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Instagram Roundup: Yang Jin-Sung for April 2017

Yang Jin-Sung Instagram account

One of the dramas I am watching right now is Chicago Typewriter. I haven’t been able to watch it regularly (work..sigh), but I have caught the first few episodes. One of the actresses in that drama is Yang Jin-Sung (양진성). At first glance I thought she looked a lot like Jang Nara‘s (장나라) baby sister; she not only has her look, she also has that same adorable quality that Jang Nara has.

Yang Jin-Sung has a really active Instagram account right now. I had a fun time looking through them. Some of the translated photos are below for the month of April, check them out if you have a chance! (Also, if you have any Instagram’s you want me to do a roundup on, let me know!)

Yang Jin Sung Instagram
연속 방송 ???
consecutive airing (broadcasting)
모자가 매우 마음에 든다 히히힛 ?? 빨리 내리쬐는 햇살을 받으며 꽃나무를 심고싶다아아아
I like this hat a lot hehehe ??. I want to plant flowering trees under direct sunlight.
Yang Jin Sung Instagram
부모님뵈러 청주에 왔다가 #청주육거리시장 구경왔어요. 큰 재래시장 오랜만에 오니 저렴하고 좋은것들이 많아 신이나서 자꾸자꾸 다 사고싶지만. 드라마 끝나면 꽃나무 가꾸려고 모자랑 토시 삿어. ? 벌써 솟구치는 에너지!! 야 호 ??(백종원대천왕에 나왔다는 미니족발도 삿는데 얼릉 가서 먹어야지?)
Came to Chung-Ju to see my parents and stopped by #Chung-Ju meat market. Haven’t been to a traditional market for a while and I would like to buy a lot of things because the products are cheap yet good. I bought oversleeves and a hat to take care of my flowering trees after the TV drama ends. ? I am already super excited!! Ya-Hoo ?? I bought roasted mini-pig’s feet, which was presented on Baek Jong-Woon’s cooking TV show, I want to go back home quickly and eat it.
셋이 소꿉놀이??? 엄마아빠랑 가족예배드리고 오붓하니 ~ 뭐든 다 좋다?
Three of us are having a picnic. I am with my mom and dad after Sunday church service ~Everything is fun with them~
Yang Jin Sung Instagram
좋다 봄???
I like spring
단발머리생머리가 어색하네 ??
#시카고타자기 정말 너무너무너무너무 재밌자나아아아~~~ 일주일을 어찌 기다리지 맙~ 소사 ??
Short-straight hair is strange #Chicago typewriter is very super excitingggg~~~ how can I wait another week oh my god
점보러 오셨어요? 케찹묻으셨다 헤헤 ?? 케찹 바른 귀여운 여고생귀신 ?? 왕방울여사 수경선생님과? #시카고타자기
Are you’re here for fortune telling? You have ketchup on your face hehe ?? Cute high school girl ghost ?? with Mrs Wang (or Mrs big bell) Su-kyng ? #Chicago typewriter
야호 곧 드디어 야 호 오 ? #시카고타자기 5회한다아아아 ??????
Ya-Hoo, finally, Ya-hoo #Chicago typewriter episode 5 is on TV now
고르기 힘들게 하나같이 예뿐 ?? 넘 조아서 평소에도 하고 다니는… 주책 헤헤 ? 예뿐머리띠들은 #리브투게더 @live_together2014
They are all pretty which makes me hard to choose. ?? I am putting them on all the time because I like them so much. Silly hehe ?pretty hairbands #live toghether
시카고타자기 #흥미진진재밌구만?? #야호? Chicago typewriter #very interesting Ya-hoo

You can catch Yang Jin-Sung in Chicago Typewriter on Viki (it airs in Korea on Fridays and Saturdays on tvN). Recaps galore on Dramabeans!

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  1. Anonymous
    May 1, 2017 / 10:59 am

    I thought she is Jang Nara when i first saw her in Chicago typewriter as well but felt strange that Jang Nara is not the main cast. I am not the only one!

    • Buhdoop
      May 1, 2017 / 12:37 pm

      Yay! I wonder if a bunch of other people think it too!

  2. Anonymous
    May 1, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    By the way, How is Jang Nara doing now?

    • Buhdoop
      May 1, 2017 / 1:13 pm

      I’m not sure…I can do an Instagram roundup on her next! I think one of her new dramas fell through though.

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