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Hyena: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

Hyena: Episode 4 Recap – Part 1

And we are now only one week behind in episodes! Hopefully we can watch this weeks episodes on Wednesday and Thursday of this week coming up. But until then, here is episode 4 which was a whirlwind of new characters and a new fun case that gets solved quickly, but leads to some other fun things, whoo hoo!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




In the aftermath of the birthday party debacle, Geum-ja goes up to Hee-jae after he has had wine poured all over him. She wipes the champagne off with a scarf. He huts the scarf away and stands to wipe it off himself. 

She tells him that she wanted to say hi before leaving. you look so pitiful, it even hurts my feelings. She smiles slightly.

He doesn’t say anything and walks away with all his anger bottled up.

Meanwhile, CEO Song Pil-joong and Issume chairman Ha talk alone. The chairman says that it would be better if the media did not spread this around. Pil-Joong apologizes. Ha tells him that it is just his kids fighting over being heir. 

The chairman says that Chan-ho should come back, otherwise I cannot stop Hye-won. At least it is good because it ended before the board meeting. Who worked with Hye-won? It was an unknown law firm. But the lawyer was part of your law firm right? 

Song says that it is Yoon Hee-jae of Song & Kim. The chairman asks, so you had both cards? Pil-joong tells him that if this war goes stronger, the small shareholders might appoint a CEO. He will protect the Ha family and Issume. Chan-ho and Hye-won are both part of the Ha family. The chairman nods.

His wife comes out to get him so they walk back in together. His family is inside waiting looking like a Vogue catalogue shoot. The chairman tells his children that Issume is still taking care of them. If you have personal lawyers, be sure to use Issume’s lawyers. And Hye-won, go to South America for a business trip for 3 months.

Hye-won takes that on the chin. Chan-ho smiles and puts his arm around Jung-hwa. The chairman tells Pil-joong to be excused so they can have time as a family. The youngest son looks at Jung-hwa and bows his head.

Outside, Pil-joong walks to the car, Hee-jae waits for him. In the car back, Hee-jae tells Pil-joong that he will quit. I wanted to tell you in person. I am sorry.


CEO and Hee-jae both go out for drinks and sit on a fancy balcony like gargoyles overlooking the city. The CEO tells Hee-jae that as long as JD law firm is behind Hye-won and that Ha Chan-ho is around, it won’t be easy. But Chan-ho is crazy about his mistress. Hee-jae told him that they need to get ready for the possibility that Hye-won will become CEO. Song tells him that, officially, Song & Kim should support Ha Chan-ho. That is what Chairman Ha wants. That is our promise to him.

Hee-jae tells him that they might end up losing both of them. Issume shareholders might put in a professional CEO. If they do not pick Song & Kim then we will lose Issume. I choose Hye-won and we can win. The CEO says that is a big risk, I want to have both.

Hee-jae says that he will hide Song & Kim, no documents will show it. The CEO tells him that if anyone knows then he will have to quit being a lawyer or his license will be suspended. Hee-jae understands. The CEO tells him that he does not know anything.


They are still in the car. The CEO tells Hee-jae that he did this with the risk of being fired. But so long as I don’t sign it, you cannot quit. You want to quit like this and forget about it. But you can’t. Song & Kim did not lose, you lost. I will give your client to someone else. lets go back to the basics an think about why you lost. Maybe we were too cocky.


Ji-eun asks, are we done with Ha Chan-ho with this? Geum-ja is lounging on a couch and says that that is what they say. Ji-eun says that GJ did all the work, but we are fired. They chose Song & Kim finally. Whatever we do, we can’t be part of the inner circle.

Geum-ja tells Ji-eun that they need to spread a rumor. Ha Chan-ho vs. Ha Hye-won. Ha Chan-ho won and his lawyer was Jung Geum-ja. Ji-eun asks, even though you say that, doesn’t it hurt. Geum-ja tells her that what she says hurts more. So they decide to drink soju on their coffee table.

They use their thousands of won as coasters.


Hee-jae goes to a bar to drink as well. His friend Ki-hyeok shows up and asks about what happened. She withdrew the lawsuit? What do we do, it is all messed up. He tells the bartender to give him the bottle. Hee-jae asks Ki-hyeok if they can just quietly drink.

In the Choong Law Firm, Geun-ja smells her money and drinks. Though it is a somber time. 

Likewise, Hee-jae drinks in the bar quietly.

The next morning, Geun-ja goes to her usual spot to look at the Song & Kim building. Everyone looks at her. Ji-eun goes up to her and asks, let’s go. Geun-ja says this building is more than 100 million. We are not even close.

Ji-eun asks about her schedule with a thug. Geun-ja sys that he just wants to sleep with her. They drive off. She is in her usual track suit. She says that the rumor spreads slowly, I need to win a big case in the courthouse.

Ji-eun says that people are hesitating until they have a big case. Geum-ja tells her to spread the news in all the contacts.

They get to their building and two men are waiting for them. One of them looks like he needs her help with the law. He is a bit finicky and nervous. Geum-ja’s eyes goes bright and we go to a flashback.


In the flashback, Geum-ja and Ji-eun are looking at classical music because Yoon Hee-jae likes it. She complains about why he likes classical music and detective novels and soccer, though she understands the latter two. She asks Ji-eun if she can find a limited edition violinist. It will be expensive, but we are investing.

The limited violinist is the man sitting in front of her office right now looking exactly like he did on the cover of his album. She asks him what he needs. He says that he wants to talk to her. She asks if he has a contract with his management contract? He does not have it. She asks, can you send it to me? he wants to know if they can change the contract.

She says that they can sue them or they can get an agreement before the lawsuit. he thinks both things will be difficult. She tells him that he has a good reason to visit a lawyer. if it is too difficult to oppose the management company with your jung and loyalty, don’t think about those things. Just think about yourself. He says it is difficult. She asks, what is so difficult about it?

He tells her that the CEO of the management company is my mom.

She sits back – yep, that is difficult.


Ki-hyeok goes to Hee-jae’s office to talk to him about losing half his clients and that there is a rumor spreading wondering why the CEO hates HJ all of a sudden. But I don’t tell them anything. Hee-jae stats to walk away. Ji-hyeok asks the secretary if she is happy now that she has half the work. She looks angry.

Ki-hyeok catches up with Hee-jae who is grabbing a company coffee. Lawyer Boo Hyun-ah is there as well. Ki-hyeok makes small talk with her, but she goes to sit with Hee-jae and asks how he feels? She has heard a lot of rumors. Are you continuing that thing? 

He said he will. She asks if he likes classical music? Ki-hyeok comes to the table with his coffee and says that Yoon likes classical music a lot. So Lawyer Boo tells him that she has an invitation to go to a classical music concert, would you like to go?

Hee-jae says he is okay, why not give it to another person? She tells him that she heard that it is someone that he likes. Ki-hyeok asks how she knows his favorite artist? Boo tells her that the secretary mentioned this artist was your favorite artist. Go Hee-man. 

Yoon sighs and thinks about it.


Cut to the concert where the violinist is playing masterfully. Yoon is in the audience listening. Afterwards, he walks around the reception area sipping a champagne cup. The violinist walks in to cheers looking super nerdy and happy. Geum-ja is right behind him. He asks how he got this limited edition record album?

But Yoon is too shocked seeing the violinist. Geum-ja looks equally shocked to see him, but it is more comically shocked. He starts to look at her sternly and point, she smiles back. 


In his old apartment, Geum-ja bought the violinist limited edition record for Hee-jae and surprised it to him in his apartment. He kissed her passionately for it.

In the present, Hee-jae gets his signature. Then he asks Geum-ja what she wants now? But he says that he does not need to hear it. She tells him that she is a lawyer also. He says she is not a lawyer. You are a bug hunter. You are not loyal to the customer, you are lawyer to bugs.

She crosses her arms and tells him that he looks better than before. You say what you want to say. You looked so hurt previously, it made me sad.

He asks her if she is happy that she can happily smile and say that? Sorry, but it makes me sick. He feigns almost throwing up and chuckles as he tells her that he hopes to never see her again.

But then Sim comes running up and calls Geum-ja sunbae and that she did not recognize her! I heard that you went to America! Yoon laughs and asks Sim why she is here? Sim says that the Queen of the social clubs is a person she got to know. She is good friends with Ha Chan-ho, she should be here somewhere. I will introduce you guys to him, I can do that.

But Yoon and Jung are both not interested in that scenario and says that they should all go out to eat, let’s go! they usher her out to a bar.



The end up at a pretty simple relaxed bar. Sim asks them if they have a good relationship because of her? Yoon says that they are already done. Sim asks, what? You two are already done? Jung looks at him, upset. Yoon says that we are done but she says that she can’t forget me and came to see me again.

Sim tells Yoon that he is really dumb. Then she asks Geum-ja why she likes him so much? is it because he is good looking? She says that she does not care about mens personalities. Sim asks Yoon if he will keep dating her? What are you going to do? She came all the way back here from America.

Yoon says he is sorry but he already dates someone. Sim asks, Geum-ja is she knew about that! GJ says yes and says that she can only trust herself. Sim tells her that when men are hurt they change the woman. But then she finds out that Geum-ja dumped him first. They keep playfully talking about this back and forth.

But then Sim starts to laugh because she heard about his divorce case and how the opposing lawyer crushed him. Yoon tries to laugh along and says that was in the past, let’s forget it. Sim agrees and takes a shot with both of them. these shots go on and on until Sim Yoo-mi is super drunk and passed out on the bar.

So Geum-ja and Hee-jae talk to each other. They are both red faced and relaxed. Geum-ja asks him, do you want to ask me if you liked me at all? He asks, what if that is the question.

GJ – That is not important.

HJ – What if it is important?

GJ – You are sexy.

HJ – No, not like that, your heart, your heart

GJ – you said we should never see each other, why is it important.

HJ – I just wonder what you think. How can you bring Seo Jung-hwa back to Ha Chan-ho? She hates it so much. How did you put a person back in hell. Are you really that cruel of a person?

GJ – What about you? You look like you really care about Seo Jung-hwa. But you pushed Ha Hye-won because you hate Ha Chan-ho. 

HJ – That is my question.

GJ – Yes, I am a cruel person, if that is what you want to hear. Back then, I never treated you with any truth at all.

HJ – *pauses* Really?

GJ – Yes.

HJ – Have you ever treated anyone with truth?

GJ – You ask me too many questions.

HJ – Tell me.

GJ – Never. Do you have any other questions?

HJ – Is your name Jung Geum-ja real?

GJ – It is fake. I paid for this name.

HJ – Do you even have any truth in your life?

GJ – This moment, me looking at you is real. My past me and future me are not the real me. Okay Yoon Hee-jae? *smiles*

HJ – *smiles* Past me and future me is me. That is the biggest difference between you and me. You live in the moment, that is unfortunate.

He gets up to leave. But he leaves the signed record behind. He tells her to throw it away.

She takes another shot and looks at the record.

Then we see Hee-jae walking up the street looking sad. 

Hee-jae gets Sim Yoo-mi in a taxi to go home. She holds the record and silently starts to walk away.

Yoon gets in a taxi and rides away.

Geum-ja also gets in a taxi and rides away.

We watch them both silently and stoically riding home in their different taxis.


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