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Hyena: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

Hyena: Episode 4 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Hyena!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





the violinist practices for an upcoming performance. He is on a stage with a pianist in the background playing along.

Geum-ja and Ji-eun come there to watch. the violinist takes a 5 minute break and talks to Geum-ja. She asks why he signed this kind of contract? he sys that he didn’t agree with it. Since I was little, mom just…

She tells him that this is a 15 year term, if no one opposed it then it extends another 15 years. When did you sign it? he says that he doesn’t know. She tells him that his mother signed it as his guardian when he was underage. This contract is only advantageous to your mother. If we follow the law then it is not valid. We can make the term not happen at all.

Also, the income is mostly to the company. That is not fair. There are so many unfair and inhumane terms in this contract. You shouldn’t use SNS and follow their rules and all that. How old are you? She sarcastically sys that his mother is a great person, she did great business with you.

He tells her that his mother is not that bad, she is my mom. She asks what he wants. he sys that he wants to get out from under her. So Geum-ja tells him that she will have to see his mother first to see if we can change these unfair terms, otherwise you will have to sue her.

His mother shows up right then and asks what this is? And tells him that he should take a break between performances. She also asks who this person is that is coming this rudely before a performance. She snatches the contract way and asks why he has it.

Geum-ha introduces herself as the lawyer. The mother rolls up the contract and starts to hit the other man with her over the head with it several times. Everyone looks at her. She tells them that the show is cancelled today and kicks everyone out. The violinist tries to stop her, but she pushes him to the ground. He starts to cry.

Geum-ja tells Ji-eun that they should go. The violinist stops her and says that he will sue.

Later on, a sign is put up showing that the concert is cancelled. Geum-ja and Ji-eun look at this sign and start to think about the violinist and how he looks like he can’t really function int he world. But Geum-ja thinks that he will learn. that is how you become an adult. So, lets spread this to the media with me name! They walk away determined.


Hee-jae goes to Ma and talks to him about getting more work. So Ma tells Lawyer Boo to give him a file and shows her how thick it should be. they go to another room so she can get the file. She tells Hee-jae that he should not take her work. But she looks through her files. Hee-jae picks up one that is about the violinist. She tells him that the violinist is pressing a lawsuit against his mother. he sees Geum-ja’s name. Hee-jae says that he will take this case.

So Hee-jae and Lawyer Boo start to work on it. She tells Hee-jae that nothing is right with this contract. He adds that if they go to the courthouse, then we will lose. Boo asks, so you want an agreement? He asks that she meet the lawyer in person and tells her our conditions. On paper It is better for me not be on the surface for this case.


Lawyer Boo goes to the law firm and asks to see Geum-ja, she is not there though so Ji-eun asks her to wait. Geum-ja comes in almost right away, so they starts to talk. 

Geum-ja asks her what she needs. Hyun-ah says that she wants an agreement, she does not want to go to court. I heard that when you fight, you do not lose so I just wanted to check this in advance.

Geum-ja looks at the agreement and crosses out everything that she does not like. She tells her how to get out. Boo tells her that she saw that this was leaked to the media, you play dirty. The article was so instigating. The son who was mistreated by his mother for 20 years. the lawyers public announcement was like that?

Geum-ja says it is true.

Boo tells her that she was embarrassed. it is so difficult to be more graceful? See you in the courthouse. She walks out.

Geum-ja surprisingly asks Ji-eun if that woman just said that we are in different classes? Ji-eun nods. Geum-ja thinks, okay, okay, she can say whatever she wants. Then she asks where the violinist is. He is actually in the hotel because he cancelled everything.

Geum-ja goes to the hotel where the violinist is watching an animal documentary in the dark. he looks miserable. She turns on the lights for him. The violinist says that his mother doesn’t even take his phone calls. She is the only family I have. Can I see my mother and change the contract? Is there no way like that? I want her to just be my mom, not a CEO, I am confused. It is also difficult because I cannot play anymore. I am so confused. He starts to cry.

Geum-ja tells him, listen to me, you are a human being before an artist. You are the son, but you are also an adult. if you don’t ask for your own rights, the law will not help you. Now, you are asking for your proper rights as a human and an adult. No one will protect you. You need to survive by yourself.

He starts to cry again. She pats him on his back and starts to leave. But he holds her around the legs and sobs. She looks like she is trying to find a way to gracefully step away without hurting his feelings and failing.



Geum-ja goes to see the mother without an appointment. She goes to the management company. The mother laughs at her a lot for her lack of formality and her company name. She wants to know why her son went to her place. 

Geum-ja ignores her and asks how he can only have $5k a month for all the money he brings in? The mother says that she knows her son the most. But Geum-ja tells her that she is going to stop this contract so he will not be abused anymore.

She says that she is his mother. Geum-ja sys that she is the lawyer. You do not know what I can do, you do not know at all. The mother asks why she has to hear this, get out. Geum-ja rolls up the paper just like the mother did and hits it against the coffee table. She tells the mother that she will make it so that she cannot treat her son like that anymore. It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or a mom.


Ki-hyeok hits on the secretary again when Hee-jae goes into his office. the secretary tells him that he has a guest. It is Sim Yoo-mi. He sighs and almost collapses with annoyance when he sees her. She tells him that she does not think that meeting again was a coincidence. Then she tells him about her most recent issue that needs a lawyer.

He tells her that there are a lot of good lawyers around, I do not have time for this. She asks to be introduced to one. That is when Ki-hyeok comes in and introduces himself. He takes her away like a good friend would and gives Hee-jae a thumbs up. Hee-jae just shakes his head.

In Ki-hyeok’s office, Sim and Ki-hyeok talk about Hee-jae and how women like him a lot. Sim tells him that her sunbae says that she only cares about looks. They dated a little bit but they broke up. Geum-ja asks if the laundromat woman was Hee Sung sunbae? Yeah, he said he liked her.

Sim asks, who is the laundromat woman? Ki-hyeok says she is that woman of fate for Yoon. Sim says that is not her. They keep talking back and forth about this woman who they think are two different women. Ki-hyeok asks for a photo. So she shows it to him. Ki-hyeok is all like, WAAAAAAAAHHHH? Is this really Hee Sung sunbae that dated Hee-jae???? Daebak.


Geum-ja and Ji-eun go out to eat at a simple soup place. Ji-eun says that they should celebrate their new case so they get sooyook (boiled pork). Ji-eun asks why Geum-ja thinks that Yoon Hee-jae is not taking the case? Lawyer Boo is not a partner yet. Is she really that good?

They both think it is strange. Hee-jae knows this violinist the best, maybe that is why he is not taking on the case? Maybe it is strange if you know them well?

Geum-jae calls the violinist and asks how come he came to their law firm? Did someone introduce you? The violinist tells her Min-ho did. Geum-ja asks where he is right now, can I see you? The violinist says he would rather be alone today and hangs up.

Geum-ja tries to call again but the phone is off. She wonders what is going on. No dating, no SNS, why do you think those terms are there? They both look at each other and come to a quiet agreement as to why. He must be in love with someone. 

Geum-ja asks if there is a place the violinist frequents often when he comes to Korea? They don’t know she she calls her friend who owns his own fancy bar. He tells her that there are so many bars like that, we cannot find that kind of bar in Seoul.

Geum-ja is outside in the streets of Seoul with Ji-eun. She wonders where the driver is. Inside a club, Hee-jae walks to the bartender and shows a photo. He exchanges money with the bartender who points him in the right direction. This is a gay bar.

Hee-jae walks to the bar where the violinist is sitting alone eating a lollypop at the bar. Hee-jae introduces himself and says that he is his fan. He gives him his card from Song & Kim.  Hee-jae asks him how long he thinks he will survive like this? It could take years in court because your opponent is Song & Kim. For that many years you will go in and out of Korea. Your world tour will be ruined. You might have a slump because you are a perfectionist.

I saw a lot of overseas tours that you have scheduled, do you think you can give them all up for your future career? The violinist asks what he can do? Hee-jae pulls out the agreement and says that this is the best thing he can do right now


Hee-jae tells him all the conditions and tells him that the company will take care of him as they always have and provide him with $5k a month salary is that not enough? The violinist says that he does not care about money, he just wants to play.

Hee-jae tells him that his condition is the most important thing, you need to pick your own person that can take care of your own schedule? The violinist is so happy about this. He asks if that is really true?

But in a flashback we see that the mother denies this for his son. She can pick his schedule for him. Hee-jae asks her if she knows what her son really wants? it is freedom. He knows that his mother is a nest and also a prison. He will try and get out from under you continuously in the future. So before he flies away from you, you should let him breath. Ii am not giving you a choice, you have to.

In the present, Hee-jae says that he removed the part where he cannot date anyone. That is the second most important thing for you right? After your music? He says yes. Hee-jae tells him that he does not have to hide anything anymore, just be yourself. 

The violinist thanks him so much. Hee-jae leaves. One of the men in the bar looks at Hee-jae and then goes to give the violinist a hug.


Ji-eun thinks that Hee-jae would have met with their client already. But he would use a different method. That is when they get a call from the violinist. Geum-ja tells him not to give up on this right now! I do not know what he told you, but that is not for you!

The violinist says that he is doing this because he is thinking about who this is for. Plus, our opponent is Song & Kim, thank you so much. Goodbye. He is sitting in the car with his boyfriend. Geum-ja immediately calls someone else and asks where they are.

She goes to Hee-jae’s place. He opens the door.

HJ – It’s me, where are you at right now?

GJ – What happened to Ko I-man?

HJ – What do you think?

GJ – What did you do?

HJ – You know a little bit.

GJ – Not kind of, exactly!

HJ – I saw what he wanted. You saw what you want. many years of a lawsuit, how much will that destroy him, did yo think about that?

GJ – Do I have to think about it?

HJ – You should. You lost like this because you did not think.

GJ – He should go to court, he should sue his mother. How many years it will take or if he will break, even if he can’t play, he should endure this time.

HJ – Why? To make money? We should not do this, there is no one that really wants his happiness here. Do you want to come in for a coffee? I do not have any ramen.

She walks off angrily. He does a happy dance back into his apartment.

She gets back to her law firm and screams and curses her way into her living room. She curses and curses and paces and yells about Song & Kim. Then she answers her phone. It is something about Song & Kim.


Hee-jae happily goes to work and talks to his secretary. She asks if he had a great night and tells him that he has partner meeting. He walks confidently to the meeting, but it looks like people are laughing at him possibly? He does not notice.

He sits in the partner meeting. But before the meeting starts, Song comes in and says that he wants to introduce them to someone. He has recruited a partner lawyer. I want to introduce you to someone.

The secretary lets this someone in. 

It is Jang Geum-jae walking in like a CEO in a bright red shirt and jacket. She looks very confident and bows slightly as she tells them she is happy to see them all. 

Then she winks at Hee-jae.

Fade Out


Ah, I love that ending! I don’t know how she fandangled herself into Song & Kim, but you better be sure that I am going to check out episode 5 to find out! Ah, I just love her so much.

You know, Geum-ja is kind of like Yi-seo in Itaewon Class in that it seems as if she has no feelings towards other people, but this one is done in such a fun happy way that it has me rooting for Geum-ja to win. I just love Geum-ja so much. GIVE ME MORE.

Hee-ae finally got a win, and a much deserved win, but he somehow still lost in the end, lol. The look on his face when Geum-ja walked into that room was classic. Classic! In fact, he is pretty good at this whole dry comedy thing. Plus, he has Kingdom coming up soon so we will all be able to get out fill of Ju Ji-hoon in multiple formats and genres. Hey, I’m not complaining.

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  1. Stephanie Cameron
    March 8, 2020 / 8:10 pm

    Hyena is so good! The plot thickens

    • V
      March 9, 2020 / 1:56 pm

      It thickens so much! Watching episode 5 tonight! Can’t wait!

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