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[Interview] Park Seo-joon Grazia 2014: You are warm

박서준 Interview

Park Seo-joon (박서준) is burning the house down with his portrayal of the innocent and delightful Ko Dong-man in Fight My Way. His acting skills are impressing me to no end. How can he be so heartfelt and genuine and also an absolute buffoon? I should probably throw handsome or sexy in there too, but his character actually hasn’t expressed those attributes. Park Seo-joon himself is, but his character of Dong-man is just lovable, adorable, and awkward. I love him.

Park Seo-joon sat for an interview with Grazia magazine back in 2014 during his drama One Warm Word. This interview is pretty insightful as to his thinking process and his steadfastness. He also gave out little tidbits into the type of woman he likes (the kind he can protect). The full interview is below.

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Grazia Magazine
February 5, 2014
Translated by Bah+Doo

박서준 Interview

너무나 솔직해서 훈훈한 [따뜻한 말 한마디]의 그 남자.
So honest, therefore, so warm, the man from One Warm Word

따뜻하다 박서준
Park Seo-joon, you are warm

따뜻한 말 한마디]의 수확은 이 남자. 결혼관도 라이벌도 너무 솔직해서 훈훈하다.
This man is what we got from One Warm Word. He is so warm because he is so honest about his outlook on marriage and rivals.

아침 촬영이라 짜증 났죠? 얼굴도 붓고.
전혀요. 시간이 그때만 비니까 할 수 없죠. 요즘엔 전시도 영화도 다 끊었어요. ‘
Are you annoyed because it is a morning shoot? Your face is swollen as well.
Not at all. I only have time in the morning, so I have no other choice. I recently stopped going to exhibits and movies as well.

드라마 <따뜻한 말 한마디> 찍느라고요?
그렇죠. 예전에는 혼자 전시도 보며 잘 돌아다녔는데, 요즘엔 시간이 생겨도 안 나가요. 귀찮아서 집에만 있어요.
Because of the shooting schedule for One Warm World?
Yes. I use to walk around and do things like go to exhibits, but I don’t do that anymore even if I have time. I just stay at home now because I am so tired.

취미도 없어요?
촬영이 있으면 거기에 매진해야 하니까 다른 부분을 포기하는 거죠. 컨디션 관리가 중요하니까요. 패션에 관심은 많아요.
컬렉션을 챙겨 본다기보단 옷을 사서 코디해 보는 게 재미있어요. 본인 수준에서 적당하게 쇼핑만 한다면 스트레스 푸는 수단으로 좋은 것 같아요.
Do you have a hobby?
When I am in a drama, I have to give up other things to fully focus on it. It is important to pace myself. I am interested in fashion. I am not necessary watching fashion shows, but it is fun to buy clothes and match them. Dependent on your financial situation, if you shop moderately then shopping is a good way to release stress.

요즘 꽂혀 있는 스타일은 뭐예요?
믹스 매치를 추구해요. 슈트에 조던 운동화, 청바지에 구두를 신죠. 패션을 다루는 방송에서는 옷차림 레시피를 얘기하잖아요.
전 별로예요. 대중의 관심을 끌기 위한 구성이지만, 패션에 대한 고정관념만 생기죠. 패션은 정석이 아니라 시도예요.
What style do you like recently?
I like to mix and match styles: Air Jordans with suits or jeans with dress shoes. Fashion shows talk about the recipe for dressing up but I don’t like them that much. They are there to draw attention from the public, but it only creates a stereotype of fashion. Fashion is trial and error, not a standard procedure.

인터뷰 후엔 <뮤직뱅크>에 MC 보러 가죠?
가수들의 축제에 괜히 낀 것 같고, 생방송 중 실수도 많아 어려워요. 그래도 적응하기 어렵다기보단 새로운 경험이라 생각해요.
내게 주어진 일이니까 성의를 다해야죠.
After this interview, are you are going to MC for [Music Bank]?
I don’t feel comfortable being at a singer’s party (music bank is all about singers), also it is difficult because the show is aired live and I make a lot of mistakes. However, I take it as a new experience rather than something difficult to adapt to. I do my best because it is my job.

새로운 걸 즐기는 편인가요?
무엇이든 회피하지 않고 즐기려고 해요.
Do you enjoy new things?
I try to enjoy them, not dodge them.

두려운 건 뭔가요?
특별히 없어요. 대신 20대 후반이 되면서 고민이 생겼어요. 연기자나 가수나 매력을 파는 직업인데, 그 매력에도 끝이 있잖아요. 모두 소진되면 어떻게 해야 할까요. 소위 그릇에 비유하잖아요. 내 그릇은 얼마만 한지, 혹시 이미 찼는데 억지로 만들어내는 건 아닌지 고민이에요. 대중은 자극적인 걸 원하니까요. <뮤직뱅크>에서도 보면 아이돌들이 매번 더 센 콘셉트로 나와요.
What are you afraid of?
Nothing in particular. But I do have one concern as I move into my late 20’s. Entertainment is a job that sells your charm, but charm has its end. What should I do when I spend all my charm? People usually compare this to a bowl (in capacity), so I think about the size of my bowl a lot, is it already at it’s maximum, am I artificially making more space.

연기자들도 변신에 대한 강박이 있잖아요.
그 문제에 대해 생각을 많이 했어요. 갑작스러운 변신은 ‘오버’인 것 같아요. 무리가 오고 소화가 안 되죠. 제 경험치가 이만큼인데 80대 노인 역할을 할 순 없잖아요. 제가 할 수 있는 것들을 선택하면서 필모그래피를 채우고 싶어요. 지금 해야 할 것도 얼마나 많은데요.
Actors have an obsession on transformation, right?
I have thought about this a lot. I think sudden transformation is “unnatural” (he said “over”… in Korea, people say “over” a lot for exaggerated or excess. Perhaps “extra” might be a good term). Then I have to force myself and it becomes artificial. With my current experience, I cannot take the role of an 80-year-old grandpa. I want to fill my filmography with things I can do now. I have a lot of things to do as of now.

박서준 Interview

계획도 잘 세우던데요. 연기학과에 진학하고, 2010년 5월에 미리 군대를 다녀오고, 그해에 소속사 찾고, 1년 동안 준비해서 데뷔하자고 계획했다죠.
계획을 짜진 않았고 바란 거죠. 무언가를 하고 싶다, 할 것이다라고 생각하면 몸이 움직이고 있더라고요.
It seems like you make strategic moves. I heard you went to acting school, returned from Army service in May 2010, found an agency in that year, and prepared for a year and debuted.
I didn’t make a strategic plan, I just wanted it. When I want to do something, and I am determined to get it, my body is already making a move.

[금 나와라 뚝딱!] 출연도 잘됐고, 바라는 대로 이뤄졌네요.
계획보다는 동기 덕분이에요. 그만큼 하고 싶었기에 움직인 거고, 그 결과가 온 거죠.
You were cast in Pots of Gold successfully, so you accomplished things as you wished.
It is not because of my planning, but my desire. Because I really wanted it, I made a move, therefore, I got the result.

지금의 가장 큰 목표는 뭐예요?
굉장히 많지만, 저는 연기자이기 전에 사람이잖아요. 좋은 아빠, 좋은 남편이 되고 싶어요.
What is your biggest goal?
I have a lot, but I am a human being first, then an actor. I want to be a good father and a good husband.

아내가 직업 없이 가정을 돌봤으면 한다고요.
그건 변하지 않을 거예요. 제가 그런 환경에서 자랐기 때문에 제 아이도 엄마 손에 자랐으면 좋겠다고 생각해요. 어렸을 때 평생의 관념이 정립된다고 하더라고요. 사랑받지 못한 아이는 성인이 돼서 문제가 생기는 듯해요. 대인관계가 원만하지 못하거나, 극단적으로는 범죄자가 될 수 있죠. 저도 좋은 아빠가 되겠지만, 특히 아이 옆에는 엄마가 있어야 해요. 정답이 아닐 수 있지만 지금 제겐 이게 정답이에요.
You want your future wife to be a house maker.
I don’t think that will change. I grew up in that kind of family, so I want my kids to grow up under their own mother’s care. I heard that the ideas that are formed when kids are young, follows throughout their life. I think that kids who are not loved when they are little, have trouble when they become adults. Something like they won’t have a good relationship with others or in an extreme case, they could become a criminal. Of course, I will be a good dad, but especially, kids should have their mom next to them. Maybe this is not the right answer, but it is the right answer for me for right now.

보호해 주고 싶은 여성이 좋아요. 키가 크면 혼자 알아서 잘 살 것 같아요(웃음). 자꾸 신경 쓰이고 걱정되는 여성이 좋더라고요.
그런 분들 중엔 아무래도 마른 타입이 많아요.
What about their look?
I like someone who I can protect. If she is tall, I think she will be okay without any help (laugh). I like someone who constantly makes me care and worry. They are usually thin.

연애할 때 리드하는 스타일인가요?
연애할 때 다 받아주고, 무조건 잘못했다고 했어요. 그런데 반복이 되니 문제가 생기더라고요. 감정 표현을 하기 싫어서가 아니라 싸우기 싫어서 참는 건데 제가 바본 줄 안다니까요. 참다가 겨우 얘기를 꺼내면 변했다고 해버리니까 어쩌라는 건지.
앞으로는 불만은 바로 얘기하고 서로 맞춰가며 사귈 거예요.
Do you take the lead when you are in a relationship?
When I was in a relationship, I always accepted everything and said I was wrong. But when this situation is repeated, it creates problems. She thought I was an idiot. But I did it all because I didn’t want to argue with her, not because I didn’t want to express my emotions. When I reached my limit, and I talked about it with her, she told me I changed. What can I do? When I date someone in the future, I will tell my frustration to her and we can adjust to each other.

유년 시절은 어땠나요?
오디션을 볼 때 자주 받는 질문이 있어요. “넌 언제 가장 행복했니? 언제 가장 슬펐니?” 막상 안 떠오르죠? 대부분 그럴 거예요. 연기자는 감정을 표현해야 하기에 이런 것들에 예민해야 해요.
조울증까진 아니어도 감각이 살아 있어야 하죠. 그래서 이런 질문들을 하는 거고. 덕분에 기억의 조각들을 하나씩 꺼내 봤어요.
누구나 자라면서 크고 작은 상처를 겪잖아요. 저 역시 남이 볼 땐 별거 아니어도 힘든 일이 있었죠. 불행은 주관적인 거니까요.
중학교 때였는데, 그때마다 라디오를 들었어요. 슬픈 연기를 할 때 이 기억들을 떠올리진 않지만, 제 감성의 바탕이 되어 있죠.
How was your childhood?
When I am at an audition, there is one question they ask frequently: “When were you the happiest? When was your saddest moment?” It is hard to remember those moments, right? I think it is the same for most people. Actors should be sensitive to those things because we have to express our feelings. Not like bipolar-ness, but our emotions should be alive. That is why they ask those questions. Because of that, I had to take out all the pieces of my memory. Everyone experiences some kind of pain. I have also had hard times, even though my hard times may not be a big deal for others. Misfortune is all subjective. I was a middle school student, whenever I was hurt, I listened to the radio. I don’t remember those moments when I act sad, but those are the basis of my emotions.

나를 돌아보는 직업이네요.
멋진 만큼 구설수가 많은 직업이기도 하죠. 하나를 얻으면 하나를 잃는다고 생각해요.
It is an occupation that makes you look back.
It is a cool occupation, but we also experience a lot of gossip. You gain one, you lose one.

어떤 배우가 되고 싶어요?
교수님께서 배우는 죽을 때까지 배우라고 배우래요. 우스갯소리 같지만 맞는 말이죠. 기라성 같은 선배님들도 연기를 모르겠다는데 저는 오죽하겠어요. 그래서 어렵게 생각하지 말고 즐기기로 했어요. 시간이 흐르면 제 연기 철학이 정립되고, 배우라는 타이틀에 어울리게 되겠죠. 더 시간이 지난 후엔 후배들에게 영감을 줬으면 좋겠어요. 제가 누군가를 롤 모델로 삼듯이.
What kind of actor do you want to be?
My professor told me that an actor is an actor (bae-oo, bae-oo-da), because you have to learn until you die. [in Korean, actor and learn has the same pronunciation, bae-oo, bae-oo-da,배우, 배우다, so that is a play on words). It sounds funny, but it is true. All the famous actors say they don’t know what acting is, so how can I know it. So I decided to enjoy it rather than thinking about it too much. With time, I will have my own idea of acting and will be better suited for the “actor” title. I want to be an inspiration to young actors when I get old just as I look up to older actors.

롤 모델이 누군데요?
그때그때 달라요.
Who is your role model?
It depends on the circumstances.

지금은 누군데요?
누군가를 따라 하기보단 나만의 경쟁력을 가져야 해요. 롤 모델보단 자극을 받는 또래들이 있죠. 지드래곤, 유아인 씨도 자기만의 색깔이 있잖아요. 그들처럼 저만의 색을 만들어가고 싶어요.
Who are they now?
Rather than copying others, I should develop my own identity. Instead of role models, I have peers that inspire me. You know how G-dragon and Yu Ah-in have their own color. I want to develop my own color and character.

박서준 Interview

또래 배우를 언급하다니 놀랍네요.
악성 댓글 보면 남 잘되는 거 못 보는 사람들도 있죠. 전 인정할 건 인정해요. 저보다 한 살 어린 김우빈 씨가 지금 각광을 받고 있잖아요. 제가 봐도 잘해요. 부럽기보단 나도 잘하는 것을 키워야겠다란 자극을 받죠.
It is surprising that you are mentioning your peers.
When you read bad comments, there are people that can’t stand someone who becomes successful. I acknowledge things that deserve acknowledgment. Kim Woo-bin, who is 1 year younger than me, is very popular now. He is very good in my point of view as well. It inspires me to develop my own strength, rather than being envious.

서준 씨가 잘하는 게 뭔데요?
말하기 좀 그렇네요. 매력은 상대방이 느끼는 거지 내가 말할 수 없잖아요. 음…, 사람을 편안하게 해줘요.
What do you do well?
It is hard to say. Charm is not something I can say, it is something others feel about me. Um… I make people feel comfortable.

만난 지 3시간밖에 안 됐지만 편안해요.
예전엔 낯가림도 심하고, 대화를 지속하기도 힘들었어요. 고민하다가 방법을 찾았죠. 제가 하나를 오픈하면 상대도 오픈하더라고요. 장난을 치다가도 진지할 땐 진지하게 다가가면 상대가 저를 편안하게 여기고요.
It has only been 3 hours, but I feel comfortable.
I was shy before, and it was hard to keep up conversations. After thinking about it for a long time, I found a way. When I open up, others open up as well. People feel comfortable when I am playful, but when needed, I become serious.

만나봐야 아는 매력이네요.
브라운관을 통해서는 알 수 없죠. 이런 좋은 면들이 드러나도록 노력해야겠지만, 그렇다고 가식은 싫어요. 보여지는 직업이라 오히려 꾸밀수록 한계가 빨리 드러날 거예요. 그렇게 갑자기 무너지면 혼란이 클 거고요. 처음부터 솔직하게 드러내고, 저만의 좋은 점을 만들어가는 게 중요하죠.
It is a kind of charm that can only be recognized when seeing you in person.
It is hard to be recognized on TV. I will try to reveal this good side of myself, but I don’t want to fake it. My job is showing myself, therefore, if I fake it, it will reveal itself quickly. Also, it will be chaotic once it is revealed. I think it is better to be authentic and build up my own strength.

오늘 만난 서준 씨의 모습을 대중도 알았으면 좋겠어요.
스타는 배우가 될 수 없지만, 배우는 스타가 될 수 있다고 생각해요. 저는 우선 배우가 되고 싶어요. 돈이나 인기 때문이 아니라 정말 좋아서 시작한 일이라 천천히 갈 거예요. 어떤 강박관념 없이 즐기면서. 이른바 스타가 된 뒤에도 저의 마음가짐과 행동들이 사람들에게 긍정적인 영향을 끼치도록 노력할 거예요.
I want the public to recognize you as we recognized you today.
Stars aren’t always actors, but actors can be stars. I want to be an actor first. I will take it easy because I started it because I like it so much, not because of money or fame. I enjoy it without obsessing. When I become a so-called star, I will work hard to be a positive influence to others.

모델 출신인 줄 알았다. 185cm의 키, 스타일리스트가 바짓단을 접지 않을 만큼의 다리 길이. 스태프들은 그의 몸매를 ‘대박 사건’이라 불렀다. 그는 연기학과에 진학했지만 데뷔보다 먼저 군대 생활을 겪었다. 홀가분하게, 하지만 조금 늦게 25살에 데뷔했다. 이제 3년 차. 주말 드라마 <금 나와라 뚝딱!>에서 안정적인 연기와 훈훈한 상의 탈의로 라이징 스타가 됐고, 현재는 <따뜻한 말 한마디>에서 낮에는 은행의 청경 반장으로, 밤에는 요리사로 일하는 바른 청년 역할이다. 제복과 앞치마를 하이패션으로 승화시키는 실루엣은 여전하다. 인터뷰를 위해 마주 앉을 때는 다리까지 덮는 긴 패딩에 페도라를 매치했다. 그는 패션을 사랑한다.
그의 말을 빌리자면 ‘눈만 높아져서 지출이 많아지는 게 문제’일 정도로. 그는 말투도 답변도 거침없다. 유년 시절, 결혼관, 또래 배우에 대한 감정을 거르지 않는다. 자신이 솔직하면 상대도 솔직하고 가까워질 수 있다고 믿는다.
오랜만에 꾸미지 않은 담백한 인터뷰. 그와 친구가 되고 싶었다.

I thought he used to be a model. 185 cm tall, long legs where stylist don’t even need to fold his pants. Staff members called his body a “Big hit.” He went to an acting school, but he went to the Army first. He debuted at 25 without any strings. Now it is his 3rd year. With the weekend drama Pots of Gold he became a rising star with his top undressing scene, and now in One Warm Word he is a decent young man who is a bank security guard by day, and a chef at night. He even makes a uniform and apron highly fashionable. He matched a long padded jacket and fedora for the interview. He loves fashion. In his terms, “It is a problem that he spends a lot of money on clothes because his standard became higher, but not his income.” The way he talks and his responses are trouble-free. He didn’t filter when he talked about his youth, his outlook on marriage, or his ideas of his peers. He believes when he is honest with others, they will also be honest with him. It was a clean and plain interview without any acting out. I wanted to be his friend.

CLOTHES: (in no particular order)
[1] 슈트, 셔츠 모두 뮈글러 by 무이 . 안경 O&×뉴욕 by DK.
Suits and shirts are from Mugler by MU. Glasses O & × New York by DK
[2] 터틀넥 우영미(Wooyoungmi).
Turtleneck Wooyoungmi
[3] 카디건 크리스토퍼케인 by 톰그레이하운드(Christopher Kane by Tom Greyhound). 팬츠 PT01 by 분더샵 클래식 (PT01 by Boon The Shop Classic). 비니 스놉(Snob). 사슴 장식과 빗자루 모두 솝(SOP).
The cardigan is by Christopher Kane by Tom Greyhound; The pants are by PT01 by Boon The Shop Classic; The beanie is by Snob; The deer decoration and the broom are both by SOP.
[4] 니트 라프시몬스×프레드페리 by 톰그레이하운드(Raf Simons× Fred Perry by Tom Greyhound). 팬츠 사일런트 by 블러쉬(Silent by Blush). 슈즈 로크(Loake). 양말 안쿠(An-cu). 페도라 스타일리스트소장품.
The Knitwear is by Raf Simons × Fred Perry by Tom Greyhound, the pants are by Silent by Blush, the shoes are by Loake, the socks are by An-cu. The Fedora is from the stylist’s own collection.

EDITOR: 김나랑 Kim Na-rang
PHOTO: 김영훈 Kim Yong-hoon

박서준 Interview

Translated by Bah+Doo

We recently got a few more Park Seo-joon interviews (shout out to @parkseojoonpics on twitter!) so expect those in the next few weeks. If anyone has any, let us know. We want to release them while Fight For My Way is airing to add to the fun. This goes for all the Fantastic Four. This goes for all the interviews of everyone actually, just give them all to us!

Source Grazia

Park Seo-joon Grazia Interview: The Perfect Match
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Lee Sung-kyung Grazia magazine interview: Spring in Switzerland

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