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Instagram roundup: Kim Ji-won part I

We are continuing with our big week over here on Bah+Doo with a two-part Kim Ji-won Instagram Roundup. The first part is below. Enjoy!

Translated by Bah+Doo

geewonii 인스타 시작! #어렵다
geewonii Starting insta! #Difficult

geewonii 아테네 아크로폴리스에서 만난 #고양이 #안방인줄!
geewonii Met her at the Acropolis in Athens #Cat #Ithoughtitwasinitsroom!

geewonii 젤 좋아하는 사진 #계란꽃 #원래이름은개망초
geewonii My favorite picture #Eggflower #therealnameis Daisyfleabane

geewonii 하나씩 공개될때마다 두근두근!
#태양의후예 #윤명주 #포스터 #예쁘게찍어주셔서감사합니다
geewonii My heart pumps when new posters are released one-by-one. #DescendantsoftheSun #YunMyungju #poster #thankyou so much for taking a pretty picture of me.

geewonii 오늘 #태양의후예 제작발표회 다녀왔습니다!
#쌀화환 완전완전 감동입니다?감사해요!
geewonii today, I came back from #Descendants of the Sun production presentation #Rice bouquet. very very moving. ?Thank you so much!

geewonii #태양의후예 D-day!
오늘 오후 10시 드디어 첫방송입니다. 
geewonii #DescendantsoftheSun D-day! The first broadcast is at 10 pm tonight. Watch it on air! ?
[Descendants of the Sun’s first broadcast!! Please watch it on air. Yun Myung-ju]

geewonii 오늘은 #태양의후예 하는날! 
#서대영 과 함께라서 #윤명주 는 광대승천?
geewonii Today is #DescendantoftheSun broadcast day! I’m smiling brightly because #YunYoungju is with #SeoDaeyoung?

geewonii 작년 여름 첫 테스트 촬영 날! 군복 사진이 많이 없네요?오
늘도 #태양의후예 본방사수 하시지 말입니다❣
geewonii This is the first test shot from last summer. I don’t have too many pictures with the Army uniform. ?
You should watch #DescendantsoftheSun on air! (Army style Korean)

geewonii 오늘도 #태양의후예 본방사수 부탁드립니당! ? #서대영 #츤데레
geewonii Please watch #DescendantoftheSun on air! ?#SeoDaeyoung #Tsundere (a person with a cold personality on the outside yet a warm personality on the inside)

geewonii #태양의후예 30%돌파입니다!
많은 사랑 감사드립니다.❤️?
With #감독님초상권보호 #안보현 오빠 #콜사인피콜로 @bohyunahn
geewonii #DescendantsoftheSun has over 30% ratings! Thank you so much for all the love ❤️?
With #Protectingdirectorsportraitrights #AhnBohyun Oppa #CallsignPicolo @bohyunahn

geewonii 우리집 강아지를 소개합니다!
#자몽 #까칠이
geewonii Introducing our puppy! #Jamong #Irritable

geewonii 오늘은 태요일!
강아지들과 본방사수 대기중?요
아이는 #폴 #강아지스타그램 #?
geewonii Today is Tae yoil (Descendants of the Sun Day). Waiting for broadcast ?He is #Paul #puppystagram #?


A post shared by 김지원 (@geewonii) on

geewonii 집순이 간만에 외출 다녀왔습니다. 
투표하기 좋은 날씨네요. 
오후 6시까지 투표하실 수 있으니 소중한 한표 꼭 행사하고 오세요.?
geewonii This homebody went out for the first time in a while. It is a good day for voting. You can vote until 6pm, so cast your precious vote. ?

geewonii ??..
[Video: Today the 16th episode of Descendant from the Sun. I can’t believe it. Please watch it on air until it ends.]

geewonii 덕분에 힘내서 촬영할 수 있었어요!
너무 늦었지만 감사의 마음 전합니다.
Thank you❤️
geewonii I could do my best on shooting because of you! It is late but think you so much! Thank you ❤️
[Soldier Yun Myung-ju is shining like the Sun. Actor Kim Ji-won is versatile like the colors of a rainbow. Enjoy the food.]

geewonii 우리집 모닝엔젤? 좋은 하루 보내세요!
#윙크 #심쿵 #?
geewonii Our morning house angel? Have a good day! #Wink #Heartdrop #?

Translated by Bah+Doo

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