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Instagram Roundup: Jang Ki Yong Part I

장기용 Instagram
We dug deep into Jang Ki-yong’s (장기용) Instagram and have a four-part Instagram roundup coming up. I will piece these out over the next few days (weeks?) so if you like Jang Ki-yong and are curious about his Instagram then check back in to see if a new one is up.

For the Instagram roundups I usually dig through a star’s Intagram account and look for things that make them, them. A famous persons Instagram account, when done right, is like a little taste behind the smoke and mirrors of their life. It is basically opposite to none famous people who usually make their lives look more fabulous on Instagram. So I like it when we see the normal of a star’s life and Jang Ki Yong’s Instagram does just that. It also shows the fabulous too though which is always fun. These photos are from 2013 and 2014, so yeah, kind of far back-ish. I picked photos from his modeling days in his early 20’s and I especially picked ones where he wrote a lot in the comments, so expect a lot of translations!

I will probably do another one of these for him later on, but so far these four will be it for now. A girl’s gotta rest right? I love Instagram roundups though so I’ll try to do them of some of the other actors in Go Back Couple because that drama is the absolute best thing I’ve seen in months (though Cars 3 was also really good and of course it’s hard to beat Stranger Things, I’m just saying).

Translated By Bah+Doo

juanxkui A view of noona who teases me bit by bit with her unnamed dance, at first I was a little annoyed as a man, but l like Mama’s passion. I will keep an eye out for her.

juanxkui On my way home. I all of a sudden have double eyelids. Maybe my eyes will get bigger again, hahaha

juanxkui Today a Goddess with heavy eye makeup gave me a Christmas card. Also, a scarf in the box, which I thought was a little carpet. Thank you so much. Spanish music, my head is swinging front and back like a duck. One two one two. It was a beautiful night.

juanxkui Tonight I bought another salad, the same salad I enjoyed a couple of days ago. I was happy thinking about eating it tomorrow on the train while looking outside. The next day, I got on the train and hung my coat neatly on a hanger, wet my throat with natural milk, then I was ready to eat the salad. Took out the salad and was about to pour the dressing, then I thought something is missing. I was thinking about it.. should I eat it with my hands.. what is this? I left something at home. My fork! So silly, So silly….

juanxkui #Simbong-da TV with Sim Jelum

juanxkui 2014 New Year has dawned. It was my first time to see this bright sun. I made a wish while holding my hands together, I also feel diligent since I woke up early. I feel good energy. Great. Good start. Let’s go. Go~~~

juanxkui Happy new year!! 2014 finally started. I was fascinated with the sudden fireworks and my brother and I just screamed Wooo. I wanted to make a better clip, but impossible. Well, let’s do it, 2014. Go~!

juanxkui With my brother who had hard time.

juanxkui Space cyber crew #fromourbasecamp#

juanxkui He-yoen nuna’s tea. I expected it would taste like a kitty cat, well, it really tastes like a kitty cat. Amazing!

우주 사이버 대원#우리기지에서#

A post shared by @juanxkui on

Her: “Who are you?”
Him: “Who are you?”

juanxkui Ondol floor (heated floor) #Warm#InJjimjilbang#FinallyFallAsleep

juanxkui An animal world in the middle of a city. Still like the Christmas here. Then I just saw a baked sweet potato. With urgency, I handed out my credit card. The man didn’t look too happy.

juanxkui Baby Yong. I still maintained my cuteness, but I became gross while I get taller. #BabyYong

juanxkui My noona bought this. Eating like a horse. Drinking bread. Drinking rice #hehahu#abdominalbreathing#calm.

juanxkui Came here alone to eat Dried Pollack seaweed soup. But there are too many people. I will eat it quietly and leave.

juanxkui #EatingShow#Kkiyeong#Jang kkiyeong

Alright, that’s the end of part I. I have photos for at least 4 parts, so I will be posting the next 3 ones in the next few days/weeks. I don’t want to post them all at once because, well, Jang Ki-yong should be savored, he is a seven course meal, not fast-food. So have fun looking through these photos and reading the text. Until next time…

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