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I’ll See You When The Weather is Fine: Episode 1 Recap – Part 1

I'll See You When The Weather is Fine: Episode 1 Recap – Part 1

This drama is a lovely slow burn through snow capped hills. Really enjoying it so far!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open on a cute instrumental melody and a lovely country bookstore that has ice hanging off the rooftop and a man inside making a drip coffee. This is Im Eun-seob. He looks out the window.


A mysterious woman is all bundled up for the cold and walking with a big red suitcase up a hill. Her name is Mok Hyew-won. She struggles to push it up a hill and gets a phone call, but after checking it, she does not answer.

She gets to the top and walks to the bookstore, pushing her face agains the window to see if anyone is inside. Then she looks at the name of the bookstore – Goodnight Bookstore.

Eun-seob is looking at something on a hill. A little boy says, uncle uncle. He asks if his school ended and then keeps looking off in his distance. The boy asks if he saw something? Did you see a ghost?

He says no and we finally see what he is looking at – Mak Hye-won pushing her bright red suitcase up another hill.

Up the other hill is a B&B. She goes inside directly and tells her aunt that she is here. But her aunt is not there. So she checks the downstairs bedroom but it is empty so she rolls her suitcase to the stairs and pulls it to the second floor where she goes inside another bedroom.

She looks around at the room and sits with a soft plop on the und undressed bed. Then she opens the window and looks out at the countryside.

Her aunt gets in so she goes downstairs to see her. Her aunt does not look thrilled to see her and asks what’s up without notice? Hye-won asks if she shouldn’t be there? Her aunt says that she is just asking because she has no reason to be there.

Her aunts name is Sim Hyung-yeo. She asks if she wants some fruit, someone just gave it to her. Then she starts to unpack her other grocery items. They go about unpacking quietly. Then Hye-sun sees a picture and says, its me. She is looking at a photo of her mother pregnant.

The aunt looks at it and then goes about unpacking again. She asks how long Hye-won will be here. Hye-sun says that she does not know, she doesn’t want to go to Seoul for awhile. Later on her aunt roast chestnuts by the fire on the floor and asks why Hye-sun really doesn’t want to go back to Seoul. What about your mother?

Hye-won changes the subject and says that she saw two more b&b’s on the hill, is that why this place is like this now? The aunt asks if she is really going to live here? Are you joking? Hye-won tells her that she is not joking, I will live here for now. She grabs a chestnut.

Her aunt asks her about the hogwan? Hye-won thinks that she is not qualified to teach anyone. Her aunt says there are no qualifications, people just do things to make money.Her aunt tells her to go to bed when she is done eating and also tells her that she should not quit her job so easily. i am not living my life without a plan. She walks out.

Flashback to Hye-won talking on the rooftop to a student. She asks the student why she cut another students cello wire? why are you so insecure? The student says that she told her that she is only good because of my instrument. Hye-won tells her, you are right? The student yells, what!

Cut to the mother yelling at everyone at the school. How can your teacher hit my daughter like that! You hogwan teacher! How did she hit you! The student said on my cheek. So the mother tries to hit Hye-won and says that she will stop her from running her business.


In the present, Hye-won bundles up and goes outside for a walk. it is nighttime and very cold. She walks for a long while and quietly looks at hay bales in a field. Eun-seob comes riding his bike up to her with his light on her. She looks at him and he looks at her.

HW – (Hello)

ES – (Hello)

She starts talking and asks him what those marshmallow things in the field are called. He says it is gontow (hay rolls). She says that she remembers that name. Then she looks at the field again. He looks at her.


Farmers go to work in the field and daily activities go on as usual in the small town. Then we see Eun-sub’s father talking to him with his walke talkie. But Eun-seob doens’ want to tal k to him with his walkie talkie becuase he is right at the bottom of the hill. But the father tells him to use it.

So Eun-sub reluctantly uses it and turns to his right to see Hye-won staring at him from the porch. She asks why he is here. He has to tell his appa “over” and then hangs up the walkie and tells Hye-sun that he is here to borrow tubing.

He starts to wrap up the tubing. He asks her how long she is staying here this time? She says until spring – maybe. He looks at her for a moment then says, he is off. But he tells her to tell him if she needs anything. A car of something because Myeong-yeo noona does not have one.

Hye-won asks if she can borrow it now? Your car. He is a little surprised but throws her the keys and says he’s off. She picks up a pumpkin and heads off as well.

Inside his car, he has a necklace that says “goodnight Irene”. Her aunt is riding in the car with her. Hye-won asks her if she knows their neighbor, right? he has changed a little bit. the aunt says that he has not changed at all.

Hye-won thinks that he looks like a different person. Like someon that has disappeared and come back. the aunt says, what the-f? Hye-won tells her that it is possible. I haven’t seen him for a few years.

The aunt says that he didn’t disappear. So Hye-won asks something else. she asks, what what? Hye-won asks why he calls her noona? You are way over 40. And why don’t you take off your sunglasses? Did you do something for your eyes?

Her aunt is so bothered and just sighs and looks out the window.


Eun-seob prepares coffee in his bookstore. His little sister sits at the counter happily reading something and looking at her brother making the coffee. Then she reads, “that day, Irene asked…”

he looks back and quicklky grabs his things for her and tells her not to touch his stuff! The sister asks, “…what can I call the marmallow looking ones?” she laughs. He starts to walk away angrily, she happily runs after him saying, Irene Irene Irene! 



Hye-won and the aunt go to a hardware store. Hye-won wants to buy a lot of things so the aunt tells the owner to give her all those things.

Then we cut to the house, Hye-won is fixing all the things that need fixing in the house. Like the door an the stairs and the sink and the shower. Her aunt just chills and drinks a tea. Hye-won even paints the outside of the b&b again. 

The aunt comes up with her dog and chats a bit about the paint. Hye-wont ells her wunt that she is too negative. Her aunt tells her that she is too positive. Hye-won says that mint looks pretty here, but the emo says no. Hye-won tells her that she should do it to attract customers.

The aunt says that the paint will crack when it gets colder. Hye-sun says that the temperature will not go down, I checked. Emo thinks she is so naive. Hye-won tells her that is the weather forcast, I trust that, would you trust a dog on the street?

Emo says I trust a dog on the street. Then she goes inside with her litle dog. Hye-won tells her that she will see, there is not snow or rain or anything.

But then it rains hard that night. Poor Hye-sun looks outside at the rain angrily. Her aint rubs some salt in her wound and tells Hye-won that she said it would not rain for awhile? Our house will be flooded with mint.

Hye-won bitterly goes to bed. But she can’t sleep so she goes outside and looks at all her mint paint running off the house in puddles. Its all messed up. But, she can’t go back inside because the door handle breaks! 

So she knocks on the door and yells for emo. But emo does not hear her. So she runs to another door ut that one is locked as well. So she goes to a window, but it is too high for her to look through. She tries to yell for emo to open the door but she doesn’t hear.


Eun-seob is awake at home. He makes himself a coffee and starts to write at his computer wen he hears a knock on the door. So he opens it and is stunned to see Hye-won drenched and staring at him.

He invites her in for something warm to drink. She sits at his table and mutters that she did not know that this place was a real bookstore or that you ran a bookstore. He sits and tells her that he has been running it for 3 years.

She starts to look around and asks if he also sells used books? He says no. She asks, what are there? He says that is book keeping. People that come here read the books a little bit and put in a bookmark. LIke how you can keep your own whiskey and wine at a bar. I just tried it out. Why don’t you do it as well if you have a book to read?

She sits at the table again and asks why his bookstore is called goodnight? I wondered that as soon as I saw the name. He is at the sink and tells her that getting a goodnight sleep is harder than expected for some people. You know, people have a hard time doing basic things so I hope they will eat well and sleep well. That is my hope.

She mutters, eating well…sleeping well…life is only that?

He playfully asks, is there anything else?

She looks out the window and sees that the rain has stopped so she thanks him and stands to leave. He tells her to take his jacket with her and then sits at his table again. He starts to read. She heads out and thinks again, eat well…sleep well…

We see a flashback of her in high school looking at a notebook in the classroom.

VO – Eating well and sleeping well. Sleeping well is a good thing. Eat well, work well, rest well, and sleep well, that is a good life. So everybody, goodnight.

One of the high school girls calls for Hye-won so she runs off to her. Eun-seob walks inside the classroom right then.

In the present, she puts on his jacket and happily walks back to the b&b. 


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