Our book Sticking to Emma Daniels is officially released and in the wild! To honor release day weekend, we have removed all ads from our site for the entire weekend and, WOW, I knew I loved our site without ads on it, I just forgot how much better it looked!

Seriously it is like it dropped that freshman 15 and went to the spa. Drama Milk, you look Gaw-jeous!

Our goal is to use our books profits is to remove all ads from our site so we thought it fitting to do that for release day weekend!

We set up an “OUR BOOKS” tab in our Menu where you can find all of the information on our book Sticking to Emma Daniels as well as the other books we have coming out soon (hopefully this Fall and Winter).

We hope you love our clean site just as much as I do and we hope you can spread the word to anyone you know about our book.


We would also like to put a special call out to people who purchased the book to also leave a review on Amazon if you enjoyed it! We receive our first review on the book and it made my heart so full and happy. If this is one of our readers over here then THANK YOU SO MUCH 😘😘😘😘😘😘.

Reviews are the #1 way for people to find out book to purchase it or borrow it in the Kindle Unlimited program so they are very very important and appreciated. Plus, I plan on reading them all so I can get a peek inside readers heads to see what they loved and what to write more about. For instance, should I do an amnesia trope or naaaaaaah 😁.

You can go to our Amazon book page HERE and you can leave a review HERE! We are looking for one hundred million star reviews in the sky (see what I did there?).

A hundred million thank yous to everyone who purchased the book so far! Words cannot express how much that means to us and this site.

This is the last weekend that Sticking to Emma Daniels will be at $2.99. It will be going up to $3.99 starting late Sunday night/early Monday morning at midnight. In addition, we figured out how to format our book for print, so now we have the book available in ebook form and in print (for $10.99). All that is explained in our OUR BOOK section on our Header Menu.

Okay, off to do a bunch of recaps today. But can I just comment about how gorgeous our site is once again without ads! You are a sexy beast Drama Milk, with just the right amount of sass.

Kisses Everyone! 😘

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