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Hwayugi, A Korean Odyssey Live Recap Episode 9

Kdrama Live recap Hwayugi
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Oh my gosh this week went by so slowly. And did everyone see that crazy spoiler? I don’t want to give it away if you didn’t, but I will say that a certain someone was wearing a certain something that is only ever used for a certain occasion. Check the bottom of the last episode to see both previews for today.

MUSIC: OST #5 is released!
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Shorthand (Character Chart)
Jin Seon Mi,Sam Jang – SJ| Woo Hwi, Woo Mah Wang – MW | Son Oh Gong – OG | Jeo Pal Kye – PK | Sah Oh Jeong – OJ | Jin Boo Ja – Zombie or Z | Winter god – WG | Han Sun Nyeo (winter gods sister) – SN | Woo Mah Wang’s secretary – SM (sec-dog) | Jin Seon Mi’s secretary – Sec | Su Bo Ri Teacher – BR | Kang Dae Seong – DS

Airing Time: Jan. 27th, 21:00 Seoul
Countdown: EDITING…and sleeping

SJ is at the wedding hall and she is walking down the aisle. No one is in the audience, but the hall looks gorgeous and MW is playing the piano. SJ is dressed in an oldfashioned 80s style wedding dress.

SJ – How did I end up like this with that guy? When the bell rang…he was there. Is he my God-given match? My fate?

The AOA song starts playing and OG is at the head of the room. He puts out his hand to SJ and starts to approach her.

SJ – Should I trust the bell? This God-given fate…is it really true?

OG walks up to SJ and grabs the bouquet from her. But then he throws her away! She falls tot he ground and behind her is a ghost. OG hits the ghost with the bouquet of flowers and it disappears. Then OG tells MW that he can stop playing the piano. But MW is so into playing it so he doesn’t notice at first.

OG reaches to SJ who is still on the ground and helps her up. She pauses before she takes his hand, but she takes it.

SM shows up and asks why they picked that wedding dress? She says it was fashionable 30 years ago and no one wears that now. See-through dresses are in fashion now. But OG tells SM that SJ is pretty int his dress.

OG says that it wasn’t a real wedding so it doesn’t matter and they talk about going to get something to eat. Cow head stew? But MW is all like…um, I’m a cow, how can you say that?

They start to walk out, but SJ is still there. She imagines herself actually marrying OG. She wonders if it were real, what should she do? She turns around and OG is watching her.

OG – What are you doing? Do you like that dress so much? Do you want to get married?
SJ – No, there is no one that I want to marry?
OG – You got married twice now, here and then in the picture?
SJ – Huh? (she thinks back to the saeguk wedding)

OG tells her to just come on so they can eat. he tells her that she can marry him. She can marry him a lot, he is okay with that. he leaves and SJ smiles. Then she hears the ring of the bell. She thinks that she is going crazy because she still hears this bell sound.

MW and SM talk about OG and SJ. They think she picked the ugly dress because she doesn’t have any feeling toward OG. MW is happy that she might not like OG. But they also talk about whether they might love each other as well. SM then mentions this deep love, the kind of love that MW knows from Nachal. MW wonders about Nachal and the type of fate she must be enduring.

We hear a police siren and then we see a police car. Nachal is in the police car and it is driving right next to MW’s car. Nachal has bloody hands and she has handcuffs on. She is stoic in the car. Their music starts to play. Nachal is tearing up and MW doesn’t see her in the car. One car goes one way and the other car goes the other way.

Alice/Octopus and PK are in the bar. Alice thinks that this is their first date, but PK really wants her to go away. Alice wonders if he likes her body? PK says that he does but he doesn’t want to have a scandal. Alice thinks it is because he will lose his fame and PK says that it is because he has a girl who is a dongsang to me. He wants her to be very famous, but Alice is ruining her chance. Alice assumes it is the zombie and PK doesn’t deny it. He leaves and Alice thinks that she will find an even better body and go inside of it.

OG and SJ are at the school to pick up SJ’s secretaries kids. the kids come out and they are so cute. One girl and one boy. The kids look at them like they aren’t about to go with them. But they know SJ and they don’t know OG. OG doesn’t even want to be there anyway and is so annoyed that he has to babysit some kids. The little boy asks if they should call him team leader?

Cut to the office. OG has to watch the kids for one hour while SJ goes out to do something. The kids are in SJ’s office and sitting on her couch. OG tells them that he is there to watch them and they say that they know it is hard to take care of kids. Then they take outside art supplies and start to draw. OG gets all in their business and asks them what they are drawing. A brontosaurus and a cucumber. Then he asks the girl what she is drawing and she says to not care about her business. She keeps drawing. It looks like she is also drawing a brontosaurus and OG starts to dig into her. Can she only draw a brontosaurus? But he went too far and they both start to cry.

OG is all stunned and says that he will show them a dinosaur so don’t cry! He snaps his finger and a dinosaur appears in their eyes and the Jurassic Park music starts to play.

SJ is off at the bank and sees two disheveled kids drinking water at the bank. She thinks they might go to the same school as her secretaries kids. But it is time for her meeting so she leaves. She goes home and runs into OJ. He is at her house and is cleaning it. He says that he had to clean her fridge after seeing it in such a state. SJ wonders how the person who is the owner of the company that makes her fridge is actually in her house cleaning her fridge.

PK and zombie are also there. SJ is pretty surprised to see them. The kids are there as well. But OG isn’t there, he just called everyone and dropped the kids off with them. OG is at his house polishing his alcohol bottles and having a good time by himself.

the secretary comes to pick up his kids, but the kids don’t want to leave. They saw a zombie whose eye popped out and a dinosaur and all sorts of cool things. The sec is all like…um. The kids really don’t want to leave though. The girl tells her dad that she wants to get married to OG and SJ gets serious and tells her that she shouldn’t get married ever! Her face is so serious. The sec is all like….let’s go, don’t tell her things like that. And they leave.

MW tells OG that the bell is dangerous, he is talking about the death bell. MW wants to find it. OG wants to know if they want SJ to find it and MW says that he will find it. OG tells mW to not let SJ touch that object ever.

Cut to the two kids from earlier. They are trying to read a fairytale book and playing in the dark. They are hungry too. But then their car starts to make some noise and the boy quickly puts it to his chest. Their appa gets upset and starts to hit the little boy with a stick. the girl starts to cry. She is reading the fairytale book of the tiger eating the mom and the boy and girl become the sun and the moon. The little kids wished for the golden wire from the sky. A golden rope actually comes down from the sky into the girl house and she walks up and grabs it.


The little boy comes back out and he is covering his eye with his hand. he is looking for his sister, but she is gone. Then the golden rope comes back out and he sees it. His eye is all busted. he is calling for his sister and he doesn’t grab the rope. the fairytale book starts to glow golden and we cut to a library with a woman sitting at a table with the same fairytale book. She folds the book across her chest and smiles, then starts to walk to some steps. She goes up a ladder and puts the book on the bookshelf. her eyes are glowing green and a little kid is laughing.

BR, SM, AND MW ARE TALKING about all these kids souls disappearing. They think that the monster who takes kids souls may have come. MW wonders if the monster is Nachal. BR says that Nachal used to eat kids souls. MW tells him that Nachal was already caught and is suffering from that. It is not Nachal! BR says that he cares about MW, that is why he is telling him that. But MW just tells him that when he catches the monster all BR has to worry about is giving him all his points. MW storms off and BR laughs. But SM says that she won’t give him any more drinks. BR thinks that SM is a good dog.

The thugs and the candidate are there talking to each other. They apologize for losing the girl and the candidate says that it is okay, he guesses that she wasn’t’ dead after all and they can leave. The thugs get in the car and they think all is well. But in the office, the candidate tells his secretary to make it so that he doesn’t have to see those two anymore. Then he thinks back to the girl. He really thought she was dead. The sec asks what to do with the girl and the candidate says that he wants to see her one more time.

Cut to Z chilling in the bathroom of MW’s house. OG wants to take a bath, but the zombie is there resting. OG tells her that he will put all the hot water on her so she hops up and says that this is why SJ doesn’t like him! He wonders how she knows that and she says she might know how SJ feels because they are connected through her blood. OG gets serious and tells zombie to look at him…how does SJ feel right now when she looks at him? Zombie looks deeply into OG’s eyes and tries to feel something. She says he is handsome? But he wants her to concentrate. She looks deeply again…..but nothing. OG tells her to sit in the bath so he can put a lot of hot water on her. The zombie sits there and tells OG that SJ likes him.

OG’s tune changes. He wonders how Zombie knows and zombie says she just knows. They talk about that a little bit and OG says that he will not cook her today. The zombie gets comfortable and asks him to turn off the light when he leaves and he annoyingly hits it off.

MW thinks that his expensive bath is being used by a zombie and OG yells his grievances to MW; MW should just burn the zombie! But MW isn’t feeling it and leaves. That is when OG changes the subject to Nachal as MW walks away. MW stops as if his heart has been ripped out and OG looks like he is sad that he mentioned it. OG looks like he regrets saying that and then he adds that he can move the zombie out so MW can take a bath. But MW says it is okay and goes to his bar to drink. OG watches him and looks like he is really regretful that he mentioned Nachal.

OG goes to his place and brings his most precious alcoholic drink back to MW. But he tells MW that it isn’t his most precious one, but it is a good one. Then he says that he shouldn’t have mentioned Nachal. MW puts his glass over to OG. MW says that it is okay, if OG is so sad, then he can just accumulate more points so MW can become a god. MW says Nachal wasn’t a monster, she was a god. SHe became a monster after meeting a monster.

OG says that he has the same problem with SJ. Seon-mi became Sam-jang because she met him. MW tells OG that SJ is a bad person as well and he should regret it. They sulk together. But MW tells OG that OG can’t even drink to soothe his mind. MW pats OG on the shoulder and then walks off.

The sec and Sj are talking in her office. SJ tells him that he can go out with his family, she envies his normal family life. But the sec says that this is nothing, SJ can also just date someone and get married, it isn’t difficult. She can ask someone for a date and eat ddukboki. SJ wonders if she can do that.

The sec goes out to call Jonathan and OG shows up at that moment. Who is he calling! The sec is all like…um. But then SJ comes out of her office. OG says that he is there to eat ddukboki with SJ. SJ smiles and leaves to get her coat and OG turns to look at the sec. The sec confesses that he was going to call Jonathan! What about it! Then he tells OG that he will never make their CEO happy. OG stares daggers into the sec and the sec can’t handle it so he shrinks off.

SJ and OG go to a great ddukboki restaurant. SJ thinks it is great that they are doing a normal thing and not talking to monsters. This ddukboki is spicy though. OG tells SJ that she can eat everything and just let her have the mild one. SHe smiles and starts to eat.

Cut to them walking outside like normal people. SJ doesn’t have anything to do, she just wants to walk. OG tells her that you have to look at your cell phone and walk, that is how everyone walks around. She shouldn’t look at him, normal people look at the cell phone. He walks with his cell phone in front of him, but he slyly puts her hand into his pocket. SJ smiles and happily walks beside him.

The next place they go to is SJ’s apartment. OG wants to know what they are without goomgango (bracelet). He wonders if he will disappear to her if it disappears and he wants to know if she still wants to be normal. They stare at each other and he leaves. So basically, if SJ becomes normal then she won’t have any power over him anymore and he will disappear from her life. Would she be okay with that?

They think about this in their separate places.

SJ goes to the bar to talk to winter gods sister, SN. SN tries to help her out and listens to her. SJ heard something from halmoni about a love bell ringing….SN wonders if the matching grandmother made a mistake? SN looks concerned about SJ (I missed a lot of this scene). SJ leaves the scene happy, but SN looks concerned.

A boy is cold and outside. He is shivering on the playground and we see that there are glowing snacks on the ground. The boy sees the snacks and starts to grab them one after the other. A voice-over starts reading the story of Hansel and Gretel about the kids eating the snacks.

Cut to a lot of police at the playground. It looks like there is someone laying on the playground? Perhaps he is dead? Not sure. The monster is happy. But the girl she took earlier disappeared from her book. The monster wonders if she missed her brother. Cut to the girl’s ghost looking at her brother as he cries while holding her picture.

MW, BR, and SM are there. They are talking about Nachal and where she is. But BR won’t tell him and just tells him to become a god so he can find out.

The winter god sees a little girl’s soul and gives her some ice cream. Then he says that he heard a monster that takes kids souls is around and that he should tell OG.

Cut to WG and OG going to a place where there should be a lot of lost souls. the two walk in and start to see all the lost souls. Then WG sees the girl from earlier. he kneels and asks the girl is someone attempted to take her? But she isn’t answering. But then OG asks her if she wants to see a brontosaurus? The girl looks up at OG and he smiles.

SJ’s secretary says that the girl jumped from the apartment and the little boy saw it. He says that it is just like that fairytale. The sec is pretty broken up about it and SJ is thinking that this might be a new ghost (maybe). She gets a call from MW.

Cut to her sitting with MW. MW wants to find this monster that is taking kids souls. He needs a lot of points to become a god and he wants her to get to it. Then SJ asks MW what will happen if she takes off gumgango? MW gets serious and tells her that she is suffering because of OG. She became SJ because of OG and he knew that. SJ thinks back to when she was a kid and OG telling her that she will be punished.

SJ asks if it is true…OG? She turns and OG is standing right behind her looking serious. She gets up and confronts him about it. He says that it is true, she lives this way because of him. SJ says that it is true that the two of them have this really bad fate. She wishes that she never met him and storms off.

OG stoically looks off somewhere and MW watches him. Then OG turns around and looks at SJ leaving.

PK tells the zombie that he got the best energy balls ever from Singapore! he is offering them to the zombie. the zombie is so happy about it and thanks him for it. She wonders if she belongs to PK now? But PK tells her that she is more like his sister? ZOmbie thinks that she is a zombie dongsang, is that okay? PK is all like, yes it’s okay! But PK has a concert that he has to go to so he leaves and the zombie goes inside the broadcasting company to wait.

While inside, the candidate is there and sees the zombie. He asks if he can sit with her and she says okay, sure. So he sits down and looks at her in a creepy way. But the zombie smiles at him in her charming authentic smile and continues to look through her magazine and wait.

SJ is broken up and crying. SHe hates being SJ and thinks that she is the poorest person in the world. On the table is the cartoon of the fairytale boy and girl that the secs kids drew.

Cut to the boy who lost his sister. he is sitting sadly in his house. Then he sees a box of matches. The monster takes out the match girl story. there is a hungry kid who lit a match and food showed up. The lonely kid lights the second match and their family showed up. The boy does this and sees his sister. He says that he wants to go with her. He drops the match and everything starts to burn. The boy calls his sisters name and sits there as the carpet burns.


The kid is still crying and the little fire is still going. But SJ shows up and puts out the fire with her foot. Then she kneels and hugs the boy.

The monster says that she should change the fairytale book.

SJ tells the boy that they are in a dangerous place. She gives the boy her cell phone and tells him to call this ajusshi and he will pick him up. The boy goes outside and SJ stays. But it doesn’t look like she has her umbrella.

The sec receives the call and runs to pick up the boy.

Inside, the monster is there and tells her that she is a bookseller that reads stories to kids. She makes them happy in the book.

They go to the library/bookstore and think that they need to find the monster. But they need to find SJ for that. OG tells WG that SJ hates being SJ.

Cut to the monster and SJ. the monster tells SJ that the kids call to her and SJ called to her too. SJ wonders what is going on and then she sees her little self, sitting next to her. The monster says that SJ knows how pitiful that little girl was, can she just take her? She can take the kid with the special ability. Flashback of everyone making fun of SJ as a kid and mocking her.

SJ looks at her little self and then looks at the monster.

SJ – Really? Can you take her?
Monster – Of course, I picked an interesting book for you. Can I read it for you?

A golden book appears and little SJ goes to listen to the book. The monster smiles and the book starts to glow; it engulfs them all.

Cut to the zombie. She passes out suddenly. The candidate is shocked and grabs her.

Cut to MW, he also felt that something is going on! He wonders why she is doing this. SM is asking him what happened and MW says that he doesn’t feel SJ’s blood anymore. SJ disappeared!

Cut to OG, he thinks that something is wrong. Something is really strange. the winter god wants to know what is happening.

Meanwhile, the monster has her evil smile and puts the book in her great big stack of books.

OG walks through the stacks and finally finds the monster. He slowly walks up to her. She is sitting behind her desk and smiling. She looks up at him.

M – You are here.
SJ – Who are you, where is SJ?

SJ is passed out. SM and MW show up and find her.
MW – She is not SJ anymore

OG – Where is the one who called me?
M – I called you.
OG – What? Who are you?
M – I am goomgango’s new owner

OG starts to chuckle and the OST starts to play.

Fade Out


The owner of the goomgango really did change, it is the bookseller now, so OG should love her and not Seon-mi. OG smiles at the new book owner.


MW – Goomganggo’s owner is changing, right?
VO – Did the bookseller become the new owner of Goomganggo?
MW – From now on, who Son Oh Gong loves is….
SJ – Sohn Oh Gong
MW – …is not Seon-mi, it is the bookseller
OG – There is only one owner of this goomganggo
Monster – Your heart will start to love me from now on. You are mine now.
OG – I can’t stand it anymore.


(I will definitely be copying and pasting this scene when it airs ^_^ )
MW – You are here.
OG – Hey MW, why are you at Sooyongdong?
MW – Because you are not at home. Hey, is this a suitcase? Are you going somewhere?
OG – Yes, I haven’t used it for awhile and it is kind of small. I wanted to put my statue, oh gong oh gong, and the bathtub, but it looks pretty small for all of that.
MW – Where are you going with all of that? Far away?
OG – It’s too cold, I want to go somewhere warmer.
MW – How about Samjang
OG – She is not Samjang anymore, you know that MW, she is not calling me anymore.
MW – I know that. But you still have GGG right? The normal Jeon Seon-mi will have a good life and will date and get married. Can you endure all of that?
OG – Of course not, because I love her.
MW – Yes, you still love her. You don’t want to see that anymore, that is why you are packing up now. You are Jae Chun Dae Sun right? Hey, just turn her back into Sam-jang again. As Sam-jang, Seon-mi won’t be able to live without you, she will die, she needs you. She can’t live without you,she will die.
OG – Yes, if I want to, I can put her right next to me and just see her whenever I want to. But MW, I am really strange now, I just wish for her to live normally as she wishes. Even though it hurts my heart a little bit. Do you think it makes sense? Just thinking about not seeing her anymore, it breaks my heart almost enough to make me cry. I am just packing up for her happiness. Do you think it makes any sense? Maybe frustrating love is like this.
MW – Hey OG, you have real love for her…(tearing, sincerely)…do you want my suitcase? I can even pack a bus in it.
OG – Really? You can even put your house in your suitcase. Can I pack our house?
MW – It is not your house, it is half my house, just leave it here and come by once in a while to take a bath.
OG – Hey MW, would you like to go somewhere warm also? You did enough of Hap-gyaaaa (Pass)
MW – That’s okay, you just go.

OG gets up and walks to his bar smiling.

OG – I will give you one of my drinks as a present for visiting Sooyongdong. Just pick anything.

MW comes to the bar as well happy and giddy.

MW – Oh, really? How come you are doing this?
OG – From here to here (points from one alcohol bottle to another)
MW – You sneaky boy, you are really a thug. Then I will pick this one. (outside of the range)
OG – No, no, no, I told you it’s starting from there. (You always make me say things twice.
MW – Okay, you pick one for me.
OG – This one is good for you.
MW – you picked a cheap one
OG – No this is a good one.
MW – Thank you thug.

They both laugh and smile


Complete music list post

1:00 SJ and OG wedding scene
AOA Jimin and Yuna, Feat. Yoo Hwe-seung of N.Flying – If You Were Me [Hwayugi OST Part.5]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

09:00 SM and MW in the car and Nachal drives by in the police car
Ben? Unreleased OST

15:45 OG makes the kids cry and then makes it so they can see a brontosaurus in their eyes
Jurassic Park Movie – Welcome to Jurassic Park
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

39:30 OG and SJ dating ‘normally’
MeloMance- I Will Be By Your Side [Hwayugi OST Part.3]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

53:16 OG telling the truth of SM’s faith at MW office
Suran – I’ll Be Fine [Hwayugi OST Part.4]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

Ending music
NU`EST W – Let Me Out [Hwayugi OST Part.1]
YouTube | iTunes | Apple Music

*May have affiliate links

These translations were taken from the Hwayugi Soompi forums. It’s a party over there so check it out if you get a chance. Thank you translators!
#1: Opening wedding scene

Translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you!
OG: How can you suddenly stop and stand still in the middle of it? We almost lost the demon. Ma Wang, stop playing the piano. It’s all finished. (MW continues to rock out) Ma Wang, I said stop! (MW continues) Ma Wang! Ma Wang, are you crazy! Oh really! You don’t even know how to play the piano! I said we should just play the CD.
MW: Oh, playing the piano for the first time in too long a time, I guess I got into it too much.
OG: You said it was the first time playing the piano.
MW: Did it show?
Secretary Ma: It’s almost time to return the dress. Please take it off.
SM: Yes. (struggles to get up)
OG: Why is it so bulky and draggy (me: referring to the dress)? It looks very uncomfortable. Here. (offering his hand, which SM takes)
MW: Secretary Ma, how come you put her in a dress like that? Who wears dresses like that these days?
Secretary Ma: Sam Jang, herself, selected that dress.
SM: I thought that this was the prettiest.
MW: Oh, if you put a little more air in the sleeves, you might fly away. (chuckles)
Sec. Ma: An unfashionable style like this was popular about 30 years ago.
MW: For your real wedding, I’m going to have to select your dress for you. This is such a hick look, I don’t think I can bear to look at it.
Sec. Ma: For dresses today, see-through is the standard, revealing and slinky. Something like this, no one would wear it.
OG: (speaking to MW and Ma) Why are you being like this?! Even wearing this beggerly dry, she’s pretty. (to SM) Pretty, pretty. You’re pretty no matter what you wear.
SM: Oh, it’s not a real wedding anyway, so what does it matter if the wedding dress is pretty or not.
OG: Enough of this. Now that we’ve finished the wedding ceremony, we should go eat.
MW: Of course. Of course.
OG: If it’s a wedding, then it’s kalbi-tang (me: Kalbi is beef shortrib and tang is soup. LOL). Ma Wang, let’s go have kalbi-tang.
MW: I’m a cow. Telling a cow to eat kalbi-tang, you mannerless…
OG: Oh. How about gom-tang (me: gom-tang is beef bone soup with offal)?
MW: Forget it.
OG: Euyook-tang (me: beef soup with vegetables)
MW: That’s cow as well!
OG: Beef head soup with rice! Done!
MW: You eat it!
OG: Let’s go! (OG, MW, Ma starts walking)
Sec. Ma: I’ve made a reservation at the restaurant.
MW: You mannerless thug…

Translation is by kjesin on Soompi. Thank you!
OG: You already got married twice, to me. Today and the last time.
SM: The last time? *flashback* What kind of marriage is that?
OG: You can do it again. I would like it. Come quick.
SM: I won’t. Who said I want to marry you?
OG: I mean come quick to go to restaurant. Aren’t you going to eat? You can marry me again. I will accept you no matter how many times. Come quick.
SM: I must be crazy. I think I heard the bell ringing again.

The following translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi (and I also put her information about cultural references and fun dialogue play here too). Thank you!
Snippet from before the video clip starts:
SM: What do I do if it’s real? (me: since she has already been wondering if OG is her fated spouse already)
(SM turns around to see OG watching her.)
OG: What are you doing? Do you like that dress that much? Do you want to get married?
SM: No. Marriage – whatever. As if I had anyone to go get married to.

From the video clip:
OG: You’re already come twice, to me. Once today, and once the last time.
SM: The last time?
(flashback to when SM had been about to be one of 7 brides to a demon when rescued by OG. She had kissed him then, and caused the geumganggo to activate)
SM: How is that getting married?
OG: You can come again. I like it. (beckons her with a finger) Come quickly.
SM: I’m not going. Did anyone say that I would get married to you?
OG: I said that you should come quickly so we can go to the restaurant. We have to eat before we go after all. (smiles at SM’s chagrin) You can come to me in marriage as well. However many times you come to me, I’ll accept them all. (smiles again) Hurry and come. (walks out)
SM: I must be crazy. I think I hear a bell ringing again.

(MW, Sec. Ma talking in the car later)
Sec Ma: Ma Wang-nim, is Sam Jang and Oh Gong finished now?
MW: Yes. She said that she has come to her senses.
(flashback to SM saying: Since I don’t have to worry about what happens after taking off the geumganggo, I have no expectations and my mind is at peace.)
MW: Since she has no expectations and her mind is at peace, that must be why she picked a dress like that. If she had been dressed prettily, I might have been suspicious.
Sec. Ma: Even though she was dressed like that, the Great Sage Equal to the Heavens said that she still looked pretty.
MW: Well, him, since the geumganggo is definitely causing him to be in love. “The reduction of the universe to the compass of a single being, and the extension of a single being until it reaches God – that is love.” Victor Hugo.
Sec. Ma: So, to the Great Sage Equal to the Heavens who is wearing the geumganggo, Sam Jang is his entire universe and his God.
MW: That’s right. Had Victor Hugo also been wearing a geumganggo… How could he know that so well?
Sec. Ma: He probably had been in love. Isn’t that why Ma Wang-nim also understands that love? Since you also had a person who was your entire universe and your God?
MW: That woman who had been my universe and my God is probably living somewhere in this world right now. How difficult a fated existence must she be enduring right now?

So, the fun in the dialogue between OG and SM has to do with how Koreans talk about marriage. A woman is said to “go” to a man in marriage, while from the man’s perspective, the woman “comes” to him in marriage. So, OG can deliberately tease with his usage of the word “come” to mean both to come to him in marriage and to come along to the restaurant, in consecutive statements. LOL. And, he does it twice.:

This is when he’s telling her she can marry him again since he likes it, and then deliberately uses his words to tell her to come along, knowing it’ll be misunderstood.

OG: You can come again. I like it. Come quickly.

However, he does it again, this time in talking about going to the restaurant and then explicitly clarifying his sentiment regarding marrying her, but in his parting shot of “Hurry and come”, he’s nominally talking about going to the restaurant since he turns to leave after, but it’s also an oblique statement to her to come “marry” him again.

OG: I said that you should come quickly so we can go to the restaurant. We have to eat before we go after all. You can come to me in marriage as well. However many times you come to me, I’ll accept them all. Hurry and come.

I think it’s this type of fun, fast dialogue that makes this a Hong Sisters drama, for me anyway. 🙂

#2: PK and Alice/Octopus at the club

#3: OG with kids

Translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you!
Prior to the clip:
SM: Watch the children here for just an hour, please. I’m going to go to the bank.
OG: Then can I seal the children’s mouths for just an hour?
SM: Don’t you dare.
OG: You’re going to regret it. Your office’s only employee may end up blaming you and quitting even, who knows.
SM: Then, I’m going to be sooo sad. (speaking in aegyo and giving him sad kitty eyes)
OG: It’s an hour.
SM: I’ll be back soon.

From the video clip:
OG: I’m only going to watch over you. Don’t expect anything from me.
Han Byul: Watching other people’s children is annoying, we know that. We won’t bother you, Manager Son.
OG: (sits down and sighs) Hey, what are you drawing? Is it a cucumber?
Little brother: It’s a dinosaur.
OG: What kind of a dinosaur is this? It looks like a cucumber.
HB: It’s a plant eating dinosaur. Brontosaurus.
OG: It must be something that the plant eating brontosaurus eats – a cucumber.
HB: Let’s draw it again. (flips to new page)
OG: (sighs) Now what are you drawing?
HB: Don’t pay any attention to us, Manager Son. (shaking her head at him)
OG: Is it a dinosaur again? What kind of dinosaur is it?
HB: Brontosaurus
OG: Again? Hey, the only dinosaur you know is brontosaurus, isn’t it? You don’t know any others. If you know one, name it. Name it. Hey, little kid next to her, your noona, this long, cucumber-looking brontosaurus or whatever is the only she knows, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Did they only teach you this one in kindergarten? You didn’t study, did you?! Oh.
(Han Byul burst into tears, then both children burst into tears.)
OG: Why are you crying? Why are you crying? Stop. Stop. Don’t cry. Okay. Okay. I’ll show you a dinosaur. A dinosaur. If I show you a dinosaur, then you can’t cry. Here. Look. Look.

Later on:
OG: (polishing his alcohol) Oh, children and I don’t go well together. How could they cry so suddenly like that? Startling a monkey. We just don’t fit.

#4: The secretaries kids not wanting to go home

#5: The candidate thinking about the zombie and the zombie in the bathtub with OG

#6: Bathtub argument continues and OG yelling at MW about Nachal

#7: OG feels bad about what he said about Nachal to MW, he offers him a drink to apologize

#8: SJ and OG’s “normal” date

Translation is by Stroppyse on Soompi. Thank you!
OG: No, this isn’t just walking normally. Everyone is walking like this. You also, don’t look forward, but only look at your cellphone as you walk. (OG holds SM’s hand.) Everyone is walking like this. Why are you looking at me? You have to just look at your cellphone.
OG: Okay, we’ve eaten something delicious, we’ve taken a walk, and I’ve even escorted you home.
SM: Thank you.
OG: At this point, a decision is needed. In a normal relationship, what should I do? If I’m a friend, I should go in and hang out for a bit before I go. If I’m family, I should go in and eat something before I go. If I’m your lover, I should go in and sleep before I go.
SM: Don’t try any nonsense!
OG: Yes, I am trying nonsense. Still, after continuing to try such nonsense, I’ve become curious about something.
SM: What?
OG: If we take away the geumgango’s effect, then what are you and I? A you who isn’t Sam Jang has no reason to call The Great Sage Equal To Heaven me. If your mandate disappears, then I also disappear from your side, but will that really be okay? Is that what you really want? (SM just looks on) I’m going.

#9: Super scary book monster collecting kids souls

#10: SJ finding out that OG made her this way

Translation from Kjesin on Soompi. Thank you!
SM: It still could be a good fate.
MW: There’s no way. It’s definitely(?) an ill-fated destiny.
SM: How can you be so sure?
MW: Because the one who changed your fate was SOG. As a punishment for releasing SOG, you became SJ.
SM: What are you…
MW: I’m saying that because of SOG, you were fated to be SJ. Since that guy clearly knows it too, if you don’t believe me, call him and ask him yourself.
SM: Is it the truth? Is it, SOG? That’s what happened?
OG: Yes. You had to live specially like that because of me.
SM: I see. You and I meeting was really just a misfortune. If you weren’t in my life, I wouldn’t have became something like SJ. I shouldn’t have met you.

#11: PK and Z’s super cute scene and then the candidate meeting Z

#12: SJ meeting with the book monster

#13: Everyone feels that something is wrong with SJ and OG goes to confront the new owner of goomganggo.

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    So exciting! Cant wait to watch! Thank you so much for the recap, mustn’t be easy!

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      I am really looki ng forward to him admitting that.

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      Hi TT! It is tough but also a lot of fun also. 🙂
      One of the hardest parts is waking up so early, it shows at 6am here. O_o

  9. Lalaloo
    January 27, 2018 / 7:39 am

    Maybe the book seller monster takes the fate of the black bell (has too kill each other) of Samjang as well and when OG kills the book seller monster, the fate of the black bell also disappears… My guess

    • Anonymous
      January 27, 2018 / 7:59 am

      Wow I love ur prediction

      • V
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        Ditto! That is a really cool prediction!

    • JY299
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      Like your version of the story.


      Thanks for the recap! I’m in two minds as to watching it right now or waiting because I can’t handle the sadness and negativity.

      The exploitation of children is something that gets me down. Especially since the bookseller is a trusted figure.

      Q: is she controlling SJ and therefore the GGG? maybe it’s another awakening/lesson for SJ?

      • V
        January 27, 2018 / 8:15 am

        Okay, the exploitation is a big part of this episode so I suggest not watching this episode and maybe only watching the 2-3 minute scenes that tvN released (except for scene #9 above). It was pretty hard to watch the scenes with the little kids.

        I am going to start calling goomganggo, GGG. That makes it so much easier than using bracelet or goomganggo. Thank you for that!

        It looks like she might be controlling SJ’s child self somehow? And I agree, this should be a big awakening to her. I am still on the fence as to if OG is faking it or not in regards to the book monster though.

        • Anna A
          January 27, 2018 / 8:35 am

          Thanks for the recap and the suggestion. I will wait for episode 10 and watch 9 n 10 together. The ending is quite depressing… Hopefully your hypothesis is right abt SOG faking it with BS.

          Luckily there are some sweet moments..

          • V
            January 27, 2018 / 12:21 pm

            You’re welcome! Yes, it’s probably better to wait and watch them both together so you can see the monster get their comeuppance 🙂

    • Anna A
      January 27, 2018 / 8:36 am

      I like this hypothesis cos the black bell is really troubling ‘!

      • 2018hereIam
        January 27, 2018 / 12:24 pm

        It really is.

  10. V
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    The bookseller is definitely the scariest monster to date.

  11. Ana
    January 27, 2018 / 9:25 am

    The contract to protect her is independent of the GGG, Son Oh Gong should protect Sam Jang, although she isn’t the owner of the GGG, I think.
    The GGG has to active with a kiss, hasn’t it??, then if the book seller hasn’t kissed him, the GGG shoudn’t be active.

    • V
      January 27, 2018 / 12:22 pm

      OMGosh, I forgot about that kiss activating it. I wonder if that will be a part of the next episode…

  12. RP
    January 27, 2018 / 10:57 am

    BS has the soul of SJ so that makes GGG hers, for now. Until such time that BS monster is destroyed and the souls in her books can be freed.
    I’m assuming Seon Mi is in a state of coma. How BS will be destroyed is the big question. OG still has to protect Seon MI because of their pact from way back…

    • V
      January 27, 2018 / 12:23 pm

      I think she is in a coma too or some type of Sleeping Beauty state possibly. Maybe she will snap out of it when the fairytale book is destroyed?

  13. RP
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    Thank you for the recap! I was so looking forward to this. ?

    • V
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      You’re welcome 🙂

  14. JY299
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    @*V LOL the sleeping beauty state comment makes me wonder if that’s another set up for next episode, OG as “Prince Charming” waking SJ up with a kiss. Maybe with BR warning him that waking her up is tantamount to reactivating GGG, but he makes the choice anyway… More emotional growth for OG ha!

    • V
      January 27, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      I love that. I hope the story follows the Prince Charming route and finishes tomorrows episode with another kiss. Or is that too many kisses so soon? Normally I am not for a lot of kisses in the opening episodes, but it makes sense with the fairytale setting.

  15. Moz
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    awwww.. It’s Saturday night here in the Netherlands and I read this depressing story 🙁 oh so sad… thanks for the live recaps though..

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      Woops, meant to repy to your comment under your comment!

  16. V
    January 27, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    You’re welcome! Yes, this episode was solemn but I think it will pick back up in the ext episode. I like what @JY299 said above with the fairytale Prine Charming coming to save SJ. Hopefully that happens!

    • JY299
      January 27, 2018 / 4:37 pm

      Lol wow, now my dread of going back to Europe is slightly reduced since. there are Kdrama fans who’ll understand what I’m talking about and not treat me like I’m speaking Martian ?

      Yeah, I think it’s because of the fairytale element that the Prince Charming bit works lol

      But anticipating the Hong sisters is probably a dumb thing ? They are known for spinning things at the last minute.

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