because of this sauce. Marketing these stories, it is better to say that the chairman made it, not one of the employees.

SRY asks, what?

Min-jung tells him, your father made this sauce, your father made this side dish, and he got the watch to say that chairman jang made it.

SRY looks at his watch.

Min-jung continues and says that SRY’s father should not have been fired like that. So lets make it that I am the only one destroyed as you said. You should be much better than me, who gave up. give me your hand.

He gives her his hand.

She hits it like a low 5.

MJ – You are the next. Win, Park Saeroyi.


The judge starts to list all of Geun-won’s wrong doings. Then he says that he should be in jail for 7 years. Geun-won looks at his father and SRY in the audience. SRY does not look at him. Neither does his father.

Everyone leaves. Only SRY and the father and secretary are left.

Then SRY gets up to leave. Dae-hee tells him, you should be happy. SRY turns around and says, of course not. You are still sitting there.

The chairman walks up to him.

DH – yes, it was a good choice to use Min-jung. JangGa is not a castle that collapses so easily.

SRY – I want to ask you, is it the castle that you have to save by selling your own son?

DH – For JangGa, I can do anything. But, it hurt a lot.

SRY – He is just paying his sentence.

DH – you crossed the line.

SRY – You did not pay for what you did. You are next.

DH – You told me I am your enemy.

SRY – Yes.

DH – Yes, Jang Dae-hee is taking you as my opponent, so see what I will do.

SRY – Me too, with everything I have, I can give you the same promise.

They both stare at each other in a stand off.

Then we cut to SRy going to his fathers tomb by the sea. he tells him that it was so close but he did not even come. 

SRY – Your bad son who could not even finish the funeral and went to jail. I am really sorry. 

He looks at the news report that talks about Geun-won going to jail.

SRY kneels on the ground.

SRY – This bad son, I am not good but I have a lot of good people around. You should have worried about me being alone.

He pours a drink for his father and one for himself.

SRY – Don’t worry and rest well.

He takes a drink and bows his head to tear up. But then he hears his father his father ask him how his drink was?

He looks up and sees his father in the bar when he had his first drink. 

SRY – It is still bitter.

He starts to cry.

Fade Out


Aw, what a strong ending. It was a rollercoaster of a ride to find out if they can accomplish their goal and such a bummer that they did accomplish one part of it but failed in the other part. But then it felt so good to find out that Saeroyi’s father actually did make that sauce that he was selling in the beginning of the show which gave SRY a renewed verve and passion to defeat JangGa.

I love that the father made that sauce because I initially thought that the father made it when he was selling it in the first episode. But then I thought, well, maybe he was just a really good salesman. And now we are back with him actually making it. that is so wonderful and shows that the cooking gene did not fall far from the tree.

I hope SRY is able to make his own signature sauce that people will come from miles around to try and which will send his shop into the stratosphere. In fact, he need to go looking for his fathers old recipes!


Soo – I will quit Danbam

YS – Why are you coming in and quitting now? 

Soo – I am going to live my life greedy.

Soo – Hello General manager Oh

SRY – Investing is a little too early

YS – When are you going to catch up with JangGa?

SRY – Yi-seo

GS – Have you ever seen Yi-seo as a woman?

YS – Hey, why are you always acting like a child?

YS – I love you

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    I too am loving this drama, but wouldn t necessarily give the numbers as much weight as normal. As stated in the end of the article, with the current COVID19 outbreak in Korea more viewers are likely at home and watching…

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    ♥️🤗 this drama!

  3. June 5, 2020 / 2:53 am

    I am loving this drama, but wouldn t necessarily give the numbers as much weight as normal. As stated in the end of the article, with the current COVID19 outbreak in Korea more viewers are likely at home and watching…

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