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Hyena: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

Hyena: Episode 3 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Hyena!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Geum-ja meets with an old acquaintance in a private area and asks him about the picture. She noticed the ice bucket in the picture belongs to this guy. He asks what about it? She asks if those guys all work here? he says yes. So Geum-ja asks to call them. i will pay them double if they are with customers. 

The owner smiles and says, ah, noon-nim, okay. he heads off to get them.

Time jump to all the men lined up in a V shape as Geum-ja looks at them and shows them the photos. She asks for them to tell her everything they know about these fellas in this picture. She wants to know about the men who do not work at the club and has a wad of money to pay them for the information.

Geum-ja gets all the information she wants and leaves the men all the money. They all chant Geum-ja (or noon-im possible) and wine the evening away.


Hee-jae goes to another mans office who is working late. This man is Prosector Kwon Yoon-woon and does not look too thrilled to see Yoon Hee-jae. He asks if he has to talk to him. Yoon tells him, of course not. We are friends from the law center. 

Yoon pulls up a chair to continue talking and says that he heard that his promotion was delayed. I am only giving you a chance. The prosecutor opens the folder that Yoon gives him. it is the lawsuit for Seo Jung-hwa to Ha Chan-ho. The friend flips through it.

Yoon asks if he thinks he can do it? We have evidence and the victim. Kwon asks what he wants? Yoon asks him again if he can do it. Kwon thinks about it and asks, why me? Hee-jae also asks, why you? Big law firm lawyers hate you Prosecutor Kwon. You said that there is trash that is a parasite on money and I am one of the top right? That is why it is you Yong-woon.


Geum-ja and Ji-eun drive around. Ji-eun tells GJ that Seo Jung-hwa’s hospital room changes frequently. then Geum-ja gets a call from the CEO and tells him to calm down.

She then goes to a receptionist in the hospital and gives a Song & Kim business card. The nurse receptionist tells her that she heard that Seo jung-hwa moved her hospital bed again and gives her the number. They both start to walk to the room. 

Ji-eun is impressed that this worked and asks Geum-ja what she is going to do. Geum-ja has a plan and says that she is going to threaten Seo Jung-hwa since money does not even work. if that does not work then we have to cry and beg. But you should do it since I don’t have that many tears. Ji-eun says her eyes are dry as well.

They go to the room and see another man sitting outside the door, but he is sleeping. So it looks like they might go inside.


There is a bit of turmoil in the company. People are walking around frantic. Ki-hyeok asks Hee-jae if they can still do this? Hee-jae tells him to call the hospital. So Ki-hyeok calls it and they find out that a woman came to visit the hospital. Yoon yells, when! then leaves immediately to the hospital.

the man sitting at the door was frantic and says that he did not know his company people and show him the card. Hee-jae tries to go inside but the man says that Jung-hwa is not seeing anyone after Geum-ja came by. Even you.

Montage of Hee-jae sitting outside the room with Ki-hyeok and Geum-ja waiting in her office. Finally, after hours and hours, Seo Jung-hwa opens her door and lets Hee-jae in.

He goes in and asks why she cancelled the lawsuit? What did Lawyer Jung say? Sid she threaten you? I can stop it all. She says no, I just withdrew the lawsuit. He asks, do you want to go back to Ha Chan-ho? He is an unstable person. He can trap and imprison you and hit you. He can destroy you in the name of love.

She tells him, I know. He yells that she does not know. She yells and says that she also hates it. I hate hate hate him! I really hate him!

Hee-jae sits in front of her and says that she could put him in the courthouse and be a witness. I can send you to a foreign country. You hate this place right? then you can leave the country.



Time jump to Hye-won showing up and sitting in the room with Seo Jung-hwa and Hee-jae. Hye-won says that she can live in London, England at the best gallery there. She explains the full deal to her. Hee-jae tells her to get the contract ready. Then they both leave.

In the hallway, Hye-won asks Hee-jae if he trusts her.

HJ – No, but she won’t pick Ha Chan-ho. I only trust that.

HW – I hope I never see her again.

HJ – Okay.

She walks off.


Cut to a high profile event with bodyguards and high security. it looks like foreign dignitaries show up. This is an Issume event so Hye-won shows up as well.

Meanwhile, Ha Chan-ho sits with Geum-ja in his condo or a fancy hotel. He is angry that the even has started already. She quietly sips her tea. She asks why he imprisoned her? Next time, don’t do that. that is not a good way.

He hits her cup away, it breaks on the floor. She is not that concerned. He tells her to just shut up. She tells him that he can just calm down a little bit. Jo comes in then. Geum-ja smiles at him and then dusts Ha Chan-ho off and tells him – show time.

Ah, this might be the chairman’s birthday party! It is in a Shakespearean looking courtyard. The chairman sits at the head of the party and greets everyone as they come up to him. The CEO of Song & Kim are there as well. Hee-jae is also there.

Ji-eun and Geum-ja stand on the balcony. Ji-eun has an old fashioned telescope that she is looking thorugh to find BTS, just in case they are there.

A comedian guest comes in and shakes hands with the chairman, he says that he did not prepare a gift so he starts to do his comedian act for the chairman. Geun-ja keeps looking at the guests from her vantage point above the party. her gaze stops on Hee-jae.

Hee-jae pulls out his phone and asks if they are ready? he is calling the prosecutor who tells him that they need an armed tank to infiltrate this party. the prosector tells Hee-jae that if he thinks he is a side person all the time then you will be in trouble. Hee-jae tells him to just catch the criminal.

He sees Chan-ho at the top of the steps and says that the target is here, But then he sees Seo Jung-hwa take Chan-ho’s arm and walk down the steps with him. Everyone who knows what is going on is super surprised. Geum-ja keeps looking at Hee-jae’s reaction.

Hee-jae looks like his present was just stolen. he drops his phone. The prosecutor tries to talk to him, but Hee-jae is not listening. Chan-ho goes to his father with Seo Jung-hwa and bows then he sits at the table with his sister and Seo Jung-hwa and pleasantly smiles.

Hee-jae gets a text.

GJ: Seo Jung-hwa cancelled all the lawsuits against Chan-ho. 

Geum-ja turns to Ji-eun and asks if there was a problem with Seo Jung-hwa sneaking out? Ji-eun says it was because all the guards are men.

Flashback to the hospital. Jung-hwa told the guards that she needs her women’s products. they think for a moment, but let her go get them. They also follow her though. She goes to the restroom where Ji-seun is there and gives her a bag.

Ji-eun leaves and falls, creating a distraction for the guards who help her pick up what she dropped. Seo Jung-hwa makes it all the way to the hotel.



Back at the party, Ji-eun sees a certain mysterious man enter the party.  GJ asks if she recognizes him? JE asks why he is here? Geum-ja tells her that she looks surprised. JI-eun says yes she is.

GJ says that this is Ha Jung-ho, son of Lady Im who is the 3rd wife of chairman Ha. The son hugs his mother and then sits at the able with his siblings. Seo Jung-hwa tries not to look at him. he does not look at her.

Flashback to Geun-ja showing Seo Jung-hwa the pictures of her and Ha Jung-ho drinking together. Seo Jung-hwa says that she has met so many people, but I just liked him without any condition. GJ sys that this is Chan-ho’s half brother. SJH says that she knows that this does not make any sense and is difficult. She takes out a lighter and burns the picture of the two of them together.

Then she asks GJ what she wants? Geum-ja asks if she wants to date him? Is that why you told Ha Chan-ho that you want to break up? Why don’t you date Ha Chan-ho? You can meet him also. She says that she is sick of Ha Chan-ho. Geum-ja tells her that she will die, so wake up. This lawsuit is nothing. You just told Ha Chan-ho that you want to break up and he made this big of a mess. if he knows that his half brother took you, then you do not know what he will do.

She says that they can arrest Ha Chan-ho like Yoon said. He will go to jail. GJ asks how long she thinks he will be in jail? Forever? Then hell will start again. I want you to end your love, but you can’t do it now. Just slowly cut the ties one by one. Ha Chan-ho, Ha Joon-ho, cut all the ties and you will survive. Withdraw the lawsuit. I know that you met him and they want to offer you something. Just pretend like you will accept it.

In the present, we see her at the party with Chan-ho. 

In the balcony, Ji-eun says that this is all makjang. Geun-ja says that life is makjang. Drama’s are not a match at all. She takes the telescope and looks at Hee-jae who is holding his face. CEO Song look at Geum-ja and shakes his head.

Then Secretary Jo tells Geum-ja that the chairman wants to give her this. Geum-ja says that she has a bank account. Jo says that the chairman likes cash. Ji-eun offers up a quick – I am strong! She tries to carry both wrapped boxes, but can only carry one. She hurries off.

At the end of the party, Hee-jae sits with Hye-won. Hye-won says repeats back that Seo Jung-hwa withdrew the lawsuit and Ha Chan-ho became normal again. that is the story? He apologizes.

She politely tells him that is so easy. If you do not have good abilities then do not attempt it. She pours her champagne on his head and softly says that he is not qualified. Do not come in front of me again. Live as if you are a dead person. She walks off.

A hand offers him a handkerchief, it is Geum-ja. He rolls his eyes when he sees that it is her. She dusts him off and mutters about his expensive suit. He stands up and wipes the wine of with another napkin.

GJ – I just wanted to say hi before Ii go. You look so sad. It even hurts my heart.

But then she smiles.

Fade Out


Ha! Talk about getting egg in your face! Though in this case it was champagne all over his body. I love how Geum-ja was able to get this to work. Even though it is not the best situation for anyone involved, she was still able to make it happen. Sigh, Geum-ja is about to turn into my favorite heroine of the year and the year has barely gotten going. The crush is real over here.

Poor Hee-jae just cannot get a win in with a sharpened blade! He always just manages to stab himself with it. Homeboy needs to start carrying around hearts instead of swords. But you know he is going to get at least one win in. He has to! His ego will self implode if he does not and then where would the fun go.

So, I think he’ll get a win in in some kind of way. But I know that Geum-ja will not be out for long.

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