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Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Season 2 Live Recap: Episode 1

Hyori's Hostel season 2 live recap variety show
Season two is finally here! It couldn’t have come at a better time because I need some nice relaxing Jeju air to help with my stress and anxiety from watching Hwayugi.

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Lee Hyori – H | Sang-soon – SS | Im Yoon-ah – Y

Airing Time: Feb. 4th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: DONE! will edit this and Hwayugi after a nap.


We had the times wrong on this one! It actually aired at the same time as Hwayugi so we will do this recap as an aftercap once the show is up on On Demand Korea.

UPDATE: WE cought the ending part. We will fill inthe begining part as soon as the video is available.

UPDATE: We are recapping it now.

UPDATE: Just finishing editing Hwayugi (for the most part). I’ll come back and edit this one sometime today.

It is snowing and storming in jeju. It looks very cold outside and the production is showing us a lot of images of Hyori and SS’s house. Hyori feels the snow on the windowsil and we cut away to a far off picture of their home covered in snow.

Images of snow falling keep showing up. There are icicles everywhere and Hyori is outside enjoying the snow. She is breathing it in and running around in it. SS is playing the guitar in a funny way with no sound. Hyori jokes that he is doing his morning excercise and they both pose for the camera and say that there is snow! Snow is here!

They jump onto each other and SS spins Hyori around in an embrace. It really looks like a fun and peaceful time with just the two of them.

As usual, their day starts with tea. The cameras are all around and Hyori thinks that people will say that nothing changed. Nothing really looks different. But Hyori looks kind of nervous just like she did in the firts season. She says that they haven’t been on TV in awhile so it is kind of weird to be on TV again. They awkwardly talk and drink tea, but they don’t really have anything to talk about. Hyori gives SS her cup so he can pour some more tea. Then they start to laugh and say that it is so awkward. Hyori tells SS to not make her laugh or her wrinkles will come out.

Hyori starts to talk about her weight and wonders if she looks fat. SS doesn’t think so. they talk playfully about that for a little bit. Hyori tells them that they shouldn’t be addicted to what they are doing and SS says that he doesn’t care about those things. But then Hyori says that if he doesn’t care then why is he checking his Instagram so much. They both laugh. SS says that Hyori doesn’t understand because she was always famous but he just became famous so he like to check. Then they start to think about what they can do in this season.

Hyori wants to give them a lot of nutritious food. No more morning alarm or yoga, they can sleep as long as they want to. But then they laugh and say that this will feel like a nursing home. But SS says that it is okay because his friends like coming here and sleeping and then going back to Seoul healthy. So their new motto for season two is feed well and sleep well!
We have a montage of eating well and we see Park Bo-gum saying that it is delicious!

Then we see a montage of all the guests sleeping well. But then we see Hyori walking around and telling everyone to wake up at 8am. She is waking everyone up with a karaoke microphone and singing. Lol.

SS thinks their secret weapong will be there outdoor winter hottub. And, whoever wants to hang out in the outdoor tent, can do it. It is a Mongolian moving tent called a ger. SS and H start to laugh, they think that they shouldn’t make it too cosy or they might have an accident. They start to laugh a lot.

Montage of things that will happen in the meenbak this year. We see Yoona and all the wonderful things around the house. Their hottub looks amazing and the guests really enjoy it. Then we see the ger. it looks amazing with an indoor fireplace and a wooden floor. This is the guests disco place at night and their eating place and their play place.

There is one more change. Yoona replaces IU as the new employee. Yoona is 29 and is the opposite of IU, she can cook anything and drive anywhere and talk to anyone. SS and Hyori like her because she can drive well so they let her do all the driving. Yoona also remembers everyones names well and cleans well. She even chops the wood at night and plays games well. Hyori jokes that she can’t do anything without Yoona.

Cut back to the present. Hyori and SS don’t know who the new employee is yet. They just hope that this person can chop wood and drive.

Cut to Yoona’s interview meeting to be a part of the Meenback. Yoona is a 29 year old singer and actor. She tells them that she can make pretty difficult food. She can speak Chinese and Japanese. She can drive and with navigation she can drive everywhere. She is also full of passion. The production is impressed. They give her the notebook for season 2 which is a recipe book for winter food that Yoona can practice preparing. Yoona is super happy and says that she hopes she can meet a lot of different people.

We see all the different people that are interviewing for the job. 21,000 people applied to be in Hyori’s Meenbak. Wow.

The production shows us some truly gorgeous photos of Jeju in the wintertime. Things you can only njoy at Jeju island. They end showing a gorgeous sunset with people camping next to the beach at night.

We find out that Jeju’s weather changes several times a day. (Jeju shows everyone a different face several times a day).

5 degrees Celcius
SS wakes up with the sound of rain. His dogs immediatly get up as well. The first thing SS does is prepare breakfast for their dogs. After the dogs eat their breakfast, SS prpares the music for the morning. “You Were There” By Eric Clapton. SS starts to mop the floor while listening to Eric Clapton.

Hyori wakes up and thinks that it is super misty today. We see gorgeous images of a very thick morning mist mixed with rain. Hyori is a little concerned. She wonders if their employee will be able to make it today.

Cut to Yoona. She is sending a text message to the chairman and the president. SS gets the message and says that it is from their employee. he reads it.

Hello, this is your new employee. I just got to the airpolane so it will take an hour. can you send me your address?

They send her their address and they talk into the phone, “Who are you….we want to see who you are…who are you” they laugh and Hyori hops up and down and says “Who’s coming, who’s coming who’s coming”

They decided to make a good meal for the new employee, rolled eggs. Hyori starts to fry some hashbrowns and they start to think about who is coming. HYori thinks that they alrady lived half their life so all the peole they meet are so important. They never get to meet anyone. They even cut each others hair, so when will they ever have a chance to meet anyone? Cut to a cut montage of Hyori cutting SS’s hair and telling him “How can you live without me” Then she sits for him and he cuts her hair. The caption says “We saved money for the hair salon…but honey, why am I crying now…” lol.

The new employee has landed. Yoona gets off the plane and takes a cab. meanwhile, Hyori and SS wonder when their employee will come, maybe 1 o’clock? They keep cooking the eggs and Hyori wonders when the best time is to roll the eggs. SS helps her a little bit and they succeed, but the roll looks more round than rolled. They cut it and put the hashbrown and rolled eggs on the table.

Then we see that they have a lot of boxes in their house. They ordered a lot of mattresses. Hyori starts to wonder about the employee and wants to call her. She wants to hear the voice. Hyori calls, but Yoona doesn’t notice the phone call because she is so nervous. When she finally gets to the Meenbak, she starts to smile and giggle and wonder what she should do. She walks to the gate.

Meanwhile, Hyori is trying to get Mimi out of the box. Mimi does not want to come out of the box, but then we hear Ding-dong! Hyori runs to the camera gate, but she can’t see her face. Yoona says hello and Hyori immediately recognizes her as Yoona from Girls Generation. They both smile and let her in.

Yoona walks in through the gate and Hyori runs out to great her with an umbrella. Hyori tells her that she hasn’t seen her in awhile and she didn’t expect her to come. They catch up and find out how old Yoona is now. Yoona says that she was 20 when they met at the variety show. SS comes running out and he is so happy to see Yoona, he grabs the luggage and lets Hyori and Yoona walk under the umbrella together.

Yoona goes into the house and greats all the animals. She knows all the names, but she doens’t know which one is which. And they have a new dog, Midal, who is one of the white ones. Hyori takes Yoona to the table and tells her that they wondered a lot who was coming and it is her! Hyori tells SS that he looks flushed, he must be happy and SS says that he is happy, lol. SS is so happy that Yoona is there from Girls Generation. Yoona says that she can chop the wood but SS says that he can’t let Yoona from Girls Generation chop their wood.

But SS doesn’t even know what Yoona’s last name is. he though it was Yoon, but it is Im. Hyori tells SS that Yoona was 20 at the variety show. SS says that Hyori was a baby as well. Yoona tells Hyori that she is her age now. They say a Korean joke about 6*5=30 and then they sit together at the table. Hyori says, “We like to sit together!” and laughs.

They eat and Hyori tells her that they have a lot of things to do. They were waiting for her, but they have to eat fast. they ask her waht her schedule is and Yoona says that she has nothing going on now. They think that is great so Yoona can be fulltime-fulltime.
Yoona tells them that she has had her drivers license for a while and can drive well. SS tells her that they have a lot of shopping to do and a lot of things to show her. They are most excited to show her their outdoor hot tub. Yoona tells them that she will observe well today and then start to do a lot of work tomorrow.

SS gives her a tour. The laundry room. We see a montage of Yoona and Park Bo-gum working. The laundry room becomes Park Bo-gum and Yoona’s favorite place. he keeps showing her around and Yoona makes SS use banmal to her. She gets a tour of the living room and we see a montage or her and Bo-gum cleaning teh living room.

Then we go to the second floor and Yoona sees their room. She thinks that it looks a lot more moody, perhaps because of the rain. She thinks that noone will see you if you are naked up here. Montage of making the bed for the guests and then chilling.

SS takes Yoona and Hyori to the table and makes them some citron tea. They ask her what food she can cook and Yoona tells them. She basically can cook everything. They wonder if she can make breakfast too and Yoona said she thought about that. Perhaps they could use a waffle maker. They keep talking about all the things they can cook, like roasted sweet potatoes in their fireplace in the ger. Yoona said she was wondering what they can do in the wintertime, they can’t really play outside. But the ger is where they can all meet.

SS tells Yoona that she can take Gwana with her, he always tells everyone that they can take Gwana with them, lol.

Hyori takes all the animals out to go pick up some oranges and tells Yoona to sit in the front. They tell her that her jacket is really white and Yoona says that she brought her warmest jacket and it was the whitest one as well.

The drive for 10 mintues to their friends farm to get some mandarine oranges. Oranges grow everywhere in jeju, so they want to pick a lot of oranges and make a mandarin drink. The friend teaches them how to pick the friut and they get busy getting a lot. Yoona is a little confused as to which one to pick, a big one, a pretty one? But SS says it dosn’t really matter sine they will grind it up in the end. Hyori says that they used to pick oranges for family members and friends a lot, but stopped after the first few years.

they keep picking the mandarin and sharing mandarin with each other. The mandarin is super cold, like ice, but it tastes really good. if you like a tangy taste, then you will enjoy it. it is tangy at first, but then changes to sweet later. And mor picking of mandarin…
Hyori asks which Idol group has the most members and Yoona says Super Junior, so Hyori says that this is a Super Junior amount of oranges, lol. They picked a lot of oranges.

On the drive back Mocha puts his paw onto Yoona. that means that she wants to be patted becasuse it makes her feel comfortable and safe.

They get back and Yoona goes into the ger. it looks really nice inside, like a pension room. But then SS tells Hyori that they have to wipe their dogs feet. Cut to them wiping all their dogs feet. Gwana looks like she feels strange becasue she is being wiped by a stranger, Hyori laughs and says that a pretty noona is cleaning their feet. then Hyori tells her to take a break wherever she wants to.

Yoona goes to the kitchen and returns her cup. She looks around at everything they have cautiously. She is a little scared to touch things. Then she tells Gwana to come over to her. She starts to play peek-a-boo with Gwana, but Gwana isn’t coming to her. Gwana is basically ignoring her and chilling with the other doggies.

Hyori, SS and Yoona take another car ride, but this time without the dogs. Hyori says that Yoona should sit to SS but his heart might pound a lot because he likes Seoul women. They go to the grocery store and start to get a lot of Goguma (swet potatoe). they also buy Nutella. they tell Yoona that their motto is to eat well and sleep well and get fat. Yoona laughs at that and tells them to make her gain some weight. They basically say that that is their specialty.

Cut to them going to a bakery. Yoona goes in alsone and buys all the food and SS and Hyori watch her from the door. They are happy because their employee can do a lot of things by herself. Hyori says that when you walk with Yoona, you will be noticed. Cut to them walking to some more places to buy winter blankets. They also want to buy some sitting cushions, but they are so expensive. Yoona finds something cheaper for them and they buy that one.

Yoona starts to get to work washing the dishes and SS wonders what is going on with all these juice extracts. Hyori says that she is going to drink them all. Yoona laughs at their exchange and then tells Mimi to go away because Mimi is all in her space. But Mimi has a mind of her own.

Hyori sits at the table and picks out some good music that they can listen to while working so they can work harder in this gloomy environment. they play what sounds like some Brazilian music and then SS gets to cooking. While SS is cooking, H and Yooona sit at the table and look at their hands. Hyori puts some tape in her hair, because she didn’t have a pin, and picks a book out about fortune telling. She reads it to Yoona.

Hyori reads her fortune, Yoona smells well and is super clean and doesn’t like hot taste or sweets. Yoona shakes her head though, perhaps this isn’t like her…Then SS asks for some help and HYori keeps reading the fortune telling. Yoona gets uncomfortable, should she sit and listen to Hyori, or should she help SS. SS keeps asking for help. Yoona stands but she is till at the table. Instense music starts to play. SS tells them to hurry! Hurry! Yoona leaves and helps SS and Hyori goes into the kitchen as well.

SS asks them for the dishes, Hyori goes to get the dishes, but she is too short. Yoona grabs them instead. They fix the table and sit around the table to eat pasta with clams. They say that it is good, but it is super salty. Yoona likes it though.

They keep eating and Sam Shik is in the background. Sam Shik wants some food too. They wonder how a pig can make a sound like a cat. Then they put on some Girls Generation Holiday song and rock out to it with some wine. SS says that he hasn’t listened to this kind of lively song ina while. They always listen to some calm songs. Hyori says that they should have some high note in the middle and picks when it will happen.

Meanwhile, is is raining a lot outside.

Cut to SS taking Yoona to her place next door. Yoona looks around and likes the room that she has. She puts on a song and takes a shower. Then she studies the breakfast menu for tomorrow. She studies for a long time

Back at the house, Hyori is heating up their home. They have a stove in several rooms so they are lighting them. They talk about Yoona and how she is bright and happy. Hyori says that she remebers this about her. They say that she looked nervous, but she is trying hard. They go to sleep.

SS and H wake up and go to yoga way early in teh morning. They actually show the inside a little bit and show SS taking off his shoes. But they don’t show us the yoga teacher, we only hear his voice. The yoga teacher tells them that today is a meditation yoga day. He keeps talking and telling them to stretch and relax and open up and all those yoga type things.

Yoga ends and SS and Hyori feel fully charged. They drive home in some snowfall and poor each other something to drink while still in the car. Hyori wants to know if SS likes it, this is the first time he has done it in a while. But then she thinks that this sounded too erotic. They hadn’t done it for awhile and they they did it this morning….they start to laugh.

Montage of the cloudy day becomeing a snowy day. the caption says that Jeju’s weather is unpredictable.

SS and Hyori get comfortable at home. SS puts on some lip balm and Hyori wants some too, so SS goes to kiss her. he then puts on some more lip balm and they relax a little more.

Cut to Yoona waking up. She hurries and gets ready. SHe doesn’t want to be late fore her first day at the meenbak. She walks to the meenbak and carries something heavy with her. She gets to work at 7:58 am.

Yoona greats everyone and they make sure that she slept well. They show her her locker room for employees and we see that Gwana is right next to Yoona. Yoona says hello to Gwana and pets him, then she takes the bag she brought to the kitchen. Hyori tells her that this bag looks heavy, but Yoona says that it was okay.

Montage of making waffles. They ar Yoona’s waffles.

Hyori puts an apron around Yoona and wants to know if they look like Park Seo-joon. They laugh at that and then Yoona gets busy making the waffles again. Yoona pours the waffle mix in the waffle maker and waits…and waits…and waits…the waffles boil over a little and they open it.

They think it is better to have a litle boiled over waffles than not enough. But the shape of the waffles look good and Hyori thinks that they should buy one. This is their first waffle on jeju island.

they garnish the waffle with banana and blueberries and chopped almonds and honey. The smell of the waffles permeates throughout the home and Sam Soon makes makes them some coffee. They all sit down to enjoy the coffee and waffles. They all agree that it tastes really good. They are prett surprised that it tastes so good, they didn’t expect it to taste this good. yoona fist pumps the air, her waffle maker is a hit.

Then the conversation changes to the customers. They think that when it is snowing, the customers won’t be able to go anywhere because they live on a hill. They think that they need to have a lot to eat just in case everyone is stuck at home.

Cut to Yoona vacuuming the living room and kitchen. But Mocha is in the way and won’t move. Yoona tries to vaccuum around her. She airs the second floor and then gets another vacuum cleaner and cleans the table top with a different part. Hyori is impressed that she changed the part on the vacuum and tells SS that Yoona is amazing, she knows how to change the part on teh vacuum. her cleaning is A++.

The rain stops and the sun starts to shine. they put the clothes outside to dry in teh sun and then go back inside to clean some more. But then Hyori remembers that she has to write their message sign board before the guests come. he hurries and gets SS and asks Yoona if she can clean up the leaves in front of the house. Yoona smiles and grabs a broomstick and start to clean.

Meanwhile, Hyori sees that what they wrote before is all erased. they put the huge rock out front again and think that they have to write it in oil paint so that it will stay. before they wrote it in chalk, so it all washed away. They write “Hyori Meenback, Sang-soon and Yoona,” on the rock.

Then they go out and try the goguma sweet potatoe from the ger stove. They say that it tastes really good. They check their cell phone and see that there is no information about the new guests.

But the weather starts to change
Yoona, H and SS are preparing for the guests. They closes are drying outside, but it is super windy and the clothes fell. The CEO tells them that they have a big snow warning. A jejudo mountain snow warning.

Cut to winter Jeju covered in snow. It looks pretty and white, but it also produces extremem weather. They keep checking the news. 17 flights were cancelled and a lot of travelers are trapped.

Hyori is wondering if the airplane is okay and SS thinks that it should be. We see an airplane flying and the pation reads, what is the fate of the first customer? Cut to their frist guests arriving at the airport. It looks like there are 5 of them, perhaps they are a family? They hop in a van and start talking about the lunch menu immediately. They have a fun concersation in the van about lifting cars, perhaps they are weightlifters?

SS gets a call from the customers. The customers are all huddled together and they tells them that they are there, but the wind is blowing a lot so it is hard to hear them. They are at the rental car place and they are trying to talk very pretty. SS tells them that they will text them the address and they say okay.

But then when they get off the phone they freak out! They start jumping up and down and one of them says that SS’s voice is a voice from Heaven. They all get into the car and drive off, but before leaving they say that the car is very small. While driving there they talk about how everyone is working out except them and they want toeat a lot. Hyori’s song comes on and they all start to sing it, but they joke that it is to narrow and they shouldn’t move.

At the mmenback Hyori and SS are putting on some clothes. Hyori puts on something that SS’s mom made for her and it really looks like halmoni clothing. SS also puts on some country looking clothing and they look in the mirror looking countrified together. SS takes of his sweater and puts on another one, but he says thank you mom. Meanwhile Yoona is downstairs looking nervous.

While downstairs, Hyori, SS, and Yoona sit by the fire. Hyori tells SS to let go of Ji-un as his background and take a new photo. They spend the next few minutes taking selfies until the first customer arrives. Ding-dong!

Everyone gets excited as SS goes to answer the doorbell. he opens the doorbell and all the guests are amazed that the door is automatic. They drive in carefully so they don’t hit the house and think that they can live there. they also think that they dogs aren’t greeting them, but then they see the dogs and start screaming. They are so happy that the dogs came out. SS came out as well and tells them where to park. Everyone isnide thinks that SS’s voice is so gentle and he is super handsome. The guets are so happy to be there, they are cheesing a lot.

We find out that these guests are Judo players. Hyori and SS wonder how they can feed them well. But they manage because we see them eating very well. We see a montage of the guets having a good time in the outdoor sauna and playing. But then the mood changes to mysterious as we see the next guests come in. What are these guests carrying?

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