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Itaewon Class: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

Itaewon Class: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

Alright, who thinks they are going to use Yi-seo’s recording today? Because that is something big that they can use to keep JangGa off their back, or perhaps Saeroyi could take it to the cops straight away? But the cops are all bought off, so maybe they will just release it to the public?

With Yi-seo on the team, I have a feeling that releasing it on her social media and website might be the next step. Or maybe they won’t do anything with it? Argh, I must know!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Yi-seo sits with Geun-soo and tells him to stop here. Just stop. He looks confused so she plays the recording over for him. “Law is for ruling the poor, it is  not applicable for the ruler….can you tell me in details?….Nothing much, it was an accident. I hit his father and he died on site, but I had someone to take the blame. That’s it.”

He asks what she is doing? She tells him that she has never seen a dumb guy like him before. He tries to take her phone. She puts it away and tells him that she loves her boss like crazy. The problem is that his head is all filled with that F-ing JangGa. I am jealous of that – you bug.

He stands up to hit her.

She stands at the same time and throws her hot coffee on him.

He winces in pain and grabs his face.

YS – So, I will destroy everything.

She bow and walks out. He yells her name and starts running after her. He catches her outside and slaps her to the ground. She tells him that he hid a murder and now has added violence. He tells her to give him her cell phone before he kills her.

She tells him, don’y you know this is Itaewon?

Then she starts to yell for help and all the men from all the foreign countries come out to help her. He tells her that there is one sure thing here. He then pulls out a wad of money and throws it into the air. It comes down as rain and the people start to grab it but also look on confused. Geun-won tells Yi-seo that this is the universal language.

But then Saeroyi punches Geun-won and asks her why she is here. She is happy to see SRy and tells him that she recorded what he did! We can reinvestigate your fathers crime!

But he is more concerned with her face. So he walks to Geun-won and asks if he did it? Did you make Yi-seo’s face like that? Geun-won does not deny it and says that he can hit him and go to jail for attempted murder again.

Yi-seo yells for SRY to stop and motions for them to just go.

The cops show up, Geun-won tries to walk away, but all the foreigner men stop him so that the cops can arrest him (lol, they got money and put him in jail). The cops drive off with Geun-won inside.

SRY asks Yi-seo if she is okay. She says she is fine, it is all done. It is enough that you worry about me and are angry for me. He tells her he is sorry and gives her a big hug. She happily sinks into it.


The news talks about the violent event in Itaewon last night and how the person who caused it was JangGa’s oldest son. The public opinion is bad again for JangGa. 

Everyone heres this news report.

The news continues and says that the victim said that she became angry that she recorded his old crime. So he hit her.


At the company, Geun-won gets hit several times by the chairman for hitting Yi-seo instead of scouting her. Geun-won apologizes. The chairman is also upset that he confessed his hit and run. He just tells him to go, you don’t deserve to get hit. 

Geun-won leaves and bangs his fist against the wall as h walks away. Kang Min-jung sees him and asks what he is doing alone? She sighs and asks if his father hit his grown up son again? Are you okay? 

He says that he deserved to get hit and apologizes to her. She tells him that it already happened so you are JangGa’s next heir, don’t be too depressed like that. be confident, the company will take care of it.

Min-jung goes into the chairman’s office and tells him that he has to fire Geun-won. Ten years ago with Manager Parks case and what you did to cover it up, if that is revealed then you will be involved also. Then it won’t only be your family thing.

He leans in and asks how she knows that?

She says that Yi-seo’s recorded file is revealed. Geun-won just graduated high school when that incident happened, he could not cover it up on his own. So you have to pick on, the company or your son. (It seems as if the recording was released)



The team cleans Danbam but it looks a bit awkward. Soo tells KS that he will clean the restroom so he goes to do that. then SK tells SRY that he knows what happened to his family with JangGa now. Hyun-yi also says that they don’t know what to do.

Yi-seo says that Hyun-yi should just cook and SK should just serve the food. So SRY says that Yi-seo is right, just work.

Then SRY gets a call to meet right now from someone. Yi-seo looks at him curiously.

Cut to Yi-seo and SRY walking to a meeting with Ho-joon and executive Min-jung. Ho-joon is pretty surprised for Yi-seo to be at their meeting, but SRY says it is improtant for her to be there. So SRy introduces her as the manager of Danbam.

She says that she say Yi-seo at the seminar, so it was you that posted Jang-geum’s confession on SNS? She nods. Min-jung says, even though I am working with SRY, I am the executive director of JangGa, our stock went down so much because of what you did.

Yi-seo mentions that the stock can go down at any time.

SRY tells Ho-joon and MJ that they talked about it already. Yi-seo continues and says that chairman Jang is JangGa itself so when you become the chairman, what do you think the stock price will do? MJ mutters that this little kid is so straight. Yi-seo says that this is her best chance. The stock went down a lot with the chairmans son and what happened before has happened now again. What do you think the shareholders are thinking? I think that they are thinking, “ugh, this family does not deserve to lead JangGa”

Ho-joon asks SRY if he thinks the same? SRY says yes, this is the best time to fire the CEO.

MJ asks Ho-joon what he thinks? Ho-joon thinks it could be possible so MJ tells YS to continue. Yi-seo says that JangGa and the chairman are one and the same. It is too risky to oppose him. if it fails then you might collapse. You have to clear two conditions. Even though we have the recordings, they are not valid in court.

Yi-seo says that the first condition is – ….~.

But then the camera cuts to Byeong-hun eating breakfast with his daughter. But he is not eating. She asks why. He tells her that appa has to tell her something. Appa did something wrong before to Royi oppa…~.

Elsewhere, Saeroyi is riding int he car with Mung-jung. they are going to Byeong-hun’s place. But then they see the officer walking the street looking confused. They stop so he tells them that he is looking for Haewon, his daughter. They hop out and start running around for her.

Mung-jung wonders why this little kid is always missing every time she sees her. But she does help. Byeong-hun tells SRY that she was surprised that I decided to turn myself in. She hated seeing her appa like this. So she just left.

Min-jung is the first one to find her. she is sitting on a bench in the park. So Min-jung sits next to her, out of breath, and tells her that this big eunnie has to work out too much for you. How can a primary school kid leave home like that? 

The father finds her next and walks to the bench with Saeroyi. Haewon is pretty sad about the entire situation and says that the police shouldn’t do that. She feels so sorry for Royi oppa. But she doesn’t want her appa to get punished and be separated from him.

Min-jung tells Haewon that her appa should have a hard time too. he doesn’t want to be separated from you either. Anyone can make a mistake but not everyone will be responsible for it. Only those people who are brave are responsible. You told me your appa was reliable and cool. Your appa wants to be the cool appa who deserves to be your father. that is why he is brave, so we should support him.

Appa and daughter have a moment where he gives her a big hug and apologizes. She cries into his shoulder. He tells her that appa will be a confident person so don’t cry.

Flasback to Yi-seo saying that the first condition is to put Jang Geun-won in jail. To do that, Detective Oh must turn himself in.



Jang Geun-won walks into the courthouse and is swarmed by news reporters and media who barrage him with questions about the cover up for the hit and run case as he walks inside.

Elsewhere, Yi-seo tells the team that they cleared the first condition. The second condition is that Min-jung needs to find out what executive Jang thinks. You have to see if he wants to protect Geun-won or not respond or abandon him. This is the key point.

SRY asks, what if he abandons his son? Yi-seo says that they would have to give up for now. Ho-joon thinks that is nonsense. Executive director, your share and your supporters shares and the people who betray Jang is already a win. But we should stop here?

Yi-seo explains that it is possible, but if he chooses the company over the son then that might be good enough to comfort the shareholders.

Min-jung says that Jang loves the company more than others, but as for his family…

SRY starts to speak and says that he will abandon his son, he can do that.

Min-jung tells him that this means that what they did is a lost effort, do yo understand that?

Saeroyi mentions that they need a plan B. They need more evidence.

Ho-joon asks, so you want to reveal the truth about your fathers death? Saeroyi, you need to be objective. Do you think Chairman Jang  was messy when he did it? Even prosecutors did not find out that Jang was involved. You know the last “No JangGa” movement and now, chairman Jang knows the most with hos dumb Geun-won is and yet he still picked him as the heir. Chairman jang will never abandon his son.

Ming-jung says that they still have time, they need to be careful. Lets see what happens.


The charman is in his office with Geun-won and a small team to talk about the situation. Soo-ah is apart of it. The lawyer talks about the evidence and all these circumstances. Basically, there is a CCTV that is hard to see anything and only the officers confession for what he did, so we could prove him not guilty.

Geun-won says that is good. Hi father asks, that is good? Because of your mouth do you see what happened in the company now? A 12% decrease in stock! Do you know how much that is? Geun-won apologizes. So Jang tells everyone that they can leave. But he has Soo-ah stay.

He tells Soo-ah that he can’t do as he wants with his son. Kids are the most difficult things. Soo-ah says that he takes her as his own family member. He says that is why he can say this weak thing in front of her.

She tells him that this might be difficult, but you have to abandon Jang Geun-won. 

He looks at her strongly and asks what she is talking about? Don’t you know that he can be found not guilty?

She says guilty or not guilty, JangGa’s image and your image are harmed by Geun-won. What if the executive director thinks of something during this time. it could be dangerous. the only way to solve this situation is one way – abandon Jang Geun-won yourself.

He walks up to her and tells her to sit down.

So they both sit. then he tells her that he never told her the reason he made JangGa. I was born the oldest in the fall. In that time of turbulence, my youngest sibling died from hunger and my 2nd and 3rd died eating food on the street. I just made JangGa to feed my family nice things. But, me by myself, abandon my own son. that is nonsense.

Soo-ah says, but chairman…

The chairman continues and says that small neighborhood businesses should know the town. Good companies know the trend well. Top companies like JangGa have to know the people of Korea. they get heated quickly and get extinguished quickly. A 12% decrease? What about 8 years ago? That was 37%, almost half, and yet it rebounded in half a year. Why?  It is the essence of the food company, it is because JangGa tastes good.

Min-jung wants to be the heir, but to fire me? JangGa is me. Min-jung knows that better than others.

Soo-ha apologizes and says that she did not think enough. The chairman tells her to never ever tell him to abandon his own family again.


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  1. March 1, 2020 / 10:58 am

    DUHHHH. THIS SHOW IS GOODT. Had me Crying.Smiling.Ready to fight. Like this show is so freaking good. i be so mad i have to wait a whole week to watch the next episode, but it is worth the wait. WATCH IT!!

    SAVAGE. The reason why i love this show so much.

    • V
      March 1, 2020 / 6:48 pm

      So glad you are dropping by, Tang! ☺️And yes, this show is great so far. I love how it has picked up and has me guessing how things are going to shake out!

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