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Hyena: Episode 2 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Hyena!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!





Hee-jae goes to the private lunch with the daughter but she only talks about gossip with celebrities and Gangnam. He is about to tell her something but she tells him not to tell her, just eat and go back to work. I know you are busy and I call you too often.

He says that they should stop meeting. She says no. He tells her again, she refuses again. he says, you know when we met for the first time, shaking hands started the relationship. But one person let the hand go so the relationship ends. She says that she is not going to let the relationship go.

He is beside himself with annoyance. But then he sees that Geum-ja is eating in a private room behind him. The screen is see through so he can see her. He peeks around the corner to look, she peaks as well and smiles.

The woman asks what he is looking at? Then she peeks around. She asks if he knows her? he hops up and walks to Geum-ja’s table and asks why she is here? We never met each other coincidentally. You said not to see each other again, but you are a smart person so you forgot? What do you need?

She asks, would you believe me if I told you that the food is good here? The other woman tries to eavesdrop. Geum-ja tells him to hide behind the curtain, I think we both won’t be able to digest our food. he tells her, Call. Then heads back.

Geum-ja tells him that she is pretty and young, so stereotypical. He sighs and tells her that it is none of her business. Geum-ja mentions that since he came all the way there, I want t matter with it. But then her phone rings so she answers. it is Ha Chan-ho so she hops up tells Yoon to have a nice date. 

Hee-ja is so overwhelmed with annoyance he can’t even breath properly. The young woman asks if he knows her? He sys that she is a stalker why don’t you call the police for me. She says that she will, who is she? He says that she is a lawyer and then tells the woman that they are braking up. he walks out quickly with his phone out to call someone.

The secretary meets her outside. Geum-jae asks if Chan Ho called them yet? The secretary says nothing yet. But she hopes he moves in the way she wants. The secretary asks, do you mean lawyer Yoon? She says yes, I hope he pokes around.

They car gets there so Geum-ja tells the secretary that he is about to burst as they hop into the car. The secretary tells Geum-ja that she is using Hee-jae for a lot of things. If there is an award for the biggest turncoat then you would be the winner.

Geum-ja drives off.

The secretary asks if she saw Hee-jaes new girlfriend? Geum-ja says that she fixed everything. The secretary tells her that even if she fixed everything, pretty is the winner. GJ mentions that I am pretty. That is the real winner. The secretary smiles.


He-jae meets with the chief secretary of Chan-ho. He says that nothing is confirmed. Hee-jae thanks him. The secretary Jo asks if he is saying Geum-ja? My CEO wants to find out about her so I searched her a bit.

Hee-jae asks not to tell anyone that I came here. But then Chan-ho comes in and walks right up to Hee-jae. Then he mentions that he looks as stiff as always. Why are you here? Hee-jae says it is just a consultation. Chan-ho asks Secretary jo what the consultation is.

Jo says that it is about the lawyer that talked bad about them. Chan-ho tells him that they can just give them money, we don’t need a lawyer. The lawyer fee is more expensive. Chan-ho thinks Hee-jae is something because he lost in court and still thinks he is smart. You are just stupid.

Yoon looks at him so Chan-ho asks him why he is looking like that? Yoon tells him that he did not just go to the hospital with his mental consultation. you also had a lot of pain killers. As your lawyer I am telling you to stop. If anyone knows then it will be a big issue.

Chan-ho pulls him in for a punch but stops right before he gets to Yoon’s face. Yoon does not flinch int he slightest. Chan-ho apologizes and says that he was too angry. You are telling me this as my lawyer so just leave.

Yoon heads out. Chan-ho looks on pleasantly and then kicked a trashcan several times which makes everyone on the floor look up at him. Secretary Jo tries to tell them to get back to work.


Yoon goes to drink in a bar and his friend Ki-hyeok shows up again happily. Yoon asks him if he found it out? Ki-hyeok brags for a moment about how great he is. Hee-jae tells him to cut to the chase. So Ki-hyeok whispers, Jae Dee Law firm. They are working on making Ha Hye-won the CEO of Issume, not Chan-ho. This is super secret, only a few people know this. But it won’t happen. Our Song&Kim is for Ha Chan-ho.

As long as Ha Chan-ho does not have any blemishes, it will be impossible. Yoon thinks about this.


Cut to Geum-ja and secretary Lee eating at a street vendor. But they have to be careful because Geum-ja needs to return this suit she has on. She gets a call right then about something important and gives secretary Lee a bingo sign then heads off.


Geum-ja drives to a house where she is greeted by Secretary Jo (who falls as he comes to see her, poor thing). he thanks her for coming out and leads her inside. 

Inside, a woman is on the floor in a bedroom, either passed out or dead with alcohol all around. Geum-ja asks what happened? Lawyer Jo says that she passed out and is not answering. Geum-ja says that he needs to call 911 not me.

He says that he never ever will call 911 because that is what the CEO says. Geum-ja asks, CEO Ha says that? 

Then she walks to the woman and checks to see if she is breathing and asks what really happened. We have to make sure – am I taking care of all the law things from now on? Secretary Jo says that is not the problem right now, if she doesn’t breath then that is the problem.

Geum-ja tells him that is not her problem and starts to walk out. He stops her and agrees, you are the lawyer for this case. She records him saying that and tells him it was just to make sure. Then she calls 911 and tells her that her friend passed out. She is breathing but she can’t move. Please come.

Poor secretary Jo was trying to stop her but Geum-ja just squeezed his hand to be quiet. When she gets off the phone she asks if this vacations home is owned by Ha? Secretary jo says that is true. Geum-ja asks where the CEO is right now?

Cut to the CEO passed out in another room. He looks like he is on a drug bender and barely conscious. Geum-ja asks secretary Jo what happened and tells him that they have 10 minutes before 911 gets here so we need to move him. NOW! No time to call anyone!

So they carry him to his car and the secretary drives off with him.


Geum-ja goes to the hospital with the woman. The nurse asks her what the patients information is. Geum-ja is busy scrolling through her phone to find the information and tells the nurse to wait. Then she is texts the patients information and gives it to the nurse. the woman is Seo Jung-hwa.

In the room, the doctor tells Geum-ja that the woman’s nutrition and  hydration is too low. She would be in critical condition if you waited even longer. Geum-ja says that she was on a diet. The doctor says that she will die like this so it is better to be hospitalized until she recovers. Possibly a few weeks. 

Geum-ja tells him okay.

Geum-ja also sits with the woman in her hospital room until she starts to wake up. She asks for water so Geum-ja gives her a glass. Seo Jung-hwa asks who she is. Geum-ja tells her that she is Ha Chan-ho’s lawyer.

Seo mutters – that crazy guy trapped me.

Geum-ja asks how long she was trapped there? one week? Did he hit you?

She asks, what if I say yes?

Geum-ja says that she does not have bruises so she did not get hit.

The woman says that is not important, he trapped me for a week.

Geum-ja asks, did you tell him to break up? You are his mistress right? Did he give you anything to eat?

She tells him that she did not eat. I did that at least so I am here now. He is crazy. 


Ma bursts into Hee-jae’s office and yells, what didi you do to Ha Chan-ho! I heard you went there!

Hee-jae explains that he went there to see the chief secretary, but I saw Chan-ho on accident. Ma yells again so Hee-jae asks why he is so angry? Ma keeps yelling and says that he is changing his lawyer! Hee-jae asks, to Jung Geum-jae????

Ma asks, is it Jung Geum-ja???? Don’t you know that if we lose our client like this then we fail! We are in a war of clients! You need to apologize, it is your fault!

Yoon asks, why should I? Ma ays that this happened because of meeting you! You need to kneel!

Yoon almost Ma and says that Ha Chan-ho did that to me! So how can I apologize to him! Ma says that his attitude is what is problematic! Yoon starts to walk out and says he is going to the restroom! Ma starts to hiccup. But then Yoon comes back and knocks everything off his desk and motions that he came back for his cell phone! Ma is so scared, lol. 

Later on, Yoon starts to clean his office desk up again when his friend Ki-hyeok comes in on the phone. He tells him that he is talking to his friend that works for Ha Chan-ho’s secretary team. the case went to Jung Geum-ja. It is about Seo Jung-hwa! Ha Chan-ho’s long term mistress!

She passed out and went to the hospital, I do not know the details. Hee-jae asks, you said that JD law firm is pushing Ha Hye-won as the CEO? Ki-hyeok says that she is also ambitious, the brother-sister CEO war is going to happen. Ha Chan-ho will never ever give us the case with the mistress, what should we do?

Yoon closes himself up inside the office and closes the blinds, then gets to work on his clear board with all the information he has. He works on this all night, he even invites his friend back in to help out. he tells Ki-hyeok to find out where Seo Jung-hwa is right now.

Ki-hyeok asks if they can do this? Yoon says yes, it is mine.



Jung goes to meet with Ha Hye-won in a private room. She tells him that she heard that he is Song & Kim’s ace. I heard that you took care of Chan-ho’s divorce case. What happened? Yoon says that he will give her a very attractive proposal. But it is also dangerous. You have to ditch JD law firm.

She chuckles.

He continues and tells her that he will do the job that JD law firm is doing by making her CEO. She asks, Song & Kim? He says no, he will use another law firm but I will take care of it. She tells him he is reckless and takes a sip of her drink. Then she asks how? What are you going to do?

He tells her that she can use Seo Jung-hwa.

Cut to Ki-hyeok going to Seo Jung-hwa’s hospital room, but she is not there anywhere.

In the meeting, Yoon tells Ha Hye-won that Seo Jung-hwa is the longterm mistress of Ha Chan-ho. this is the right moment to shake him and get what they want. She asks, how can you be sure that I will accept your proposal?

He says that Song&Kim knows Ha Chan-ho the best. We can do things that JD law firm cannot do. Song & Kim still wants to keep Issume as our client. This is the best time for you to be the CEo of the company, not Ha Chan-ho.

She thinks about this and takes another sip of her drink. Then she says, Seo Jung-hwa, ha ha. I hear that name again. That is the only one thing that Chan-ho opposes father. He does not listen o abogi about her.


Meanwhile, Geum Jung-ja is meeting with another woman in this woman’s condo. This might be the ex-wife. This woman says that she heard that Ha Chan-ho broke up with Seo Jung-hwa, but that has nothing to do with me anymore. She is famous. We don’t know much about her but a lot of chaebol men love her.

She ditches a lot of men, but not for money because he has her own money. She just plays with them. A man comes in and kisses the ex-wife. Geum-ja excuses herself. The ex-wife asks, did Ha Chan-ho entrap someone? He is a miserable man so he could have done it.

Geum-ja heads out and cutely tells the little son that, at least he has money. he smiles so cutely at her. Geum-ja leaves and calls Secretary Jo.

Jo is currently talking to Yoon in a fancy tea or drinking room. Jo tells Yoon that he really does not know anything about moving a hospital room. Yoon asks, what is more important to you, the CEO? He says yes. Or Issume Group?

Jo thinks for a moment. Yoon tells him that he should become the main branch secretary. Jo asks what he is talking about? Yoon tells him that he wants the secretary to be in a better line because you know Issume the best.

Hee-jae explains the situation with the tea bottles and asks if Jo thinks this situation is better for the defense or the offense? Jo looks like he is about to pass out. His hand trembles as he pours his tea.


geum-ja is back at her office with secretary Lee. They are both thinking about this case and looking at their tiny white board. GJ explains that this case is bigger than any other case. The important thing is that Ha Chan-ho called. Secretary Lee says that Lawyer Yoon will be in trouble. But he is not just sitting around.

GJ asks what she just said? Secretary Jo says he is not just sitting around. Geum-ja thinks, what would I do if I was him….then she yells something and runs out the door!

Her and her secretary zoom up the street. The secretary says that Jo is not picking up the phone. So Geum-ja presses her foot on the petal and gets to another hospital. Hee-jae is casually sitting in the hallway reading something.

He tells them that he has been waiting for them, but you came too late. You knew that I liked this writer. You are calculating, but you could  not calculate this case.

Geum-ja tries to walk around him. But he says that she cannot meet her, my client does not want to see anyone Seo Jung-hwa will sue Ha Jung-ho for imprisonment and violence. Geum-ja squares up to him. he says that he likes to see her face. You are more attractive when you look like you just got a blow than when you are smiling. Do you know that?

Fade Out


Another great episode! I love this show, easily my favorite show I am watching right now. I even loved the dance sequence as just something off the wall that happened and makes no sense, lol. In fact, perhaps Yoon Hee-jae should do his own dance number as well, singing in the rain perhaps?



Ma – What are you doing these days! I heard you are workin with Ha Hae-won!

GJ – I am Seo Jung-hwa’s lawyer

HJ – I am disappointed, I thought you liked to face the problem head on. You don’t have much to do that? 

KH – Can we continue doing this?

Lee – What are you going to do?

GJ – Threaten

HJ – I can protect you. Any threats or force, I can protect.

Lee – this is a super mackjang drama

GJ – Living is mackjang. Drama is not a match at all.

HJ – You told me that I am a trash parasite to power and money

Chairman – To remove you in this field is not difficult at all. Bring them both to me.

HW -Do you trust Seo Jung-hwa

HJ – No

Woman – she will never be on Ha Chan-ho’s side – I trust that.

Man – We need an armored truck to infiltrate them

HJ – Okay, the target arrived.

HJ – Get ready

GJ – It is show time.

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  1. Stephanie Cameron
    March 1, 2020 / 1:28 am

    All the twists and turns in the legal cases is a little hard to follow. Easy to follow – the drama between the two leads! I just finished episode 4 and cliffhanger!

    • V
      March 1, 2020 / 7:34 am

      We plan on watching today!

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