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Hyena: Episode 1 Recap – Part 1

Hyena: Episode 1 Recap - Part 1

Here is our first recap for Hyena! I have high expectations for this show because 1) it is on SBS and they have been hitting it out of the park recently, 2) we heard that it is their first big show of the year, 3)the actors involved as top notch, and 4) those posters are crazy good.

I mean, the posters alone hooked me, honestly. The reality is that I haven’t seen either one of these actors in anything before (I know!), though I have heard good things about them both. Great things actually. So I am looking forward to this drama. Can it pull me out of my Crash Landing on You abyss? We shall see.

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that on a separate post!




We open with various scenes of city life in Seoul and of our main character Yoon Hee-jae working out inside his gym. A newsperson is voicing over that the secretary of Civil Affairs is guilty of a Ponsy scheme and also talks about other related corruption. of course the politician says that they do not remember it.

The politician deny’s everything. People on the street are super angry about it and it almost looks like a spoof on the last administration in how they are showing it on TV. The politician hires Song & Kim law firm (which is a spoof of Kim and Jang Law Firm which is a real super bad law firm in Korea). 

Yoon Hee-jae is part of Song & Kim law firm so he goes to the court and defends the politician. His main defense is denying it and asking for evidence.

HJ asks where they got their evidence and we cut back and forth with him practicing with his team and live in front of the prosecutors. His team thinks his practice is great. Lawyer Ka Ki-hyeok thinks that the prosecutor Kwon Yong-woon will be embarrassed if Yoon Hee-jae asks him a certain question. So he asks it – did you find this document from the secretary of civil affairs office or the deputy prime minister of finance?

The judge has him answer it. So Yoon Hee-jae tells them that there is no direct evidence that his client is involved. The prosecutor is upset of course. Yoon Hee-jae holds up more evidence and we see his practice as he says what he will say as well as live in the prosecutors office.

He and the prosecutor argue back and forth about it. His team plays hangman as they wait. Finally, the judge asks for the last words for each. So Yoon gets up and talks about how this is the same old same old suspicion that is always given, but if you use the law of evidence, then it is not valid. I argue for the innocence of all of the allegations that the prosecutor is accused of your honor.

The politician is approved not guilty. 75% of Koreans are not happy with this.

There is a second trial for this politician who is the senior secretary of Civil Affairs. The news says that the citizens are also highly interested in this trial because they did not like the outcome of the first trial.

The judge in this case also says that the politician is not guilty of everything. Lawyer Yoon has won again. The politician thanks Yoon and tells him that he is the Ace of Song&Kim. Yoon thanks her and says he will not be humble about that. He bows his thanks and tells her not to forget that she should be sorry about what happened.

So she changes her face from a smile to a frown and walks out. All the news teams circle her to get their opinion. Yoon tries not to smile himself.

On the way out, Lawyer Ka Ki-hyeok and Lawyer Yoon Hee-jae drive together. Ka is driving and Yoon is riding. He is also checking his phone with the communities comments. He mentions that people in Korea think that the law is not the law anymore. That lawyers are corrupt with power.

Ka tells him that he is happy because this is the evidence that he wants. it is our perfect win. Yoon asks, us? You and me? Ka tells him, no no no, it is your win, your win. Yoon relaxes and they chat back and forth. Ka puts on the radio and tells him that he should listen to this kind of music.

The song is all about bragging.

Ka asks Yoon if he feels his value increasing. then we see them dancing to the song in the car which is a hip hip song so they are dancing in unison, lol (that is adorable and funny).

Yoon and Ka get to their law firm and walk in with a  lot of other lawyers. Yoon tells the other lawyers that they need to prepare everything. As soon as they finish their protest then we will sue them for everything. He also talks about another case.

Ka tells him that he just won the case, so can’t we stop working? But then he continues and says that is why he is the youngest partner in Song&Kim. Yoon tells him that he said originally that I am the youngest partner because of my family background. Who said that? Hee-jae also asks, someone said it is the CEO connection as well. Who said that?

Cut to the YiSyum holdings CEO throwing something at a meeting and walking out with everyone following behind him. He stops in front of Yoon. Yoon nods and walks away. The CEO looks at him like, what did he just do? Ka bows himself away.

The YiSyum holdings CEO asks, who is that guy? His secretary tells him he is Yoon Hee-jae lawyer. The YiSyum holdings CEO asks, how is his score? Lawyer KS says that he was on the civil affairs minister case and won that case. It was a huge issue in the media. it will also be a big issue for the next several days.

The YiSyum holdings CEO is a swashbuckler of a guy with a red suit and manicured hair swept to the side that looks like he wants to flip it. He nods as he listens and then keeps walking.


Lawyer Ma Seok-koo goes to Yoon’s office which looks fabulous. Yoon asks if it has to be him? Why all of a sudden? Ma tells him that he does not know, he just wants to switch. You know that he is, he is a big client.

Yoon takes a deep breath and asks if it is okay with Lawyer Ma for him to take the YiSyum case? Ma chuckles and ays that he is not taking over the group, you are just taking over his divorce. No more and no less.

Yoon asks, so I shouldn’t ask for more? Ma chuckles and says that they almost won it so he is lucky to take it over. Hee-jae stands and asks for ma to please help him with it. Ma nods and leaves. 

Yoon thinks for a moment, sits on his desk, and calls someone. He asks if he can use their information. 


Hee-jae meets with Ki-hyeok in a darkened lawyer-ish lounge. He says that the other lawyer got removed from the divorce case. Ha Chan-ho ( the CEO guy for the group) wants to change the lawyer so they should change it. Did you not bow to him on purpose back then?

Hee-jae says that he did, I nodded a greeting to him. The friend is all like, like this? Then he does a tiny nod. He continues and says that this is a long game, that is why they worked so hard but you got the champagne. I also have daebak information. Would you like to have a blind date?

Yoon Hee-jae says he will see him later. But Ka stops him and says that lawyer Gong is going to America. So one of five board member lawyers will be empty, that is big right? Yoon seems to think so.



Yoon Hee-jae works at his desk and sucks on a lollypop. then he changes his shirt with the standing dryer machine and goes to the laundromat. There is a woman waiting there and reading a book that catches his attention. But he does not talk to her, he just notices her and puts his things inside the wash.

She does not notice him, but he sits at a table and looks at her. (This Laundromat looks like a coffee shop y’all. Where are those in America?).


Yoon meets with the sleazy looking CEO of YiSyum and tells him that he has 100% custody of the kids. Chan-ho tells him that his other lawyers said that as well. But 2 and a half years have past. he is sick and tired of it.

Yoon tells him that he will get the sentence this time. Chan-ho asks how he can be so sure? Yoon tells him that they are going to use an ex judge lawyer. it is your judges direct sunbae. if he is sitting on our side then that will be a big impact. You will have a quick sentence quickly.

The CEO asks why he didn’t use that guy from the beginning? Yoon says that he just became a lawyer and he is a little picky. Plus, it is only possibly because of me.

Chan-ho sits up and says that he heard that Yoon was from a judge family. Yoon pauses a moment then says that his grandfather was a supreme court judge. then he gets up to leave. Chan-ho tells him that he is going to have a drink, I can introduce you to a nice woman.

Yoon asks if he has a sister? If it is not your sister’s level then I will just take your kindness in my heart. He bows and leaves. 

He goes to someones office where a lot of lawyers are standing outside waiting on something to either begin or end. They are all looking at their paperwork. One of the lawyers is a woman and congratulates Yoon for his win. This might be Lawyer Boo Hyun-ah. She is pleasant and smiles at him. He asks her about Lawyer Ma. She says that it is difficult to even see his face.

Then Lawyer Ma comes out and looks at Yoon. But Yoon just goes inside and does not talk to him. Ma is a bit annoyed that he did not report to him. He starts to talk to Lawyer Boo instead.

Yoon went inside Song Pil-joong’s office who is the head of the Song&Kim law firm along with Kim Min-joo. He asks how the case is going and when he asked to give him this case? Yoon asks if that is why I have this case?

PJ tells him that it is actually not related. The CEO actually appointed you to the divorce case because of your recent win. Now, Hee-jae, you should sit over here once right? Among all the managing members. he motions to the long fancy table in front of him and says that he should at least do that so that your grandfather will not be angry.

Yoon smiles pleasantly and tells him that it is my choice. Song says he knows that. Yoon also says that he will be somewhere a lot higher than this office. But it is a bit of a joke. Song chuckles and asks how he is so confident? Hee-jae says that he trusts himself.

Song tells him that is why his coworkers do not like you, man should also be humble. Yoon says that if  being humble is not from the heart then its just being fake. Song pinches his cheek and tells him that he is smart.


Hee-jae goes back to the Laundromat and sees the woman there reading again. He does not talk to her, he just smiles slightly and then puts his clothing in the Laundromat. He sits at the desk that he was sitting at before and starts to read himself. But then the lights shut off.

They both look up at the darkened room.

The woman turns on her cell phone light and sits and looks at the rain outside. Then she looks at Yoon and asks if he likes this time of the day?

He says it is not a good time to do the laundry. She says that is true. It is quiet. I like this time of the day because it is empty. He mutters, oh, its over there…

She asks, if I bother you, I always come this time of the day so you can avoid me. He says no, not at all. She tells him that she thinks he comes at this time of the day on purpose, I am sorry. He mentions that she does not have to be….

He stands up right as the lights turn back on. She heads out. He tries to tell her that her umbrella is still there but she has already gone outside. He opens her book and starts to read it. She comes back inside, wet a bit from the rain, and tells him that that is mine.

He chuckles, embarrassed a bit, and apologizes, then gives her her book back. He also tells her that she can have the umbrella. She says that she is done so he can use it. At least he can keep dry. She heads out again.

He looks completely smitten. 

He goes there on another night, but she is not there.

He goes there again, but she is not there again.

He keeps returning again, but she is not there. 

He goes on another night and a different person shows up.

He goes on another night and he just misses her driving away. he tries to run after the car but she is gone.



His friend Ki-hyeok tells him that passing by someone all the time is not a relationship, you have to meet them. he laughs at Yoon and says that he wondered why he went to the laundromat so much. is that the purpose? Why is my heart even soleda? Should I go to the laundromat?

Yoon tells him to go. So Ki-hyeok chuckles and says okay, I will go.

He starts to head out, but then a client comes right in dressed in an oversized turquoise suit and says that it is her turn anyway. Yoon tells her that he is not doing her divorce.She tells him that he is her classmate. he says they are not good friends.

She asks, how can I buy Lawyer Yoon? This is a new brand lunching show.

He says he is expensive.

She says, my expensive Hee-jae, I can buy you. Then she shows him the fashion show. He starts to push it away but then notices the laundromat woman in the front row and asks who this is?

Sim Yoo-mi says that this is Hee-sun sunbae, she is 4 years above us. Do you like older women? she starts to run her mouth and mumble so much about if he is interested in her and if she should arrange it. Jee-jae tells her that he is really busy right now, see you later.

She storms out and says she will never come here again! he sighs and then gets to work googling everything he can about Kim Hee-sun. But he can only pull up the famous actress, so he decides to go to the class reunion to find out who she is.


The class reunion is at a pretty nice restaurant. the other lawyers are sitting on a long table and there is a buffet in the back. One of the classmates tries to talk to Yoon and says that he heard that he works for Song&Kim law firm, can I ask you a law question.

Yoon checks his watch and starts to head out. But that is when Sim Yoo-mi comes in with Jung Geum-ja (the laundromat lady) on her arm. Sim asks him, how come you are here? How did you find the time and location? You should have told me. But she continues walking with Geun-ja to the table.

Yoon goes back to the table and stops a man from pouring a drink for Geum-ja and asks if he can sit there. then he pours her drink and says that it is  nice to see her again. Sim looks on, interested. Geum-ja asks if she knows him? He asks, don’t you know me?

Sim tells her that he is the same class as her from 49th class.

Geum-ja asks if he still does his laundry in the morning. he says, ah, you know me. An older guy asks who she is? I haven’t seen her ~. But Hee-jae cuts him off with a hand and asks why Geum-ja doesn’t come anymore.

She asks, did you wait for me? He says, I did. She asks, why? Sim is looking on with interest. He says that he waited for the coincidence to accumulate. All the people next to them start to hold back their chuckles.

Yoon asks one more thing, why don’t you go out with me? If you don’t like it then we don’t have to continue. She asks, do you always do this so rudely? he responds, when it is needed.

She stands up and starts to walk somewhere, then asks, do you want to go out with me. Everyone oohs and ahhs as he stands up to walk off with her. the remaining classmates all cheer.


So they go immediately to dinner at a swanky place. he asks her why she goes to the laundromat at that time of the day, what do you do? It is the time for everyone to either sleep or wake up. She says that is her questions.

He says that he is a lawyer. She tells him that even for lawyers that is the time to sleep or wake up. He takes a breath and tells her that he can strangely focus well at that time of the day. It is quiet and no one comes. I like the sound of the machine as well.

She asks if she bothered him? He says that is why he liked it more.

She takes a swig of her wine. He asks, the novel that you are reading, that novel is not that known in Korea. She says, when I went to England, my friend recommended it to me. I like thrillers. Do you know that book?

He says that the first novel is the best. 

She points and they both say – whisperer – at the same time. Then they chuckle and toast. The camera sense gos out of focus as we see them having an enjoyable time at dinner.

Then a record is put on and we see them looking at art work together in front of the record. 

Time passes as they do their laundry together and share ear buds and watch art in galleries and he cooks for her at his place. This feels idealistic. He also presents her with a Breitling watch with a note that says – I hope my love becomes your time. She smiles and sys something about it being old fashioned possible, he says that he can put his true heart in this way the best. She tells him that it worked and gives him a kiss.


Yoon Hee-jae gets to the courthouse with all other clients and lawyers. While walking in Ki Hyeok tells him that the new lawyer is from Chung Law Firm, a super unknown law firm. No one will take this case because they will lose. Ki-hyeok thinks it is super lucky to get the case, because she will be paid anyway. he makes a joke about trying to grab it and your arm getting chopped off. hen he asks when Hee-jae will introduce the laundromat women to him.

Hee-jae tells him no no.

They get inside the courtroom and all sit. There are like a dozen lawyers on the sleazy CEO’s side. The CEO finally comes in in his animal print outfit. He says that he didn’t want to come but she is coming also so I couldn’t just miss her last moment. Yoon tells him to enjoy the event.

Then Yoon sits and sees the person’s name as Jung geum-cha with Chung Law firm. He looks over to the other side curiously. 

Then the woman comes in and sits with her lawyer.

The judge also comes in and nods to the old sunbae lawyer who used to be a judge. 

The judge tells everyone to sit. Yoon starts to sit and looks over at the opposing lawyer. That is when the room stops and then starts spinning as he sees that the lawyer for the opposing team is his girlfriend. 

♫ “My head, my head

Is pounding pounding

The grey, the color of the sky

is circling, circling” ♫

She smiles and shows off the same watch that he gave her. The room continues to circle around Yoon. 


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