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Instagram roundup: Park Seo-joon part II

Translated by Bah+Doo

bn_sj2013 등나와라뚝딱
bn_sj2013 Show me your back!
[This is playful because it rhymes with a song that Goblins (도깨비 | Ttokebi) sing in Korean fairytales, but PSJ changed one of the words to “back.” Check out ~1:30 of this video to hear the song.]

bn_sj2013 114개국 동시 생방송
bn_sj2013 On air in 114 countries simultaneously.

bn_sj2013 슬슬 터틀넥의 계절이 온다
bn_sj2013 Turtle neck season is slowly coming.

bn_sj2013 귿 몰닝
bn_sj2013 Good morning

bn_sj2013 사랑하는 #김지수 의 신곡. 바빠서 못본사이 부쩍더 달콤한 감성으로 발전한 김지수. 오늘 #lonelyonlyyou 와 함께 해봅시다. 달코..마네
bn_sj2013 Lovely #Kim Ji-su’s new album. Kim ji-su became even more sweet and sensible, though I haven’t seen her in a while due to my busy schedule. Today, let’s be together with #lonelyonlyyou. So sweet.

bn_sj2013 조금뚱팀장.서준이.뚱실장.아이돌매니저
bn_sj2013 A little chubby team leader. Seo-joon. Chubby chief. Idol manager.

bn_sj2013 어제만난 보라네 멍뭉이 설이 턱괴는걸 좋아한다는 설이. 나중엔 탕이도 보여주길
bn_sj2013 I met Bo-ra’s dog Sul-yi yesterday. Sul-yi likes to lean her chin on me. Please introduce Tang-yi later.

bn_sj2013 일냈네 일냈어 축하해 우식아 이작품 촬영하면서 고민하는 모습에 잘 될줄 알았어 얼른 얼굴보자 물개박수 보여줄게  @woosiq
bn_sj2013 What a big deal! Congratulations Woo-shik. I knew you would be successful when I saw you thinking a lot while filming the movie. Let’s see each other soon. I will give you a big applause.
[Title of the Post: Choi Woo-shik “BIFF actor of the year, I thought it was a hidden camera” (interview)]

bn_sj2013 오늘은 약간 귀요미 느낌으로 #eytys
bn_sj2013 A little cute feel today. #eytys
[OR Today I feel a little cute]

bn_sj2013 #marieclaire 매번 스캔 ㄱㅅㄱㅅ 박닷
bn_sj2013 #marieclaire Scan each time. Thank you. Park Dat.
[Caption: A good dresser, Park Seo-joon’s styling class. He marks his style with bold accessories.]

bn_sj2013 뭐시라 벌써 1년이라구?
bn_sj2013 What! A year already passed?
[Caption: Park Seo-joon Music Bank MC 1 year anniversary. Congratulations!]

bn_sj2013 #거인 보셔야 됩니다. 우식이의 진중함을 만나보실수 있습니다 마이크 잡고있는 마른애요
bn_sj2013 #Set Me Free, You should see it. You will see a serious side of Woo-shik. He’s the skinny guy with a microphone.

bn_sj2013 머리부터 발끝까지 ㅅㅅㅅ
bn_sj2013 From head to toe.
(side note: I really want to change this to “Fresh from head to toe”)

bn_sj2013 흔한 관광객 포즈1
bn_sj2013 A common tourist pose 1

bn_sj2013 흔한 관광객포즈2
bn_sj2013 A common tourist pose 2

bn_sj2013 가끔씩 이렇게 사진을 찍어서 보내는 얼굴 살짝 보이는 고생이 많은 뮤직뱅크 막내작가 서아작가. 보고있나 박서아?
bn_sj2013 The baby writer for Music Bank, hard working Seo-ah, rarely appears in pictures like this. Are you looking at this Park Seo-ah?

Translated by Bah+Doo

As mentioned in the other post, we are playing around with the Instagram Roundup format a little bit. Normally we have full images displayed, which seems pretty big on computers, but are about the right size on cellphones. In contrast, half images look good on computers, but look pretty small on cellphones. We are trying to see if the current format fixes that. In this format you can click on an image if you want to see it larger. Please let us know if you have any comments about the format or if anything isn’t working right (like the page is taking forever to load or something). The rest of the Park Seo-joon roundups will be coming throughout the day!

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