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Hyena: Episode 5 (9-10) Recap – Part 2

Hyena: Episode 5 (9-10) Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Hyena!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





When Hee-jae goes to work in the morning, everyone congratulates him. he wonders what is going on. Ki-hyeok claps for him and asks how he has wings like this? Hee-jae is confused and asks what he is talking about?

Ki-hyeok asks, didn’t your father tell you? Your father became a supreme court judge. Wow, your family. Your grandfather was a supreme court judge and now your father, if your brother becomes a chief judge then your family is filled with judges. You are the only ugly duckling. 

Hee-jae tries to call his father, but the phone is busy. Ki-hyeok says, of course his phone is busy, everyone should call to congratulate. Hee-jae tells him to come into his office. Then he starts to talk about the DNT case with him.

Ki-hyeok says that they are almost done with the DNT case. What other trouble do they have? Is it Jung Geum-ja? Hee-jae gives him a look. Ki-hyeok asks, hahaha, really? Are we really working together? It shouldn’t be, we can’t work together.

Hee-jae says that if we work together then she will take the entire DNT case. Ki-hyeok says that shouldn’t be! She can take out client? That is not the first time! Why don’t you formally appeal tot he committee? Even though it is internally decided, the committee decided on EP. Even though Song is the main decision maker, the committee will not be happy about it. People talk about Jung Geum-ja, so you should try it anyway.


Ji-eun asks Geum-ja what happened with Hee-jae last night. GJ tells her that he did not want to work with them at all. Let’s ignore him. Ji-eun asks if he just wants to recruit their team members/ That will be impossible. GJ tells her that they are not in the Joseon dynasty, nothing is impossible. Benefit and reasons are different and rumor and reality are also different, they all look for a way to survive, these lawyers are smart.

Then a young person comes in. It is Na Yi-joon, a first year associate. He says that he will work for her, Ja Geum-ja lawyer. She tells him to sit. So he sits pleasantly and eagerly. She asks him what he specializes in?

He tells her that he has not even finished one year yet. She asks what he has done then? He says that he organizes the meeting records.  Ji-eun covers her mouth in shock.

In Ma’s office, Ma asks a lawyer what DNT is. The lawyer is Choo Don-sik. Choo says that it is a startup company that Hee-jae takes care of. A unicorn company (expensive startup). The CEO of DNT is chairman Son, the client that you directly take care of. Ma thinks that there is something here. What does chairman Song want? When does CEO Kim come back? Choo says that Kim is about to come back. 

They say that CEO Kim gave the committee power for fair hiring. Ma says that they need to look at Jung Geum-ja carefully, See what she does and who she meets. It can be chopping off his own foot. 

Ma excuses Choo and then calls Kim Min-joo. She is in Switzerland in her office. She asks, what? CEo Song put another person on H team instead of Kong? Ma tells her yes, I am sure. She says that is good. He asks what? She explains that lawyer Kong is out, so that means that CEO Song is cutting his tails. Maybe his work is not going too well.

Ma says that is what he is talking about. Kim says that lawyer Kong did that for too long. Ma tells her that Jung Geum-ja lawyer is not enough to be the next one. I think CEO Song is making a mistake. She asks, you said Jung Geum-ja? Find out everything about her. Ma sys he will. They hang up, she tells her secretary to connect her to Kevin Jung. Then she tells Kevin to pull the schedule early for Korea.


Hee Jae’ father and PJ eat lunch at a nice place somewhere in Seoul. The father asks if Hee-jae is coming? PJ says of course. He is your son so he will want to congratulation you. But we can just eat together like this as an excuse. You should drink on a kind of day like this.

But the father politely refuses. Song asks, by the way, BH ( blue house) term has almost ended. So I am preparing for it. I have someone I wanted to use outside, but I brought that person in. They are fearless and don’t know what is dirty. They were acting out so much so I wanted to crush that person. But I also wanted to keep that person. I feel like it was a good decision.

The father asks for him to say it in an easier way. So PJ says he doesn’t have to know. The father tells him that he will do his best in the position that he is in. PJ nods and agrees, then he gets a call from a nursing home and tells them that he will be there. He tells Hee-jae’s father that the condition went bad all of a sudden so he has to go.

He apologizes for having to leave early. Just as he starts to walk out, Hee-jae walks in and asks if he is going somewhere. So he says that he has to go to the hospital for his wife and tells him to enjoy the meal with his father.

Cut to Hee-jae congratulating his father over the meal. His father gives him more of the food and tells him that he saw his last case with the secretary of civil affairs. It seems as if you are taking on dangerous cases, are you okay? 

Hee-jae says he is okay. But he doesn’t know what it is like to be a real lawyer. His father says, when you told me that you were going to Song & Kim after training, do you remember what I told you? Hee-jae repeats, “If you really want to be a lawyer then you should be the top.” His father says that he really did well.

Hee-jae says that he made a mistake though, a mistake that low class lawyers don’t even make. The father tells him that mistakes need to be faced even though it hurts. In retrospect, mistakes are not coincidences. You should not look for cunning ways to keep your pride. You just do not need to make mistakes, then you will win. Keep that in mind.

Hee-jae understands and tells him they should eat.



Ji-eun and Geum-ja walk up he hallway. Ji-eun tells her that Boo Hyun-ah is not easy. Geum-ja says that your rank determines things. She knocks on Hyun-ah’s door and goes in asking if she remmebers her? Hyun-ah says it was not a good memory.

Geum-ja asks her if she is taking care of the bonds for the DNT case? We will have a meeting in one week so prepare all the details about the company finances.

She asks, what?

Geum-ja tells her, oh, you don’t know? I am the team leader of the DNT case from now on.


Didn’t you hear? I am your boss from now on.

She reaches her hand out to shake and says that they can work well together.

Hyun-ah folds her arms and tells her that she did not hear anything about it. Geum-ja tells her, well, anyways, the meeting is tomorrow at 2 o-clock. Send all the data I asked for to my secretary by tonight. the team leader wants to see the past information, is there any problem?

Hyun-ah says that she will check with team leader Yoon first and then give it to her.

Geum-ja leans in and tells her that she is not giving her a choice, she is ordering her to do it.

Hun-ah tells her that she has a very humane order, if you are done can you excuse me?

Geum-ja tells her, before we even start, you want to be out of the team?

Hyun-ah smiles and asks, your team? Your team.

Geum-ja leaves. Hyun-ah looks at the closed door angrily.

Ji-eun and Geum-ja walk to the next person’s office. Ji-euns ays that Kim Chang-wook does everything by himself. Even his food preferences. Geum-ja says that she can eat everything. Ji-eun asks what her plan is? Geum-ja says it is her charm.

She goes to the small hole in a wall restaurant that Chang-wook is eating at and surprised him by sitting at his table. She tells him that she is the new team leader for the DNT case and that they are going to start their meeting two days later.

She tells him that she heard that he has never lost in a criminal case. that confused me. Do you only take the cases that you will win because it is Song & Kim’s case, or do you win first and then start the game? Like you only take cases that are difficult to lose? I love those odds. By itself, taking on those cases is a great thing.

He tells her to cut to the chase. She tells him to drink and pours him one.

Time jump to a drunk Chang-wook. Geum-ja is also drunk.

GJ – You are divorced, you have a daughter that you raise alone. I have a feeling of feeling like you need a lot of money. that is why you visit the American futures trading stock market every night. You always wake up early, that is why you have big dark circles.

He tells her that this is the wrong place. She asks, is it?

He tells her she is Jang Geum-ja, 41, you raise and lower your age and become friends with people who are 5 years older than you…*says a lot of details about her*. Geum-ja claps and says yes. Then she turns him around and sees his black mole and tells him, you are the black mole!

He tells her to stop, don’t be so greedy. She stops and says that their meeting is 2 days later at 12 o’clock, get all the information about DNT.


In another lounge area, Hee-jae shows up to a small room filled with other top lawyers at Song & Kim. Ma and Choo are among them. thy start to talk about why PJ hired that woman. They wonder what the reason is and who knows the reason. Hee-jae starts to check his phone.

They think that CEO Song and CEO Kim probably have different thoughts about it. An older man asks Choo when Geum-ja went to the law training. He says she is 41 class. She passed college by an exam, maybe she has something else. 

So they start to speak badly of her and Ma mentions Hee-jae and his father who just became a Supreme Court judge. They all congratulate him. Choo wonders why don’t they recruit him to our team? Ma says it is a good idea. So he asks Hee-jae, what about you? I am serious, I am greedy about my team members. 

Hee-jae asks, all of a sudden you want me after my father becomes a supreme court judge? This is good timing. Ma clears his throat. Hee-jae thanks him for the offer but asks if he can refuse? Choo chuckles to break the awkwardness and says that he was just joking.

Later on, Hee-jae is driven away and listens to classical music. He remembers telling his father that he made a mistake that even small time lawyers don’t make, that holds me back.

Cut to Geum-ja arriving in her office with some food for the night. Ji-eun is sleeping amidst her work on the couch. Geum-ja bought some fish for her and looks at their fancy clear board.

VO – Pick one, your license is suspended forever to a 3rd grade lawyer, or you start over at this top law firm. 

PJ – (As a team leader, you are responsible for everything, in my law firm, the results say everything.)

The classical violin music continues as Geum-ja looks over the white board and looks at her desk of paperwork. 



Ki-hyeok complains to Hee-jae about how he is loyal to him and he said never! She begged me! I said never ever! Then we are pulled into a flashback.

In the flashback, Geum-ja goes to see Ki-hyeok in his office. He immediately tells her never! I don’t know about lawyer Boo or lawyer Kim, but never ever for me! But I will at least hear what you can offer to me. She leaves.

In the present, Hee-jae shakes his head. Ki-hyeok sits at his couch and says that CEO Song gave her the rights so lawyer Boo and lawyer Kim will not just ignore her. But what if she does well on the DNT case? Then she will be trusted. What if she is really in the Song line? Why is CEO Song supporting Jung Geum-ja? Maybe I ditched her too quickly?

Hee-jae yells, ya! Ki-hyeok asks, are you going to let her take everything? Hee-jae asks, do you think Song & Kim lawyers will acknowledge Jung Geum-ja as their partner? All the Song & Kim lawyers are top class. The street lawyer becomes a team leader? Does that make sense?

Ki-hyeok thinks yeah, you will be super mad if that Jung Geum-ja took everything from you. Hee-jae looks at him annoyed. Ki-hyeok gets a call and has to head out quickly to talk to Sim Yoo-mi.


Boo is getting a coffee and tells Hee-jae that Jung Geum-ja saw her and asked for all the documents and to come to the meeting. ii feel like I am in an awkward position now, what should I do? The meeting is tomorrow. It may be cancelled. The committee can oppose Geum-ja’s appointment so she will not be able to take the DNT case because she does not have a right to be a team leader, then she cannot form the team.

But then turn their heads when they see Geum-ja walking up in a short skirt. But Sim Yumi is walking up as well, so Geum-jae has to hide for a moment. But then she sees an opening and starts to run to He-jae. He is super surprised and tries to move away, but she pushes him into the storage room.

Sim Yumi comes out the coffee area. Boo Hyun-ah wonders what is going on. Hee-jae asks Geum-ja, what are you doing! She puts a finger to his lips. Then she wipes it on his chest.

He stays quiet. Boo is so lost as to what to do, but doesn’t do anything. 

Sim Yumi is super happy in the snack area and stays there.

In the storage area, Geum-ja asks Hee-jae why she is here! he mouths that she should ask her yourself!

Then the secretary comes in and starts to open the door. Boo says that someone is in there, but they will not be in there all night. Sim wonders who they are, can they really do that. she giggles.

Ki-hyeok thinks that is not happening, she tells him that she is his client, don’t think that I am your friend. Then she walks to the office.

In the closet, Geum-ja keeps asking Hee-jae why Sim is there? Did you not do her divorce case? He asks, didn’t you think that would happen? Avoiding it does not mean that what happened did not happen. You should have thought about a variant named me. Our relationship, you should not forget that it can be revealed at anytime.

She asks what their relationship is?

He says, our relationship is that – we used to love each other.

Soft music starts to play and her harsh look also turns soft.

Fade Out


Okay, so does this new position mean that geum-ja is there to take the fall if anything goes wrong and possibly lose her license to practice anyway? I am so confused. though i do love how she is a fish out of the water in this huge law firm and is walking around like the boss of the entire thing.

One of the new characters I want to know the most about is the quiet genius single dad, Kim Chang-wook. He looks like he has a heart of gold and knows good ethics even though he keeps to himself, so he might be a perfect card to use for Geum-ja to win this case.

I have no clue where this show is headed, but I love watching it go there!

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  1. Stephanie Cameron
    March 29, 2020 / 4:38 pm

    You are so far behind on Hyena … and every episode is soooo good! Waiting till the weekend kills me!

    • V
      March 29, 2020 / 6:36 pm

      We are crazy behind!!!!! I am so jealous of everyone who is all caught up!!!

  2. asdf
    April 3, 2020 / 9:27 pm

    At first I wasn’t sure about pairing Kim Hye Soo and Joo Ji Hoon, but now it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing their characters. As usual both are doing a great job. Really the whole cast and the team behind the scene have done a fantastic job.

    I’m also glad there wasn’t a silly love triangle between them and the female junior attorney. I like how the junior looks up to JGJ as a mentor instead of a rival.

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