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Im Siwan is Back in Run On! Script Reading Photos, Ahoy!

Woo boy, is it okay if I kick this talk about Run On off with first mentioning Strangers From Hell? because I don’t think you can mention Im Siwan’s newest drama without talking about his performance in that one! Good Lord he did an amazing job and was straight from the military too! No rust was on his performance. Also, its October and that drama was a horror upon horrors so go check it out!

Okay, now off to Run On which I literally just heard about today (she says while trying to pull self out of the dungeons of endless work). Also, don’t you just love it when a nice clear script photo is released? Because I do, it shows that they caaaare!

But I digress. Let’s get back to this show. Run On is about a sprinter (Im Siwan) who quit the National Team and starts working as a sports agent. A subtitler (Shin Se-kyung) sees him and thinks they are destined to meet. Me thinks this printer might be happy because what man wouldn’t want Shin Se-kyung thinking fate brought them together?

This is a romance everyone. Which is why we all watch Kdramas to begin with so I’m good. But I am also interested in this show because Kang Tae-oh, who absolutely SLAYED in The Tale of Nokdu, is in it as well!

Everyone, go grab your dictionary, erase the definition of swagger from it, and slide Kang Tae-oh’s photo right up on in there instead, plus, kiss it before you go to bed every night (I kid! I kid!…or do I). In fact, forget what I just said and just put him in a goodie bag and give him to me.

Kang Tae-oh will play a University art student who falls for the daughter of the sports agency owner, played by Choi Soo-young (of Girl’s Generation fame). Choi Soo-young’s character is all about proving that she can take over the family business, that is until she meets Kang Tae-oh. Hmm, so two love stories to contend with here. No triangle? Y’all, I like it.

Run On will air in December on JTBC after Private Lives ends.

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