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Itaewon Class: Episode 1 Recap – Part 2

Itaewon Class: Episode 1 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Itaewon Class!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




All the kids look out the high school window at the rich kid driving his fancy car. Soo-ah does not care and continues working. She leaves class and sees a posting about Universities and college acceptance. Then she sees the kid that was bullied. He is looking at a sign that says that park Sae-ro-yi is expelled.

On her way out, she sees rich kid Guen-won who tries to brag about his car to her. he wants to give her a ride but she doesn’t want to receive it. he asks whats wrong, did something happen? Oh, that’s right, our company cut sponsoring to the orphanage. Don’t worry, I will talk to father.

She tells him sarcastically, it is not about that, without that sponsorship, will I starve? She walks off.

Later on, Saeroyi stops by Soo-ah’s corner store to eat noodles. She talks to him about getting fired. he says he quit, don’t worry about it. he is also going to pay for her college tuition so she feels guilty about that. She also mutters that his son is just like him.

He asks why she is so cranky so she tells him it is because he was fired from work. He tells her to live a good life. She is worrying about failing her exam. He thinks, if it is not this year then it will be next year.

They keep playfully bantering back and forth about school and being fired and growing up well. He is happy that the angry little girl he knew grew up to be this person. So he tells her to go to college, become successful, and pay me double. 

She says she will pay him three times, not two times. So he says okay and asks for more leftover kimbap or something like that. She asks if one day expired is okay and they laugh.


The chairman talks to Jung-min about why Park Sung-yeol was fired. The founder asks, wasn’t he your mentor? I know you have a deep relationship. She says yes and also mentions that she thought the chairman also had a deep relationship with him. You know that our company grew because of his ability ~.

But the chairman sets his cup on the table hard and then leans back and tells Jung-min – a dog that doesn’t recognize the owner, what should the owner do? Listen to me, I am authoritarian. Do you know why? I made this business from a little business to a huge business with your father. I take you as my daughter, but don’t instigate too much.

In the morning, So-ah forgets her exam receipt or exam number or something so she has to go running back home for it. While running, she sees Saeroyi who is out running for exercise.

He asks her why she is not taking the bus? She says she left her ID and everything so she has to run to get it back. She can’t take the bus because she will be late waiting for it.

it looks like she already got her stuff so she is running to the place now. He takes her bag and says she can be her pacemaker. But she takes her bag back and starts running without him.

But he sets his watch and starts running next to her to make her get there on time as her pacemaker.

She is crazy tired though and has to take a break. He tells her not to give up and tries to help her get there. But she doesn’t want his help and keeps running. So he tries to push her up the hill to help her out.

By the end, he is basically dragging her to the building by her backpack.

He tells her to have a good exam and cheers her on. But she just tells him that he worries unnecessarily, I will do well. he smiles. Inside, she also smiles.



After the exam, she walks out and sees Saeroyi waiting for her. He asks how her interview went. She asks why he is waiting for her. But he is reluctant to answer.

She starts to walk away, but he tells her, can I still use my appa’s chance and be your friend. She smiles and says that is okay.

So they go hang out by a river. She asks why he wants to be her friend since he hates her. He tells her that back then he thought she was cold blooded, but now I understand why you do that. You are just twisted.

She asks if he really wants to be friends? He says, you don’t like getting help and you don’t like helping others right? She says that she should be thankful in her situation. But do you know what pitying other is? Those screwed up emotions that look down on people and feel happy about it.

He asks, what about my appa? She tells him he is different. He asks, what is different? She tells him, you don’t have to know.

But she also adds, you don’t you regret hitting Jang Geun-won? Even though he does bad things, no one could stop him. Teachers are all the same. But as soon as you moved, you made that noise. You were cool.

He is so happy she said that. She adds, but you were kicked out. I can’t live like you ajusshi and I don’t want to.

He asks, why are you talking about it?

She says, just because, let’s go. 

he stammers, do you have a cell phone? ….  I told you I want to be your friend.

She says that she will put her number into his phone and mentions that as her friend he should not like her. Because a stubborn person like you ives women a hard time. So you should not like me.

he tells her, in human life, you don’t know what will happen. She tries to get her number back. He keeps his phone and tells her, you….are cool enough. You are also pretty.

He smiles and runs away.

Later on, he helps his father with opening the business. They talk about the name of the street vendor. The father thinks Sae-Ro-Yi. But Saeroyi thinks that is dumb. So appa tells him to make the name.

Saeroyi thinks and we hear a monologue in his head as we see a montage of their lives as they start to set up the business.

VO – I feel the same life, but different emotions and live daily.

She has a fun time with Saeroyi and his father in the evening and a miserable life at school with the lunatic Jang Geun-woo who bullies everyone.

VO – Even though i am young, I feel like this is life. Appa will laugh at the things that I am thinking about.

Cut to Appa talking on the phone as he drives his scooter and talks to Saeroyi on the phone. But then he gets hit in the back by a car and falls down a ravine and might hit a tree, not sure.

but it did look like Geun-won’s special edition car hit him.

Saeroyi waits for his father.

The father tries to crawl to his family picture but stops. he dies.

VO – That day, appa didn’t come back.



Saeroyi holds the funeral for his appa.  

We see a flashback to Saeroyi and his father leaving school the day he got expelled. He sniffs and apologizes to his appa as he walks across the school field.

His appa looks at him. Saeroyi asks him what he is thinking?

Appa – My son was kicked out of school the first day he moved. So – I don’t have to buy your uniform. *smiles*

Then he continues walking on.

Saeroyi continues thinking about it. Soo-ah brings him food. She tells him he has to eat something or he will pass out.

Saeroyi – Strangely, I only have the memory of receiving. I only took it for granted. Why did I take it for granted. I was crazy.

Plain clothed policemen come to the funeral and explain that the accuser turned himself in. They want to have an agreement. They give him the information. The man on the photo is not Geun-won.

Saeroyi asks, is this the value of my fathers life? The officer tells him that he understands his loss, but…~.

Saeroyi collapses. Soo-ah tells the cops that SRY has not eaten for days, can we do this later? The officers give their card to her and say to talk later.

She picks up the forms and tells SRY to rest, otherwise he will pass out. While picking up the pictures, she sees the car and notices the 7777 on the car that Geun -won showed her. She wonders why this is here? This is Jang Geun-won’s car.

SRY asks, are you sure? he looks at the car and asks, are you sure it is his car? She nods and says it is a limited edition and I am sure of his plate number.

SRY stands up and asks her to stay there for him for a moment. He gives her the arm band and heads out. She runs after him and asks what he is going to do! You should tell the police first!

But she looks at him and knows that he is not going to do that. So she lets him go.

SRY goes to the school but does not see him in class. So he keeps walking looking for him.

VO – Family…appa…before I even realized what he did for me, I lost that.

It starts to rain. He keeps looking.

VO – One was everything….my heart hurt because he only looked at me. That is how he could work hard. Father was the meaning of life for me also.

He sees Geun-won sitting outside with a broken arm and a cigarette. He loosens his tie and approaches him.

GW tries to stumble away, but falls on the ground. SRY thinks back to the chairman.

VO – He took everything from me.

SRY takes off his tie.

SRY – If you are that surprised then it is obvious. You did it. 

He punches him.

Geun-won tells him to wait! Let’s talk!

SRY asks why didn’t you call the hospital? he pushes him to the ground.

Geun-won starts to crawl away and yells for help.

SRY grabs him by his hair and asks him, why did you kill my father? Why! GW mutters that he is sorry. SRY punches him.

SRY – It is too late *sobs* he is dead. A living person is dead and you killed him. Apologize to him in person. Die! Die! Die!

He keeps punching him as he yells at him and then picks up a rock to smash his head in. GW is passed out on the ground.

SRY throws the rock, but the camera cuts off so we don’t know if he actually threw it at GW’s head.

Fade Out


Okay, this episode bored me to tears. It felt so long. Not giving up on it yet, though!

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