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Hyena: Episode 5 (9-10) Recap – Part 1

I am really excited to find out what this new position as partner means for Geum-ja and for Hee-jae. She still has to maintain her secret of using him and stealing his documents, or are they already over that in this story? Also, why is she here? And how? Looking forward to finding out!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Song Pil-joong walks to the front of the meeting and says that he will introduce a person to them before they start their partner meeting. He has recruited a new partner to Song & Kim. 

The doors open and Jung Geum-ja walks in looking like a boss. CEO Song introduces her to everyone as Lawyer Jung Geum-ja. She looks around the room and greets everyone then settles on Yoon Hee-jae. He looks at her, shocked.


Geum-ja looks at the Song & Kim building as she always does and then goes inside. She is wearing her typical sweat suit attire with a huge orange bubble jacket over it. A woman greets hr and leads hr away. She rides in the VIP elevator that is only accessible with a special VIP card. 

Geum-ja looks like she is hiding her nervousness. But she definitely looks nervous. 

Two people stand guard in an office on a floor at the top of the law firm. They open the doors and a long think room is revealed with a table in the middle. A man greets her. His name is Kong Young-gook, he is the one that called her.

She hesitantly walks into the room. It has an expensive looking chandelier, lots of certificates and gold plated books on the walks and delicate teapots and cups on the table.

He gives her his card. He is also a partner. He asks if this is her first time coming here? She says yes. He says that whoever comes here for the first time is surprised by the atmosphere. This is not the space, it is the history of Song & Kim.

She nods, alright, but did you call me just to brag about Song & Kim’s history?

They sit across from each other. They both have a cup of tea in front of them. He tells her that they have been looking at her performance. From Ha Chan-ho’s divorce case to the other cases, you impressed us and we felt pitiful to you. Why don’t you join the bigger world.

She asks what the condition is? He slides over a black box. She opens it and takes out her business package. Her smile grows as she flips through it.

GJ – Can I have some time to think about it? It is so out of the blue.

Kong – Geum-ja, in my favorite movie there is a line. “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

He throws another folder on the table for her, a sloppy one and tells her to look at it.

GJ – You background checked me?

Kong – One of the thug cases that you were involved in can permanently suspend your license. It was attempted murder?

GJ – Self defense.

They start to argue back and forth.

GJ – Are you threatening me?

Kong – I feel like I am the victim.

GJ – Maybe you need a cleaner, not a lawyer. I am the wrong person.

King – Pick one. Are you going to have your license permanently suspended to a 3rd class lawyer or will you be reborn in the best law firm?

She takes her folder and walks out. He claps a few times and then Song Pil-joong CEO comes out. He asks Kong how he likes her. King asks if he thinks that she is the best person? 

PJ – In the DNT case that Hee-jae is taking care of has an internal investigation. i think the H team team should care of it. We need someone in charge.

Kong – You need an out of box person? But you are giving my position to someone like her?

PJ – We need change. We have a lot of smart people, more than before, but they are not useful. They all run on the highway, they don’t even look at the unpaved road as if Song & Kim exists for them, not that they exist for Song & Kim. It is so peaceful and nothing is going on.

King – So you want to put a maegi (catfish) around?

PJ – All the mickoragees (kick up dirt people) will be on alert. I need someone expendable.

Kong – Do you think she can do what I was doing?

PJ – Come back later, 3 years will be the longest.

Kong – Okay.

Meanwhile, Geum-ja thinks about Kong’s offer. She calls Ji-eun and tells her that they need to get ready. Ji-eun asks if it was a good offer? GJ tells her that it is F-ing awesome. They want me to die in Song & Kim. I will pick okay but standing out cloths. Let’s talk in the boutique.



Geum-ja stands in front of all the other partners who clap as they welcome her. Hee-jae can barely stand up and has to rest a hand against the table to stay alert.

The partner meeting starts. They go through revenue and profits. Hee-jae is still having a problem focusing. PJ talks about all the money they made but how their share is smaller. Geum-ja calculates all of this in her head. PJ says, whoever cannot maintain their client list, be ready to be fired. Then he asks to speak with Geum-ja alone.

Hee-jae crunches up his paperwork on the table.

In his office, PJ offers her a hot drink and says that they never properly introduced each other. She smiles and tells him that he investigated her a lot. He thanks her for choosing Song & Kim.

GJ – If you are thankful to me, then can I ask you a favor? Can you give me my case file for taking this case and erase things. Just in case someone else sees it, Ii am a little nervous.

PJ – Yes, but only when I am sure that you are real Song & Kim’s family.

GJ – Why me? You have a lot of top tier lawyers here.

PJ – You are different than my lawyers, I need your style.

GJ – Are you complimenting me?

PJ – Maybe. Ha ha. This is your case. *hands over a case* DNT fintech group. They are about to go to the stock market.

GJ – This shouldn’t be about helping get them into the stock market.

PJ – I have information that the police and prosecutors are inspecting them. So whatever it takes, please help them go to the stock market.

GJ – *nods and stands to leave*

PJ – But you should work with the current team in the company. Yoon Hee-jae is the team leader. You should know him well.

GJ – Song, I have my own style. So I don’t need a team.

PJ – You don’t need a team?

GJ – Sorry, I like to work alone.

PJ – You should need one.

GJ – if I need one then I will pick my own team.

PJ – The DNT case is not that easy. If you pick the team or not, you will not do any work without lawyer Yoon’s help.

GJ – Okay, I will think about it, let’s do this one by one, that is why you hired me.

PJ – Okay, you are the team leader and you are responsible. Whatever the process is, Song & Kim’s lawyer only looks at the result.

GJ – Okay.

She heads out. Ma is sitting outside and stands to go in when she leaves. She nods at him and then walks off smiling.

Ma angrily asks Song why Geum-ja is here? It is so hard to become a partner here in this law firm. And she is not a contract partner but an equity partner? Even though you are in charge of hiring partners, this is too much.

PJ – Why?

Ma – What?

PJ – What did you just say?

Ma – Um..it is all of a sudden.

PJ – Did you forget that she won Ha Chan-ho’s divorce case. And even though HCH has lawyers, he hired her as his private lawyer so that proves her ability. Did you forget about chairman Ha’s 70th birthday? We were on Ha Hye-won’s line and almost lost Issume. Just because Jang Geum-ja’s law firm is minor, that is why we could have Issume back. 

Ma – But she does not fit our Song & Kim criteria! Our lawyer won’t just let that happen.

PJ – So if they are angry, so what?

He stands up and walks to the window.

PJ – There are cases that no one wants to do but someone has to do.

Ma – Are you talking about H team?

PJ – I think lawyer Jung Geum-ja is the best person for it. Do you have anything else to say?

Ma – If that is what you want.

PJ – get out.

Ma – Yes.

Ma bows respectfully and leaves. Pil-joong utters to himself that someone has to do it.


Ki-hyeok yells about Jung Geum-ja showing up out of the blue as an EP partner and wonders what the CEO wants. She is too good as an opponet so we should have her next to us? Hee-jae says angrily that Jung Geum-ja is nothing.

Then Ki-hyeok remembers the photos and asks if she is really the person that dated Hee-jae. So he tells Hee-jae that he does not have that good of a relationship with her. Are you really okay? Why are you so calm? Everyone is in turbulence!

He asks if he should go to the CEO and argue? We can’t. How can we do that to our CEO? Should I go to our boss and say, well she is a street lawyer that does not fit with us so fire her?

But then they hear something and run to the window to see Geum-ja walking int he hallway with Ji-eun. She smiles at him. He closes his blinds. Geum-ja asks Ji-eun is she saw that he is so happy. Ji-eun says that she sees that he is about to die.

In his office, Ki-hyeok tells Hee-jae that the two of them should have something in a previous life. Your opponent lawyer became our lawyer? Hee-jae looks angry. But then the CEO calls him.

In her office, Ji-eun asks Geum-ja if it is difficult to see him every day? GJ tells her that they should not open the blinds to the hallway. Then she opens her door to her office. It is so nice! Ji-eun does a little dance as she sees it. She even touches the table and says there is no dirt, it is sparkling!

Geum-ja tells her to investigate the case they are working on and they start to eat Auntie Anne’s bread sticks. they chat about the office and company as they snack. Ji-eun asks her how she feels to be in Eldorado. Geum-ja says that she is solemda (heart pitter patter) there is no need to talk. Lets rob everything from this place. Find everything about the lawyers that take care of the DMT case, everything-everything.

Geum-ja then looks around at all the lovely things and lets out a happy squeal. 



Hee-jae speaks with PJ about Geum-ja. He basically says that they do not need her, he is almost done with the case. But PJ says that he will decide if he needs her or not. HJ does not want to say yes, they are my clients and I did all the work. 

PJ says that is why he wants him to work with her. But HJ does not want to because it is Jung Geum-ja. PJ asks so what?! What is the reason that you cannot take her? Because she is your former opponent? Or because she won the cases in a way you do not know about?

She can do things that you can’t do. So she will take care of the DNT investigation case. You just take care of the stock part.

Hee-jae says that he was okay when PJ gave half of his clients to someone else. I went back to the basics and thought about why I became a lawyer. if it wasn’t Song & Kim then I could have had other choices. But I only became a lawyer because the company Song & Kim and you are here. Because this country is run by money but lawyer are behind the money. Not just lawyers, Song & Kim lawyers. Even if I quit, I can’t work with her. I don’t need that kind of lawyer to me and to the company.

He starts to walk out.

PJ – Hee-jae, you want to catch Jung Geum-ja. You can’t catch her here, do you think you can catch her outside?

Hee-jae thinks about that and leaves.


In her office, Ji-eun gives Geum-ja the low down information on the lawyers. Boo Hyun-ah is considered the female Yoon Hee-jae and is a candidate for partnership as the youngest female partner. They keep talking about her backgrounda nd we see Boo Hyun-ja in action in a courthouse.

VO – From her look, she looks like a Chong Dam Dong daughter in law, but she takes on probono cases. She is the Don Quixote of Song & Kim.

Next up is lawyer Kim Chang-wook. He is a partner. He is a criminal case specialist and won all of his cases. he does not care about politics inside the company, he just does his own thing quietly. He is a genius and a single father with a daughter.

Last up is Ka Ki-hyeok. He works with Yoon Hee-jae a lot. He is a tax lawyer but he does not have that much results. Geum-ja asks if there is something that he does well? Ji-euns ays that he is good with information. he knows everything and everyone. (A post it note says that he is a senators son). 

In summary, Ji-eun says that without them, the DNT case will be difficult.

Geum-ja wonders what she should do. Then she gets a text from Hee-jae. He asks where she is and if she can see him in a fancy restaurant (he said the name, something like Garaound Belou?).

She goes to the place. She says that hse did not expect him to call her there. He tells her that it is a nice place, there are a lot of memories here. You should be happy since today is your first day. I also want to hear about it. She takes a seat.

GJ – Is this a welcome party?

HJ – Yeah, yeah, it is a welcome party, yes. Since you never worked in a proper law firm.

GJ – I don’t know if this is a proper law firm, but you put in a lot of money. Interior, furniture, lighting.

HJ – You should go a little crazy today because you are crazy about money. You like this right? *pours her a glass of wine* Back then you pretended like you were a wine lover.

GJ – Yeah, I also tried to read some books.

HJ – Yes, that is Jung Geum-ja

GJ – What do you want to say, get to the point.

HJ – Your real goal was Song & Kim, that is why you approached me.

GJ – Wait, wait, do we have to talk about our past?

HJ – Lets talk about what is going on now, why you are in front of me.

GJ – Because you called me.

HJ – I am asking you how you got hired. I am here but you…how?

GJ – It is the past. You and me.

HJ – Are you taking classes about how shameless a woman can be?

GJ – Yeah, some, a three month course, do you want to take it? if you and me do not see each other like this privately then we will not have any trouble.

HJ – Do you know what kind of reckless thing you did

GJ – Reckless thing…

HJ – I don’t know what kind of deal you made with our CEO, but you should quit. Don’t you see how much you are not fitting in here. So don’t try, just go.

GJ – Are you worried about me? Or are you worried about yourself? About the DNT case? DNT?

HJ – Don’t think about it at all, I am not doing it with you.

GJ – What? Together? Don’t misunderstand it, what I want is you off of the case.

HJ – You really are not afraid of me? That is my case and the company that I take care of.

GJ – Just tell your CEO that you cannot do it with me.

HJ – Why don’t you do it, tell him, that is a good line. This is not the world you were living in. You accidentally involved Ha Chan-ho and were super hyped. But you should get real.

GJ – I didn’t go to college like you and I have no connections like you and I live in a different world?

HJ – The way you live is trash. Don’t you remember? It is not that far away.

GJ – If I tell you that I am sorry, will you be happy? Just reveal everything. That you leaked the information because I lied to you. Do it. You don’t dare to do that right? Because if you are out like that then you do not have anywhere else to go. Would you like to come where I live? I have a lot to show you. 

HJ – Can I give you some advice? Don’t think that you know everything about me.

GJ – Can I also give you advice? Your hair is pressed on the side *he tries to fix it* and I know a lot more about you than you think.

Then she looks at the wine and tells him it is not her favorite, it is his favorite. Then she walks out. He looks at her and tries to fix his hair again, then looks at the wine and sighs angrily.

She goes to the Song & Kim building again and looks up at it in that way that she often does. Then she crosses the street and goes inside.


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