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Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part IV

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Here is the last recap for Park Seo-joon. It was a busy day with the recap and PSJ Instagram roundups, that’s for sure. We have a lot planned for this week so stay tuned for some other goodies that will pop up tomorrow. See you bright and early for Episode 8’s live recap!

Translated by Bah+Doo

bn_sj2013 로켓단을 또 올리게 될줄이야. 이만하면 이젠 쌍리단임 핵귀여운 프레젠또 감사합니다??
bn_sj2013 I never expected that I would upload the rocket team again. Now it is the Sang-li team. Thank you for the super cute presentation??

bn_sj2013 곱네 고와 에어 조르단
bn_sj2013 These Air Jordans are pretty, so pretty.

bn_sj2013 @ryeowon_k @keyeast_yang 너무너무 잘먹었습니다~ 가족과 함께한 기분 ?
bn_sj2013 @ryeowon_k @keyeast_yang I really really enjoyed it~ I felt like I spent time with my family.?

bn_sj2013 걱정말아요 그대 오댕 – 걱정하는사람
bn_sj2013 Don’t worry, you Oh-dang (Rodin). A worrying man.

bn_sj2013 반응이 좋아서 하나 더 올려주겠다네 사실 이 사진들은 의상 협찬 사진이라네 그중 멀쩡한 박서준만 협찬 사진으로 간다네 니트는 #evisu라네 그럼 안녕이라네?
bn_sj2013 One more picture because the response was good. In fact, these pictures are all sponsored. But only the good Park Seo-joon photos are used for the sponsored pictures. Knitwear is #evisu. See you later then?

bn_sj2013 도쿄타워 나보다 좀 크네. 즐거운 추억 남기고 돌아갑니다?
bn_sj2013 Tokyo tower is a little bigger than me. I returned with good memories. ?

bn_sj2013 오늘 1:1:1로 한판 붙기로 했는데 누가 이길것 같나요?왼쪽부터 1.2.3 이구요 능력치 알려드림 1.잇몸과 키가 제일 큼 2.손톱 제일 큼 3.앞머리 제일 김
bn_sj2013 We will 1:1:1 face off today, who do you think will win? From left, 1. 2. 3, and I will tell you their abilities. 1. Biggest gums and tallest among us. 2. Has biggest nails. 3. Longest bangs.

bn_sj2013 폭풍 업데이트를 시작한다
bn_sj2013 I am going to have a cyclone update.

bn_sj2013 앉으면 손한번씩 넣게되는 무릎구녕
bn_sj2013 The knee hole that makes me want to put my hand in it when I sit.

bn_sj2013 일본 매체 인터뷰 컷컷컷
bn_sj2013 Japanese media interview cut cut cut

bn_sj2013 푸켓에서의 최고의 이벤트로 느껴짐 누구나 동심으로 돌려 놓는 등장 타이밍과 아름다움 덕분에 돌고래처럼 소리내는 옆사람.
bn_sj2013 I think it was the best event at Phuket. The perfect appearance timing that brings back the mind of young kids and because of it’s beauty, the one screaming next to me as a dolphin.


I think this was the best moment at Phuket. It was a perfect time that made us feel like children. Because of its beauty, the person next to me is screaming like a dolphin.

bn_sj2013 #악의연대기 개봉했습니다. 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다 쇼케이스 찾아주신분들 감사해요!!
bn_sj2013 #ChroniclesOfEvil just opened. Please support and love the movie. Thank you to everyone who visited Showcase!!

bn_sj2013 악의연대기 100만 돌파 기념. 캬~ 취한다 주모 한잔더 #elle
bn_sj2013 Congratulations, Chronicles of Evil passed 1 million viewers. I am drunk. JuMo (old fashioned Hostess), one more drink please. #elle

bn_sj2013 밀라노 관광객
bn_sj2013 Milan tourist.

bn_sj2013 #택시플라이 como 가이드 느낌으로 “여기요~~?“
bn_sj2013 #Taxifly como “Hey~~” just like a tour guide. ?

bn_sj2013 지금 깍지 끼러 갑니다.
bn_sj2013 I am going to interlock our fingers now.

bn_sj2013 씐남?
bn_sj2013 Excited?

bn_sj2013 최대한 관광객 스럽게 but 김매니저 공간이동중 (축구선수 출신이라 굉장히 빠름)
bn_sj2013 Trying my best to look like a tourist but manager Kim is teleporting. (He is very fast because he used to be a soccer player)

bn_sj2013 나빌리 빈티지 마켓 관광객
bn_sj2013 Nabilli Vintage Market tourist

bn_sj2013 뮤직뱅크시작 때부터 마이크는 턱에대야 소리가 잘 들린다는 말에 그때부터 매주 턱에대는 습관 때문에 마이크를 들고 있는 사진을 보면 모조리 턱에대고 있는 모습을 발견합니다. 그렇습니다. 습관은 무섭습니다. 그리고 메르스도 무섭습니다. 건강 관리 잘해?
bn_sj2013 It is my habit to put the microphone on my chin because I was told when I was starting Music Bank that I need to put the microphone on my chin for my voice is heard clearly. So, I am always putting the microphone on my chin in pictures. Yes, habits are a scary thing. And MERS is scary as well. Take good care of your health ?

Translated by Bah+Doo

That’s it! Did you check out all of them? Hopefully it will tie us over until tomorrow. See you bright and early tomorrow morning for episode 8’s live recap!

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