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Instagram roundup: Jang Nara April

Jang Nara Instagram
A few photos from Jang Nara’s instagram

Jang Nara (장나라) is one of my favorite actresses. I fell in love with her in Fated to Love You and she is one of the main reasons I watched Hello Monster/I Remember You is because she was in it. Those are actually the only two drama’s I have seen her in, but I am happy to watch more. She is a wonderful actress and has this look that is oh so adorable. On top of that, she is a strong advocate of voting! I love that. Below are a few images from her Instagram, check it out if you have some time!

#a beautiful election #goods from central election management commission #presidential election #May 9th please make sure you cast your vote #filling in with voting #Let’s not forget!! Make a beautiful country through a beautiful election

Jang Nara Instagram
옹? What? (cutely)
Jang Nara Instagram
잘 지내고 있어요!
어쩔 수 없는 ,안타까움이 있는 일도 있지만 좋은 만남이 또 있겠지요^^
요즘 잠시 이사 나와 있어요.
16년 정도 살았던 우리집이 드디어 보일러가 다 터져서요..
아예 이사를 갈까..생각도 했지만 오랜 시간 우리 가족을 잘 보살펴준 집도 이쁘고.. 이웃 분들도 정말 좋은분들이 많이 계셔서.. 수리하고 들어가기로 했어요. 
늘 선물같은 분들께 감사드려요.
저도 꼭 좋은 선물이 될게요^^
#Oliver #Mr. Ol, I am doing fine! Unavoidable, regretful things are happening, but you will have another good relationship^^. I am staying outside for a while. The house heating system is broken, the same house we lived for 16 years. I was thinking of moving to another house… but I like this house which took care of our family… We also have wonderful neighbors. So I decided to fix it up and continue living there. I am always thankful to people like gifts. I will be a good gift too^^


A post shared by 장나라 (@nara0318) on

Hello (later on she says “Mama”)

Jang Nara Instagram
유원이 화났다옹!

보내주신 마음 정말 감사합니다.. 요즘 이런저런 일로 속상할 때도 있지만 
여전히 무척 행복 하고 감사한 일상을 보내고 있어요. 감사하고 또 감사합니다..
건강하게 나이 들도록 노력할게요^^
사랑을 가득 담아..
Yu-won is angry! Thank you for your support.. I am a little distressed with few things, but I am still very happy and having a thankful daily life. Thank you, thank you. I will try hard to get old healthfully^^ With full of my love…
Jang Nara Instagram
#만두 #나만바라봐#이러지마시옹
#Man-du (Dumpling) #Only look at me #don’t do that please~
Jang Nara Instagram
#만두 Man-du (Dumpling)
Jang Nara Instagram
#Jung Saem-mool #assistant director Lee Ju-hee#fashion king (Jung Saem-Mool is a name of a beauty salon.. after the owner’s name)
Jang Nara Instagram
#Stylists#Park Kyung-hwa#Good sisters
Jang Nara Instagram
#election committee# Jung Saem-Mool #Director Park Sun-Mee
Jang Nara Instagram
올군 찾기.
Searching for Mr. Ol
Jang Nara Instagram
Chubby (cute pronunciation for 뚱뚱. Usually for chubby checks.. Maybe nickname for the cat)
Jang Nara Instagram
뚠. Chubby
Jang Nara Instagram
마음이 따뜻했던 선물.
발렌타인데이에 쪼꼬 받았어요^^
참 많이도 힘들었던 현장에서 만났던 이쁜 친구.
끝나고도 한참을 생각하게 했던 작품에서 
정말 귀한 사람들을 많이 얻어서.. 지나고 보니 그마저도 감사히 여겨집니다.
촬영현장에서 대본에 따라 열심히 뚝딱뚝딱 온갖음식을 만들어 내는 마술사 같은 꼬마아가씨. 늘 소리없이 현장을 만들어가는 모든 분들께 감사하는 마음을 전합니다.
A heart warming gift. I got chocolates for the Valentin’s day^^ from a good and pretty friend I met during a difficult and hard filming. Because I meet a lot of precious people from work who are very thoughtful towards me…. After a while, I am so grateful. A little young lady made all this wonderful food like a magician at the filming site. I send my gratitude to all the people behind the scenes who make the movie possible.

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  1. Anonymous
    May 3, 2017 / 9:25 am

    How old is she? She still looks like in her 20, but I think she was around for a long time.

    • Buhdoop
      May 3, 2017 / 9:47 am

      She definitely has a baby face. I think she is around 35 or 36 years old.

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