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Hyena: Episode 1 Recap – Part 2

Hyena: Episode 1 Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for Hyena!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




Yoon has not sat down. Everyone is all like, what is going on? Yoon? Yoon sits as everyone looks at him.

The judge asks if anyone has anything else to say? Geum-ja raises her hand then stands.

GJ- As you know, she had an affair. Not only once, but many times. many many times. 

She shows the affair on the screen. The judge says that they all know this. They have the evidence and the texts and everything.

GJ – This is too detailed, as if they were waiting. This is the same with all the affairs. This is personal surveillance. To have these kinds of angles, there has to be at least 2 or 3 people following her.

The judge asks what she wants to say

GJ – The plaintiff accumulated evidence for many years very meticulously. He used people and investigated. Who wants to continue a marriage like that? I am saying that our defendant is not the one with 100% reason to get a divorce.

The judge grumbles.

GJ – Are you saying this is unreasonable? yes I accept it because my client had an affair. She deserves to get a divorce. But, parental rights is a different story. 

Everyone looks over at her. The judge says that she had 8 affairs, how can that kind of mother raise kids well?

GJ – Your honor, it was not 8 people at the same time, it was one person at a time. Just because mom is in love does not mean that they can take care of the baby. What about the father, he is so busy at work, they can’t even see him.

Hee-jae stands up and tells the judge that his client will create the best environment for an education. What she is arguing is nonsense.

GJ – I will say something that makes sense. What if the father threatens the kids happiness? 

Judge – Don’t guess, just show the evidence.

GJ – Yes.

She opens a camera.

GJ – The plaintiff, Ha Chan-ho’s mental diagnosis.

There is cocaine and anger management issues and a lot of things on the doctors forms.

Flashback to Yoon meeting with the doctor. the doctor told him that he usually does not give away the patient information, but I only give it to you because you are his lawyer. Then we see that when GJ and him where dating, she saw the paperwork!

In the courthouse, the other lawyers says that they never saw that. She says that this is the first time that she has shown this paperwork. Yoon tells her that she needs to submit this before the trial and I want to confirm that this was acquired lawfully!

GJ – You take the evidence as a criminal suit? You talk about it as if it is a criminal litigation, it is a family litigation. May I submit this your honor?

The judge nods. GJ walks up to hand over the doctors diagnosis. Then she turns and smiles at Yoon and says that she remembers a few lines. he cannot continue is day to day life without drugs. Yoon stands and sys they need time to check the validity of the evidence. GJ continues and says that he has no attachment to the kids. And most importantly, he is spontaneously violent. This could affect the kids negatively.

Yoon yells your honor. She looks at him with a smile.

Cut to the CEO walking out, angrily and storming into his car. The lawyers all followed. Ma asks Ka where lawyer Yoon is. 

Lawyer Yoon is actually still sitting at his desk int he courthouse. He finally pulls himself up and walks out. Ma meets him and asks if this is the best he can do? He chuckles and tells him that he looked like an amateur. How did you leak this information? I knew that this would happen to make this young guy partner.

He pats him on his chest with a knuckle and heads out.

Yoon looks up and sees Geum-ja walking away by herself. He tries to follow, but Ki-hyeok stops him and asks what is going on, this is a big deal, we should have investigated her more. Or at least I should have done it if you couldn’t do it. You were so crazy about that woman.

Yoon goes up to GJ and asks, are you happy? But he is still calling her by her fake name. he says that she should at least tell him something.

She says, today is the day we break up. Today is the last day of you and me.

He says not that B.S, did this happen from the beginning? Did you approach me to do this?

She asks, you don’t know Yoon Hee lawyer, whatever I say you will not understand or forgive me. I also do not want that.

He tells her to say anything, I am the one that will understand or forgive you. But you just leaving like this is more screwed up.

She asks, here? They both look around. She puts a note in his pocket and tells him that they will see each other again when they come to an agreement, goodbye. Be careful driving.

She walks off to her car. He asks, just tell me why you do this. 

She says, to make money, you just so happened to be my opponent.

She hops in her car and drives off like a boss.

He starts chuckling like he has lost his mind and possibly tears up a bit.



Geum-ja looks at the Song&Kim building like a statue. People point at her becasue she has not moved at all. 

Then she goes to her very low key cozy looking one room lawyer office that looks like the welcome area of a buffet Chinese restaurant and asks her secretary if they have any clients. Her secretary is Lee Ji-eun. Ji-eun tells her that they have loan sharks and thugs and tiny clients like that but that’s it. She wonders when they are going to buy a building. 100 million years later? 

Geum-ja tells her to shut up. Geum-ja also does not look like the fabulous woman that we are used to seeing. 

But then a woman comes in and asks if this is Lawyer Jung Geum-ja’s office. Geum-ja says yes.

The woman says that her name is Lee Seo. Geum-ja immediately knows that she is rich and is YiSyum holdings CEO’s wife. She does this entire calculation in her head in seconds.

So they sit and chat about her case. GJ tells her that she had too many affairs. The wife says that he also had some. But GJ tells her that if she does not have evidence then he does not have any mistresses. The wife is more concerned with parental rights.

GJ tells her that the judge will not give parental rights to a mother who had this many affairs. The wife tells her that Chan-ho has mental problems so he is always on drugs and he yells at the kids often and someday he will hit them.

GJ’s eyes starts to go starry eyed at this new information. Then she gets to work working on this company. She has a tiny white board with the names of all the key players stuck to them and tells the secretary that the court will not even give parental ship to the president of Korea if he is on drugs.

She points to Hee-jae’s photo and says that he will not release any information. The assistant mentions that he just broke up with his girlfriend and is bored of those people who are asking him to date.

GJ is interested in that. She thinks this is the best time, he is single so…I will date him. Ji-eun is all like, who? You?

They start to stake out and hire a private eye to take photos of Hee-jae as he goes to the laundromat and the bookstore. they get his routine on the white board and find all the books that he likes. The secretary takes all the books out for her to read. 

They even practice where she should sit in the coffee shop and how she should act, this is hilarious. Then the secretary says that he is coming! He’s coming! And gives Geum-ja a high five. She heads out.

GJ gives her secretary a signal to cut off the lights.

Later on, they decide to make an instagram profile for Kim Hee-sun and put her as the alumni of Sim Yoo-mi. But she does not know who this person is. So she dresses fancy and “runs” unto her at a fancy department store. She says that they are classmates of the same high school. Sim is an easy mark.

Which lead to geum-ja going on the date and getting Hee-jae to fall in love with her and she stole the information.

Her and the secretary cheer as she shows her the usb. GJ says that Hee-jae is so meticulous. The secretary asks how she got the password? She says that she told him to change the password to her birthday and aegyo’d that they should not have secrets between each other. You know, it is those mistakes that people in love makes. 

The secretary asks, so he was in love?

She says, well if he wasn’t then it doesn’t matter. Finally, I see the ending.

The secretary tells her that she is infringing on the lawyers law. You lied to him and got the evidence…the screen turns to old fashioned film and we go to the next scene.

Skyscrapers shoot up and then we cut to the very tiny law offices of Chung Law Firm. She walks inside and the secretary congratulates her. But Geum-ja is not feeling like celebrating. She takes a lonely snack and eats it as she sits on her wicker couch.

The secretary tells her that the world is fast, we have a lot of mid-level big clients calling us. Geum-ja asks who the biggest one is? The secretary says Hwang Mira.

GJ goes through her mental rolodex and we find out that Hwang Mira is AJ Banks oldest daughter. She is the queen of socializing. GJ asks, so this is the queen of the social clubs? the secretary says yes, and she has a temper. GJ tells her to set up a meeting asap.


Hee-jae stares out of his office window. Then he sees a mark on his hand and thinks back to the courthouse.

The CEO puts a pen into his hand and says that his biggest mistake was hiring him and not trusting lawyer Ma. The civil affairs case was not about you, it was about Song&Kim law firm. He storms out.

Hee-jae goes to Chung law firm that night and looks at it for a long time before stepping to walk inside.


Inside, the secretary says that the client is causing more trouble because she made the driver hit the maid. GJ sys that she is thankful because she is causing more trouble.

Then Hee-jae comes inside and they both look at him.

He sits to talk. She hands over their request. he sets it down without looking at it and tells her that she has a pitiful office. is this a vintage thing? or is it just poor? Where did you get this? From  flea market? Is that why you need money? So you want to change your furniture to look like you have money?

She chuckles and says, maybe.

He tells her that she is super cheap third tier. 

That’s why life is fun.

Well, you are talking about living in the world only because you won this case.

I am happy. I was worried that you would be too hurt. You look normal. That is Yoon Hee-jae.

He picks up the paperwork and starts to flip through it.

So the request is everything except parental rights? 100 million dollars? Ha, hey, don’t joke. You are getting an agreement with me, not the judge. This is too much.

She asks how much he wants to give her. 

He asks, do you want me to show my cards? 100 million is a bluff. Let’s say you asked me for 60 million, then I would give you 10% of that.

She asks, are you joking? 10%? 

He rolls up the paper and asks what the wife did for his clients money? She didn’t work, she was busy meeting men. 

Well, we have a different story. I thought we had an agreement.

He asks, who decided that? I still take the case. You know that I am not that easy. 

She says that the mental doctors name is the one where all the kids from rich families go to. He is a psychologist. The drug should be prescribed but he was using a tranquilizer…that is a drug….

He quickly tells her, 20%.

Are you making a deal?

No, I am readjusting.

She tells him, 50%.

He says, okay, I have this way. You and me can work together and go to the lawyers office holding hands. You can hide that you are a lawyer and dated me and I will hide that I leaked the information like an idiot. Okay, let’s do it. Let’s make it 5:30.

She tells him, lawyer Yoon Hee-jae, do you know what really is a dirty fight? A suspended license? I can open again 5 years later. But what about you? What do you think will happen in your company?

He thinks about this for a long time. Then he says, 25% – 15 million.

She jokingly says, this is not your money, why are you so stingy?

He tells her it is part of his job to protect the clients money. No more than 25%, that is my last offer. If you do not like it then you can sue. Then you will lose guardianship.

She tells him, okay your appeal is strong. Do you think Han Chan-ho will agree with it?

His eyes go wide, but he recovers and leans into her desk. he says, I am doing this, not Han Chan-ho. If you don’t trust me then you can me.

She stands and holds out her hand to shake – deal.

He takes off the watch he gave her and says that when he sees it he wants it back. This was a limited edition. he puts it in his jacket. Then he tells her, lawyer Jung Geum-ja, lets never see each other again. Whenever I see your face, it makes me sick.

She nods and cheekily says okay, whatever, you know how to get out, I am not going to walk too far.

The secretary comes in with tea but he already walked out. GJ tells her to bring it in anyway. So she set it on the table and asks, so I thought we just needed parental rights. This is her lucky day.

GJ tells her that this agreement is their lottery ticket. Are you impressed by me? Do you respect me? the secretary nods and GJ drinks her tea slowly.

While walking out, Hee-jae runs into another man who is coming up the stairs. This guy looks like a thug. Hee-jae lets him walk past. But he keeps an eye on him.

This guy goes to Gj’s office and yells at the door for Gum-ja. then he goes inside kicking things and tells her that she took his money. She tells him that he should be grateful that he was bailed out. The thug says that that guy hit him first with a bat. GJ tells him that he stabbed him.

GJ tells him that thugs fighting is always two way. The man asks, thug? Gj tells him that he needs to hope that the other guy does not die. You need to pray to God, not waste your time. Then she hits her and on the desk hard and tells him that he needs to run away or something! I bailed you out! Use this chance to run away or something, you have 2 minutes for the police to come. If you get caught again then your filthy life will end.

The thug looks worried and calls her crazy. She tells him to go away again, not scared in the least. He runs away. She sits and drinks her tea again. The secretary breathes several times to calm herself.

The man goes outside and tells someone to find a ship to China asap. Then he says that he is going to leave Korea after killing that crazy woman.

Hee-jae hears him say this.


Hee-jae tries to work but he is distracted. he tries to play a record but he is still distracted. Then he pulls out his phone to text Geum-ja. (his last text says “this is the first time for me not to have any secrets, I love you ♥️). But this time he texts – be careful with that thug stabbing you.

She gets the text, but she is in the alley in front of the thug looking scared. He has the knife. He tells her, as you said, I will run away after finishing this.

She tells him, you have one chance. If you don’t kill me right away I will eat you alive until I die. She grabs something in her bag and backs away.

He tells her that she is not a match for him.

She turns to run away, he swipes the knife at her back and buts her bag off. She pulls out pepper spray and sprays it on him. His eyes burn but he is still able to grab her and rough her up then throw her to the floor.

While he does that, she has a flashback of being abused while she was a kid.

Hee-jae checks his phone, he still does not have a message.

She gets up off the ground and starts to stumble away, but the thug picks her up and pushes her agains the wall. He tells her that she is not a match for him. She has a flashback of her father or someone yelling at she is not a match for her. She leans forward and bites the mans neck.

She might have bitten through his entire neck! He falls to the ground coughing. She picks up a block and holds it up as if she will drop it on him. The man looks at her in fear.

Fade Out


Hot Dog! This show has just dropped a waterfall of refreshness straight over my head! I thought this show had the chance to be good after seeing those posters, but not THIS good. This is beyond good, this is outstanding. I am so hooked. Like hole in the cheek pulling me out the water hooked. Send help.

Honestly, this first episode was soooo good. It has me thinking “Crash Landing, who?”

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