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Hyena: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

Hyena: Episode 3 Recap – Part 1

We are about two weeks behind on Hyena, the week just caught up with us! So we are punching out episodes 3 and four really quickly and then we will start on this weeks episodes of 4 and 5! I super love this show so I want to squeeze in the watches whenever we can!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Geum-ja and her secretary Ji-eun run to the hospital room only to see Hee-jae sitting casually outside the door reading a book. He tells her that he wondered when she was coming. You knew in advance that I liked this writer right? You like to calculate things. But you could not calculate this.

You cannot meet her now, my client does not want to see anyone. Geum-ja asks, your client? Hee-jae explains that Seo Jung-hwa will sue Ha Chan-ho soon for imprisonment and violence. Ahh, I like your face like this. It is better than smiling, it looks like you just took a hit. You are more attractive like that, do you know that?

She smiles and says that she just came here to check. What will I do, get angry? What can I do…bravely or recklessly, you picked Ja Hye-won.

He hums and tells her that she knows him well. The imprisonment case is starting now. A lot of lawsuits will come out with money laundering and embezzlement. Are you looking forward to it? You like lawsuits, right? So you are happier?

She asks, so Song & Kim will ditch Ha Chan-ho?

He says no no no, I ditched Ha Chan-ho and got the card called Issume. 

Do you want me to compliment you? Good job. I have complimented you okay? She turns to leave.

He stops her and gives her her book back, telling her not to leave something like this in another person’s house.

She walks off and throws the book in the trash. 

He whispers that she is good at dumping things. Then he stretches and punches the air like he’s rocky practicing for a bout.

Outside, Geun-ja calls secretary Jo and asks where Ha Chan-ho is. She also tells him that he needs to come also. She hangs up and talks to herself about how he is declaring a war. Ji-eun asks if she is upset?

Geun-ja agrees and says that she has an adrenaline dump right now. Isn’t he sexy? Ji-eun asks, who? Geun-ja tells her, Yoon Hee-jae. Then she hops in her car and tells Ji-eun to go to the office.


Geum-ja meets with Ha Chan-ho who is in a hotel or condo or something. he looks horrible and hung over and maybe high. She asks what he wants? He mutters that he wants her to bring back Seo Jung-hwa. Whatever lawsuit or whatever, just bag her or give her money, or threaten her. You are good at that so do it! Bring her in front of meeee! That is what I want…okay lawyer Jang?

She looks at him as if he is pitiful and says that she will meet him again tomorrow. He asks if she thinks he is drunk?

She starts to walk off.

He crawls on the floor and yells, if you do not bring her back then your done as a lawyer! then he passes out.

Secretary Jo runs after Geun-ja. She asks him if he has been like that all night? Jo explains that he is either drinking or on drugs all the time recently. She asks, after Seo Jung-hwa said she wanted to break up? Jo says yes, that’s right…but…why…?

Geun-wa doesn’t answer, she just walks away.

But she yells as soon as she gets inside her company. YAAAAAAAAAA! That crazy guy! That crazy guy! His life is on the line only for that woman?????

Ji-eun stands up and says that women can control the world sometimes.

Geum-ja takes a long drink of water and says that she lost her power before the fight. Ji-eun starts to read the history of secretary Jo Woo-seok and his history at the company. She also explains that Jo served different CEO’s and never picked a line. Geum-ja thinks that is why he came all the way here.

Ji-eun adds that he is a natural at switching lines. he knows how to survive in an organization.

Geum-ja mutters that he seems like he is a dumb guy and an easy pushover. Ji-eun adds that if you are two strong then you are easy to break. Geum-ja nods, ahhhhhhh! Ha Hye-won! Secretary Jo told where Seo Jung-hwa is.

Maybe if Jo thinks that Ha Chan-ho is going to be destroyed then Ha Hye-won will take over the company!

Ji-eun asks what she is going to do? Geun-jae says that ha Hae-jung is the only person that Ha Chan-ho can rely on. We have to say that ha Hae-won is preparing a bloody war to get the crown.


Hee-jae prepaes  in his office with about 5-7 other employees, it is a montage of work as he talks at the front and points at his clear board. They all work diligently.

Meanwhile, Geun-ja is als in her office, it is quiet and she thinks as she stares out the window or walks around on the carpet.



Geun-ja waits outside someones mc mansion when Secretary Jo rides up and asks her if she sleeps ever? She says that she does not sleep. he asks why she wants to see the chairman? You know that he does not see anyone. It was so difficult…

She tells him to shut up and let’s go. So they go inside. Chairman Ha comes out with the assistance of a woman who rolls him out in a wheelchair. Hw asks what it is this early in the day. Geum-ja says that she has to tell him something for Ha Chan-ho. 

The chairman says that is funny, a lot of people want to tell me about Chan-ho this early in the morning.

Another woman walks out and looks at them. This woman is Ha Hye-won. Hee-jae walks out behind her with a very slight smile. He looks at Geum-ja who looks stoically alarmed. the chairman tells them it is breakfast, so let’s eat first.

They all sit to eat quietly along a very long table. No one say anything as they sip their drinks and chew their bread. The chairman asks hee-jae if he does not like the breakfast? Hee-jae sys that he does not eat breakfast, he will only drink the coffee.

The chairman mentions that it will be difficult for him to sit there. He says he is okay. Meanwhile, Geum-ja happily and pleasantly asks for more to eat. Geum-ja and Hee-jae give each other looks across the table.

The chairman then tells them that they can talk. Where is Chan-ho? Geum-ja says that he went to Singapore this morning. That is why he sent me. About your 70th birthday. I think everyone is here for that.

Hye-won looks at Hee-jae, he nods, so she smiles and asks her father which singer he wants? 

Hye-won and the other woman start to talk over each other about which singer the chairman likes. It is a tiny war between them. The chairman asks, what about the young people? Geum-ja says he could have BTS, that boy group that is famous around the world. Idol boys.

Hye-won says that they won’t come. Chairman Ha tells them to do it. You have an entertainment company and you can’t do that? Hye-won smiles pleasantly and says no. But she is confident. Geum-ja smiles back, of course if our chairman wants it.

The chairman tells them it is a nice day so let’s have dessert outside. He starts to head out. Hye-won standsand says that today is not a good day. Let’s talk about the 70th birthday today. You do whatever the chairman wants. let’s go.

She leaves with Hee-jae. Secretary Jo runs to Geum-ja and asks, what the hell, BTS? Geum-ja responds with what the hell, Seo Jung-hwa? I know why you leaked Seo Jung-hea’s information to them.

He says no, I didn’t!

She tells him not to be on one side. Do as you do and hop from people to people, you are good at standing in line. She walks to the front.

Outside, Hee-jae tells Geun-ja that he wanted to talk about ha Chan-ho since she is here. But the 70th birthday, I am disappointed. I thought you liked being face to face, but not this time since you do not have much in your hands.

She looks at him with disgust, he smiles happily. Then Hye-won comes out so he drives off with her.

Secretary Jo comes and says that they car is up the street. Geun-ja tell shim that the chairman will call her. Talk about Seo Jung-hwa to him first. Not everything, but Ha Chan-ho is kind of crazy now. it is important to say that before Ha Hae-won. I am not the only one kicked out. if I am kicked out then you should be kicked out naked.

The chairman calls. he looks at Geum-ja in surprise. She walks off, then he answers and runs inside.


Hye-won tells Hee-jae, as you said, Lawyer Geun-ja really came. he says that she came alone which mean that Ha CEO is not in a good condition right now. That is good news for us.

She asks, I should have talked about Chan-ho. He says no, if we talk about it first it is not a good idea. The chairman will know about him first anyways. She says that her father will pick Chan-ho eventually.

He tells her that it will be difficult to push the chairman on Chan-ho right now. The board members might want to have a professional CEO, he knows that. The chairman will eventually choose you to save Issume


When he gets to his office, Hee-jae’s secretary tells him that lawyer Ma is looking for him. Hee-jae goes to his office. Ma asks him what he is doing! I heard that you are working for Ha Hae-won CEO! Don’t you know who takes care of issume? Why don’t you report it to me first then do it! Tell me, what are you doing now!

Hee-jae says, I know what ha Chan-ho means for Song & Kim. Ha Hae-won Ceo…

Ma asks why they have that kind of rumor? I heard that you are taking care of Ha Hae-won with an unknown law firm!

Hee-jae tells him that he did not do that. Ma tells him that he id driving him crazy. Hee-jae repeats, I didn’t do it. Ma tells him, you leaked information from the same company and gave it to an opponent? If that is true then your license will be suspended. More than that, you will go to jail!

Hee-jae asks if he can leave. Ma says that he is going to tell the CEO about it. Yoon bows and leaves.

Ma then goes to CEO Song of Song&Kim and tells him this business with Yoon is nonsense. The CEO says he denied it. Ma tells him, of course he won’t say he did it. if Issume knows then this is big trouble.

The CEO is unconcerned and tells him that a rumor is a rumor. CEO Song says that they need to defended lawyer Yoon no matter what, so get ready. Then he asserts that Ma should not guess or talk with only rumors. If it is a rumor, then stop the rumor right now. Leave.


In another office, Ki-hyeok asks Hee-jae if they can do this? Even if we want to keep it a secret, the secret always leaks. I asked you to do it, you will not be disadvantaged with this. If I did not do this then JD law firm would put Ha Hye-won to the front. As of now, Song&Kim will fail to defend Ha Chan-ho and we will lose our client, Issume.

Ki-hyeok asks, do you hate both Ha Chan-ho and Geum-ja? Yoon says this is all fro Song & Kim


The chairman goes to see his high and drunk son passed out in his condo. The chairman tells Jo to wake him up and then slaps his son for being a disgrace. He asks Jo what this is? Alcohol or drugs? Jo doesn’t really answer. Chan-ho sobs and mutters on the ground that he did everything his father wants. At least I can have one thing that I want. isn’t that true?

The chairman tells Jo to call someone, he wants to see them.

Cut to Geum-ja showing up to see the chairman at a river. She hops in his car.

GJ – Did you call me?

Ha – The people I hate the most are people like you. No dignity and cheap and want only money.

GJ – *bristles with contempt*

Ha – For you, me and Chan-ho are only money. The world is not that easy.

GJ – I know.

Ha – You know? What do you know?

GJ – Not everything, but I know that the world is not that easy, I know that.

Ha – It is not difficult at all to make someone like you disappear in the industry. You know, your tiny life that you maintain will go away together.

GJ – Why don’t you do that then? Your son will be destroyed as well if it is not me.

Ha – *chuckles*

GJ – It is not bad if Ha Hye-won becomes the CEO, she is more thoughtful and smarter. If you are done talking then please excuse me. *motions to leave*

Ha – Seo Jung-hwa, you can’t buy her with money, I tried. 

GJ – *pauses*

Ha – Other lawyer think they are too elite, they don’t want to do dirty jobs. it is embarrassing to hire thugs.

GJ – *turns and looks at him*

Ha – Bring Chan-ho and Seo Jung-hwa in front of me together with their arms crossed. That is the only way that can bring Chan-ho back to normal again. I think you can do this cheap job. If you cannot, then Issume will go to Hye-won if Chan-ho is like that. because we cannot stop the lawsuit.

GJ – How much will you pay me?


Geun-ja flips through a book at a coffee shop. Her secretary plops across from her and asks why they are at brunch? You dont’ even eat breakfast. GJ says that she eats breakfast. The secretary asks, tell me, how did you get Seo Jung-hwa’s phone records?

GJ says that is not important. She has a person that calls often. 

Flashback to Geum-ja getting the phone records from a man. it is detective Park Joo-ho. He asked her if she ever eats. She says yes and walks off.

In the coffee shop, Gj says that to do something that is not easy is okay if it will bring them money. She uses a different phone with her boyfriend. I called all the numbers and there is not man. Ji-eun asks what one of the numbers is that is highlighted pink. 

GJ says it is the owner of this cafe. Ji-eun asks, did you call everyone? You should have called me. So you are in a hurry then?

Geum-ja says that they have to be alert, if anything goes wrong then we are done. How much money do we have? Ji-eun asks how much she needs? Geum-ja says that she needs enough to make the owner of this place open their mouth. 

Ji-eun asks why not just give the money to Seo Jung-hwa, don’t take a detour. GJ tell her that she does not need money. Then she starts to head off. Ji-eun eats a bit more food and then hurries to follow.

They meet with the owner in a back office. The owner asks why they want to meet her. GJ asks, do you know Seo Jung-hwa? GJ says that there are a lot of pictures of her and you on SNS. The owner says that she has a lot of friends, what about her, I have not seen her in awhile.

GJ tells her that she just talked to her a week ago.

The owner asks how she knows this? Okay, we talked, what about it, is that illegal?

GJ tells her that now it is a lie but when it gets bigger, then it is forgery. The owner tells her that she does her business honestly. GJ asks, if that is so then can I dig in if it is true?

She looks at a picture of Marilyn Monroe composed of tiny images of JFK and asks, if that painting costs as much as one yer of sales for her? If that is real. You also wear from head to toe in brand labels and you went to art school so you should not put a fake one on the wall. Where is that money from? 

he owner smiles and tells her, okay, you are a lawyer and now you are threatening people. Please leave. GJ tells her to cut to the chase. How much money do you want for information about Seo Jung-hwa?

The owner is surprised and thinks…

Time jump to Ji-eun and Geum-ja leaving. Ji-eun is impressed that GJ knows how much a painting costs just by looking at it. Geum-ja tells her that she used to work in a gallery before. JE nods and says that she forgot about her past.

They start to walk to the car but have to run back and hide because Sim Yoo-mi comes walking around the corner with a gaggle of friends. Ji-eun and Geum-ja have to kneel and walk like ducks to avoid her as she goes inside.

Ji-eun chuckles at the situation as she asks how much Sim knows? Geum-ja tells her to use the fake ID to tell Sim that she is goin to America and is not coming back ever again.

Later on, they look at all the photos that the owner gave her. This is what they bought for $100,000. But this information doesn’t look good. However, Geum-ja tells Ji-eun to go through it all anyway. 

They print the photos and put them up in their thinking room on the white board and any free space. Gj thinks that the pictures are strange, why take so many photos of going out. Maybe she was thinking of using them. Where are they in these photos?

Ji-eun doesn’t know because they all look like rich places she has never been. Ji-eun wants to zoom into one photo to read what it says. But Ji-eun says that her computer is not that fancy. So Geum-ja grabs the photo and takes off. She was looking at the shape of one of the bottles.


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