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Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part III

It’s been a busy day today with the live recap and the Park Seo-joon Instagram Roundups. Hopefully it’s been a fun day as well! Only one Park Seo-joon roundup left for today, which will be coming up in a couple of hours. Tomorrow we will be ready bright and early for episode 8’s live recap, two Kim Ji-won roundups, and one Pyo Ye-jin roundup. See you then. ^^

Translated by Bah+Doo

bn_sj2013 #국제시장 ?
bn_sj2013 #OdetoMyFather?

bn_sj2013 너의 음악은 높게 평가 받아야 마땅하다고 생각해 #김지수 #상남자의고백 ?
bn_sj2013 I think your music deserves better appraisal. #KimJiSu #Machomanconfession. ?

bn_sj2013 어제 계속 곰곰히 생각해봤습니다. 내가 이렇게 많은 선물을 받아도 되나 받을 자격은 있나 곧 있으면 생일이라고 이렇게 추운날씨에 한보따리씩 싸매고 온 당신들을 생각하면 더더욱 미안해 지기도 하고 고맙기도 하고 그랬어요. 사실 생일이라고 뭐 해본적이 없었어요 엄마가 좀만 더 참았으면 좋았을텐데 애매한 날짜에 태어나서 항상 학창시절에는 시험 중간날. 대학교 신입생때는 공연날. 그이후 2년은 군대. 그이후는 계속 정신 없이 달려왔는데 그래서 뭔가 생일은 그냥 태어난날이지 라는 생각이 더 지배적이었던 저에게 이런 축하는 사실 굉장히 낯설어요 그래서 다시 생각해 보게됬습니다. 내가 그럼 보답할수 있는 일은 뭐가 있을까? 감동이 느껴지는 연기와 때로는 행복을 웃음을 주는 연기를 보여드리는게 현재로서는 보답할 수 있는 길인것 같다는 생각이 들었어요. 여태 해온것 처럼 열심히 하겠습니다. 매번 이렇게 감동을 주는 f.a.s 누나들, 박닷, 아이토즈(사실 팬카페 없어진줄 알았어요..ㄸㄹㄹ… 자주 방문 할게요), dc갤러들(할매미라 그랬나 ㅋㅋ), 소식이 궁금한 정원누나와 그녀의 친구분들 등등 이름을 다 알순 없지만 응원해 주시고 사랑해 주시는 많은 분들께 감사하다는 말 전하고 싶습니당. 감기 조심하세요!
bn_sj2013 I was thinking about this a lot yesterday. Should I receive this many presents? Do I deserve them? I was feeling sorry and thankful for everyone who brought me these presents for my birthday, despite the cold weather. I haven’t done anything special for my birthdays. It would be better if my mom waited a little more, but I came to this world at an awkward time. When I was at school, my birthday was always during exam time, when I went to college it was always during our theater performance. Then I went to the Army for two years. Since then, I was super busy, so this kind of congratulations is foreign to me. So it made me think again. What can I do to repay you? I think a deeply moving acting performance or a performance that brings laughter for my fans is the best thing I can do. I will do my best as I always strive to do. I want to thank everyone including F.A.S noonas, Park Dot. ITOS (I thought my fan café was gone.. I will visit it more often), DC gallery members, Jung-woon whom I wonder her whereabouts, my friends, and all the anonymous fans that give love to me. Please stay healthy (don’t catch a cold)~

bn_sj2013 혼자보기 아까움 이거 케이크고 내 얼굴 인것 같긴 한데 한 25년 늙었음
bn_sj2013 I have to share it with others. It is a cake that looks like my face, but it looks 25 years older.
[The writing on the cake says: Have a very happy birthday]

서아 작가그만 두고 vj취직한다는 설이 돈다. 바이브레이션 아님 떨린거임

A post shared by 박서준 (@bn_sj2013) on

bn_sj2013 서아 작가그만 두고 vj취직한다는 설이 돈다.
바이브레이션 아님 떨린거임
bn_sj2013 There is a rumor that Writer Seo-ah will quit her writing job and will become a VJ. It is not vibrating, I was shaking.

bn_sj2013 모든 일정을 마치고 이제야 집에 들어왔네요. 2014년의 마지막날 이렇게 좋은 상도 받게되고 미숙했지만 연기대상 진행도 맡게 되어서 너무나 영광이었습니다. 항상 응원해 주시는 팬 분들께 너무나 감사드리고 좋은연기로 보답할수 있도록 노력하겠습니다 사실 두시간 정도 있다가 또 드라마 촬영을 아가야 하기 때문에 피곤하기도 하지만 팬 여러분들께도 꼭 감사하다는 말 전하고 싶었어요. 2014년에도 너무너무 감사드리고 2015년에 더욱더 좋은 모습으로 팬 여러분들께도 자랑스러운 연기자가 될 수 있도록 노력 하겠습니다. 새해 복 많이많이 받으시고 행복한 한해 되세요!
bn_sj2013 I finally came back home after finishing all my schedule. I was very honored to receive this prestigious award at the last day of 2014 and for being the MC for the acting award ceremony. I am really thankful to the fans who support me all the time and I will work hard to repay you with my acting. Actually, I am tired now because I have to shoot a drama in two hours, but I wanted to thank my fans. Thank you so much for 2014. In 2015 I will try hard to be an actor that my fans are proud of. Happy new year and have a great year!

bn_sj2013 화환과 함께 사진 찍고 올리고 싶었는데 모든 일정 끝나고 나오니 화환이 사라져 있었어요.. ㅠㅠ 이제 이틀 남았습니다 재밌을거에요!
bn_sj2013 I wanted to post a picture with the hwahwan, but after finishing up the schedule, it was gone.. Only two more days left. It will be fun!
(A hwahwan | 화환 is like a really big bouquet used for celebrations or other events. We don’t use them in the US that much (I think they are mostly used for funerals states side), but they use them all the time in Korea.)

bn_sj2013 방송은 잘들 보셨는지… 뷰티인사이드 촬영중이라 모니터를 못함 ?
bn_sj2013 Did you enjoy the show? I couldn’t watch it because I am in the middle of shooting Beauty Inside.

bn_sj2013 바를때마다 엄마한테 전화 한통씩 하게 만드는 립밤
bn_sj2013 The lip balm that makes me want to call my mom whenever I put it on.
[Caption on lip balm: I love you Mom.]

bn_sj2013 한번에 못담겠음
bn_sj2013 I can’t include everything in one picture.
[Sign: Sang-il]

bn_sj2013 졸업한 학교에 와서 촬영을 했다. 참 오랜만이다.
bn_sj2013 I did a shoot at my old high school. It has been a while. Kirin Arts high school ?

bn_sj2013 우리 스텝들 슬리퍼 스틸할라고 신었는데 양말같아어 포기?
bn_sj2013 I put them on to steal our staff member’s slippers, but I had to give them up because they looked like socks. ?

bn_sj2013 착각하지마 딱히 너 보라고 올린사진은 아니야 손가락이 미끌려서 올라갔어. 떨어지라니 그게 나한테 할소리늬? 는 장난이고 해쀠 발렌타인?
bn_sj2013 Don’t be mistaken. I didn’t post this picture for you to see. It was uploaded from a finger slip. Go away? How dare you say that to me? All jokes and happy Valentines day?
[Sign from top to bottom: Heart drop | Don’t be mistaken | I didn’t buy this to give to you | I just picked it up on my way here | Eat and go away]

bn_sj2013 오리온. 오리진
bn_sj2013 Orion. Origin.

bn_sj2013 듣고 싶다는 노래는 다 바로 들려주는 주크박스 김지수 곧 앨범 나옵니당 기대만땅
bn_sj2013 Juke box Kim Ji-su who can play any song you want to listen to. His new album will be out soon. I am full of expectations.

bn_sj2013 @hyun_daesik 형아와 쉬는날이니깐 운동해야되니깐 그리고 오늘 목요일이니깐 킬미힐미 봐야되니깐
bn_sj2013 @hyun_daesik Because it is a day off with Hyung-ah, I have to exercise, and because today is Thursday, I have to see Kill Me Heal Me.

Translated by Bah+Doo

As mentioned in the other two posts, we are playing around with the Instagram Roundup format a little bit. Please let us know if you have any comments about the format or if anything isn’t working right (like the page is taking forever to load or something).

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