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I’m Not A Robot Live Recap: Episode 1 & 2

I am not a robot Live Recap Episode 1
Yay! The first episode is finally here! Hip Hip Hurray! Let’s see how fabulous this drama is going to be shall we?

How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Feel free to share/copy/paste this to your hearts desire, we don’t mind! ALso, there will be updates galore at the bottom! So check back in!

Shorthand: Haven’t figured this out yet since it’s episode 1 (whoo hoo!). We’ll get this straight by episode 2.

Kim Min Gyu – MG
Jo Jo Ah – JA
Scientist Baek Gyoon – BG or scientist
Robot Ah Ji 3 – AJ or AJ3 or 3 or Robot

How to Watch: On Demand Korea
Airing Time: Dec. 6th, 22:00 Seoul
Countdown: AIRING!

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A big sports car is zooming through a garage. Someone is wearing a hat and mask and has drugs like they are a criminal. The drugs are in a syringe. He puts it in his pocket and has an extractable beater.

Doctors – this is the 3rd, time, take your hat and mask off, I will not tell you anymore.

He takes his mask off and all the doctors laugh at him. They don’t believe that he has an allergy to people and they think he doesn’t want to go to the army. He takes off all of his clothes, well, his jacket and walks up to them. They think he is going to hit them or something but he grabs the main doctors hand and then he has a super allergic reaction to it! He almost becomes like the hulk or something. He gets super big.

MG – I want to go to the marines, can that happen. This happens when I touch people. I have this shot to calm the symptoms down. There is no medicine for it, only symptoms.

One of the doctors washes his hands with a water bottle. MG tells them that it won’t spread around so don’t be afraid or worried.

He drives home and someone yells, “Little master is ready,” MG waves at them and then gets out of the car and walks to his house. His house is gorgeous.

Birthday party!
MG – It has been one year. happy Birthday!

He is talking to a robot vacuum cleaner and he bought it a new battery. LOL. He has a lot of vacuum cleaners around. Now we have a montage of him around his house. He makes a super huge card tower and he takes like 20-30 pills. He says he lives well against people expectations. He has millions of skills to live by himself. He plays video games and watches classical movies and holds his pillow as he tries to practice kissing.

Voice Over – Not lonely? Of course not. Between humans, we need some personal space to protect myself. The distance to protect myself. We need it.

People are waiting outside and our heroine is there as well. She is eating military bibimbop and checking herself in a mirror. One girl looks like she has to pee.

JA – Hey student, you can come back, I will look after your seat.

A lot of text messages are coming in. It looks like she buys things and resells them. A guy walks up and wonders what is going on. She tells him that they are waiting for some limited edition figures. She buys them. The guy who asked sits down all happy and stuff and she looks him up and down. She tells him that she owes a lot of money and then basically tells him that people are around here and he can’t cut the line. Leave in 3 seconds!

Everyone cheers for her and he yells that he didn’t cut the line while walking away. The girl who went to the bathroom comes back and JA lets her sit back down. The doors finally open and everyone is pushing each other around like its black Friday or something. JA is the first one in and sees the hot item figure. Everyone starts running to Olympic music in slow motion, lol. JA gets there first and snatches one then guards it like it’s the super bowl.

She meets the buyer outside somewhere and it is MG! He tells her to put it in the backseat with his loudspeaker from the car. She is all like, huh? Just open your door. He tells her that he will pay double. She puts it in and he checks it. He notices that there are some food particles on the box and he goes crazy. He tells her that there is something on the surface so he can’t pay her double. She said it was fine before he got it and now he has a problem?

They are both angry at each other. He locks all the door and tells her that he isn’t giving her anything. She is yelling at him to get out and he tells her that he will post a bad review. She yells that he can’t leave and chases after her. Then there is a loud noise and she is on the floor.

He wonders, maybe he hit her? he stops the car and gets out. he has a stick and his gloves and he pokes her helmet with his stick. Then she wakes up and pulls the stick toward her. But then he looks all glowing and flowery and she is mesmerized. She tells him he looks all glowing and handsome, but he flips the F out and tries to get away. She grabs his leg and tries to pull him to her. He finally gets to his car, but she grabs him by the collar and his allergy starts to act up! he breaks away and zooms off. He is able to put his allergy shot in his leg.

he looks in a series of mirrors and looks at himself. he gets a phone call from a doctor and the doctor goes to meet him.

He tells the doctor that his reaction was oval-shaped and looked different from the others. he wants the doctor to investigate every little thing but the doctor doesn’t think it is a big thing. The doctor presents to him a new medicine in a red box. He says it shows his allergic reaction with a color code. After 2000 on the color code he will die, so he has to be careful. he thinks it is the same, he can’t date or marry anyone, he has to live like this. The doctor says there should be someone, but he says she is not normal.

JA is outside on a fence and says she will find him and harass him and will not stop even if it is the end of the world (or something like that).

Some guys are outside the mansion and send a drone inside. They are trying to so hard to get this drone inside, lol. It finally goes inside and they take off! MG comes out as if someone is trying to break in and then sees the drone. On the drone was a video of a robot, AJ3. The doctor tells MG that his robot is about to première and he wants to invite him to the première. He says that he is the owner due to the contract, so the scientist wants half the research money. Ar you surprised If you see AJ3 in real-time then you will be surprised! he says he is waiting for the new owner of AJ3, we will shock the world!

MG wonders if he is really the owner of this robot. he googles it and finds out that this doctor is a genius, but his career went down because he copied someone’s paper.

MG drives to the Santa Maria Robot lab with all his full protective gear on which also happens to look fabulous. Someone opens the door but we don’t see who it is. MG walks in and the door slams behind him, he jumps! The lab is super spooky and a very cute tiny robot is rolling up to him. He yells, what is this! but then he sees that the robot is super cute with a lot of emoticons. It looks kind of like Wall-e. MG talks on his phone and wonders what this is. he already told them that he just wants to see AJ3, not anyone else. He is told to follow the robot and the Wall-e robot leads the way.

He reluctantly follows.

The lab continues to be spooky with a lot of robot legs and body parts and all that stuff. they walk past the robot body part section and MG stops and is mesmerized with all the robot parts. Then he sees a terminator looking robot and jumps again, lol. He says, my heart my heart. Then he follows the robot into an open area and wonders, what is this!

he is holding his stick as if he will defend himself and wonders if there is anyone around.

Robot – Are you Kim Min Gyu?

MG jumps and AJ3 walks up to him with a blue backlight. he holds the stick out to defend himself and we see that AJ3 has no information on him from her screen. She wants to shake his hand and he screams.

MG – go away from me! No one is around!

Scientists – Why is he so nervous? (they are hiding behind window blinds)

AJ3 – Are you nervous

MG – I told you guys to remove all the humans!
AJ3 – I am not a human, I am Baek Gyoon’s robot AJ3.
MG – Robot?
AJ3 – The doctor told me you will like me a lot. Do you like me?
MG – You are a human, you think I won’t notice?
AJ3 – I will show you that I am a robot (she takes off her clothes)

MG hides his eyes, but then he looks and he sees that she is mostly metal. Her chest has a motor!

End of Part 1


MG extends his stick and touches her metal looking parts. It makes a click sound like metal.

MG – Are you really a robot?

He takes off his gloves and tries to touch her skin. Her eyes recognize this motion like ET motion and she does ET fingers back to him. The scientists wonder what is going on and also do ET fingers to each other, lol. MG doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

Now AJ3 breaks down all that she can do and it was too fast to catch. But she says the most important thing is that she can run only 3 hours a day for each charge.

Now it is a little time jump of a few minutes and the scientists are there. Baek Gyoon breaks down AJ3 but he does it in a smug way because he wants his money to continue the research. But he switches to scientist mode and explains everything about AJ3. MG thinks he is training robots like dogs and then AJ3 tells a joke but it falls flat.

BG says that someone needs to teach AJ3 everything and then she will know it better. MG says that he will take her home for one month and he leaves.

Someone is heading a company meeting and says it is their last chance. MG calls the secretary and says that he is attending the meeting. The secretary calls everyone and says that MG is attending the meeting, code red!!!! Everyone goes into high alert! All the cars are cleared from the lot and everyone goes into hiding! An alarm sounds!

By the time MG gets there the building is empty. But someone comes out of an elevator and is shocked. MG tells him to go away and then calls someone and says that they should cut his salary. MG goes up the elevator by himself and goes to this big meeting. He is the only one on one side of the huge table and everyone else is crammed on the other side. He tells them to continue with the meeting. They continue and tell everyone that they did a good job. But MG raises his hand.

MG – I don’t know the details, what did this team study?
Team – We studied about … (missed this part)
MG – I don’t understand this, what is the result?
Team – We think there is no result
MG – You have to be responsible for what you said.

Cut to another man sho is talking to the secretary he is an older man. The man tells the secretary that he is the 25th under Kim Min Gyu, but if he changes his line to Hwang Yoo Chul then he can work for them.

Back to the meeting. MG is talking to the CEO and telling the CEO that MG is the one who grew the company so he can give him orders. he leaves and the CEO is angry. MG sends an email to a Madam X about a company.

She is meeting with someone in a rundown hoarder looking place. She has a business idea and thinks it will make them both a lot of money.

Lunchtime at the laboratory! AJ3 brought them something and BG is talking to her. The scientists look kind of annoyed in a way. They bet on making her smile and tell her lots of jokes to get her to smile but she doesn’t smile. Finally one of them tells her to smile and she smiles. She takes everything literally.

Cut to them doing some experiments on her while her chest is open. One of the scientists tells the other to go away because he is drinking something and one drop to her open chest will ruin her. He backs away but then, of course, he plays with the Wall-e robot and his drink shoots up and one drop hits AJ3’s chest. Sparks fly everywhere!

She drives home but she is in trouble. her brother chases her around the room with his shoe and says he will kick her out if she gets in trouble again. She borrowed her sister-in-law’s money but her business failed. What can she do? JA tries to make amends and says that she bought a cake. he says he didn’t ask her to buy it. JA starts to cry and says that he got everything because their father supported him fully, but now he died so Oppa is the only one who can cheer her on. He says he wants her to find a job. She says business is a lot harder than finding a job. he wants her to pay back the money. They keep arguing about that.

All hell has broken loose, they are looking for the part to fix the robot, but it is overseas and won’t be there until the spring. They are trying to solve this problem. BG calls MG and asks to delay this test for a little bit. MG says they only have one more day because they are going to sell the company.

BG looks up the company and it looks like the company is a patent troll. They will just take her apart and sell all her patented parts to the highest bidder. He looks up a photo of JA.

Cut to JA drinking outside in the rain at a shop. She picks up the phone and says she can’t lend him any more money! The scientist is all like, don’t you know my voice? I am bang-i, don’t pretend like you don’t know me. But she is super drunk and doesn’t really know him. She thinks his name is Gompang-i which is mold. But then she sees him and is all like, That mold! She runs away and tries to escape from him with her hoodie pulled over her eyes. But she bumps into him anywhere.

The scene is kind of sexy when they meet, but then he starts to bumble around and twists over his tongue. He can’t talk properly

She is drunk and says that they broke up, they are strangers now. She is telling him this because his brain is all different. he only hears what he wants to here, change that! That is a very bad thing!

BG – Because I am a genius!

He says he will give her a chance to pay him back. He will give her some money if she does a 3-hour part-time job. She is the only one who can do it! She wonders what she can do.

Cut to the laboratory. JA walks into the laboratory and all the scientists are shocked that this girl looks just like the robot. They are wondering what is going on. Her hair changed, her chest is bigger, what happened? BG tells them that JA is the original version of 3. they wonder what the relationship is and BG tells them that he used to know her. JA is confused, she doesn’t know what is going on.

Then they show her the robot and she is completely shocked.

They talk about this crazy situation. the friend thinks the scientist still have crazy feelings for her. She wants her to meet him and do this part-time job but JA really does not want to do this job.

But then she goes home and hears her brother says that JA has to pay them back or he won’t let her back into the house. She stands up slowly and leaves (she might have some back pain because of the accident).

JA goes back to the laboratory and says she will do it. But he shouldn’t think she has feelings for him or something.

Meanwhile, MG is wondering where his necklace went, then he remembers that crazy girl probably has it from their run in.

Back at the laboratory. The scientists are teaching her how to move like AJ3. She isn’t getting it. She has to put a cup on a table without any sound and all those things. They make her body robot looking and put sensors all over her body. They give her a wig and they give her the proper clothing. One last thing is to give her contacts with a camera. With these contacts, she can see just like a robot. This makes her an avatar like AJ3. AJ3 will show her what to do, JA just has to read it.

AJ3 – I love you BG, what do you need?
JA – Ah! Did you train this robot to say that? Do you still have feelings for me!

They tell her that she is better and all those things and then they get back to teaching her how to use the contact lenses. JA loves it, she thinks it feels like she is a genius. But she says she can’t speak English so how can she read it? lol.

They drive to the mansion with JA in the trunk and she gets a call from MG. MG starts to complain about his necklace and basically tells him to go to a mental hospital. he called her 146 times and 46 text messages in a very short period of time. He really wants that necklace!

They get to the mansion and move her into the mansion in a huge box. Then they hear a cell phone ringing. The scientist tells them to turn off the cell phone. Inside the box, she tells him to stop calling her. They curse at each other and then MG sees that they are there with the robot. He tells them they can leave and then he walks up to the robot.

He takes a long look at this robot. Her eyes are closed.

MG – Hi AJ3
Robot – I love you… AHHHHHHH!

She jumps back when she sees that it is MG who she will have to fool.

No preview?

So far so good! This drama looks super cute.

Updates courtesy of Soompi forums. Thank you so much!

Behind the scenes links:
From sakura2016

I already feel so sad for Min Gyu.

Manservant: Young Master! Everything has been prepared!

MG: Since you’ve come into my embrace, it’s already been a year. With that small body, you’ve shown me what reality is every day. Satisfying and lovable robot vacuum cleaner. Happy Birthday, my pretty one!
MG: Here. Here. A birthday present. Wear a new battery, and stay by my side for a long, long time. So cute!

MG Voiceover: Unlike you all might have thought, I am living well by myself. If I have to choose one person from all the people available, that would be me.The one among many who has the ability to live alone.
MG Voiceover: Am I not lonely? Not at all!
MG: Voiceover: Between people, there needs to be a distance. A distance in order to protect myself.

The scene where he’s watching a compilation video of kisses, and starts to make kissy faces at his throw pillow. It’s funny. And, then he reacts that he’s absolutely not lonely at all, and it becomes pathos more than comedy. He’s the prince who has enclosed himself away from the world and is reassuring himself that he’s fine and happy. Awww.


The hostile first meet between MG and JA.

MG: The box already has a stain! And, I can’t get another one of these any more! This nulls the contract. But…you’re asking me to give you the money now?
JA: Ahh! That the product that was fine when it was just in my hand, but suddenly developed a flaw as soon as it went into the client’s hands, for that, I have committed a sin worth dying for…did you think I would say that? How dare you try to scam me?!
MG: You’re the one committing a fraud! Though I will forgive a mistake, I won’t overlook a lie.
JA: I’m flabbergasted. Yah! You get out here.
JA: What?! You’ve locked the front door? You’ve also locked the back door?! Are you daring to steal from President Jo?
MG: To a fraudster, I can’t give even a penny of my money.
JA: Yah! You’ve mistaken the type of person I am! You. Get out. Get out. Yah! Open this! I said get out, you jerk!
MG: I’ll upload a complaint, so do some self-reflection, and let’s not ever meet again. Trash.
JA: Yah! Where are you going…? Yah! Yah!!

MG: What’s that? What was that noise?
MG: Did I hit her? Me? No, no, no, no. Aish, really.

MG: (tapping JA with his baton) Oy! President Jo! Oy! Yah!
JA: (grabbing his baton) Ay, I really…
JA: (getting a good look at MG) You’re too good looking. (MG gets up screaming, causing JA to grab his leg. LOL)
MG: Let go!
JA: Where do you think you’re running off to?
MG: Get away! Get away! Let go! Let go! Let go of me!
JA: You’re not going anywhere!
MG: I said to let go! Let go!
JA: Yah! In order to get the wages due me for a part time job, I even went to jail. You think that I’m going to just leave you alone because you’re being like this? Give me my money! Give me my money, you idiot jerk!

(MG finally pushes JA off his car and drives away.)
JA: Yah, you had better stop right there!

The first meet of MG and the real AJ3.

MG: Hello there? Is someone not there?
AJ3: Are you Administratro Kim Min Gyu?

screen: No information !

AJ3: I was not able to find your information. Is it right that you are Administrator Kim Min Gyu?
MG: Y-you. How do you know me?
AJ3: Pleased to meet you. Let’s shake hands.
MG:Ah!! Don’t come closer! Go, go over there. Go, go over there! I said to go over there! H-here, is anyone here?
Staff1: Why is he getting so upset?
MG: Isn’t anyone here?! Aish. Really.

Woman: His nickname is supposed to be Third Appendage, and he really does carry a third appendage around.
MG: Ay, really!
AJ3: Do you not want to shake hands? I’m sorry. I will take heed in the future.
MG: I told you to remove all people from my vicinity!
AJ3: Do I appear to be a person? The more that the Administrator sees me as a person, the better I am doing is what the Professor told me. Thank you. However, I am not a person.
MG: What?
AJ3: I am the android robot that Professor Hong Baek Yoo has made, Ah Ji 3.
MG: If you’re Ah Ji 3… Robot?
AJ3: That is correct. The Professor has said that the Administrator is sure to be pleased with me. Are you pleased with me?
MG: Hey, you’re trying to scam me. How dare you have a person acting like a robot? Do you think that I wouldn’t be able to tell that you’re doing that? (AJ3 starts to unzip her dress.) W-what? What are you doing right now?
AJ3: I will convince the Administrator that I am a robot.
MG: Oh, yah!

Just one more translation of JA and MG’s second meeting with JA pretending to be AJ3.

phone: Dog beast

JA: Hey, dog beast, what?
MG: Hah! Only now are you answering your phone.
JA: That’s my problem. Are you only now being hit by your conscience and want to pay me? Then that would be welcome.
MG: My necklace. You took it, didn’t you?
JA: What?! How dare you lose it, and then try to blame me for it?
MG: You’re the one who put your hand on my necklace that day and ripped it off! Don’t you remember?
JA: There is no way to deal with you. Really.
MG: You. Before I really sue you, give it back to me. My necklace.
JA: Yah, do you have a disease? I’m telling you this sincerely, but you should go to the hospital.
MG: What?
JA: These days, going to a psychiatric hospital isn’t something to be ashamed of. You should make sure to go. Okay? (turning off her phone) Who does he think he’s talking to? (sees her call log and gasps) Phone calls 156 times and texts 45 times..

Male staffer: We’re going in now.
Female staffer: He says they’re going in now.
JA: Wow, the house is nice.
Other male staffer: Wow, this is really like LA. I have a friend named Jane in LA. I remember…
Male staffer: What is this house?
Other male staffer: her red hair was really beautiful. Ah!
Other male staffer: This house is LA, so totally LA. Jane who lives in LA…turn off your cellphone. We’re here on an important task.
Male staffer: It’s not mine. It’s not mine.
Other male staffer: Ji Ah, please turn off your cellphone.
Female staffer: She’s taken her cellphone in with her.
HBY: Is she crazy?
Other male staffer: Ji Ah, please turn it off.
HBY: Turn it off!
JA: If you call just once more, I’m going to report you to the police.
MG: Who is the one who should be saying that? If you don’t return my necklace, I will chase you to the ends of the earth… (JA hangs up.) Oh, that crazy…!
JA: Oh, that stupid idiot. Really.

Male staffer: Ta da!
Other male staffer: Wow.
Other male staffer: You could at least give us a glass of water. (at being waved away by MG)

MG: Hi. Ah Ji 3.
JA: I love you, master. What… (seeing MG) Oh my gosh!

note: AJ3 has been programmed to say “I love you, master. What would you like?” as her standard greeting. Though, I’ve translated the word as master, in this case, master = owner, and is not just a term of respect.

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