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Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap: Episode 1

hyori homestay recap

We are going to try and tackle Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast as our next show to live recap. We’ll see how it goes. We really like live recapping Fight for My Way, but it is almost over (*sad face*) so we are looking for some other shows to recap. And let’s be honest, it is also to help me get over my deep drama withdrawal/depression after FFMY ends. Sooo, we are going to pick Hyori’s variety show up because I love Lee Hyori and was super bummed when she closed all her social media. This new reality is giving me life (after FFMW), so we are going to try and tackle it.

But, we are also on the lookout for another drama to live recap; one that we will fall hard for like Fight for My Way (I know, too much pressure right). If anyone knows of any good dramas that are starting in August or September, then let us know. We were thinking maybe Rescue Me (구해줘) or Who Knows (알게뭐야), which are both webcomic adaptations.

hyori homestay recap

They have a really cute opening to the show with cartoons and Hyori and her husband doing yoga and participating in all kinds of activities around Jeju; they are basically having a good time doing what they normally do. Then we see a picturesque view of the beach at Jejudo. Hyori is walking to the beach and stops. She is alone and looking at the beach. It looks so peaceful. No one is bothering her, it is just a single camera filming her as she takes off her outer clothing and starts walking into the water. Her body is in crazy good shape. The camera follows her as she wades into the water. They keep watching her as she just wades in the water.

CAPTION: This kind of Hyori lives in Jeju and another kind of Hyori also lives in Jeju

Hyori shows us her dog and her and her husband are joking and having a fun time at the kitchen table. Her house looks pretty rustic with wood and brick all around. She tells her husband that she can give him a haircut but he just laughs and is all like, no thanks. They start to play with one of the camera’s that the production team gave them. They are really silly, they are trying to see what angle looks the best with the camera and Hyori is amazed that those types of cameras exist now. They seriously put the camera all up in their nose and stuff. I have a feeling they are really goofy.

hyori homestay recap

They show us flashbacks of Hyori and her husband. We see her wedding photos that are amazingly gorgeous and hipster. They have 5 dogs and 3 cats and they really like to drink tea together. It is their special hobby. They also practice yoga to train their body and mind. Hyori looks like she is really into yoga. They take a walk every day and look at the sunset every day. They also cuddle and hug each other a lot. They sing together a lot and go water boarding/surfing and playing in the water all the time.

Sang-soon is preparing tea and they start talking about all the people that are applying to the bed and breakfast. 15000 applied, wow. This is the first time they are opening up their home to the public. It looks like they are doing this so people will stop randomly coming to their home and bothering them unannounced. They must have had a lot of visitors. So they spread a rumor that they were moving and didn’t live in that house anymore so that all the visitors would leave them alone. It looks like it worked. But now they are taking an opposite approach, maybe people won’t visit them if they see how they live.

hyori homestay recap

What they can offer:
1. Surfing
2. Cooking
3. Yoga

They think it’s good to meet a lot of different people and to introduce city people to the boring life of the countryside (Healing time). There are only hidden cameras in their home so there aren’t a lot of cameramen walking around.

Caption: Get out of your busy life.
Caption: The boring Jeju that married Hyori is introducing to everyone.
Caption: Getting away from your busy life to a place you can breath.

They start to show us a lot of attractions in Jeju like the horses and the volcano and all the walking trails. It looks like an amazingly peaceful place to stay. Caption: Welcome to Jeju, please come by Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.

hyori homestay recap

The production rewinds to show us a little background about the process of getting people to join Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. 21,000 teams applied! Wow, so way more than what Hyori thought. Maybe 15,000 was the final number or something like that? Anyway, that is a lot of people and each team probably has at least 2 people but more like 5-10 people. That is crazy big.

All of these people are being interviewed by the production team at JTBC one-by-one. They are asking them questions like, why do you want to go to Jeju? What do you want to do there? They all say they want to see the sunrise and walk around the beach and drive along the coast; they want to walk in the woods and see the stars and relax. All those types of things.

hyori homestay recap

Now we are back to the present-ish and Hyori and her husband are having a production meeting. Hyori is asking all kinds of questions like how many visitors are coming, but the production isn’t giving them exact numbers. It could be 2 or 10 based on the size of the home. They also aren’t telling them who is coming so they won’t have any preconceived notions about the guests. That is just crazy. So Hyori and Sang-soon are trying to organize and prepare, but they have no idea what to do.

They next scenes show they trying to organize their home. SO many things are lying around and they are trying to clean them all, lol. Hyori thinks they have a minimal life, but after trying to clean up she realizes they still have a lot of things. Cleaning up and organizing never ends. Aint that the truth. The funny thing is, Hyori is joking and blaming Sang-soon (SS), but Hyori is actually the one buying all those things. SS is all like, maybe I can throw this one away? Byt Hyori is like, “No, don’t throw that one away, it is a set! You should throw all your CDs away.” She wants him to throw away all his Eric Clapton cd’s but SS said Eric Clapton is his guitar teacher. SS is so calm, it is crazy. Hyori is kind of a mellow high strung person, if that is a thing.

Oh wow, it looks like their home is completely open, no doors anywhere. They did this because it is only the two of them living there with no guests, so they can keep it open. It’s like really open though, their bathrooms don’t have doors, there are no doors at all.

hyori homestay recap

They give us a tour of the house and it looks amazing. Their sitting on several acres. They have a nice front yard to enjoy their sun. They do yoga in their front yard. They spend the most time in their tea room which is also their dining room. There are tons of open spaces. They have a cute tiny kitchen that looks really hipster and IU will spend most of her time there.

Their bedroom is upstairs with an open bathroom (Oh, wow, the bathroom is just in the room, it is super open). It looks like they have a huge loft bedroom and that is the only bedroom upstairs. Maybe they don’t have any closets? Instead of closets, it looks like they have clothing racks.

They are talking about why they are doing the bed and breakfast. SS said inviting people vs random people knocking on their door are two completely different things. But Hyori is a little worried because they are going to have a lot of strangers around. they thing they will learn how to get along well with others through this opportunity.

Hyori is saying she is charismatic owner Lee Hyori, hierarchy #1! She is full of feeling. Hierarchy #2 is trustworthy CEO Sang-soon! he is a musician and DJ with swagger. But at home, he is a little clueless with home tasks. Hyori said their staff can do all the housework. Cut to IU trying to do all the work, but the guests don’t want IU to work, lol. She is working hard though. She cuts all the vegetables and washes/dries all the laundry.

They show a montage of all the activities that will happen during the show. It goes from a super quiet place to a lively active place. Scuba diving, mountain climbing, bumper car racing, surfing, all sorts of things. This show looks like we will get to know Jeju as much as we are getting to know Hyori and her husband

The caption says that the Jeju morning has many different facial expressions. Jeju is gone early in the morning and driving somewhere. She gets out and runs somewhere, she drops her phone, lol, then picks it up and runs to the building. Ah, she is taking a yoga class! The captions are all about the yoga classes she is taking.

Meanwhile, her husband is lazing about the house. He puts a song on (All my days by Alexi Murdoch) which makes me want to listen to it as well. I have a feeling this show is going to be filled with great music. Mocha is the name of one of the cats, Gwana is the name of the white dogs, he comes downstairs for some food and goes back up, lol. SS starts to make breakfast, today’s breakfast dish: kimchi chigae with tuna and onions. They go throw all the steps of him making his food, this is making me so hungry.

He lets the rice cook and takes all his dogs outside to enjoy the sun. Then Hyori comes home and the dogs go crazy, they run up to the car and give her a lot of love. She cuddles all the dogs while laying on their pyongsang.

hyori homestay recap

They go inside and try to think of how to prepare for the guests. The caption says their morning really starts when Hyori (Mom) comes home, lol. That is the truth in all households right? Ah, they have a chalkboard wall against their brick wall. Her home is really unique. She said it was weird because she normally cooks, but SS cooked, SS said he did it because they are filming, lol. At least he is honest.

They have a lot of things to do today like shave their dog’s hair and take a nap and prepare food and organize the fridge and rent some chairs and organize the shelf and ~ she has a lot of things they need to do. Hyori is full of passion while SS is very calm. They put Between Hot and Cold on the screen, which can also be Between Calm and Passionate, which was a famous Japanese novel. It was also mentioned in the Song Joong-ki interview. They are saying that SS is calm and Hyori is passionate.

While eating breakfast she talks about how it is weird to have no production team around. In the past, all the variety shows had so many cameramen, but now they only have hidden cameras so it is really weird. Hyori tells him that she can cut his hair so he will look good on TV. They start talking about each other’s moms and it is super awkward as they eat and don’t talk. It is so awkward. The caption: The awkwardness is stabbing us. Hyori says she doesn’t know what hole she is eating her rice in because they are so awkward with all the cameras, lol. It drives her crazy that all the cameras are around and hidden. They are laughing about that. SS said she is the professional, he is relying on her. She said let’s go hide somewhere, lol. She also said that when she is in front of the camera she feels like she should do something, should they give the guests some flower necklace? The husband is all like, don’t be too extra, lol, just be normal.

Their day continues to be low key as they start to prepare for the guests. Hyori makes a joke with the name of the table and the name of an actor (they sound the same) and then she tells her husband to not be extra (like how he told her earlier). They continue to laze about the yard and wonder what kind of people with come, kids, adults? Kids aren’t good because they have a lot of dogs. They should put up a beware of dogs sign. SS starts laughing because their dogs look super harmless. But Hyori says that dogs are unpredictable and can bite people because they are scared and stuff like that. Meanwhile, one of her dogs is rolling around next to her and being all cute while she is saying all this. Cut to a lot of cute images of her dog Mocha.

They got Mocha from and abandoned dog house. Mocha is always sticking with Hyori, but sometimes she bites people because she was mistreated by her previous owner. Hyori explains this all to IU. Hyori said the dog opened up her mind only to Hyori and is always with Hyori. It looks like IU also wants to be friends with Mocha.

Hyori is going to take a nap and tells SS to do some work for the show, but he is just relaxing. It looks like he is thinking about what to do. He is nervous and shaking his leg, lol. He looks so clueless about what to do. He looks upstairs and sneak peaks Hyori then goes back downstairs. he decides to go to his studio which is in the separate house. Wow, it looks like it is the entire second house. An hour passes and then he goes back upstairs to wake her up.

Hyori says she couldn’t sleep because of a fly and SS turns into a knight in shining armor as he tries to kill it. Then he tries to help her wake up. He gives her a really nice head massage that makes me want to call the spa to get one myself. It looks so relaxing. Hyori looks like her neck is about to snap off though, how can her head bend back like that? Then she literally yoga’s out of bed! She does some kind of backbend and flips out of bed in some kind of yoga way. (OMG, where is the nearest yoga studio so I can practice that?)

She brushes her teeth and washes her hair and tells Oppa to turn off the water heater and gets ready and plays with gyoshili (one of the dogs) and gets ready and plays with gyoshili again and then gets ready again. Meanwhile, SS is waiting downstairs bored as all get out. She can’t find her comb and uses one of the dog’s combs, wow, she is super hipster, or maybe hipster isn’t the right word, she is super bohemian maybe. Whatever the case, I love her.

hyori homestay recap

They are, for whatever reason, drinking out of ceramic mugs in the car. How is it not spilling everywhere!!!! They are on their way to look at a bed and breakfast to get some inspiration and talking about Jeju. SS thought about living there about 10 years ago, but it was a passing thought. Hyori said he never thought he would live there with Hyori and Hyori said, “See, life is unexpected, you never know how it will go, I never expected to live here, maybe you thought you would live here, but I never ever thought about it at all.” Then they joke about him marrying her for her airplane mileage, haha. He wanted to get married as soon as possible at the courthouse. They are having a funny conversation abut that. Hyori says, our time alone is ending today, do you want to have some wine with noona…(only she isn’t a noona, but she says it to be sexy). He said he doesn’t like older women, haha.

They keep talking in the car; Hyori said it is the most fun thing in the world to talk to SS, which is so adorable, and her husband said, “Same for me.” They are so cute!!! Caption: God-given match (perfect couple/meant to be couple).

hyori homestay recap

They get to their destination and walk around the guest house to find out what they need to do. This house converted an old traditional house into a guest house and it looks really bohemian. They have tons of Instant pictures and wood everywhere. They have the house rules written on the wall and have some comfortable pajamas for the guests. They even have bunk beds for men and women. Hyori thinks it would be fun to go there when you are young. She wants to experience that kind of love where you can’t sleep at night but she said she knows it is too late.

Hyori asks them about dogs (she is worried about her dogs) but the owners said it is no problem. Guests love dogs and their dogs got used to the guests also. She keeps asking al kinds of questions like bout having staff members and all those kinds of things and tells them that she also wants to have a staff member. Cut to IU.

hyori homestay recap

IU applied for the staff member positions and was in such a hurry to apply that she didn’t even wash her hair. They think she is a brave applicant.

Question 1: What is your motivation to apply for the position?
IU – I really like Hyori seonbae. All the hoobae singers really like Hyori. It also sounds really fun. She had a lot of stress to finish her album (she is #1 on the charts now) so she wants to have some rest and relaxation (which is the #2 reason to apply)

Question 2: What are your shortcomings?
IU – I am a little shy when I first meet people. So I really can just work and not say anything at all.

Question 3: How is Jeju for you?

IU – My maternal grandmother lives in Jeju island. I would go there a lot when I was little.

She doesn’t know it well though and doesn’t have a drivers license. She also isn’t good at getting around, but she said she can ride a bicycle to the grocery store. they want to know if she can cook and she said she can replicate the taste but she is not that great at cooking. But her specialty is making yummy bulgogi. She passes! (Of course) they gave her some study material and she studies Jeju hard while at home. She also practicing cooking a lot. She is working really hard, seriously.

Hyori and SS are wondering who the staff member will be. They are still drinking from their ceramic cups in the car!!!! There must be no other cars on the road. They stop by a vintage bohemian looking store that has a lot of unique things. Hyori wants to buy everything, she sees something great everywhere she looks. SS said the old shopaholic Hyori came back and Hyori said she wasn’t addicted, she threw away everything. But SS said they sold everything to live minimalistic, but Hyori is slowly buying it all back. He tells her to think about it, does she really think she needs it? By Hyori is just having a fun time shopping (she wants to buy some slippers for herself and pajamas for guests).

They see an add for Jo In-sung and Hyori says, “Hi In-sung.” and waves at his picture before walking in. They don’t know how many people are coming so they don’t know how many blankets to buy, but Hyori also wants to buy new blankets for themselves, lol. She really does like to shop. SS is pretending like he doesn’t hear her. He tells her to focus on the guest’s blankets.

They buy oakdom fish which is a little expensive.

hyori homestay recap

She starts singing a song in the car (“Just like a star across the sky, just like an angel on the page”). SS tells her to play some music. He tells her to pick some really good music. He tells her he has a good song for this time of the day. Some quiet slow music that is perfect for evening listening. He said he has something in his mind that he wants her to play. he giving her some telepathy. he picks a song and he says, “Ah you got it!” The song is White Gloves by Khruangbin. he said, how did you know I was thinking about this song? he is super happy and she is saying some old comedy lines, “When I look at it, I know or When I look at you, I know.”

She puts her head out the window and says that the wind feels so good. Caption: sunset, wind, and music exist well together. Hyori says that this was a nice moment of happiness. The power of music and nature changes your mood. A Thomas Cook song starts to play (I am nothing). They are having a really good time just relaxing in their car and being thankful and talking about all the things they did that day.

hyori homestay recap

They start to cook fish kimbap and Hyori says she is only going to put fish in it, but that doesn’t exist in Korea. SS says that they should just eat fried Oakdom and not make kimbap (his first attempt at persuasion). He tells her that even sardine kimbap has a lot of ingredients, but she’s all like, “Nope, it has one fish.” She tells him to trust her and, while cuddling their super fluffy kitty cat, he tells her that they should take a break (second persuasion), but she wants to finish it first and then take a break, so she keeps working.

Samshik is one of their cats and hops out of nowhere. She is their mystery cat who is super fat like a pig. Hyori picks him up and yes, they are right, this cat is super duper fat and cute. How is this cat so fat?

They start cooking in their tiny-ish kitchen, but they don’t really know how to make what they want to make. Their life is so relaxing, it is putting me to sleep, it is that relaxing. Whatever Hyori asks for, SS does it. He is a really doting husband.

hyori homestay recap

Hyori says Oppa a lot and SS does everything she wants him to. He tells her to only say Oppa 20 times a day (but she says it like 200 times a day). He tells her that he will cook next time. She finally finishes the kimbap and they both eat it with question marks on their face, but it looks like it is actually good. They zoom out and show them eating from the outside through their huge glass doors. Their house looks really open. They go to bed early so they will be ready for their guests tomorrow. She says have a good night with an old fashioned/saguk tone.

They do a bunch of things to get ready for the guest, Hyori goes to yoga again and SS feeds the dogs and cats at home. He picks a song for the morning (Goldberg Variations BWV 988, Aria by Johan Sebastian Bach) and starts to prepare everything. The song really makes it seem like the time is going by sooo slowly and the caption says: Spend time like one minute is one year.

Hyori is back and the dogs are super excited to see her again. Hyori and Sang-soon don’t know who is coming (they don’t even know how many people or when they will arrive), even so, Hyori wants to take a nap. But, before taking a nap she goes throw some mental list of all the things they need to do like make watermelon juice, grocery shopping, cleaning, all sorts of things like that. But they’re still trying to figure out what their guests will do. SS is telling Hyori to think about how she behaves when she goes places and then that is probably how the guests will behave. They will probably want to shop like her and she says, “I don’t shooooop…” lol. She then says that her yoga teacher said you should not be addicted to objects and her husband starts laughing.

SS – Then why were you so addicted to objects yesterday?
Hyori – Teacher also said you have to be obsessed and then you can remove your obsession in the end.
SS – You were addicted to shopping until the end.
Hyori – It is not the end yet.

hyori homestay recap

Now she tells him that she will take an hour nap and to clean the floor and do all sorts of other chores around the house while she is sleeping. He has so many things to do. But thinking about it makes him so tired so he lays down and jokes that he has to go to Seoul and see him, Mom, lol.

SS decides to open all the boxes and put all the boards/benches together first. That bench ends up being used a lot by the guests as a blanket drier, resting place for cats, and a sitting place for Ji-eun (IU) and guests. It is also used when they don’t have enough seats, so it was actually a really good purchase. SS did that one thing and then went to wake Hyori up. Hyori says she didn’t sleep because it was too cold, lol. She always has some reason for not being able to sleep. She wakes up though and does her characteristic yoga back bend move out of bed.

hyori homestay recap

Sang-soon is working hard taking care of the downstairs area and Hyori is taking care of the upstairs area, but Hyori is just relaxing and having a fun time with her pets. Then SS goes upstairs and they actually start to do some work together. Then SS starts to put up some dividers downstairs and all that stuff. he is actually really working hard, but Hyori keeps saying, “Oppaaaa, Oppaaaa, Oppaaaa…” and bothering SS, then she drops some blankets on him, ha ha! SS is all like, “You already called me Oppa 20 times this morning, I told you yesterday, only say it 20 times a day. Lol, then they go back to their regular non-fighting conversations.


A bunch of women leave the airport with a huge Gyangsangdo saturi (Busan saturi) and they are super talkative. They do no stop talking. The caption says, “Super noisy.” They look really excited to be there.

hyori homestay recap

1. You have to call her first
They call her and she doesn’t pick up the phone because of the drill sound on the first floor and the vacuum sound on the second floor. But she hears it after she turns off the vacuum.

2. Give Hyori Your information
The ladies as super excited that Hyori picked up. They give her their information (5 women in their 20’s) and ask if they can come right now even though they are early. Hyori doesn’t even know when they check in time is (because the production didn’t give them any information) and told them they can just come right now.

3. Get the address and drive to the Meenbap (B&B) location

They start to drive there and they comment on how pretty her voice is and how it sounds just like they are listening to the TV.

hyori homestay recap

Now Hyori and her hubby are getting nervous and they are so adorable. Her husband wants to wear something nice so Hyori tells him to put on one of his nice shirts, but when he does it is suuuuuper tight on him, lol. Hyori is all like, “How is this so tight now? It used to be loose?” She tells him to try on his wedding outfit but he ends up finding something comfortable that looks good (a cardigan). then they start to take polaroids of themselves just like the B&B place they visited. They take polaroids of all their animals as well and write their names on the polaroids then hang them up.

Hyori puts on a really simple and adorable yet unflattering dress (just a straight button-up) and her hubby says it is weird that she is wearing a dress (he hasn’t seen her in one in a while) but that she looks cute in it. Then the guests ring the bell and Hyori and Hubby get really nervous.

hyori homestay recap

It then shows a montage of the girls having a lot of fun and Hyori and Hubby are in their makeshift room by the stairs. Hyori wants to join them but the husband says to just join when it’s appropriate, but then they show him hanging out with all the women and Hyori is all like, “What are you doing Oppa…” lol. But then it looks like he had too much because he is just laying on the floor exhausted and he says he feels like a storm came by. IU also shows up in the next episode and looks really adorable. Hyori and Hubby have an interview with her and find out all the things she can do. She said she will do her best at whatever they ask her to do and they say, “You pass.” The guests don’t want IU to work though, they want to clean everything, lol.

I love this show. It is super slow, but that really helps me with my Korean practice, so I love that about it. It also has a lot of captions and they even write what Hyori or her husband says on the screen at times, which helps me as well. Plus, I love Hyori, she can do no wrong in my eyes (her aesthetic just fits me). So, we think we will take this on as the second show we will try to live recap/normal recap. If you want to play along then check back here on Sundays for each recap. We will try to do them live, but we might miss some live showings here and there. But if you see the post up, then that means we are doing the recap live. If you want to watch it then check out On Demand Korea. I think they have subbing rights as well, which is great because I don’t think Viki or Dramafever have picked this show up yet. If you want to follow along then look for episode 2 on Sunday!


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