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Instagram roundup: Park Seo Joon part I

박서준 Instagram Part I

We hope everyone enjoyed the live recap! We are still going through the recap to fix our typos and improve readability (like with bolding the headings and other things). If you want to enter our giveaway you can keep commenting until Thursday night. We will announce the winners on Friday.

To add to the fun, we have a 4 part Park Seo-joon Instagram roundup we will post throughout the day today. We have a lot of posts planned for this week actually, if you want to see the full lineup, check out this post. We dug deep for these photos, going all the way back to when his Instagram started! We are going to post a few, starting with the oldest and working our way up. We won’t quite make it all the way to the present though.

I don’t know much about Park Seo-joon, but from looking at his Instagram, he appears to be a very playful person. I also didn’t realize he was a host of Music Bank. Is Music Bank the de facto jumping off spot for young stars in Korea? It looks like a coveted job. When I looked through Music Banks’ Wikipedia page, the host section is jam-packed with stars (before they were stars). For instance, Rain, Park Bo-gum, Song Joong-ki, Lee Na-young, and Song Hye-kyo were all hosts among many others. All around very good company to be in. Must be nice!

Translated by Bah+Doo

bn_sj2013 솜사탕 묵을래요?
bn_sj2013 Would you like to have some cotten candy?

bn_sj2013 포슷허
bn_sj2013 Poster

bn_sj2013 오늘은 우주정복이다????
bn_sj2013 Today I am going to conquer the universe????
[His room sign says: Conquer the Universe Yeon-Ha | Park Seo-jun waiting room]

bn_sj2013 #마녀의연애 #윤동하 운동화 아님 윤동화 아님
bn_sj2013 #Witch’s Romance #YunDongHa, not Un Dong-hwa (sneakers) or not Yun Dong-hwa

bn_sj2013 금보라 선생님이 보내주신 간식차 입니다 ㅎㅎ #민영애 여사님 싸랑해요 열심히 하겠습니다 ㅎㅎㅎ
bn_sj2013 a snack truck Ms. Kum Bo-ra sent for us. #Ms. Min Young-Ae, I love you. I will do my best.
[The truck sign says: Pride of Korea, the best actor Park Seo-joon, conquered Hollywood,
Witch’s Romance]

bn_sj2013 ❤️
Witch’s Romance!
This is a present from Ms. Kim Bo-ra for Yun Dong-ha.
Enjoy it!

bn_sj2013 나에게 숙면의 시간을 대령하라 주세요..
bn_sj2013 Please bring me a good night sleep.

bn_sj2013 요새 나보고 설렌다는 사람이 많길래 감사의 의미. 사진제목 : 나도
bn_sj2013 Recently, I heard a lot of people’s hearts race when they see me. Thank you so much. The title of the picture: Me too.
[The name of the drink is “Racing Hearts”]

bn_sj2013 오랜만일쎄
bn_sj2013 Long time no see

bn_sj2013 콘푸로스트 한입 하실레예? 꼬리칠일은 없는 ?
bn_sj2013 Would you like to have some Corn Frost? A ?that doesn’t have to lash

민준이에게 고통 토스

A post shared by 박서준 (@bn_sj2013) on

bn_sj2013 하루를 이틀같이 일주일을 이주같이 한달을 두달같이 살게한 윤동하의 마침표.
bn_sj2013 Putting period on Yun Dong-ha who made me spend one day as if it were two days, one week as if it were two weeks, and one month as if it were two months.

bn_sj2013 민준이에게 고통 토스
bn_sj2013 Tossing pain to Min-jun

bn_sj2013 동하 끝났다고 갈아타면 안되는거야 지켜볼꺼야 내가
bn_sj2013 You shouldn’t transfer just because Dong-ha has ended. I am looking at you!

bn_sj2013 빅대디라 불러봐 얼른
bn_sj2013 Tell me big daddy, hurry.

bn_sj2013 어떻게 이렇게 생길수 있지 미춰버리겠네 정말?
bn_sj2013 How can something look like this. It really drives me crazy ?

bn_sj2013 하이컷이 나왔으니깐 안나온 B 도 살짝
bn_sj2013 The high cuts are out, so I sneak peaked the unreleased B cuts

Translated by Bah+Doo

We are playing around with the Instagram Roundup format a little bit. Normally we have full images displayed, which seems pretty big on computers, but are about the right size on cellphones. In contrast, half images look good on computers, but look pretty small on cellphones. We are trying to see if the current format fixes that. In this format you can click on an image if you want to see it larger. Please let us know if you have any comments about the format or if anything isn’t working right (like the page is taking forever to load or something). The other Park Seo-joon roundups will be coming throughout the day!

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