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Hyena: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

Hyena: Episode 2 Recap – Part 1

This show is giving me life, I love everything about it, that is all.

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with Hee-jae sending a text to Geum-ja to be careful with that thugs knife. he is still in his office. But she does not get that text in time because she is right in front of the thug right now. And he already is about to stab her.

She tells him that he better kill her quick otherwise she will basically eat him alive.

The struggle starts, she tries to get away and sprays pepper spray on him but he catches her and throws her against the wall and starts to hit her. She bites the ish out of his hand so he throws her agains the other wall which almost knocks her out.

He grabs her and tells her that she is not a match to him. She pulls his head back and takes a huge bite out of his neck like she literally is a hyena. He screams and falls to the ground, bleeding out.

She hobbles to her feet and grabs a brick then holds it up over his head. But she drops it and pulls out her phone. She calls the police to please send cops to this location and heads out.

She goes to the police station to report this as self defense. They ask her if she has a lot of enemies and tell her that she can go back home now. The police all wonder who the victim is since he went to the emergency room and will be there for 8 weeks.

The secretary shows up and tells Geum-ja to go to the emergency room, but Geum-ja says that they need to go there first. They go to the huge law building and she looks at the building like a statue. All the people look at her who are walking by.

The secretary tells her that people will talk about her as a ghost. Let’s go. The parking meter is running.

Geum-ja tells her that it has increased so much. It makes me so mad. then she stars to walk away, but she checks her phone and sees the text for her to be careful of getting stabbed by that thug.

He is home and sees that she checked the message. He looks around his place and we see happy images of her and him together all around his place. So he sits back and takes a sip of water to take his mind off of it. But it looks pretty hard. (His place is fabulous and warm by the way).


Geum-ja goes to a woman who is protesting in front of an office and starts to ask her questions. She says that she is the lawyer and offers a drink. But the woman pushes her away and says that she has nothing to tell her.

Geum-ja says that Hwang Mira is the one that caused the issue. But Seo hit park Hae-sook, not Hwang Mira. the woman yells that Hwang Mira asked me to do it. Mr. Seo hit me crying and told me sorry. Geum-ja asks, so you are not angry with him right?

The woman says that he is also a victim. Geum-ja tells her sorry, but if the case goes to court them Mr. Seo will be punished. The woman says no, the prosecutor told me that it was due to Mira’s order and Mr. Seo is not guilty so he is not going to prosecute him.

Geum-ja tells the woman that the crime was committed but he is not guilty because he was forced? The woman says that is true! Ao Geum-ja asks how she is going to prove that? how can you prove that Hwang Mira asked him to do it? Just by your statement? We have evidence that you do not like Hwang Mira. I also have recordings of interviews by the neighbors.

The woman says that Mr. Seo was there! Geum-ja tells her that she will explain the new reality. Mr. Seo says that Hwang Mira did not ask him to do it, it was all by himself. He will change his statement. She asks why? Why is he guilty all by himself?

Geum-ja explains – Lotto. Have you heard that? He will have his own apartment for the first time. A good size one too.

The woman is upset and says he is bad. Then she tells Geum-ja that lawyers like her are the worst! You are parasites sticking to someone like Hwang Mira! i will reveal everything that you did! Geum-ja tells her that if she sues then Mr. Seo will serve a sentence in jail.

The woman yells, what about me! How can I live! Someone should be responsible for this! She angrily sits on the ground.

Geum-ja sits with the woman and tells her that she will solve this. You have a son that studies well, right? The son is your hope. He can go to American Universities with money support. You can also move to a better place. You also have a chance for a Lotto. The law is not on your side. If you do not retract your lawsuit, then we will sue you for defamation of character. Then the prosecutor that looks like they are on your side will investigate you.

The lady has a break down on the street and can barely speak. She asks how the world can be like this? Geum-ja tells her that she has seen how the world evolves. This is a rare chance. You should hold this chance! If you see me again then you will see hell, and you will never be able to get out of that hell. This is your last chance.

The woman tells her that she has to give her time to think. But Geum-ja tells her there is not time and starts to leave. The woman grabs her arm and tells her that keep the promise. So Geum-ja pulls out the paperwork and tells her that they should go this way! She holds her arm and helps her across the street.



In his office, Ma asks Song if he still wants to use Yoon for the case. Song asks if there is any problem? if you did it then you would agree with all their nonsense and requests. But because Yoon did it, he reduced the money.

Ma tries to continue his argument and says that he has his team together. Song tells him not to only favor people from his school. Everyone knows that you do that. Do not make lines, okay? Ma says that he is not that kind of person. Song tells him to prove that he is not that kind of person.

Yoon shows up and Song leaves with him. they go to a barbecue outside with Hee-jae’s parents and family. Yoon also asks the CEO if he is drinking too much? Song tells him not to call him CEO, just be comfortable. Yoon tells him that ajusshi is more difficult to say.

Song small talks a bit and then tells Yoon’s brother, Yoon Heok-jae that he will be a supreme court judge. There is a high probability. The brother says that he hopes that we only talk about personal things in a personal setting. So Song apologizes.

Yoon tells his brother that it is a personal thing. Don’t be too sensitive.

Then the brother and Yoon start to argue about what is personal and what is work. Song apologize for ruining the good mood and says that he and the father should go drink inside. So they head inside.

The brother asks Yoon if their father pushed for this? What does he want? Yoon says that he does not want anything, if it bothers you so much then why don’t you not come to this. His brother tells him that lawyer corruption only takes a moment. Money won’t make you a top lawyer (like he can become a 3rd grade bottom feeder lawyer in a moment).

Yoon is affronted and tells his brother that he will go away, you top class judge. His brother looks saddened by this. 

Hee-jae goes to a bar. His friend sees him there and happily sits next to him playfully by bumping into him. He also asks him why he is here, you said it is your fathers birthday. What’s up, why are you here?

I told you it is our law trainee meeting. Do you really not care? Sunbae and classmates is all andromeda for you? Yes, then why don’t you go somewhere else and be happy? If you are just sitting and not joining then what do you think people will think? Hee jae says that people will think he i an a-hole. His friend says yes, you know things well. In life you need politics. He says that he knows it and just does not do it.

Then he sees that their sunbaes have come in. they look at Yoon and Ki-hyeok and then walk to their seats. Yoon asks why Ma is here? Is it training? Ji-hyeok says that he will have to politic right now and grumbles about being sick and tired of it. he walks over to them.

Yoon is about to leave but Ki-hyeok runs back over and tells him that lawyer Ma wants to see him.

So Yoon goes over to where all the lawyers ae sitting and asks if he wants to see him? Ma tells him that he is here because I called you, but you would not be here if I didn’t call you? I heard that it is your trainee meeting. Is it weird to be here sitting in different spots? 

He pours him a drink and tells him that this drink is from sunbae. Yoon drinks it all in one go. Ma tells him that he drinks well and then says that he will toast. But Yoon says to wait and pours another drink for Ma and for himself.

Hee-jae – As a hubae, I offer you this and regret my stubbornness, than you so much for including me in the Issume case even though you are not my school sunbae you are a training center sunbae and life sunbae. To lawyer Ma.

He drinks the entire drink right away again. Ma just looks at the drink and says that he is taking medicine. So Hee-jae says that he will drink it and takes Ma’s drink and drinks the entire thing. Then he asks if he can be excused, I am busy. He walks away to the bar.

Ki-hyeok runs to the bar and asks if he is okay? Hee-jae basically says that he does not like that guy. Then a random woman and her friend show up. She says hello to them and says that she is drinking with her friend. Ki-hyeok thinks this is great, there are two of them and two of us. They all smile to each other.



Cut to another party where Geum-ja walks in on. This party has a lot of people dancing around a posh looking room. They ask who this old lady is. Hwang Mira says that this is her lawyer. So Geum-ja sits next to her and tells her friends that she has to give her lawyer something.

Geum-jae tells her client that the son will get the scholarship because he is so smart. Then we do not need to pay for tuition and boarding. You never know, he might quit studying, then we can stop giving them money. The rest is just paying for a dead dog (Korean phrase). 

The client says that she likes Geum-ja even more now. Then she asks if Geum-ja has a yacht? Geum-ja says that if you buy one then I am thankful. they all laugh and cheer. 

But then Chan-ho comes in who is the CEO of Issume. Geum-ja stands up and tells him that it is good to see him in a private setting. he kind of recognizes her. The client says that this is the lawyer that screwed you up. She also solved my case.

Geum-ja advertises herself in a funny way so everyone laughs. But Chan-ho asks if she has a strong liver? You are not afraid of seeing me? 

She pulls up a chair and says no, you are my potential customer. If I am your opponent you will think I am a Biatch but the other person thinks that I satisfy them 100%. She happily smiles at him. He drops what he is holding and asks how this rich lady knows her?

She says that his ex-wife introduced her to me. Because she won. Geum-ja explains to the room that you definitely do not want to bring men-woman issues to the court. Then she stands and says that she is not the one that was invited to this party so lets lift the mood! Everyone cheers and she dances away.

But then she comes back in for a song and starts to sing to the crowd and dance around and hop on the table and pour them drinks. All while singing.

♫ When you are lonely,
I will comfort you
If you are feeling sad
I will run to you

When you walk dark at night
I will be your light
When you feel lonely and empty
I will be your friend

I am your forever friend
I am your brother
I am your forever music
I am your happiness

If…I am lonely, who comforts me?
You guys ♫

She gives everyone a high five and then offers a drink to Chan-ho. He is not super happy but he doesn’t do anything bad.


Geum-ja lays on her couch with a big ol hangover. Her secretary come sin with hangover soup and asks her how much she drank last night? Geum-ja says that it was worth it, Ha Chan-ho wants to see me. I told him that I can take care of his woman issue.

At the company, Ma is having a meeting with all his lawyers. Then Yon Hee-jae comes in and asks what the Issume thing is about. Ma says that he did not get the message, my Issume thing is not about you. We are the ones that prepared it. We hav a lot of other things to take care of. Like a blogger that talked bad about Issume online.

Ma asks Yoon to take care of that case. Everyone chuckles. Yoon looks quietly slighted. One person says that he is already a partner, that kind of work is for an assistant lawyer. Ma cuts this guy off and says he sees it. So how many cases do you have besides Issume? 20 or 30? Focus on those cases. You can ask your associates to do the research about Issume.

He leaves. The meeting continues.

Ki-hyeok is at Yoon’s secretary desk and asks Yoon if he was going to the meeting? Yoon asks why he is here? Ki-hyeok says he was telling his secretary a good soondubu chigae place. Yoon yells at him about it. The secretary tells Yoon that that Chae Hyung-ji called him for a lunch meeting. Yoon grumbles that he forgot.

Ki-hyeok walks out with him and asks who this person is? The Deputy Ministers daughter? Are you dating her? Am I the only one who does not know about it? Are you dating any woman to forget about the laundromat woman?

Hee-jae tells him he is too loud. Just shut up. But the friend thinks that he still has not forgotten about her.


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