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Instagram roundup: Ahn Jae-hong 2017 part I

Yesterday we brought you Song Ha-yoon‘s Instagram Roundup. Today we are bringing you her TV beau: Ahn Jae-hong|안재홍 who plays Kim Joo-man in Fight for My Way|쌈 마이웨이.

Ahn Jae-hong is really burning the house down with his quiet portrayal of Joo-man, who is the exact type of employee every company wants. At outset, he looks like an “Aw-shucks” type of person who could be an easy pushover, but he is really a strong and confident man. He knows how to interact with the social structure at work, even though he doesn’t agree with it. He gets his punches in when he can (like when he hid his boss’s shoe and made the male intern do more work), he is competent, chivalrous, and he knows exactly how to love Sul-hee.

I remember Ahn Jae-hong participated in an interview for Fight for My Way, before it premiered, where he said he wanted to show the true and deep love of two people who have been in a relationship for years. It was a really short interview, but it did make me curious as to how he would accomplish this. I think he and Song Ha-yoon are pulling it off masterfully as we see all the little things they know about each other coming out as the episodes air.

Ahn Jae-hong’s Instagram Roundup is below. He has a pretty active Instagram (which I love), so I just picked the most recent ones. He appears to be a pretty poetic person and I love how he supports his friends in the Industry. Also, one thing is for sure, he loves taking pictures of food. The Instagram is below, check it out if you have a chance.

Translated by: Bah+Doo

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong #족구왕 OST CD 발매 소식?

프로파간다 X 플레인아카이브의 영화음악 전문 레코드 레이블 PPR
그 첫 번째 프로젝트

독립영화 블록버스터 <족구왕>
혼자서는 연습도 못하는 첫사랑 <셔틀콕>
OST CD 한정반 발매

about #족구왕
<족구왕>의 권현정 음악감독은 <범죄의 여왕>, <할머니의 먼 집>의 음악감독을 맡아 꾸준히 스크린에서 관객들을 만나고 있습니다. 특히 이번 앨범에는 영화의 엔딩곡이자 페퍼톤스 정규 5집 수록곡인 ‘청춘’과, 영화 속 하이라이트 장면을 온전히 느낄 수 있는 스페셜 트랙이 숨어 있습니다.

and #표기식 소사진집 : 그때의 당신과 지금의 우리
<족구왕>과 <셔틀콕>의 개봉 당시 포스터를 촬영한 표기식 사진가의 소사진집이 북클릿 형식으로 동봉됩니다. 주연배우들의 미공개컷, 표기식 작가의 개인 작업이 함께 담겼습니다.

제7회 서울 레코드 페어(6/17~18)에서 각각 500장 한정으로 최초 공개됩니다. #PPR #seoulrecordfair

aahnjaehong #TheKingofJokgu OST CD sale news ?
Propaganda X Plain Archive’s record label specialized in movie sound track PPR
The first project

Independent film blockbuster [The King of Jokgu]
The first love who can’t even exercise alone [Shuttlecock]
Limited edition OST CD on sale

About #The King of Jokgu
[The King of Jokgu]’s music director Kwun Hyun-jung consistently meets the audiences through movies like [The Queen of Crime] and [Dear Grandma]. Especially, this album includes “Youth” which is both the ending song of the movie and one of the songs from 5th album of Peppertones, and a special track that contains highlights of the movie.

And #Pyo Gi-shik’s mini photo album: You back then and us now
The poster photographer of the [The King of Jokgu] and [Shuttlecock], Pyo Gi-sick’s mini photo album is provided as a booklet. Unleased photos of the main actors and personal work of Pyo Gi-shik are included.

The first public release of the album will be at the 7th Seoul record fare (6/17~18). Limited to first 500. #PPR#seoulrecordfair

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 젊은 우리 나이테는 잘 보이질 않고~
aahnjaehong [1] When you are young it is hard to find our growth ring
[2] It’s hard to find young Uri’s growth rings
(This post was abstract/poetic so we provided two translations. If the cat’s name is “Uri” then perhaps it is the second translation. If he is talking more about Uri as “Our” then it will be more of the first translation)

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 족발쌀국수#파주
aahnjaehong Pork feet Pho #Pa-ju

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 스멜~
aahnjaehong smell~

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

What kind of mind did I have back then,
How come I could laugh
even though I gave everything away
What kind of mind did I have back then
I turned around
even though I had everything
The hot summer night is gone
The remainder does not look good at all
I will leave it for someone
who will visit in the future.

-Now Playing-

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 곤약 메추리알 조림
aahnjaehong Soy sauce braised Konjac and quail eggs

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 보쌈 #부산
aahnjaehong Bossam (Napa wraps with boiled pork) #Busan

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong “봄이잖아”
aahnjaehong “It is spring”

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 가정의 달에는 가족과 함께 <임금님의사건수첩>
보시며 즐겁고 행복한 시간 보내세요?
aahnjaehong For the month of family, please watch [The King’s Case Note] with your family and have a wonderful time.
#Ontheweekend #ofcourseTheKingsCaseNote #Popularshow

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 5.4.~5.5. 오늘은 #사전투표 하는 날
투표하세요 🙂
aahnjaehong 5.4~5.5
Today is #early voting day.
Please vote 🙂

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 푸쳐핸섭
#임금님의사건수첩 절찬상영중!!!
aahnjaehong Put your hands up
#TheKingCaseNote Popularshow!!!

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 오늘 개봉했어요?
aahnjaehong Premiered today

A post shared by 안재홍 (@aahnjaehong) on

aahnjaehong 모든감정이폭발한다
aahnjaehong All my emotions are exploding

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 레이첼이랑
aahnjaehong With Rachel

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 감자탕
aahnjaehong Pork Back-bone Stew

Ahn Jae Hong Instagram translation

aahnjaehong 조제
aahnjaehong Joje

Translated by: Bah+Doo

That’s the end of part I! Look for part II in a couple hours or so. Also, we are doing a Fight for My Way half-way contest on Monday and Tuesday for our live recap of episodes 7 and 8. We decided to do a comment contest and we will have 5 winners per episode! The winners will get either a written interview translated or a video translated (up to 60 minutes and we will try to embed it if possible). This is pretty big because we just started limiting our video translations to 5 minutes (because they can take fooorevaaaaaah).

Source Instagram

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