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Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap Episode 10

Hyori Korean variety show
Lots of shopping to be had in Jeju in this episode. We also say goodbye to our old crew and hello to a new and eclectic one at the very end.

They remind us of what happened in the previous episode and of the three adorable guests that came to visit with them. They also talk about the water leak and how it was a big problem.

12 PM, 9TH DAY
All the water pressure has been lowered and everyone in the town has had water pressure problems. They talk about these issues over lunch. they say that they can take turns using the water, not all at once, and Dam-i can go to Ji-un’s place to take a shower. Dam-i will meet her friend today at 7 or 8 am and they will all go out together.

Hyori asks Dam-i if she likes Indian curry? And Dam-i says she likes it and let’s eat it. So Hyori will give a nice tour today of the island and SS tells everyone that he will clean today so all the woman can go have a good time, he will take care of everything.

Ji-un and Dam-i go to Ji-un’s place to get ready and say that it will take around 1 hour. Ji-un shows Dam-i around her place and makes sure that everything is fine. Then IU goes outside and puts some music on to listen to. The title of the song is Spring Rain and it is gorgeous. I love all this music in this variety show. IU rests at the table and eats some sweets while the music plays.

Back at the Meenbak, SS lays on the bed to rest, but then he realizes that he has work to do and gets up to do it. But Hyroi thinks something is strange? She goes downstairs and gives SS a big hug and says that today is Sam-soon’s day and for him to make something for him. He laughs and they keep hugging. then Hyori leaves, but she has a phone call from SS. SS whispers Saranghae into the phone as he looks at Hyori and laughs.

Hyroi goes to the little hotel next door and picks up IU and Ji-un. She asks them if the water is okay and they say that it is fine. Hyori makes sure they are all okay, are they hungry? Let’s eat first. they decide to eat and go to a vintage shop.

They go to old Jeju. Old Jeju used to be the capital of Jeju but now the old part and the new part coexist together. There are a lot of old shops in old buildings and we see them walking down the street to an Indian food restaurant. They chow down and Hyori is happy because everyone enjoys their meal. Hyori cleans IU’s face and Dam-i says that she isn’t hungry, but the food is so good so she is eating it all. Hyori says that touch and eyes, and smell and all that seduces us. We are trained to follow our senses. When I followed my sense I wanted to meet a handsome guy, but it wasn’t good for me so I gave up my senses and I followed my heart and met Sam Soon. Sam-soon, I am sorry, it is a joke! Then she says that SS is handsome, funner, and cuter than she expected. Hyori says that he is cleaning the house by himself right now, but we see that SS is actually just reading a book and enjoying himself, lol.

Shopping time. IU, Hyori, and Dam-i go to all the shops in this old part of Jeju. Old stores still look like the original old store, but they are a completely different store on the inside. While inside the rice store, it is actually a cafe, so they have some fruit drinks to enjoy. After that, they go to a very small turquoise store that Hyori loves. It is a super tiny-mini store. So quaint and adorable. it is so tiny that they can barely fit inside. But that is part of its charm so they shop happily and talk about how something is cute on them and looks good and is really nice and all those things.

They each pick out something for each other and Dam-i picks out a long white and blue top for Hyori. Hori looks like she likes it and goes to find some slippers to wear with it. Ji-un is upstairs shopping and Dam-i is changing. Hyori tells them that the mirror is actually outside the building so they all go outside to see how they look. Hyori says she likes how her outfit looks, but she shouldn’t get anything, she has hundreds of them. But she wants to buy something for SS, a Hawaiian shirt. She decides to buy a really flashy one for him.

Then we see that Ji-un has a lot of things that she wants to buy. Ji-un is buying a lot of purple and baggy clothing. Hyori tells her that they have very different tastes. She thinks IU is buying clothing that is only in retro movies and they start to talk about IU’s music. In her lyrics, she talks about how she likes things that are not polished. Hyroi keeps joking with Ji-un about the hats that she will purchase and everything. They have completely different tastes.

Hyori decides to bring Dam-i into the conversation and asks Dam-i if Ji-un’s clothes are pretty or not? But Dam-i just laughs and says that she doesn’t know. But all the things that IU picks out are so unflattering. Hyori jokes with Dam-i and tells her to tell IU to only buy one ugly hat, not 3 ugly hats. They all laugh about that and Ji-un says that her stress is released here. She is so happy that she can shop and have fun.

They walk down the street and Sex and the City music starts to play. While walking they start to talk about new and old Jeju. hyori mentions that she really likes old Jeju and walking down that street. they go to another vintage shop that is on the second floor of a modern looking building. This is the second chance for them to shop.

Hyori is a regular customer in this shop and IU and Hyori look around. there are so many items here to buy. SO many t-shirts and cute clothes. Hyori tells the owner that IU doesn’t know how to pick clothes and can he help. They laugh and Hyroi looks like she is just watching IU in surveillance mode. IU picks up two shirts that look like men’s shirts and she thinks so hard about them. But Hyori says they are both strange so why is she thinking so hard about them. they both laugh.

the owner brings out some cute clothes, but IU doesn’t like any of them. IU just likes the big baggy boy style clothing. Hyori starts to shop too, she thinks that she wouldn’t be materialistic after yoga, but it didn’t go away. IU picks a lot of red clothes and Hyori asks her is she will be a red devil for Russias world cup or something like that. Dam-i comes out in a really pretty vintage dress and Hyori tells her that she has a similar taste as her.

But IU still has these strange big men’s shirts. She wants to buy three and get one free. Hyori tells her that she has a red and yellow one so she should buy a green one and be a street light. they all laugh and Hyori tells Ji-un that she is really cute. Hyori tells IU to buy two but IU jokes that she has to buy 3 to get one for free. Hyori jokes with the shop owner that she should get a commission for this shopping spree and they leave.

Dami separates from the two and goes to see her friend who is nearby.

Meanwhile, the couple is having a good time kayaking in a transparent kayak. the water is gorgeous and turquoise and the food looks amazing. they eat ramen with seafood and have a great time relaxing and eating.

After that, they go to Hyupchae beach. they run into the water and think that it is super clear. the wife wants to jump into the water and the husband jokes that he can push her, would she like to die…. they write a message for their child in the sand and take a photo of it. the husband said they came here all together before because she was in her belly. Aw, that is so sweet.

Sam Soon is starting to clean and picks a good song to clean too. The song is “The girl from Ipanema.” SS gets to work cleaning and then takes a nap with all the dogs. Everyone is taking a nap. But perhaps he is having a dream about the water leaking…..

5 PM
Sam-soon gets back up and goes outside to sit in his favorite chair and chill. the young couple comes back at around 5 pm and goes upstairs. they want to know if the water was fixed and SS tells them that it wasn’t a super big problem. then somehow the conversation changes to chopping wood and how every man wants to chop wood. SS is all like, it’s cool, I can show you, so he goes outside and shoes the husband how to chop wood.

But his demonstration isn’t going as well as he wants. The ax is getting stuck in the wood and bouncing off the wood and just not breaking. But the husband thinks that this looks like really hard work. Some sad Godfather or gangster music starts to play as SS keeps trying to cut the wood with the ax.

Now it is the husband’s turn. he prepares….and hold up the ax….and hits. Success! But perhaps it was beginners luck? The husband does it again and succeeds on the first try! But SS tells him to try again. The husband tries again, he prepares himself…..and he hits. Ah, a partial success. the wood broke on the side. the husband says that cutting the wood was really fun, it was a stress reliever and we see him resting inside again.

Dami is eating with her friend and her friends’ fiance and asking when they will get married and all those things. they are eating on the top of a building and having fun outside.

it is finally time to go home so IU and Hyori are in a car and driving home to the meenbak. IU starts to sing one of her songs about a nighttime letter and we hear her sing it as they drive and we see the gorgeous nighttime events all around Jeju.

Katalk goes off when they are right in front of the house. they tell SS that they are there and to get the door. IU and Hyori go inside and all the dogs chase her car. SS goes outside and says, “Yobooooooo, yoboooooooo, I haven’t seen you for awhile!” and the Reunion tv show music starts to play. they joke around a bit and they go inside to cook.

the employees get to preparing the food and joke as they sit and eat. All the guests ate so it is only the owners and employee of the meenbak eating. they start to talk about what they are doing that day and if shopping was fun. SS says that Hyori has always been a big shopper. When they used to shop abroad the owner would tell them to go to their warehouse, she bought that much stuff. They laugh and Hyori says that she used to buy a lot of things, but now she doesn’t buy that much.

While outside the guests try to start a fire with a torch, but they don’t succeed. it keeps going out. The couple thinks that they never camped before and they never had a chance to experience anything or have fun. But they say it in a fun and joking way. But SS comes to the rescue and tells them that they need tiny branches and other small things that burn well and then they can maintain their fire. SS gets them going and the fire burns brilliantly for them. Finally, they have a huge roaring fire to enjoy.

While inside IU and Dami are enjoying their meal and SS is barbequing outside. Hyori goes outside and gives SS a big hug and SS feels like he might have seen something new upstairs. He wonders if Hyori bought something for him, but she says she didn’t….but SS feels like she did. Hyori is all like…no….and SS laughs and says that he was fishing for her answer.

Meanwhile, IU is still eating inside, but then they say that they can go outside and eat golgi because golgi is precious. Everyone is waiting for the meet, even the dogs are waiting patiently for it. it is a feast. they even have conch from the shell that they are barbequing. SS is peeling everything and being a good owner to everyone.

Now the conversation starts to get going. they say that they should sing some songs and put their age in, but Hyori says that if she says her age it will sound so strange (39). They keep laughing and joking and having a good time. Hyori takes over the shrimp peeling job from SS like a true sharing couple and the conversation keeps going. Everyone feeds food to each other and they all talk about their day.

IU tells Dami that the couple didn’t see any fish. Dami wonders what you see and IU says that you only see seaweed. This makes Hyori laugh a lot, she loves their conversation. the husband says that you see other people, people look at them and they look at the people. Everyone laughs and says that he should be an Idol if he likes people to look at him. He has a good look for an Idol. The customers keep laughing and the owners are having a good time as well because the customers are having a good time.

Hyori wakes up first and a great song is playing. Hyori kisses one of her dogs that slept with them and kisses her husband. the kiss wakes up Sang-soon, but he goes back to sleep and Hyori hops up and goes to the main house to use the bathroom. She sings her IU and Hyori song as she is in the bathroom and all the guests start to wake up and go inside. They all ask each other if they slept well and how they slept and all those things. Hyori tells IU that she made up a song and Iu wants to know when she made it. Hyori tells her that she just made it up in the bathroom and they start to laugh.

Hyori plays the song for Hyori and starts to sing it. She says this song is for Ji-un and actually the song talks about Ji-un. Hyori tells Ji-un that she should write the second verse about Hyori. IU nods and then we cut to the kitchen and eating area. Time to eat.

IU busies herself cutting potatoes and everyone else sits at the table. Dami is still sleeping and the wonder if they should wake her up now, but they think that they can let her sleep a little longer because she looked sleepy.

Hyori tells them that she can have a yoga session with them and the conversation turns to haircuts. Hyori’s dad had a barbershop and Hyori hated it. They talk about that for a little bit. the husband says that he would be so proud as an appa if their daughter helped them out in the salon. Hyori said that her appa always wanted her to massage his legs and in retrospect, she thinks that she should have done it more.

Meanwhile, IU is contemplating what to do while the potato is cooking. Perhaps she should eat some chocolate? Yes, she goes to the fridge and gets some chocolate and pops it into her mouth. SS comes in and IU tells him that it takes forever for potatoes to cook and SS tells her that she can cut some more and cook. he gives her a tip. She can cook the big pieces first. then they start to talk about the cute couple that asks a lot of questions. SS says that the guy is so cute to him.

So we see the couple again and the couple talks about Hyori’s wedding dress and Sang-soon tuxedo. Hyori tells them that they can wear their dress and tuxedo if they want. But the couple thinks that they won’t be able to fit it (the chest area might not match). the girls start to talk about the chest going down after kids and the guys look uncomfortable. the girls keep talking about it though, Hyori says that she used to have the best chest and she exposed it a lot, but now they have done their duty in the world and relax, they just show themselves to one person now. SS says that he still wants to see them and everyone laughs. SS looks sad though. Hyori says that couplehood is weird because you walk around naked and all those things that you don’t even do with family members. They all agree about that.

But in the kitchen, IU is still cooking. She is trying to get the seasoning right. She is adding salt and tasting and adding salt and tasting over and over again. Finally, she thinks she has it right.

Yoga time for the couple and Hyori. Today yoga is outside on Hyori’s balcony. Hyori tells them that they use their writs a lot so they should stretch their wrist out, they should try hard to touch the mat with their wrist. She also said that the husband’s wrist should hurt a lot so he should stretch as well. Then they shake their wrists out and do another pose where they face each other and look at each other without any emotions. the wife says that her husband looks scary without any facial emotions. they laugh and Hyori tells them to look at each other without any facial emotions for one minute and then she asks them how they felt. The husband says that his wife looks the same and is still pretty. Hyori says that is true and she says that SS has a scary face but he smiles a lot because of Hyori, but he is naturally not a happy person. So she appreciates SS a lot for trying to be a brighter person in front of her.

They end the yoga with a big hug for the couple which is also a yoga style pose. Hyori says that they can hug and think about their child and relationship and all those things and Hyori will be out of their way. Then at the end of the session, the couple says that they feel good because they don’t get a chance to hug each other enough, only their child.

Hyori gives SS his Hawaiian shirt and calls him Waikiki SS. She washed it for him and it looks like he may like it. then they go to wake Dami up and the song from the movie Boyhood starts to play. I love that song so much. This song was also in That’s Okay, It’s Love. Dami gets up and everyone goes to eat.

Hilariously everyone talks about how Iu’s white shirt changed to a light purple because she washed it with a purple shirt and they joke about that for a little bit. SS says that another guest will come soon, so they should set up the hair salon now.

the hair salon is set up outside and the husband gets to work cutting SS hair and he looks amazing while doing it. he is concentrating a lot and everyone is taking photos of him and video. The wife tells him not to cut it too short and the husband says he won’t cut it too short. While getting the haircut SS wants to know how Hyori likes it and she says that he loves it, maybe he should switch his hairstyle to this style and he does a little pose.

The husband tells SS that he will stop at that length with the hair being a little untidy since that is SS’s signature style. SS walks around and shows off the hair to everyone and the last person he shows it to is Hyori. Hyori says that he looks like a new man and her heart is pounding. SS puts his hair all on one side and asks Hyori if she likes this Italian man look. They both laugh. SS must be feeling it because he even shaves and says that he already feels younger.

Now that everyone is all spiffy, they decide that they should take some polaroids. they start with the couples and IU sits between them and has a grumpy look. then they take one with Dami and it is a happier photo. Finally, they take a very happy and bright photo of all of them together on a timer.

The new guests are there. it looks like there are 4-5 guys who are all ajussi style. Maybe 3 older men and 2 men in their 30’s? They call the meenbak and ask SS how they can check in. they say that they are 5 guys from Daegu.

Everyone at the meenbak is all like. 5 guys! Five guys! Finally, it has started again. They wish their young couple and Dami a happy goodbye and they all leave. The guests don’t want to leave and talk about how they want the dogs to wish them goodbye. Dami and the young couple all leave together and the wife sits in the back so its easier to talk to Dami. They drive off and talk about how they already miss it a lot. It was a dreamy time.

Hyori, SS, and IU get right to work cleaning everything for the new guests. They all know exactly what to do and get to their jobs. But SS and Hyori get all lovey and IU tells them that she will go downstairs, they all start to laugh at that and Hyori jokes that IU must hate them now.

Cut to the new guests showing up and ringing the doorbell. SS lets them in and the men are super impressed with the automatic door opening. These are all adult men, but they are acting more like adult children because everything amazes them. they keep saying Wow, wow, wow at everything. When they see IU come to great them they say “Wooooooooooah” and say hello to her like three times each. IU takes one of their bags and all the other men criticize him for giving her his bag but IU runs off so he can’t take it back.

They all go inside and sit on the couch so they can get to know them. The guys will be there for 3 days. they all work together and SS jokes, “What about your company?” But the men joke that their company doesn’t need them. One funny thing is that the guys are all sitting according to their rank from oldest to youngest. they all work for a cigarette company but they don’t try to get people to smoke they just say if you already smoke, then smoke our cigarettes.

The oldest 3 men are married and the youngest two are not married and it looks like it. But instead of talking more they decide that it is a good time to show them around, so IU gives them a tour of the house. She tells them where the cameras are and where they aren’t so they can go to those places to change their clothing.

The men get the lay of the land and get their things to go to their car. While walking they talk about how cool Hyori is and how they never thought they would ever see IU in person and how SS’s body looks so tight.

The girls show up next and they are all police officers?
We see that Hyori’s sister lives there and they go there to have water and play with the kids.
Hyori’s Eunnie does tarot and gives Hyori a reading…does she want the good news or the bad news…

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  1. Anonymous
    February 28, 2018 / 11:24 am

    Just a quick question, who sang Spring rain? The one that IU played? Thanks in advance 😊

    • V
      February 28, 2018 / 11:45 am

      Hi Anon, I must have got the title of the song wrong! The real title of the song is 4월이 울고 있네 by 노영심 which translates to April is Crying by No Yong Shim.

  2. Dils
    April 21, 2018 / 8:45 pm

    Are there anymore recaps for Hyori B&Bs after eps 10 for season 1? I couldn’t find any here.

    I had been enjoying your recap. Saw the show in Netflix and you are right. It is a very relaxing show. This show makes me happy more than any dramas. It just gives a total relaxing, happy, contented vibe.

    Glad to find your recaps because sometimes the subtitles does not seem to translate as well too.

    • V
      April 21, 2018 / 8:57 pm

      We are doing the entire season! We just got back into town, so we will recap the last episode that we have yet to do and tomorrows episode!

  3. Han
    December 10, 2019 / 10:04 am

    I like to think that IU’s aesthetics is due to her being rebellious against the frilly and girly outfits chosen for her by stylists, image consultants, etc… Like she’s got no choice with those stage concept outfits so she goes for something that is totally against that to reclaim some of her identity.

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