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Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Live Recap: Episode 2

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Welcome to episode 2’s live recap for Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast!What what! In this episode IU will show up to liven up the place (it was soooo relaxed in episode 1). Their first guests also arrive and they are the antithesis of Hyori and her husband, so this should be fun.

HOW IT WORKS: We start recapping as soon as the episode airs in Korea. We update scene-by-scene around every 15 minutes. When you see —— that means the post has been updated. After the episode finishes airing, we will go back through to correct typos and readability as well as add some relevant links. The recap starts at 8:50 pm Seoul time. Check here for your timezone.

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SHORT HAND: H – Hyori | O – Oppa (Sang-soon) | U – IU

——– = ~15 minutes has past
ALL CAPS = character/scene change





We are hearing a past story, H said she married O because she likes to talk to him and that she wants to be friends with strangers. It is going through all the things that happened in the last episode about her calling him Oppa Oppa Oppa all day long. They are also cleaning and preparing for their first guests from the last episode.

The five girls arrived and O and H are letting them in. They are very nervous and just standing awkwardly and nervously and checking their phone. H thinks they should go outside to greet them.

The guests are so happy, it is really cute. They are saying that the dogs are so cute as they drive up. O and H are trying the herd the dogs away from the car to let the girls drive up, but the dogs are really into the car.

The girls are a little afraid of the dogs, but H told them that it is okay, just get out of the car slowly. O feels awkward to be surrounded by so many women. He looks awkward too. H is telling them how to approach the dogs and they are helping them carry the luggage inside. H told them not to touch Mocha because he is sensitive but the other dogs are okay.

They all go inside and the women are laughing sooo much. One of the women is wearing 5 finger socks and O said, “Oh, you have athletes foot?” and everyone laughed. They all sit down and said they are all friends since middle school. H is trying to tell them everything about the home like how they don’t have rooms, but she doesn’t really know what to say. She said she is the super owner and O is the owner. H took O,s question so O didn’t know what to do.

They are going on a tour of the home and still making jokes about the athlete’s foot. The women are finding out just how open this house is. It is super open, no door on the bathroom. Wow, they are really looking all through the home and talking about how they really want a door to the bathroom. They made a human door for their friend so she could pee. Then they all take turns peeing.

O is in the kitchen and talking about how their home is bad for a B&B. O and H make watermelon juice by separating the skin and chopping the watermelon into smaller sizes for the juicer. H then added some ice. The girls are sitting on the couch again and said they are closer after peeing together, lol. Then they are talking about their one friends 5 finger socks. O and H are trying the watermelon juice and then they give it to their guests. They want to go outside, but no one has any slippers. O and H didn’t buy any for guests. O tells athletes foot that she can have his slippers and everyone laughs.

H loves the girl’s reactions because they are so bright and happy. They sit outside on the bench that O made in the first episode and introduce themselves. They are all 25. But then H didn’t know what to say next and changed the subject to her dogs and asked one of the dogs to come over. H starts talking about all the dogs and how the two white dogs just showed up one day and didn’t go away, so they took them in.

O told them to bring their own meat and they can make BBQ for them and H told them that she can give them a yoga class. O is telling them to go to Sung-i-shi-do farm and to call them if they have any questions and to buy food. H also told them to be careful about strange men, like a mom, lol.


The girls drive off and O and H talk about how they are so cute. H says she is envious of their youth and they go to drink some more watermelon juice.

Now they show all the gorgeous things about Jeju. Early summer morning weather is the best. It is a good day to dry clothing but their animals will be very hot so they decide to cut their animals hair and give them a bath. The caption says “Housewife Sang-soon is working hard” and H is preparing for their haircut. Mocha will have a haircut first. H goes outside to cut Mocha’s hair and while he is getting his hair cut, the production team plays Monk music from the temple, lol. H is shaving him and playing with Mocha by asking him what type of haircut he wants and how his tail should be. She gave his tail the haircut of a lion’s tail and then O went to give him a bath. Mocha is so cute.

H went outside and is just walking around and talking about the weather. She is kind of pretending like nothing is happening but then goes to another dog to catch her. it looks like her dogs are really good at getting away and don’t want to have their hair shaved or take a bath. She was able to get Suksam, but Gyoshil is still running away. Now she gives Suksam a haircut and the production plays a ‘going to the army’ song. H tells O that Suksam is sad and to cheer him up. They are talking about Suksam’s past and how she was in a warehouse and had puppies. O and H asked the owner if they could distribute the puppies and the owner said they can take Suksam as well so that is how Suksam came to their house. Suksam really liked her haircut.

They are driving to the grocery store and the scenery looks so amazingly gorgeous, OMG. It looks so pretty. O and H are in the car and talking about scooter trips with the kids? But O said maybe the kids have their own plans and H shouldn’t ask them if they want to take a scooter. H said she wants to hang out with them because she didn’t do that when she was their age. She said that age is a good age to drink and throw up all night so they have to be careful.

Cut to the young women have a fun time singing in the car and looking at horses. They think horses are everywhere. The women are at the farm and looking around at all the interesting things there like the curved farm house, the scenery, horses, and all those things. They laugh at their friend who is taking an artist style photo from the ground. These women are having an amazing time.

Back to the car with H and O. They are talking about what it would be like to be 25. H said if O had a kid at 25 then he might have a 25-year-old now. O said if it worked out with his first love then it might have happened. H said it is better this way. They get to the traditional market (Dong-moon) and buy slippers for everyone. Fake Adidas is the most popular style and one of the ajummas says, “didn’t you leave?” but H and O said that was a rumor. A lot of people are following H around, lol. They buy some very fresh clams and all the people there are going crazy about H.


IU is packing all her things. SHe is sitting on the floor and talking about picking comfortable clothing to go. It is a peaceful environment. She is wondering if she is packing too many clothes or not? She also has several hats because it is super sunny out there. She also packed her diary. She said she wants to have a lot of fun things to write in her diary.

Hyori is tired in the car. She is waking up and she tells O to take a nap when they get home. She is singing “It is a windy day, the tree sound that is swayed by the wind, the wind is swaying my body from where I was, this wind…wind” It is a very pretty song.

It starts raining a lot outside and it looks so pretty and peaceful. They are welcoming the rain as they drive home, but then they see that the blankets are still hanging on their balcony so O runs inside to remove them! Then they fold the table and chairs and put them up. They are running all around to get everything from outside. H is saying that it is really chilly inside now that it rained. They are worried about the customers since it is raining, but the customers have come back already. They pulled up to the gate and are talking about how chilly it is at night and drive up to the house.

H greets then and wonders if they had a good time and if they got wet, but the women said they went to the car when it started raining so they were okay. H tells them to change into some dry clothes and that they have a bed where 2 people can sleep and two can sleep on the floor. They talk about how it is so open with the bathroom and how there are cameras in the room so they should change behind the shade. H said he will go downstairs because he feels weird so O and H go downstairs and start to make something to eat for them.

O starts to make pasta and the screen is telling us how to make the meal. 1st fry the clams and put wine in the clams to cook it, but O make a mistake, he put sweet wine instead of non-sweet wine. H tells him to throw it out but O said he will salvage it! he adds olive oil and salt and some other things to change the taste, parmesan cheese and all that. He tastes it and it is great. It looks so good. The guests brought seafood kimbap so they are having pasta and jungbok kimbap for dinner. H also brought some more food.

The girls talk about H look and how she doesn’t have fruit makeup on her face (pink/red on the face). O said people make fun of that right? But the girls said this is the new look now. The girls are talking about their jobs and how they don’t have jobs and they are looking for them. One of the girl wants to be a flight attendant, but she might change it because she thinks it doesn’t fit her personality. H tells them that they are all so cute, it is like she is looking at a TV movie. They tell her that it looks like they are also looking at the TV.

The guests tell H and O that they will do the dishes and they have a lot of fun talking and laughing and cleaning the dishes. It looks like H wants to go in there and have fun with them, but O said they play well by themselves. O says gil-gi-ba-ba which means join when it feels good to join, otherwise leave them alone. The girls start drinking so they aren’t in the kitchen anymore so H decides to make them some more food. O goes with the girls to drink with them and H is working hard, lol. H brings out the clam stew (which looks so good OMG) and keeps working hard. the caption says “Hyori Bed and Brekfast without Hyori”. O is having a fun time with the young women, but then H tells O to leave, lol. H puts on a mud pack and asks the girls if they want a mud pack. She said, “Say hello to your future,” lol and then she falls on accident but said she did that on purpose for the camera.

The girls wash their faces, but they don’t want O to see them without makeup. O sees one of them and is all like, “Huh, are you a 6th person?” lol. And the girl says there will be 10 people now because they all look so different without makeup on. They all sit around the table and put on mudpacks and have a really fun girly time with Hyori. O is there too but he isn’t putting on any mudpack. They are having a good time laughing a lot and talking about their foreheads. They all look like they ate jjajangmyeon face pack.

10:30 PM 1ST DAY
They are still hanging out and having fun. Gwana is upstairs with the girls and having a fun time up there. Gwana looks like she is having an affair and got caught. Then everyone says goodnight and turn off the lights to try and sleep.

H and O and talking. H said she thought she would feel awkward with strangers, but she actually doesn’t feel awkward. O said even though they are strangers he feels like some friends came, not customers. H said she feels strange because she was lonely when she was 25 and she never had friends who were the same age. All her friends were managers, stylists, and those types of people, but she never had same-age girlfriends so she is envious of them. H thinks her 25-year-old Hyori is sympathetic to those girls. She said she was rich and famous, but she was the one who didn’t open her mind. O said she was popular everywhere. H said why did she just close her mind and not make friends? And O said she probably had her reasons. The caption said when Hyori was 25 she was the brightest star, but she was lonely. Then she and her husband laugh about something playful.


Someones alarm is going off, but they don’t wake up at all. Meanwhile, the sun is rising and Jeju looks gorgeous.

No one is waking up but the cat is awake and is walking around. One of the customers wakes up and is greeted by all the animals. The animals are walking all around their room so all the customers are waking up. Finally, O and H wake up because Gwana goes in there to wake them up. Gyoshil sleeps in the yard so O goes outside to let him in. H is saying good morning to her animals and trying to wake up. She puts on a gown to be cool and opens their super huge window doors. She then boils some water for tea and is cleaning all the tea. She has some fermented tea that looks organic; she is preparing it and asked O if he wants any. it looks so pretty. She is even burning incense.

O goes in and they have tea together. H talks about how she didn’t even hear the alarm. They are showing captions about how they aren’t awake and they show one of their cats and the caption says that cat isn’t awake either. Their cat is so cute and fluffy. O goes upstairs and asks if the customers are awake from the stairs and tells them to come downstairs to have some tea if they want. But it looks like he feels weird about it, he has a big smile and says they responded like they were brushing their teeth.

They all sit down and one o the girls said H looks even prettier in the morning. She said the girls look changes a lot from makeup to no makeup but Hyori looks the same all the time. H said to drink tea first thing in the morning to flush everything out. One of the girls said she eats meat to flush things out and then O said his dad is a meat market owner so he ate meat all the time and always thought everyone had a lot of meat in the house.

Then H and O show them their wedding photos and talk about everything that happened during the wedding. They got ready in their house and rode bicycles and sang together and had a very special comfortable wedding. She got the dress from Thailand and it was only $100. She bought it in her 20’s and kept it for whenever she got married. The girls say they want to get married.

Yoga time! They all go outside and H leads them in yoga exercise. She tells them that they should control their mind and body and spirit. She wants to tell them a lot, but she will just tell them a little bit. She tells them they have to close their eyes and mind and mouth, lol. No talking, they have to focus on their breathing. It is all quiet around the house, finally. They go into all the yoga moves and the girls are super stiff, lol. H starts to tie her hair back and the girls said she looks scary. Now H is showing them how to do a bridge and they are amazed. She walks them through it though. Oh, they do a good job. They are going through all the yoga moves and finish the morning yoga workout session. Namaste.

Meanwhile, Sang-soon is making breakfast with broccoli. Mini flashback about when they made plans for the next day. Broccoli soup was what they wrote down to have for breakfast. Scrambled eggs are second on the menu. Toast with butter and jam is also on the list. So O is super busy. But then Gwana came back and wants some food, but O ignores him and Gwana is annoyed and leaves.

Now H and the girls are back inside. H takes care of the fruit (usually H takes care of the fruit) and the girls sit down and relax. they said saying the random phrase, “AhAhAH” is popular now. They are talking about how GaHaAh is a made up word for Coffee Hot Americano and AaBaRla is an Iced Vanilla Latte because they take the first part of the word and make a new word from it. Oh my gosh, their breakfast spread looks so good! They had a big bowl of soup in the middle with thick pieces of toast and eggs and jam. It is a western style breakfast and it looks so good. I want to jump through the screen and eat it.

H leaves the table first to give them a long mirror to put their makeup on and help the women prepare themselves in the morning. H and O really don’t have any mirrors in their hom. H said when she was young dark makeup was popular, but now it is light makeup. H is really interested in how girls wear makeup nowadays. H is hanging out with the young women and wants them to do her makeup and make her look like how young people look now. One of the girls is doing H hair and it looks like if failed, lol. But the girl said it looks good, this is what is popular outside. H thinks it looks weird and goes downstairs to ask O if it looks okay. O looks at it and is all like, “What is this? Some cartoon hairstyle?” lol. They start laughing about it. H’s bangs are all flipped to the side, which looks funny, but the girls said this is the look now. They then tell her to put the fruit juice look on her face and it will be a completed look.

H goes to look in another mirror and said that she looks drunk. Then she goes to find O and tells him that she did the fruit juice makeup thing and that the drunk look is really popular now. She thinks the girls were just playing with her because this look is so funny. She said this look is like how men wore their hair when she was young and how Edward had his hair in Terminator 2. She is sitting on O’s lap and trying to loosen him up and stretch his shoulder and then she leaves. O said H has a new gown everytime she goes to Seoul and H said she just picked it up on the street, lol.

While getting ready the girls played an old song from Hyori and Hyori is laying on the deck and taking selfies with her juice makeup look. O comes out and they both have a fun time playing with each other and doing some child pose and yoga style stuff on O’s back.


They keep doing some breathing and stretches on the deck and H gives O some cute kisses. They have a super sweet life. They then go back to breathing and laughing. But the girls came out and surprised them, lol. they are going out and H gave them something to drink and some rosemary to breath in the car. They go upstairs and their room is super clean so they don’t have to do anything upstairs. then O puts on some music so H can clean while listening to a fun song. The song is “people Everywhere, still alive by Khruangbin” and they do all their morning cleaning.

Afterward, they sit outside in O’s favorite spot. They do rock-paper-scissors to see who should do some more work and H lost, lol. H said she will do it later. Then she goes to hang out with her dogs so they can have some good bonding time together. They must have a trail or something right by their home because they are walking through a forest that has some pretty tall and skinny trees. It is actually a really nice looking walk and I can’t believe they have this right by their home. That is amazing.

Two strange and suspicious looking men have arrived from the airport and are checking into Hyori’s B&B. O picks up the phone while they are walking and talks to them. They ask how many people and find out it is 2 guys. Then he says he will text them their address. H and O then go right back to the house and try to dry all the clothes and chores before the men arrive. Then they get another phone call, I guess they arrived? She opens the door and the car drives in. H and O go outside to greet them. The caption keeps saying that they are suspicious. These guys have a lot of luggage and H and O are wondering why two guys would have a lot of luggage? Then they say that they are explorers so that is why they have a lot of equipment. The mood gets a lot lighter after that.

They sit down and tell H and O that they are scientific explorers and travel all around the word exploring caves. H says, “Oh, are you two dating?” But they said they aren’t dating but they have been working partners for a long time. They said it is their 10 year anniversary from when they got lost in Australia for three days, so it is a big moment for them. Then they keep talking about Carl Sagen and stars and exploring and the universe and all those things. They are talking about all the stars almost lecture style. The caption says this is a very strange couple, lol. They are an explorer-scientist entrepreneurs couple. The production then shows a future montage of what they are going to do around Jeju as explorers. They will be there 5 nights and 6 days.

H and O said they don’t have a lot of rooms, but the explorers said it is okay because they brought their tent. H said they can stay their a month then, lol. They eat something and the explorers said they will see a volcano professor today.

IU is carrying/rolling her luggage up to the gate and her luggage is bigger than her. While the explorers are talking to H and O, the doorbell rings. O goes to answer it and sees IU there and there are a lot of question marks around his head and IU’s head, lol. O is frozen and then calls for H. Then H checks and is like, “Huh? It’s IU?” They are both stunned. “I think it’s IU?” Hyori talks to IU through the intercom and then opens the gate, but it doesn’t open all the way because H is so surprised. She is running around saying “IU is here? IU is here?” and then she runs outside to greet IU. Everyone is pretty stunned that IU is there. The two guys who just showed up are all like, huh, IU is here?

IU is walking up the driveway and H is running to greet her and to take her luggage and everything. H is a big sunbae to IU so she wants to help IU right away. H is telling her all the guys in the house are super happy and shocked. They are talking about how it’s been 4 years since they saw each other and they start to talk about her farm. IU will be there for 2 weeks. Then, hilariously, everyone comes outside to greet IU and O didn’t even put on shoes. Everyone is so happy to see IU, lol. The men are all like some chickens with their head cut off. The caption says: The customers are carrying the staff members luggage. H said she didn’t expect O to go outside without shoes on and O said he gave his shoes to the guests because they just ran outside to greet IU, lol.


There is a montage about IU working at the B&B and all the things they will be doing. They have their first campfire and then they show Lee Hyori’s Seoul song video preview. She is comparing busy Seoul with relaxed Jeju.

That’s it for our first live recap of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. This was a little easier than Fight for My Way because JTBC has commercial breaks with allowed me to upload it without missing anything! I have never loved commercials so much. See y’all next time.

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Recap Episode 1

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